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tv   [untitled]    March 28, 2013 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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debt. he did a great job. i just don't know who i'm going to talk at midnight anymore. [ laughter ] . i also want to thank people from the department of public health and others from the mayor's office. but colleen chav an and wagner were instrumental in helping us understand the projections and understand the construction cost, etc. i would also want to acknowledge the hospital team, mike, warn browner. ceo of cpmc, [ applause ] george, i want to say is it w
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u. and john gates creative cfo who works at the hospital and the chairman of the board mr. bob -- [ applause ] . throughout this process, i had the luxury of a number of people helping and counseling me and encouraging me, but i would like to particularly thank bishop mark andrews who has been a tremendous supporter of saint lukes. and last but not least, i want to thank the san francisco coalition. we, as part of our process had meetings with the coalition in my office, their executive committee that varied from 10-13 in size from meeting to meeting and also their liaison
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mr. mark kumar who kept everyone a price apprised of what we were doing. i know that san francisco is still a city that knows how and wants the city to work and cares about each other. congratulations to san francisco. i want to introduce our fine mayor ed lee. [ applause ] . >> thank you. i yelled out wife and family to make sure that there was a way in which to acknowledge the tremendous sacrifice that lou gerardo has given. when you see construction workers, you know something big is going to happen. it has in the same
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level of excitement that i have seen in the rebuilding of general hospital and the uc medical center. every time we touch our health care system, we have something that promises a better life for people and barbara is as excited for this announcements as well. saint luke's are incredible institutions for san francisco. that's why we thought it would be best for the whole city to make this project happen because of the laws of the state of california that require that seismic upgrade of our health institutions, because of the tremendous pressure to improve san francisco and bay area and the
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economical structures that face this hospital and so many other hospitals. the job is never done. this is an announcement of where we are today, but we have to get this thing built, we have to make sure it's furnished like we are working on to make sure everything happens at a time when there is economic pressure and institutions coming from national decision that don't necessarily compliment the economic recovery that we are experiencing in the bay area. so, i want to put this into perspective for one great acknowledgment that i want to make is that this was not easy to do. lou's assignment here and i don't know why he took this up because it really accounted for hundreds of hours of his time to keep everybody at the table , but it is an
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acknowledgment that i want to make to thank the board president chu, and supervisor ferrel. each and everyone of them to say this would not have gotten done without their direct involvement. yes, i started some of the things and i was excited a year ago when we thought we had and agreement but realizing the hospital and this hospital reconfirmed for the future was important. we didn't have that agreement a year-and-a-half go and we had to put together a process to make it happen these three supervisors came together and they essentially made it happen with the support of ken rich and others and public health and so many others. lou's
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penetration, his workability, i have to say, when they got close and i heard they got close, i had to go down and get that clam chowder and sour dough bread to assure myself that it was happening in our city. it takes strong personalities, it takes incredible amount of effort to depoliticized these issues. by the way, when you hear the real stories and they will probably come out, somebody will leak something, there was more than one time where everybody felt justified in walking away and i'm glad they found reasons to come back because these are important for our city and the needs of this area. it would not have been done without the board of supervisors and
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gaining the insight lou was creating for us. i would like to let the supervisor speak to what their passion was in keeping their focus together on it, but to say to you that it's an incredible time for the city. these are major health care institutions that we have. this will lead to hundreds of jobs for the city, permanent, long-term jobs, but ultimately, it will be another great brick in the whole health we have to share in this effort to do so and i'm so happy not only the do this but acknowledge the importance of our board having
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direction conversations engaged in this effort. thank you lou, barbara and everybody else in making this happen. let's go forward with this effort and make sure that the path is clear and again, i want to thank sutter, cpmc for their leadership because they are making another incredible investment in san francisco and this is now honor ed with this agreement. it's sensitive and everyone wonders what will occur to them for going forward. we make a great leap of faith of going forward as a family and i want to have this opportunity to reassure everybody. thank you. [ applause ] . >> thank you, mayor lee. i'm going to introduce 5 people that will say a few word and also to let you know the members of the board and mayor
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will be available to you for questions, not from the podium, but with everybody that is here today. i would first like to introduce supervisor mark ferrel and to say that mark has been instrumental in every way towards bringing us to this point in our efforts and i would like to say that i think that mark is a great peace maker and has served us, this city well in this process. so i introduce to you supervisor mark ferrel. [ applause ] thank you lou and thank you all for being here today. today truly is a great day for the city of san francisco. we are proud to announce an agreement
