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tv   [untitled]    May 26, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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>> good morning commissioners i'm the president of the homeowners association. all 1 hundred and 40 homeowners are good supporters but we're concerned about the issues such as traffic noise issues and public safety. we have an economical model that we think is flawed. those papers will point out the observe to you. but the issue is concerned to us is shadow for not just on the union square but on the immediate environment. we have accident garden and jessie square and this project
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was - will completely overshadow that. this project is justified on the benefits it brings to the city and was it brings to the next mexican museum. if all it takes is money to override the community and no matter what the shadow is on union square urging to have developers coming to you. we oppose this project and are ready to fight. i have a very good solution cut the project down to 3 hundred and 50 feet we'll still have the mexican museum and a great project and we'll have no shadow
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on union square. i do have some papers i'd like to hand out to the commissioners >> thank you. >> good morning. i work in san francisco. i have frequently had lunch and enjoy my lunch under the sun at the jessie square garden. i'm sure there's a lot of folks like i move that couldn't come today to have you protect this rare open space from being overshadowed. thank you >> thank you. i'm going to call a few more names
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(calling names) come on up if i've called your name >> hello, i'm benjamin. good morning commission san franciscans. i'm a professor at city college of san francisco. and i believe that it is art and culture can be that lost link that courageous the intense intelligence especially for our youth who needs visions of beauty. more important is the truth of our collective situation the
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truth is that many if not most of the labor workers working on those proposed projects will be of latino descent. we love having this hard worker identity but we also need evolution. we need to build an intellectual artistic that the mexican museum can offer us. the many latinos now have no place to go where they can feel a pride and an intellectual identity. we can built more than a building here. we can built powerful identities by having a state of the art
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mexican museum adjacent to other landmark institutions like the modern art museum and powerful financial institutions. latinos need to feel they're part of an international san francisco. this mexican museum is hope for our community and our future. through the creation of this mexican museum san francisco will once again be leading the way for love and justice. thank you for your at the scene of the accident and your vision. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please >> like to remit the audience retain from clapping.
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>> i'm on the 765 residents association board and also on the managers association. i support the museum however, the stereotyped shadow is unacceptable. its way in the prop k standards. i don't know how they're asking for that. the building feasibility study is based on flawed observations. thank you very much. >> good morning. i'm that angel and i live in san francisco and i want to thank you for let me join the other
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speakers. i'm for the tower but not the mexican museum. we wouldn't want to live anywhere else. the planning commission have worked for many decades to protect and preserve the character of our city. a very few expectations have been made only when justified. how does the tower serve the public interests. don't the many negatives out weigh the positives. how can the tore possibly be justified. i don't think it, and thank you for your time
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>> good morning commissioners. i am a former teacher of 32 years of teaching in new york. i didn't intended to speak because i'm always speaking but i must tell you what's in my heart. i have been listening to this word about shadow, shadow for quite a long time. the children i have been teaching have been feeling like shadows. i teach diverse children from all over the world. they want to see themselves. when i take them to museums they look at all the things and guess
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what. they also ask me where are we? we need diversity. i'm traveling around the world and i work with a world organization and we have members from all offer the world. it's very diverse. everywhere we go, go people want to know about america. they think we're the land of plenty but they don't know that many of us grew up as shadows. i was a shadow too until i realized we're all worthy of the best. i think you should build this
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museum >> >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good morning president fong and commissioners. i'm a business person in the mission district. i'm here in full support of this project. i have full confidence in all of you to make the right decision to not law a shadow to get in the way of jobs. culture and we believe what the missing the mexicans and the latino to allow their culture to be recognized on an international level. i believe that the project
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sponsor has demonstrated this there has been some mitigating factors to adjust the height of the building. in an attempt to reduce the shadow impact from the surrounding areas. basically this is exactly why the voters approved proposition k and not to borrow you but ultimately this project out weeks ago and out shadows all the reason to support and approve the project. jobs, culture and growth. 3 simple reasons to justify the project. i'm confident that after
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reviewing the file and sdurgz amongst each other you'll arrest this proximately should be approved. i don't believe that the shadows and a few residents a few residents should get in the way of this project. thank you >> good morning i'm ron. and in interest of a two minute timespan please let me say one this is not a referendum about the mexican museum i'm tired of hearing it. i'm a fan of the mexican museum.
