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tv   [untitled]    May 15, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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there within that shelter even the old shelter could accommodate that so come on. i can figure it out and you guys can't come up with something. if you are spending all that money on new shelters get some seating and even if you have to put one seat on the end of the shelter where the railing is you can do that. but we need it terribly soon. thank you. >> thank you. next? >> joanne, abe rna thy. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon every one i live in the bay view district and i'm here to address a couple of problems that i've experienced first of all, i never seen a -- that has 2 lines on it. that's not
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supposed to be how -- it was not planned to be a k and turn into a t it was planned to stop at the embarcadero they didn't put that extra money to make it an extra line that it was supposed to be when they first created that t line but any way i was waiting for a friend on the t line the other day, and i was on third and peru and he got on at down there by the ball park so i'm calling saying what's taking you so long and he said the bus is crowded and he got to 23 rd street and they made everyone get off and they turned it around and went back i don't understand why m u.n. i wants the so-called update
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fares and stuff and don't want to complete the service. you can't just service the ball park people when it's a ball park game you need to service the people in the community then i looked at the sign and it said ninety minute and see when they got to third and peru they had the nerve to ask the fare collect ors so what are you asking people for their transfer for -- are you going to give somebody a ticket and they waited ninety minutes on the bus and it just don't make no sense and something needs to be done about that t train turning around on indiana. >> thank you. >> thank you mr. nolan. i'll talk about 4 things quickly at your last meeting you ta about these single operator
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permits and the med alions in the taxi industry. you said in the future you will charge rent to people who get these and that will take away the purpose and insent centive i heard you backed off of that idea charging single operator permit how hold ers. i tried to pay my business tax this year it says you have to go online. most of the drivers don't have computers so there's a long line of people down there trying to be trained on how to use a computer and in fact i couldn't pay without the form and so i'm going to have to go and print one out after this. so i hope it won't happen this way next year. so i'll put
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this up on the over head briefly -- what it is now you can go online and buy a pink mustache and put it on your car so we've seen people cruising around pretending to be fake cabs people have gypsy cab operations and ride share these people make 30 dollars an hour and have 10 hour shifts but now people putting a pink mustache on their car so about one third of med alions will be proposition amedalions and i think we should start using that term to describe those. >> thank you next speaker please . >> good afternoon miss wood.
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>> yes good afternoon mr. nolan and commissioners and directors. i'm here in opposition to the demolition of the palace in north beach where i've lived since 1962. i think that it would behoove all of you to pay a little bit of attention to what's going on about the central subway just last week a couple of interesting items have been revealed on friday we learned from a city insider when mr. roosevelt audited five of 35 subcontract ors all five of them were found to be cheating and over charging a half a million dollars and the final numbers haven't been written on that that's just the preliminary thing. but it's in
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a way a sign that you should be paying a lot closer attention -- and mr. risken and mr. -- district supervisor unfortunately they are all rushing the project now that's started to attract attention in north beach i was wondering why north beach was not listed as a stakeholder but it was clear you were going to drill 7 -- chinatown south of market the usual right there there was a problem any way i have limited time so i'm going to say that saturday in the entertainment section what an interesting place to put a legal notice we
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didn't realize that you were going to separate out 2 construction sites you are going to use federal transit money for a project that's not been approved federal transit money? you better pay attention. >> next please. >> good afternoon sir. >> good afternoon my name is lance ca r.n. es i've lived in north beach for 15 years during the past nine months i've been working with my neighborhood to get rid of the central subway and in in northern tunnels i've gotten to know mta and the board and staff. as a resident
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that's not involved in politics -- a large number of us had a recent mta meeting asked questions and we were still told the same tall tales and were ignored. director brinkman is a bus rider and is involved in neighborhood outreach and several other directors have similar backgrounds. what is is to many of north beach mta is a jugge rna ut during neighborhood meetings the representatives stone wall and
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do not answer questions. mta has their ears wide shut. to record will we invite you to meet us in north beach we still do not know the extent of impact to the neighborhood such as traffic and impact on near by buildings since mta is planning to begin construction in our neighborhood later this month, it would be best to schedule a meeting that would occur as soon as possible that informs us of all backs thank you. >> good afternoon my name is winston smith i've worked in north beach for almost 40 years i live right next to washington square. there are children who