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with cpmc that will bring two new hospitals to our city. two hospitals that meet the needs and concerns of our neighborhoods and alsoen insures that we have world health care for generations to come here in san francisco. this is going to create thousands of jobs and permanent jobs here in san francisco. san francisco is the envy of a number of cities, not only through our state but also through our country and now we can add two new hospitals. supervisor chu and i will talk about the details of the deals we made with cpmc and now i want to thank some people. first of all my colleagues, supervisor campos, david chu,
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as much as lee mentioned it was an incredible honor to work together. it took a real effort, the three of us working with c p mc but it speaks not only in this process but as supervisors, working together as colleagues. we certainly experienced this the last few years but speaks volumes that we come together to work in this manner. i want to thank my colleagues for their work and effort. to the mayor and his team, thank you for all your effort. i want to single out ken rich. i don't know why you are on the rope back there. c'mon up here. if anyone deserves and applause, it's ken. ken represent the mayor's
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office in all of our meetings. i think we talked earlier today. we met approximately 40 different times since the fall. all of us agree with the board of supervisors that none of us have spent more time on any single projects as elected officials than we have on c pmc. that's why we are so proud. i would like to thank cpmc, and mike brown and who we have got tone to know so well in the past few months. it took a tremendous effort, good faith on all sides and i look forward to working with all of us and most importantly to lou gerardo
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who is in front of you. he's not only the most famous baker, but i will tell you straight up, if it weren't for him, we would not have gotten through this process. it was lou gerardo who put this together. thank you so much for all your efforts. >> so i will briefly touch on the elements of this deal that are incredibly significant. first of all cathedral hill and new campus for cpmc, originally it was going to be 550 bed
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hospital, today it's 250 beds approximately half the size to also build additional 30 beds. while smaller, this does reflect the concerns of the local neighborhood and as well as relating to saint luke's. but most importantly it does create a brand new hospital at cathedral hill. this hospital will be c pmc flagship. for our neighborhoods, it not only provides great access to health care but the facilities are located in our neighborhoods and making sure we heard the concerns of our neighborhood groups and coalitions and make sure those were met. we have please to
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have worked out arrangement, the campus, the new campus are all being met and that was an incredible part of what we do here in san francisco to listen to our neighborhood and what we represent today and lastly the financial aspects of it, the financial and budget committee is something that i'm focused on. we spend over $800 million a year to health care. certainly that issue that we are going to be tackling soon is had $4.4 billion for our health care. this is what matter for our city. we have an agreement that protects our financial agreement as a city
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and we have also learned so much in this process and we are going to continue to keep our city our eye on the ball and make sure we have a secure city. and to thank people around the podium here for different city departments, barbara garcia i , to all of our trade members, to the community coalition, to vince from the alliance, this has been a group effort and a group supporting us today. i couldn't be prouder to be part of it. at that point we turn it back to lou gerardo. [ applause ] . the next person that i would like to introduce is supervisor david campos. we talked about 40 hours of meetings but we didn't talk about the hours and
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hours of telephone calls and constituent meetings and i would say these fellows put out about over 200 hours in the process. david has been an incredible champion for this campus in particular for saint luke's and the need for this area. i didn't know david before i came to this process and i walk away from this process with great add admiration. >> i want to thank and acknowledge many people. i want to give credit where credit is due. lou gerardo. one of the honors that you have is you get to meet and know a lot of people throughout the district that you represent and i have yet to mean anyone who is more
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impressive in terms of your commitment and intelligence and true sense of dedication. i think mike ferrel said it well, you are a treasure here in san francisco. now that this is done, i know the white house is looking for someone to work on the middle east. i think you are a great candidate for that. i want to thank mayor lee for his remarks and thank his staff ken rich who has put a lot of time and effort in oh of course the different departments that came to support us. i really cannot be prouder of the work that we collectively as members of the board of supervisors did here. i want to acknowledge david chu and mark ferrel. the three
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amigos, maybe it's the board of supervisors. but what was so incredible was that in the process of representing different concerns that we made a commitment to make sure we worked together and i do believe that supervisor ferrel is right, that this is not only a testament to what happened here but a road map for going forward as a city and board of supervisors can work and deal with issues and resolve them. i want to thank people from my staff, harry who is here with her new baby and stephanie and others who put hours into staffing these issues. i especially want to acknowledge the community coalition. this is a victory for them at the end of the day. there are so many organizations and you will
