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tv   [untitled]    March 28, 2013 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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[inaudible] >> thank you, supervisor avalos. and congratulations to the good pastor. with that madam clerk why don't we go to roll call. >> yes. first on roll call is supervisor tang. >> today i'm working on a piece of legislation similar to last year. in may, we would like to provide a fee waiver program for a program that would like to change their awe ning and waive the procedures and this would help with the facade i am
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improvements. >> thank you, supervisor tang. supervisor wiener? >> thank you, madam clerk. i want to acknowledge that today is the argument at the supreme court on prop 8 and we hope that both prop 8 and tomorrow, they are both gone and deservely so. these are the two worst pieces of public policy generated in recent history to just completely take a segment of our population and tell us that we are not full citizens of this state or this country. i want to really thank the people who last night organized an absolutely incredible rally in march from the castro down
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market city to send good arguments to washington. it was an incredible gathering. there were at least 5,000 people there. just before march they told me they were worried it might be too small a crowd to justify a march to city hall. the streets were barely big enough to contain the crowd and it was just wonderful energy, a lot of people who i had never seen been in public gatherings in san francisco. i think this is an issue that has drawn a lot of people that are normally an activist and made them activist. it's justin credible. i want to thank our colleagues that were there, president chiu and supervisor kim. it was positive and let's send that energy to washington. >> thank you, supervisor
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wiener, supervisor yee. supervisor avalos? >> thank you, just one item to mention for introduction. i'm calling for a hearing, the local hiring policy for construction for 2012-2013, the annual report. as folks know i was the author of the local higher ordinance and there was a great deal of support from across the boerpz #69 board board of supervisors and the mayor and staff and from the community as well. we've had some really great numbers to show for how successful the program has been. we have seen that over the past year we are actually hitting 32 percent is what we are hitting across the board in our projects, the mandate for the past year was 25 percent, so we are 7 percentage points over the mark
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for the project as well. so from carpenters, laborers, electrical workers and plumbers, we are showing very high local higher from participants in our construction trades which is very exciting. sometimes it wasn't always expected to be that way. we are also showing the apprenticeship numbers going up as well. we see success for the program going forward. this is important because there will be a check in to see how well we are doing this year and if there are ways that we need to make amendments or adjustments to the ordinance moving forward. this annual report will give us a first glimpse to what we have ahead of us and i expect that we can perhaps make recommendation for how to strengthen high ordinance and considering first
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source program and programs we can strengthen that program as well to ensure we are heading those marks with the private sector as well. i'm very excited about this program. i want to thank the building trades from laborers, carpenters and workers, i'm very excited about this program as well. that's really exciting to see that we are seeing a change on things happening in san francisco. we are putting real san franciscans to work and that's a great thing to see our unemployment level shrink. thank you colleagues. >> thank you, supervisor
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avalos. supervisor campos. >> thank you, madam clerk. i want to echo the comments of supervisor wiener about the vigil and march that happened last night. i was actually at the beginning of it in the castro and it was an impressive crowd. one thing that it's important to highlight here is that even though we are hopeful that it will be a positive outcome at the us supreme court, not only in prop 8 case but the dome a case being heard tomorrow that we continue to fight for equality. i think there are reasons to be optimistic and the court will have a positive outcome but i think that we as a city especially need to remain committed to continue to fight
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for equality, irrespective to what this supreme court does. i know our city attorney is actually in dc to at least a part of the hearing and i know that his team and we collectively as a city elected family must make sure that we continue to fight. the second point today is i would like to, i'm introducing a hearing request on a very important issue which we as a city and a country to have deal with and that is the implementation of the affordable care act. so i'm calling for a hearing on how the department of public health is planning to implement the affordable care act here in san francisco. the hearing will look into what implications the
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implementation will have for the san francisco program and the ordinance that was by supervisor aaron oh. we know for instance that the undocumented population is left out of coverage by the affordable care act so we need to know what that means for the city and county of san francisco. i know besides what needs to happen within the city of government, we have to talk about how we work with other health care institutions, whether it's the clinic consortium and other hospitals and i know that it's contingent on legislation being passed at the state level and actions by the governor and hopefully