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free frolic in the playground there. they are directly across the street where you plan to demolish the theatre no one is going to enjoy it there any longer. the untold pollution of five thousand tons of debris all for what? so north h can have a subway stop? no. after all the contaminate contamination. north beach gets the shaft literally. the tunnel machines should be left in the ground in chinatown just like with ninety
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over the world. this common sense solution isn't being considered. probably want to change the height restrictions to 6 story cookie cutter condos with million dollar views. clearly the only option is the chinatown option leave in the ground and please leave north beach alone thank you. >> next speaker please? >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. dr. jackson. i would like to say that i've been a resident of san francisco for 70 years i've lived in bay view hunter's pot since 1948 i would like
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to say i'd like to think that my vote counts when i ve in 1970 when proposition b was ballot the ci voted that we would get better bus services in bay view hunter er's point. i would like to say at this time when the t train stops at 23 rd street i live at ingles and jamestown i'm a senior citizen and i am 80 years of age i shouldn't have to walk from 23 rd up to jamestown. it is a diss grace how the people of bay view hunter's point have been treated we the taxpayers i would like to say that we had thought we were going to get
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express buses we didn't get anything but the t line the t line has not worked at all you have had complaints ever since the t line has been in hunter's point. i'd like to say not to stop on 23 rd and make the people walk. we should be riding free thank you. >> next speaker please. >> [applause]. >> good afternoon sir. >> my name is clyde, carpenter i was born in the neighborhood in 1945 as a resident and business owner in that neighborhood that we should be
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treated like any other resident anywhere in the city of san francisco. when decisions are made to do certain things without getting our input, it effects our business community it affects our seniors and all the residents of bay view hunter's point which is a diverse community all races that live in that neighborhood so my certain is when you do something like that you need to take us into consideration like any other neighborhood any other community. so will you turn the t train around it affects our business and economical standard it's our lifeline that comes to that area so i just wanted to share that with you it's not a racial issue, it's a resident issue. >> thank you mr. carpenter.
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next speaker please? >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. my name is jacki -- i've been in california since 1964 i was living in fair field for a while then i came back to this area bay view hunter's point area when i came back i was driving. but because of certain disease i have i can no longer drive so i'm dependent on transit and t train and i love where i'm living i don't know if any of you have been to our area to see it but it's gorgeous. it's a gorgeous building and it's
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nice inside and new and all the people are elderly people that live there so we need good transportation and i don't like this racist thing because it's not racist. i think -- cause we have a multiculture we have every race you want to think of in our building but we need better transportation we don't need the t train to turnaround at arm strong we live on the corner of arm strong t train turns around right there and they do it regularly then you don't have any way of getting down except to walk down to the next bus stop -- train stop. and it's bad on the senior citizens we need your help. and we need you to please look into it, take action, and help
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us out because we are elderly people that live down in that area. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> claudia b u.s. tamonte, jim hill and june martin. >> speaking in spanish. >> translation: i want to give you all my respects and ask you not to just listen to my voice but those that have gone before me and the elders that have spoken before you.
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>> speaking in spanish. >> i alot ofxpiees that i uld share about my experience on the t trains but one that has impacted me a lot is something that actually happened last night. >> speaking in spanish. >> translation: i went to the clinic and i ended up having to get on the t train near the -- >> speaking in spanish. >> translation: so it hurts my
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heart what happened last night we were on the t train and there was a person in a wheelchair without feet the driver said sorry this is the last stop everyone has to get off. >> speaking in spanish. >> translation: and so it doesn't matter where we're trying to go they kick us off where it needs to happen apparently and this not only
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happens to me but members of the african american community in bay view and this needs to stop. >> speaking in spanish. >> translation: so i've been here to speak on other issues in the past but i ask that you please listen and you pay attention to what's happening and also there have been accidents i've seen and you wouldn't want to pay thousands of dollars to people in those situations so please listen to this issue. thank you very much. >> thank you. okay. next speaker please? >> jim hill followed by june martin.