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see a list of them that they are the ones who have been advocating for making sure that this project be build, but that it be built right and i want to thank them for making that happen. we are here today because of your efforts, and we as a board, we as a city are grateful for the true contributions you have made. thank you, let's give the coalition a big round of applause and i especially want to acknowledge that liaison, paul kumar, i don't see him in the crowd. i think it's fair to say that paul was an integral part to making this happen. thank you paul for your great work. let me talk about saint luke's, in life you come to full circle. i first came to
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saint luke's when i finished school. i graduated and didn't have health insurance and i was pretty sick and i didn't know what to do. i learned about saint luke's it where people who find themselves in my predictment go. my mom was ill and we had to take her to the er. they saved her life. it's very personal to me. the test for me has always been we want saint luke's to be a world class hospital. this dealen insures that we get that. we
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have 120 beds. which is a 50 percent increase from the original proposal, but more importantly, saint luke's plays a more important role as part of the larger cpmc system. cpmc by making it a larger hospital is making a real commitment to ensure this hospital will continue to serve this community for years to come. it's not just the size of the hospital but the specific requirements that i'm happy to talk to you afterwards that actually required and followed the guidelines that the law provides but also that it provides specialties and a center of excellence that is specifically outlined to ensure that saint luke's is a successful hospital. and something that is very important and something that we
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fought for and i appreciate the fact that cpmc is willing to work with us on that and also making sure that we have the option of building a medical office building to ensure the success of this hospital. so i am very proud of this result and as a supervisor for this district, we are here at saint luke's. i think that many many people will look back and be very grateful that we collectively got to this result. [ applause ] >> i also want to talk about health care and one of the things that is a really critical part of this agreement is there is a health innovation fund of 900-0000, working with the department of public health. included in that will be addressing the specific needs of the communities and
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neighborhoods that surrounds saint luke's with a focus on mental health which is a big priority for us. i'm very proud of that piece. and then, something that is also very crucial is the issue of housing and the affordability of housing is one of the issues we face as a city because it determines who gets to live in san francisco and i'm proud that this deal not only maintains the level of affordable housing that it actually increases it from $29 million to $36.5 million that you should be very proud of. i want to thank everyone who made this happen. i look forward to engage with me colleagues, to make sure they why this is such
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a good deal and to verify the terms of this agreement and i'm very proud to be part of this group today. i will turn it over to lou gerardo. >> thank you, david. the next speaker is supervisor david chu. david is an amazing strategist, a very good leader, a man who has a lot by example including riding a bicycle in the rain which was amazing when he came to meetings wet and got 32 you the meetings we went through. it is my honor to introduce the president of the board of supervisors david chu. [ applause ] . what a great day. this is a tremendous day. a great day for the future health of san
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francisco. let me start by admitting no that you we are here, when we first started project i was not hugely optimistic that we are going to get here. i want to echo and appreciation for everyone who sat at the operating table to create this critical project. success has a lot of parents and let me first start by thanking my colleagues to what he referred to as the three amigos. i of course want to
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thank the many city staffers that brought us out today. i want to bring out the hundreds of folks but in particular thank you mr. mayor for working with us and in particular ken rich, you really get one of the major unsung hero award for your efforts. i want to take a moment also to thank our counter parts across the table from cpmc, this is a different conference than the conference i called for back in july, is that right? i want to thank you for your demonstration in san francisco and i look forward to opening up a brand new saint luke's and cathedral
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hospital. of course much has been said about gerardo, if you are looking for a feature story to do on someone. david has already suggested he go to the middle east. i'm going to ask lou, we need some help with homelessness and i wonder if you are ready for that task. oor there is literally thousands of people that interacted with city hall to make sure we address the housing labor issues, the transit issue, the neighborhood issues. we can go on and on but this deal wouldn't have been put together without all of your input. let me flush out other issues. first of all this
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is going to be 50 percent larger and a cathedral hill that will be smaller in addition to the health care innovation fund and issues around how we deal with cost limitations. we do have significant provisions about the future of the charity care. in the original development agreement that we were discussing many months ago, there was a dollar commitment to that charity care in this agreement we are taking a comparable commitment of the number of charity care patients per year that will be taken care of, approximately 30,000 a year which is a better way to measure the charity care than the obama care coming down the pike. there is a hundrew


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