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tv   [untitled]    March 15, 2013 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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grateful for the true contributions you have made. thank you, let's give the coalition a big round of applause and i especially want to acknowledge that liaison, paul kumar, i don't see him in the crowd. i think it's fair to say that paul was an integral part to making this happen. thank you paul for your great work. let me talk about saint luke's, in life you come to full circle. i first came to saint luke's when i finished school. i graduated and didn't have health insurance and i was pretty sick and i didn't know what to do. i learned about saint luke's it where people who find themselves in my
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predictment go. my mom was ill and we had to take her to the er. they saved her life. it's very personal to me. the test for me has always been we want saint luke's to be a world class hospital. this dealen insures that we get that. we have 120 beds. which is a 50 percent increase from the original proposal, but more importantly, saint luke's plays a more important role as part of the larger cpmc system. cpmc
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by making it a larger hospital is making a real commitment to ensure this hospital will continue to serve this community for years to come. it's not just the size of the hospital but the specific requirements that i'm happy to talk to you afterwards that actually required and followed the guidelines that the law provides but also that it provides specialties and a center of excellence that is specifically outlined to ensure that saint luke's is a successful hospital. and something that is very important and something that we fought for and i appreciate the fact that cpmc is willing to work with us on that and also making sure that we have the option of building a medical office building to ensure the success of this hospital. so i am very proud of this result and as a supervisor for this
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district, we are here at saint luke's. i think that many many people will look back and be very grateful that we collectively got to this result. [ applause ] >> i also want to talk about health care and one of the things that is a really critical part of this agreement is there is a health innovation fund of 900-0000, working with the department of public health. included in that will be addressing the specific needs of the communities and neighborhoods that surrounds saint luke's with a focus on mental health which is a big priority for us. i'm very proud of that piece. and then, something that is also very crucial is the issue of housing and the affordability of housing is one of the issues we face as a city
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because it determines who gets to live in san francisco and i'm proud that this deal not only maintains the level of affordable housing that it actually increases it from $29 million to $36.5 million that you should be very proud of. i want to thank everyone who made this happen. i look forward to engage with me colleagues, to make sure they why this is such a good deal and to verify the terms of this agreement and i'm very proud to be part of this group today. i will turn it over to lou gerardo. >> thank you, david. the next speaker is supervisor david chu. david is an amazing
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strategist, a very good leader, a man who has a lot by example including riding a bicycle in the rain which was amazing when he came to meetings wet and got 32 you the meetings we went through. it is my honor to introduce the president of the board of supervisors david chu. [ applause ] . what a great day. this is a tremendous day. a great day for the future health of san francisco. let me start by admitting no that you we are here, when we first started project i was not hugely optimistic that we are going to get here. i want to echo and
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appreciation for everyone who sat at the operating table to create this critical project. success has a lot of parents and let me first start by thanking my colleagues to what he referred to as the three amigos. i of course want to thank the many city staffers that brought us out today. i want to bring out the hundreds of folks but in particular thank you mr. mayor for working with us and in particular ken rich, you really get one of the major unsung hero award for
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your efforts. i want to take a moment also to thank our counter parts across the table from cpmc, this is a different conference than the conference i called for back in july, is that right? i want to thank you for your demonstration in san francisco and i look forward to opening up a brand new saint luke's and cathedral hospital. of course much has been said about gerardo, if you are looking for a feature story to do on someone. david has already suggested he go to the middle east. i'm going to ask
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lou, we need some help with homelessness and i wonder if you are ready for that task. oor there is literally thousands of people that interacted with city hall to make sure we address the housing labor issues, the transit issue, the neighborhood issues. we can go on and on but this deal wouldn't have been put together without all of your input. let me flush out other issues. first of all this is going to be 50 percent larger and a cathedral hill that will be smaller in addition to the health care innovation fund and issues around how we deal with cost limitations. we do have significant provisions about the future of the charity care.