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>> good afternoon. my name is jim hill i'm a resident of the bay view area. i've been there 51 years. the t train -- i have ridden it and it does turnaround at 23 rd street. i don't understand why a man would turn a train around with a full load of people, put them off and have experienced 45 minutes to an hour for another train to come and i live at the senior also building with the lady that spoke -- miss jacki. we live there in the building together but it's not -- i
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don't think it's -- it shouldn't be an issue of racist it's just it should be kept for us to get to and from you know, and it's not -- i don't think it's right for a person to be put off the train and he's going in to turnaround and go back downtown and we have to go home, you know. yeah. that's all i have to say. i wish you people would do something about it and put more trains on during the commute hours -- i mean more cars and they tell us when the baseball game and football game is on i don't think a person should work all day and have to stand from the time they get off of work until
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they get home. i think the bus service is more profit for -- >> thank you. >> june martin. >> hi good afternoon first of all i wanted to thank the mta and all of the members of the board for the youth program it's really been great. i've seen piles and piles of applications we're very exciting and it's made a difference in all the youths that were so scared to to take the bus who couldn't afford it so thank you very much. i'm also here -- we've been out on the buses talking to lots of folks it's a really big problem happens frequently and scheduled and unscheduled turnarounds. we know this is a systemwide problem we know it happens on other lines, but in the case of the t train it
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happens more often and it's really an issue of equit y. we have huge numbers of low income people of color and it's isolated from the rest of the city and public transportation is really the only thing that can overcome that barrier and the only way people can access job, schools, work and healthcare services as well. we know there's a lot of charge challenges we know there's a lot of traffic signals and a maintenance challenge for fund ing we know that's all true we want to see this problem addressed it's very urge nt. thank you very much.
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>> next speaker please. >> good afternoon mr. kopel. >> good afternoon 3 items to call to your attention i understand that with a proposed june sign up there's some discussion on a fall back on m u.n. i metro. this was tried 30 years ago and did not work involves an un bound operator getting off at embarcadero waiting for the next out bound train on that same line. for a system that fills all of its daily runs with operators and equipment this this can be made to work in a system like m u.n. i this doesn't work and it has dramatic implications for
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passengers and as i said this was tried 30 years ago and did not work i'm happy to discuss this further if anyone is interested. the director's report did not refer to the public employee relations board decision last week which i noted in the paper and i'm somewhat interested in. i would ask for any documents that now exist that aren't subject to privilege related to that decision and what next steps the agency is taking in compliance with that i understood there was a time frame to take action within certain portions both in terms of procedures and costs i think is important to this board agency and public and finally i made constructive comments last week at the meeting which unfortunately didn't have a
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quarom it's a significant challenge for new director sue and others to try to rebuild that trust with again members of the public, members of your staff and others in support of future policy and funding challenges. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon mr. page. >> good afternoon mr. nolan and members of the board and director riskin i'm here to urge you to slow the progress of the tunnel boring machine at washington and stockton and prevent it from moving forward to north beach perhaps you want to hold a hearing on this. what's interesting is that we've learned today that m u.n. i has an operator deficit of 70 million dollars and we know there's a structural deficit of
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5 hundred million it just so happens that the tunnelling between washington and north beach will cost about 70 million dollars and if you eliminate that and stop the line where it was originally intended which is chinatown and stockton street you will be able to save the agency 70 million dollars and give all the residents of north beach a second chance on how they want transit to be brought into their neighborhood thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker please? >> good afternoon. >> hi my name is -- thank you for -- when i talk with the families in the community they are happy about this program. i'm often been working in the
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community in bay view i hear these stories about people having a really hard time trying to go home or trying to go to doctor appointment or any other activities they have to and after the day i was here and heard the stories in the community it happened to me. i finished with my thing and i had to go back home and i had to pickup my kids and i saw the sign in the train said 15 minutes i'm okay i can be on time to pickup my kids but after 45 minutes the train doesn't come and i don't know but if you have to pickup your kids at a certain time and you are more than 30 minutes for pickup your kids it's horrible and i cannot imagine all these mother and see families that have to do this all the time and have this kind of feeling and i don't think it's fair that place is where a lot of families live a lot of families
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of color and it's really hard to wait a long time to go to school or anywhere you have to do so i think this has to stop and really it's more important that we start getting the things to work this train has to stop this. [inaudible] okay bye thank you. >> thank you bye. >> next speaker please? >> good afternoon. my name is -- i actually reside in bay view and i'm here to talk about the train turnaround from my perspective i really feel like it's really unfair and un equitable to ha