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tv   [untitled]    April 18, 2013 11:14am-11:44am PDT

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only 2 percent to kill children in the wo mb of their mother to me is not something that can be supported, so we are compelled to try to save human life and the real threat is to the babies and we try to do that with compassion and love and not intimidation and that would be the worst and i really sorry for anybody who has had to go through this, it is so, so difficult. we should join together to support women. when they are having a difficult pregnancy. we should love them through it, we should care for them and provide for them. we should not say, the solution to poverty is to kill your children or to kill the child in the wo mb of her mother, thank you very much. >> next speaker please?
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>> i was dropping off my girlfriend and there were 40 or 50 people and there is an area that they are stacked out in
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front and tried to give her literature and as she kind of goes in i park a little bit closer to the opening of the entrance because i think that it might be easier for her to get back to the car, 20 minutes later she does not see the car and so she walks down the sidewalk and the guy with the pamphlet its might have been the guy you were talking about, follows her and gets in her face a little bit and tries to give her the pamphlet and she does not know where the car is and called me and gets away from the guy and says where are you? in front of the clinic you missed me, she has to go back through them and you know, he gets back kind of in her space again and tries to give her the pamphlet and at that point in time she gets in the car and i have words with the guy and i can't imagine that if she had been coming out of the clinic after having a procedure, instead of just getting birth control that we would not have
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had more than words. i guess that my point is that this buffer zone is well needed and thanks for the legislation. >> thank you. >> very much. >> a few more names. >> kristin foscy, jackcy amutald, and jensen, and david trehelo and candice,. >> my name is judith and i am a grandmother of two, and foster parent of three and i want to talk to you about the morning after pill, it is dangerous to woman's hels for hours after the woman swallows it, planned parenthood does not concern themselves after she leaves their facility and so we need to be more the main door of planned parenthood and who are we? we are the village people who can help. and you have heard that it takes a village to raise a
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child. we village people stand out front to offer a women with child assistance with finding and services to help her keep the baby alive and give birth. we village people receive no money for our intervention work. but the separatists do. and the separatists receive u.s. government funding, and separatists have tools ready to separate a woman and baby. yes, they sell it, planned parenthood's website complications of severe infection, incomplete abortion and death. the morning after pill, sure, here it is. don't let the door hit you on the way out. i a village person cannot stand idlely by when a woman swallows
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it and one death and possibly two. for me to do nothing is a sin, the acquaintances of oddry pots who stood by when her body was degreated. they were guilty also of this social sin. and when she planned her suicide she was acting like the separatists. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please? >> good morning, my name is glen jones, and i am a san francisco resident for the last 30 years. and i participated this year with the 40 days for life group and frankly, i was scared to do it. because they said well our program as we stand on the street and we pray. and i said, stand on the street
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in san francisco and pray? are you kidding me? >> i was actually scared to do it. but i felt that it as an important thing to do. and so i was at the clinic probably 7 or 8 times. i did not once observe any harassment or i felt that the 40 days for life group has suffered some intimidation itself. and i have a photograph here which i can leave with you, there were about >> p there is a proabortion.
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and no very, very loud. and from that group, took her cell phone, and she walked towards us and she photographed everybody in our group. and we were on the sight that she walked down the sidewalk and both sides of the sidewalk, and that was... significant intimidation. >> thank you. >> and i have a photograph that i would like to leave with you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> my husband and i have lived in glen park for 24 hours and
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raised our daughter there and i am glad to see that supervisor weiner is one of the co-sponsors and the decision not to carry a baby to term is a hard decision to make, we should treat them like moral agents and let them make this decision in consultation with their partner, their family, and their minister or rabi if they have one and their doctor if they have access to one. they do not need to be harassed, intimidated and shamed on their way to access constitutionally protected medical care. no one makes this decision lightly. for moment women who choose to terminate a pregnancy, it is the least bad option available to them. and further, traumatizing them in the process of accessing
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this care, is simply adding further tragedy. thank you. >> thank you, very much. i have a few more speaker cards, kay mccal, and zann sterling and unique kasen and elizabeth cre and renee char man. >> hello, my name is linda plaque and thank you for the introduction before. supervisors i appreciate the opportunity to speak to you and i would like to thank you very much for all of the work that you have done on this issue. i'm old enough to remember how many women died from back alley abortions because they are unable to have access to good healthcare. this is an issue all over the world and we must not let that happen again in the united states and unfortunately it is happening in many places in our
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notice the way for the man,
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with the funny kind of consolation, keeping me sane, and i really like to see us the city, city with a good change, well your work is the looking if you want it, it isn't setter (inaudible) but even if you are saving now, and. earthquake day and i did not want to give you false hopes on this city day, but this city mother and baby child. and is only a motion away, ♪ in the city, mother and child, reunion, is coming back on this item today. ♪ >> okay?