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in the original development agreement that we were discussing many months ago, there was a dollar commitment to that charity care in this agreement we are taking a comparable commitment of the number of charity care patients per year that will be taken care of, approximately 30,000 a year which is a better way to measure the charity care than the obama care coming down the pike. there is a hundred new lives they will take care of including 1500 that will come in the tenderloin neighborhood. another topic that has been around is local hiring and work force training, i know my friend from the building trade,
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cpmc will continue to hire for jobs from san francisco. but in addition to that we have improved the provisions for permanent entry level jobs. initially there were several jobs we were committing to, we have agreed to 40 percent of new entry level permanent jobs will come from san francisco. these will come from residents from real working class neighborhoods, the southeast neighborhood, sonoma, tend lions and also the work force training to $4 million. le me
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talk about transportation the intersection at the site. there were a lot of questions about potential 28,000 new car trips to that sight. let me say a couple things, obviously with the hospital half the size, that is less congestion to the area. the parking garage is about 200 parking spots smaller there will be $14 million to provide transit. other pedestrian safety and transit i am improvements that we need in the neighborhood. in addition to that i want to thank cpmc to
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help manage traffic congestion and more policies to use clipper card. this afternoon at the board of supervisors we will be introducing 10-page single space that lays this out. i first want to thank all of you to make sure this becomes a reality. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you, david. the next speaker that i would like to introduce is warren browner the ceo of cpmc and be at the stable for the last few months. i believe he suffered fatigue and is worried at times but
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kept himself together and represented c p m c well with a vision and thought process for the common good for the patients of cpmc and tomorrow and would like to thank him for bringing this all to a conclusion. i present to you warren browner. >> thanks, well, as you heard, i'm the c o. i would like to say welcome. let me tell you that what you thought was fatigue was actually walking pneumonia which i'm slowly getting better. my grandmother would have called it a chest cold but modern technology
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substantiated more serious that that. i want to thank all who came and our colleagues who have been supporting this project from the very beginning. [ applause ] two members of the board of west bay hospitals. bishop mark andres and everyone who has been incredibly supportive of everything we have done and without whom this deal would not have happened. he's the one that has the deal on his computer. for those of you who know how word document works, he's done 99 percent of it. and
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lou gerardo, his respect and love for the city of san francisco made this all happen. i want to make, really my comments are mostly addressed to the group of us who sat around the table and it's a 3 word sentence. we showed sif fuss. there were many times when it looks like we were pushing an incredibly heavy rock up and even steeper hill and we would never get to the summit and we are here and delighted to be and very much looking forward to the final step of going through the board and putting shovels in the ground we hope sometime in 2013. again, thank you all for coming, thank you for supporting cpmc and our vision to build 2 new hospitals in
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this wonderful city of san francisco. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you. warren. i would like to introduce barbara garcia the director of public health who has been counseling us through this process and answering questions and providing us with staff and expertise and help us understand what we were learning. barbara garcia. >> good morning. this is a very exciting time for the department of public health. i want to give thank yous to mayor lee and i also want to thank our health commission in 2008 they laid out a policy and became the foundation today. in fact my second week on-the-job campaign to us came to work on
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this issue and the last two years, our staff and our policy director, mark who is our capital consultant along with our cfo has provided a lot to the team. it does take a large community effort to do this. i worked closely with the community as well. i want to acknowledge bob through this crowd here and as well as paul kumar. they led that charge for us and i really appreciate the work. we are having an incredible agreement today. two seismically safe hospitals and that's really important. we are in the midst of rebuilding san francisco hospital and i know how important it is to have safe hospitals. some of the
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important community benefits from this process, but i would like to especially acknowledge warren browner from cpmc, judy lee and michael, we are also working on a lot of projects because of this initial process. again the supervisors coming in and lou to finalize this process made it all happen. we should be very proud. there are 30,000 individual when health care reform happens and they qualify for health insurance and this will be a new and safe hospital. thank you so much on behalf of all. [ applause ] >> that's it ladies and gentlemen of the thank david chu and campos. i enjoyed it and glad we are done.