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we'll continue to push the implementation in california and san francisco to the maximum possible. the last item is another hearing request which unfortunately i have to make today and that is a hearing on a discussion on strategies to increase public safety for our transgender community. i'm sad to report that since the start of this new year, there had been a number of incidents that had been reported at least 4 violent assaults against transgender women have been reported here in the city and just last month i a woman was beaten and left unconscious in the mission neighborhood. as we are in a discussion about how to improve public safety, we and including how we address the process of crime, i think
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it's important for us to make sure that we look at what's happening to one of the most vulnerable communities we have in this community and that's our transgender community. my hope is that we'll bring communities together with law enforcement agencies including the police department to discuss further ways to not only prevent but we address in a permanent way and that we respond also in a permanent way to the transviolence that we have seen here in san francisco as a progressive city as we have. i also want to know note that this thursday ln will be a rally for the purpose of raising awareness of the attacks against the transgender community. the rally will begin
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at 6:30 p.m. at the district. any of me colleagues wishing to join are welcome to come. lastly i want to acknowledge amazing work by --ella and working with law enforcement to make sure that we have real solutions to this problem. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor campo president chiu. >> thank you, today i'm introduce support for san francisco application. in june of last year obama announced it which removes people who are brought to the united states as children and to defer their removal by immigration authorities. california has
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over 100,000 people who qualify for this program. it's estimated there are 44,000 people in our city. the process in addition to application fee is a total of $500 and requires a lot of proof of various identifying pieces of information related to these individuals. last year the los angeles unified school district stream lined a process to provide verification for people applying for this process and apply online and as well as provide fees and documentation and transcripts in order for these students to apply. the immigrant rights commission as well as the san francisco unified school district have passed similar resolutions as one i'm asking this board to consider adopting to support students in the way that los
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angeles unified school district has and we have talked to official at the san francisco unified school district. we hope we can pass this resolution to urge schools to assist our students and former students as president obama has asked the authorities to do i want to thank supervisors wiener, avalos and campos for their support. >> thank you supervisor chiu. supervisor ferrel. >> thank you. colleagues introducing for small business week here may 13-18. to complimented what tang has already done and san francisco has put on these sidewalk sales. i want to support their
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participation in this legislation and hopefully being able to provide corridor for the sales. the dates are may 18th, holding their sales on may 11. i hope you can all attend. >> thank you. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you, today we are introducing the term sheet 11. the port has been working very closely with the giants on what is currently a long term lease with the giants. we are working with giants and the neighborhood is looking forward to partnering with the giants to see how we can improve the neighborhoods services as well as we continue to build this
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development. second, really excited to cosponsor chiu on this document. including in the resolution to wave fees for students that need transcripts that are applying for daca, i think it just speaks to a lot of work that school district and our board has already done to help document our students. i'm glad to see this next step moving forward. finally, today, i got to attend a grand opening of the kelly cohen community housing which is an historic building. as many of you know we have many folks that have swam in the swimming pool back in the day, but it's important to see how when the city partners with the affordable housing developer and state and federal grants we are able to
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leverage new affordable housing within existing buildings and it's amazing to see this grand and beautiful on the tenderloin can be. it's 172 units of affordable housing for low income and homeless. it's a new center which i spoke of last week which has been an amazing public health clinic for our most vulnerable and very very low income residents. it's a great month for affordable housing. we have attended the ribbon cutting event of affordable housing project. it's 148 units. and hopefully by the end of the year or next year we'll have the open of the new saint anthony's diner which will include 90 new units of
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affordable house. and what i didn't mention at the last meeting. the county land is able to purchase a small building which includes 5 units and rent control housing. while this doesn't seem like a big win. it was a big win for south of market. we are seeing increasing rent pressure even under our rental housing stock and i think it's really important that we look at creative ways to see how we can preserve, what is basically existing affordable housing, often our rent control units. it's seeing a 68 percent increase of evictions from last year. these are small efforts our community considers a victory. families live in small units. i want to give a big shout out to the san francisco