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>> next, speaker. >> now, for something a little different. >> my name is becky bond and i am here representing and vice president at keta mobile and we are a san francisco based company and we have 110 employees and we are proud to be head quartered at 101 market street in san francisco and we are a national company and our customer base is national and we can be located anywhere and we are located here in san francisco and because san francisco in because san francisco values our values, equal to women, marriage equality and people before cooperation and this is why we are a san francisco based company and we are proud to be the biggest doner to planned parenthood not just in the city and in the country, i am here representing members of creo 854 of them signed it in support of supervisor campos's ordinance, these are residents of san francisco and the people
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who live in san francisco county and many of them who live in the neighborhood near the clinic and i personally have lived here for 20 years within two blocks of the clinic on valencia street and i see every day when i commute to my job, how it infringes on the right of the people and the neighbors that pass by and i would also like to say that i have organized at least a dozen protests here in san francisco only the years and we very much support the right to free speech and the right to protest and in no way do we think of the 25 foot buffer zone would encrouch on anybody's right of free speech. and as a san francisco based company you have our full support in passing this ordinance. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please? >> hi, my name is jordan, and i am here as a friend of women
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who have used planned parenthood and have had to walk through some of the lines of harassment and what i would like to do is actually read, some statements from people who live in the neighborhood and are faced with this every day. and so the first is from brodlan and she says that i would like to walk down this block with my two young girls but there is no way to avoid the huge images that these folks force into your view. taylor says that i am 83, severely disables and i too have to pass by there to get to my doctors their signs are appalling i have had two abortion and never a moment's regret. >> william mcconle and i am thankful for these petitions and through this intersection daily and the display is intimidating and it is most days heavily blocked and this 25 foot buffer zone is needed. marsha says that i walk by here
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often as i used to live nearby and i was shocked of the harassment of the patients going sbao* into the clinic and i am from montana that provides a buffer zone and i am shocked that there is not one in a liberal san francisco. and finally, one from alexis who says that i used to live in this neighborhood and watched the protestors get aggressive and the video camera was across the line and it was scared to walk by them to go to work and no longer a free speech, and it is no longer free speech when the they could take video without consent and we support this very much and thank you very much for the ordinance. >> next speaker, please? >> hi, high name is sarah, and i am the assistant director of public affairs for choice california, and i lived here in san francisco in district five and our office is also located downtown in the financial district and i would like to say that i have never had to
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make a decision. people who go to get reproductive healthcare should not have to face harassment or , intimidation. they deserve better and they have the programs and we would like to thanks supervisor campos for introducing it. >> i cross to the other side of the street where i avoid the
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area entirely, because, no matter what they say, it is intimidation and harass sxment bullying, and i wonder how many recognize what they do as bullying and i jufptd just a mere resident feel harassed and intimidated or bullied need to cross the street or avoid the area, i wonder what it must be like to be a patient or a family who needs the services and those affordable healthcare that they provide, and i wish that they could do it without being harassed and bullied i support the 25 foot ordinance to protect the family and patients. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please? >> hello, my name is christian and i am a member of the board of san francisco woman's political committee and strongly support the ordinance and i am a fourth generation native san francisco and extremely proud to live in a place that values diversity. i would like to echo supervisor
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campos in saying that if we can't protect woman's rights to healthcare in san francisco and this has terrifying implications for a society that is meshed in political debate that centers around violence towards women and we would be remiss not to pass this legislation. >> thank you. >> i have another name, michael green beger for a speaker card, any member of the public who has not signed up for a card would like to speak just come on up and line up. next speaker, please? >> hi, thank you for hearing our opinions, my name is candice and i have lived in vernal heights for 15 years and i wanted to say that my children and i walk or pass planned parenthood and one day my 7-year-old son who usually happy playing in the backseat or chatting with his sister looked out the window and here is what we saw, a billboard featuring a 10 foot bluy fetus and a man smile and waving at
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cars and he said why is this man showing us a bloody baby and my son is tough was so upset and he had teeder in his eyes he is still shaken we had to change the route to school and i respect that others have varied opinions and it is important that we all disagree and debate so for the progress can happen, what is clear what is happening outside of planned parenthood is not just about difference of opinion i believe what is happening right now is by not all but some, violent assault on the citizens of the neighborhood and including the children who do not have the ability to avoid maturity to process the imagery, we can and should have a debate. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker.