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>> are we ready? have we been
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ready? one more time. are we ready? >> yes. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> all right. we are truly blessed to be in this great city on this amazing day. we have to remind ourselves this is february in san francisco. what a hard ship for all the visitors on their way to san francisco to arrive at this amazingly great ship terminal. i want to thank all of you for being here today. it is my honor on behalf of the port of san francisco to say thanks to each one of you. as you look around, that would take hours to thank all of you. please
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give yourselves a round of applause in this new cruise ship for san francisco. i would like to say a special thank you to the press for being here chronicling the metamorphosis. it has gone worldwide that we have built a new terminal here in san francisco and i have been the beneficiary on behalf of the port of numerous well wishes and statements of gratitude. and one of the long friends said i thought this day would never an n arrive. i said how could it not? the first
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vessel was in 1812, a merchant vessel searching the world for prosperity and new horizons. it took a hundred years before a steam powered vessel capable of carrying passengers around the world. it arrived in san francisco in 1912. that ship was the s s cleveland known as the majestic cruise liner carrying people from around the world. each city that was lucky enough to receive that ship received great prosperity. imagine what that might have been like in 1912 as our great fore fathers were building the city after the earthquake. it
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was a moment us occasion. i want to thank the mayor's for standing here as we move forward with our heritage and leave lead the generations to come. i would like to introduce the honorable mayor ed lee, the board of supervisors david chew, and many commissioners of many of those agencies and of course the president of our port commissions, dorene, the
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honorable mayor willie brown in the back and the of course the amazing and brilliant port staff. thank you all for being here today. i want to take a moment of where we are in cruising. the cruise lines are building new ships and doubling their fleet. their carrying double or triple times the amount of passengers as before. but shockingly in the united states, cruise terminal are shrinking. and the industry is expanding, cruise cities and cruise ports are trying to figure out how to
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address that demand. in many cases those ports are putting up tents to process passengers as the port of san francisco does when we have too many ships or they are rehabilitating warehouse sheds at pierre 35 and dog doing what we have done here today in building a new terminal. this terminal, unlike any other in the nation is dual purposed everything about this terminal is meant to be used for cruise shipping and efficiency, but also for the region and for the visitors and the residents alike. not just the terminal itself, but the park that will come in 2014. the immense valley here and at the end, of course i must point out the
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expansive apron which will be available to the public everyday except for when the ship is in. there is new ships in asia. this terminal will compete with that. this terminal is unlike any other in that it is an environmental steward representing san francisco's reputation for leading the future off better than the past. this terminal has a unique namesake, named after james herman, president of the international long shore and warehouse unit it is a fitting name because herman was adamant that san francisco with an into leave behind it's meritime routines roots and he
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yelled and screamed and advocated and thanks to him, our city will always be a world class water front city. when you see his name on this building, i hope it will remind you not just of our meritime roots but our meritime future. again, please take credit and great pride for your part in contributing to this great day. it is with gray great honor that on behalf of the port commissioner that i get to introduce the honorable mayor lee. as you know he's a came poison champion of the economic diversity and making sure jobs are available and opportunities. please join me
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in welcoming mayor ed lee. >> thank you. good afternoon, everyone. this is such a marvelous site to enjoy especially today with the weather we have. it's will be beginning the summer of sailing; right? this is really what monique has enthusiastically already explained paying tribute to james herman and also a way to honor the port, it's mission, it's chartered mission was to revitalize this waterfront and bring people here in positive ways and this terminal has been discussed for so long and i remember even the days i was working for willie, that this was a dream we have and now to
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be able to see how this got done and to congratulate all the partnerships for on time and within that $46 million budget. that's good. they did it. again in a very honorable way. they have exceeded the local hiring goals to the tune of 26 percent and 19 percent local business enterprises. i want to thank the collaboration of d p services and their collaboration with the port and all of the others to put this terminal to make sure it was done early enough and of course i don't think it would have been done without this push that of us were lucky to really be able to receive from america's cup. i want to take the at som


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