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my son served on that board. we want the mexican museum so survive. it's been repealed helped with tens of million dollars to get themselves organized and build on a gorgeous piece of land. the conversation has to do with the developer that changed the defendant to the mexican museum. i'm insulted. we have ten times this many folders that show how many ways this plan violates the city ordinance. we don't have any problems
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excuse that doesn't past the smell test but that will conflict and we'll spend the money to bring it public. because their some elephant that hadn't been identified but will be. and furthermore, the problems that the mexican problem has and it will be made worse by this situation. they need to be able to raise $7 million a year for security and janitor to recall and staffing and all the things you have to run is and keep the art save. the building gives them 4 or 5 times the amount they need. their going to be boxed into a
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bad place. the city is going to spend $40 million and give it to the mexican museum and let it be built and don't sell yourselves to some developer who wants to put up a billion dollar believe on the backs of people that will not benefit from in this >> good afternoon members of commissions. i'm picking up i'm a reserved planning vendors. i'd like to talk about this project. it's about recreation and park
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dwifthsdz at 3 levels. first it's inconsistent with the general plan that states our parks and they're open space and their assess needs to be protected from development unquote. this will make our famous retail center into a relative dark and cold space ultimately and our beautiful place jessie square dark. it is served as urban open space and we certainly can't afford to ludicrous another one. and it's inconsistent with the
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city's downtown plan. i don't know if you followed the guards to the city district the interior ratio of the building is actually 28 to one. in a 9 to 1 air district. when they confronted this honorable distortion where they use the parking garage they abandon the floor ratio altogether and this i consider classic spot zoning. finally it's inconsistent with the zoning plan. the plan had a group per - human
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size buildings that. built i consider at a very human scale. certainly the 50 seed is for more humane than the counter proposals. i urge your commissions to maintain the shadow budget to prevent this outragely massive and dominating building to be regretted by your joint efforts. thank you >> commissioners my name is lynn. i reside and work in san
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francisco. i reside at 765 market street. without repeating i have four quick points one what you are hearing is no one that i have heard privately or publicly opposed to the mexican museum quite the contrary. two we are not opposed to a project at the site. i think the gentleman had the right solution 3 hundred and 51 feet can work for the shadow problem and the developers. the shadow isn't about a few people but about the public. for t for the instructions that were
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given to ourable krushgsz were involved instruction from the developer. i'm happy to go into county jail you've probably heard enough. thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning xhirgsdz. i'm richard i'm a resident on market. when i've asked what's it's been like to live there i say the positive surprise it's an separately friendly neighborhood and i would include the four seasons hotel and the general manager also the millennium partners that developed the
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project. we have a close relationship with ron jeffrey's the gentleman who addressed you earlier. our problem is not with the four stories of the building it's the other 40 or 43 stories above it. it's a luxury condominium project masked for the museum. i urge you all to take a close look at it there's an underlying motive. i will say that some are vagina in all the united states and this is only an incremental 0 loss but they all have to be
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noted. the last point i will make is the effect on safety and traffic. as any of you know whose traveled what was called earlier the third street corridor i call it the third street gridlock. traffic is already an issue. there are big deliver trucks that blocks 1 of 2 baselines. and it's something this has it to be - if the project goes ahead that has to be remitigated for public safety and a thank you >> thank you.
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>> while your coming up i'll call more names (calling names) >> good morning president fong and vice chair. i serve as the jeopardy manager of the garden. we are pleased to see that many of the public benefits is the permanent contribution of $550,000 for the management and security. the garden as many know the jewel of the area and we're grateful to the participates that are making such a large contribution and any minor shadow will be offset.
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we ask you move this project forward. thank you >> good morning commissioners. i'm a resident of the four seasons. i quite enjoy living there i think shawn jeffrey's has done a wonderful job their very good developers but i'm disappointed on the 706 project. it has the appearance of doing a great job for the mexican museum i'm chinese background and what makes this city a beloved city is because of the diverse culture. but i'm disappointed in the
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sense i was a developer once before i retire so when i buy a project you buy a lot for right zoning for the ordinances how many square petitions you can do. you will not exploit the system fall come out at 5 hundred feet. this kind of attitude is not acceptable for developers supposedly to help the citizens and to help beautify the skyline of san francisco and to do a great job for the mexican museum. i believe theorize trying to maximize their bottom line.
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i have faith if the xhirgsdz you're here to uphold the proposition k that you have passed that you took so much time. so i. looking to you all to look at this carefully and i also want you to - how many of you have gone to jess i didn't square and taken a look? i want a show of hands. i took a long time the tower the jessie square has the jewish museum then a tall believe this. well, we cut through the jessie
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police car i'm not going to repeat double parking of the trucks. i want you to take into serious consideration the parking of the trucks >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm edward i live in the four seagulls residence. to me this situation is very clear. the developer is motivated to make as much profit as he. in this connection we've hired lawyers and experts all to maximize his return.
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in order to do that he's got to convince the city, he needs to develop the project at this level. but it goes against the proposition k it is to suggest this project is - please keep in mind this is the same developer that developed the four seasons who turns his back on us. and proposes a project to diminish the quality of the live in the area. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> my name is anthony. i live at franklin.
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i've worked as an art critic and traveled least 50 shows. i published at least 50 articles. i think that most importantly what this project in the city and where i live i see development everywhere and i don't think that's going to stop and i don't think this project will be the biggest. more importantly for me, i think the bigger issue has to do with creating a space and especially in this city it contributes to the sober environment where we can start to develop i would say
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an inclusive division constant of what constitutes american art. i think that with that in mind this project should be supported. thank you >> thank you. >> to the members of the audience that are up against the walls or in front of of the door. in the room 408 if you wish to submit our public comment please make your way to this room >> so since we're doing a little show of hands how many have seen the movie