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landmarks for their small victories as well as the big ones. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor kim, supervisor mar. >> thank you madam clerk. i appreciate the sidewalk sale on may 11. i strongly support this as well. i'm calling for a hearing on a related note to look at the challenges of the vacant store fronts that are throughout our city and the basic practices of keeping the corridors and striving throughout our city. they represent failed businesses but will is create the perception that an entire district is
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abandoned. we can focus on large companies and bring these sorts of businesses to san francisco. however it's a small business sector that creates the greatest number of jobs in our city and lends character and vitality to our neighborhoods. in the richmond district, areas like the inner clements street corridor. yet vacant fronts still exist in this area. they have pop ups to use for these store fronts. that's temporary usage to encourage foot traffic and encourage people to come to targeted neighborhoods. we need to look at strategies like that. today this hearing that i'm calling would look at strategies our city has
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implemented for filling vacant stores around our cities and keeping our store fronts filled. in preparation for this hearing i'm also drafting an analysis and report on this issue. also, a number of us serve on the golden gate bridge board and i think some of you have seen on advertisement or heard on the radio that it's all electric tolling. it's important that people beware of this and they are ready for tomorrow's commute. drivers will no longer need to stop at the toll plaza and they are all equipped to read the fast track. 25 miles per hour is the
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new speed limit to drive through the fast track. there are now 4 ways to pay your toll. you can go online to look at the different ways at golden if you are marketing by the golden gate bridge, you can see in the media, but just keep moving and it will all be fine. i would like to also just say that tomorrow, or thursday, an important gathering of health advocates, researchers and community organizations is convening to look at san francisco health improvement and partnerships to san francisco but also strongly support by our many communities based organizations. i'm proud to be supporting and
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participating in aligning assets to community health and health equity the san francisco strategies and convening. i would like to say a lot of the activist and researchers are not only celebrating the victory of public access, but empowerment so we can challenge child obesity and increase healthy city. i would like to adjourn this meeting in memory of -- mr. curt. he was a beloved husband of minnie lou who is a resident. mr. curt was remembered for his intellect,
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humor and keen sense of ace esthetics. he was born october 17, 1948 in san mateo. the youngest child of herbert curts. he had an undergraduate degree and degrees from washington state university and he also studied accounting at golden gate university. he also served in law school. marks colleagues remember him as a scholarly person who served with great dignity. after leaving the city, mr. curt
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joined the municipal court and peer logic and he also took a break from law to fulfill his aspiration to become a history teacher about ten years ago. in the spare time he loved to explore and see the world. he would bike for miles and was a world traveler. he passed away march 13, 2013. in the comfort of his own home surrounded by his friends and family. he is survived by his siblings, fredericka and their children. he will be missed. thank you. the rest i will submit. >> thank you, mr. president, seeing no other names on the roster that concludes. >> thank you. let's go to public comment. >> now you can comment for up to 2 minutes on items on the jurisdiction on the board
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including the reference on the committee calendar. pursuant to board rule 4.22. please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisor and not to the audience. speakers needing translation will be allowed double amount of time. if you need an overhead projector, please indicate so. >> let's hear from our first speaker. each member of the public will have two minutes unless they are translating from a different language. >> [inaudible]
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[speaking foreign language]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, today i come to tell you about some guide -- guy i used to be his
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body guard. he is the best singer in arabian country. he was orphan, his mother died when he died. when he was born. then, his father died after him five months ago after that. that lady has children like his age used to give him milk to let him survive. he grew up. he became the best singer in arabian country. he adopted any children for any women give him some milk when he was young to survive. he born, he built a college and he build hospitals for his area. i never ever for got this
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man and i have here that he gave us, he's going to live with us for our rest of our lives. he writes books about him and write good things and bad things. i still have remembered him. he died 36 years ago. i still remember him and i learned a lot from him and i going to continue to tell you something i did for him next time and next week. ladies and gentlemen, i wanted to show the difference between us that arab loves us. i don't want to see anything -- that [inaudible]. thank you.


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