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>> some photos, and where the demarcation line would go and also the narrowness of the sidewalk and so when you have the protestors there and the clients coming in there is a lot of space to navigate through and so we feel that this buffer zone will strike the balance between a person's right to use the first amendment and free speech rights and our patient's rights to come in and get the care that they need. we also believe that it will make it easier for law enforcement to enforce this ordinance. i also have that for the record, for public records, submission, some of the pamphlets that are given by the protestors with false information regarding birth control and the effects of abortions. and along with a couple of statements from several patients that have been harassed. and then, finally i have got some pictures and i don't know
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if i would be able to display them here today. >> slide down. >> sorry, some of these pictures. >> they show the narrowness of the sidewalk as you can see there, you can see if you were coming into our health center you would have to walk, and navigate your way through this and very narrow sidewalk, the intimidation intent of it is very clear and as you can see from this photo, they put the camera there, and you can see a video camera, right there, filming people that are coming into the health center and filming the staff, the staff also is intimidated and one of the woman walked into the health center and woke up a patient and started telling her how that women was adopted and how the adoption is a good and
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would not leave the health center. next speaker. >> my name is jackie and i am a resident of the mission district of san francisco. and i am here in support of this ordinance and in support of planned parenthood and i am also an attorney and so i am aware of what the constitution says about first amendment rights and i think that this proposed legislation does a good balance of balancing woman's rights with first amendment rights. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> kerri jensen. and in the late 60s, i helped women get abortions through mexico because we could not get them here. and despite what they say, the women could not get an abortion here. and every time that we sent someone there, we were on pins and needles hoping that she would make it back, it was very, very scary. in 1972, i worked with ken
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corey, and george muscony and i asked them to add the right to privacy to the constitution of california. and that section was rewritten, adding privacy and it went on the ballot, and it passed by 80 percent. and that is the largest vote for any right of any constitutional right ever. they may a mistake putting the comment in the wrong place so it went on the ballot in 1974. it also passed in 74 by 80 percent. now, every newspaper in the state vote against it. but the people knew what they valued and privacy was what they valued. more important than the first amendment and more important than anything, now get these cameras off the sidewalk. women have to be there and they have to get this service and they have to do it with privacy.
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if i were asking what this should be, it should be 100 feet at least. and thank you for getting 25. >> thank you. >> next speaker? >> good morning, my name is monique i will not be breaking into song because i am representing the agency. and the mission. and in behalf of, (inaudible) and she is sorry that she has not been able to be here, and she makes it clear that they will be with the services and in the district, for over 40 years, and we stand in support of this ordinance and also facilities that offer, client center, non-judge mental unbiased reproductive
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healthcare and we strive to ensure access for healthcare for the patients and it includes dealing with healthcare disparities and language barriers and economic barriers and access to programs and so on. to add physical access, clearly we stand in support of people being able to access just a point of direction and the thing that is called the morning afternoon pill, it is something different, just a point of fact and as a trained, certified family planning counselor i would like to add this that is relevant to the bill and i would also like to add to the ordinance that family planning counselors are
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trained to be unbiased and what we, coerce anybody into anything, but it is counseling but with training and so. that is what we have to offer and the mission, health centers stand in support. >> my name is katie and i am with the woman's clinic located in district five and we offer sexual and reproductive healthcare to uninsured women of the bay area, including every zip code in san francisco, many more eloquent than myself have spoken and i will say that we believe very strongly that no one should be intimidated and we believe that it is a great balance, protecting the woman's access to healthcare and free speech and i would like to say that as a resident of vernal heights i am so proud of how many are here today. >> and thank you. next speaker.
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>> hello my name is ann and i am a residents of the mission >> if you could speak into the mic. >> my mame is an and i am a res with my daughter and these protesters, are a nuance and a hazard, and they make just leaving the house to walk down that street so uncomfortable and there are questions that i have to hear, and they are very difficult to explain to a 4-year-old. and 25 years ago, i accessed planned parenthood because i was uninsured and they found a medical condition that if left unfound and untreated would have taken away my fertility or my life. and my daughter would not be here without planned parenthood. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> hi, my name is katherine and i lived in th


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