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tv   [untitled]    May 28, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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height to make it look different. our building is slirnd and elegant and it will be a tremendous asset to this area. if you have any questions i'll answer them >> thank you. we may have questions for you later. >> public sponsor. >> okay. let's try this again. opening up to public comment (calling names) thank you (calling names) >> i'm a representative from the i b w local 6.
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we're presenting over 6 hundred workers in san francisco everyday. it seems like the shadows have been addressed and the shadowing is minimal so we lend our support to the project. also at that time when the projects are winding down our folks are going to be looking for work and this will give valuable jobs. as a san francisco native i would say that the mexican cultural history and contributions of san francisco the museum would be an incredible museum for them as a source of pride for the mexican pride in san francisco >> thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please . >> i'm an artist on the republic art. i live in san francisco for thirty years and i have been very lucky to work here. i know that san francisco has something very unique adversity in the arts. you can see all the arts from mexican native american. and i think san francisco has a great collection for the museum not only of chicano art but a large collection of text told us and musical arts and furniture
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and folk art. we really should consider giving this to the collection. so we definitely need to have a very good sense of access to everything everybody i hope you consider to give us this gift. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner. i am part jew and part basic an, an american. i'm the ceo of the chambers we represent over 3 hundred businesses that are proud to be
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part of the mexico. we have the name to represent - we are part of the business community and someone most of the people who work in the city we provided for the city we reside in the city and we believe this is a very important stepping stone into finalizing this. we have the asian museum and the african-american it is time to have a permanent home for the mexican museum. we believe that people will be looking to have a small excuse not be to be part of the city. this is part to continue the dream that he have for latino
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heritage to be affiliated with the museum. this is very important that will provide residence and more opportunities to be in the area it will provide for us to showcase our heritage and our community not only for mexico but for all latin americans. we feel it's time for us to move forward. we are in support over 3 hundred business owners and we encourage you to support in and finalize it. thank you >> >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good morning commissioners seem virginia. and the alliance is a membership
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organization representing all the various stakeholders and we support the mexican museum project. we believe this this project works great with the neighborhood and many of the cultureal institutions are happy to work with the museum. we're happy to know that the perspire is oh, $450,000 each year for the garden. we're very supportive of the project and we hope today you'll approve the project. thank you >> thank you. >> good morning commissioners i'm the chair the building committee atkins and the incoming person for the
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business. i'm located on the south part of the city. the accepty is finally here and is a direct result of the ma limit partners. as you know we've had several hearings where literally hundreds of folks in various parts of the san francisco have come to support in particular the mexican museum. today, we have asked a select if you that have speakers coming to speak and their represent hundreds of folks who would like
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to see this mexican museum realized. we have had to ask to have side shadow impact reduced in union square. and also to stress the importance of the mexican museum in the area we have the best collection of mexican and latino art we're the only institution that has those art. and we host the children of the public schools and the families that are over 50 thousand strong. we have to get the must be can museum sustainable and to make is a tlooifl complete project.
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this will get us one step closer to our dad and mom and i'd like to thank you on behalf of the union board and staff. thank you >> i'm going to call a few more names (calling names) >> morning commissioners i represent the carpenters union. i've got to say if i'm backed up in a corner i'd want those folks with me. a lot of projects downtown thanks to you and the planning
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commission. a lot of shadows and heights. the eir appears to be intact and again, this community they're really strong support for this project and we thank you, thank you very much >> good morning president fong i'm andrew i'm the chair of the board of the mexican museum and come to you. i speak on behalf of the museum and the mexico president. i have the honor of serving in san francisco. i'm here to speak no support of the mexican museum and the tower project. we've been working hard and long
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to complete the violation in the arts district. the center of the arts is truly diversity. projects sponsor has worked diligently before and before other hearings to reduce the size of the proposed tower and the reduction of the shadowing on the union square. this will enable us to develop and open a arts museum and to showcase a mexican-american and chicano art. when american people excessive of 14 thousand objects arts. we are the first museum to
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receive the credits in the air. i ask you on behalf of our colleagues and former board members to please consider and approve the staff recommendations so the visitors as well as the residents asking can enjoy the mexican museum. before i leave the san francisco article i'd like to leave it; four, your review. thank you >> hello commissioners. i'm mexican architect. i'm going to support the development of the 606 mexican museum project.
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i believe the proposed development will be an asset to the neighborhood. and in conclusion of the arson building. that includes new windows and this will bring a sense of life to the third street corridor. this has no character and this important future will highlight the building as part of the probable project i believe this will be vital to the project please move it forward >> >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good morning president and chair. i'm david and i'm very proud to be before you this morning as
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the current director of the museum. thank you for the opportunity to speak before you today in approving the residential tower project. with me today are many supporters and members of the museum in the arts district. for the sake of respecting your time please remember that hundreds of supporters have come out for this for the impact report certification reports. your vote to approve the report is critical to the success to help us fulfill the primary
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source for the latino arts. we know that the opposition have made complains regarding the completeness of our project. and those don't acknowledge the arts. the mexican museum has worked long and hard and millennium partners to address any and all concerns that by the public and planning staff. we have listened and addressed all concerns over the past two years ago and over the past month. today, the project is a culmination of years of work and we feel good about the project before you. our organization has continued to maintain the sustainability
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of the project. we have advanced membership program and have implemented the ongoing museum effort. on behalf of the thousands of supporters he ask you approve this project. thank you >> michael. the shadow issue has two components one is the shadow itself. and the second is the one of creditor balancing benefits. i have to know that the single most important component is latino and that latino workforce is of mexican dewy sent or
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mexic mexican birth. they can bring their to show it off and we ask you to support the project. thank you >> good morning commissioners my name is victor. i was born and raised if = - today, i'm representing my chamber of commerce. you heard from any ceo earlier today we want to give the support to the projected plan to build. i am the hispanic border
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president which includes the central american chamber of commerce and i'm the executive director. i want to stress although i'm not medication can but the museum is very important and it's time they make a presence in one of the most is importance. in the name of over 3 hundred members of the chamber of commerce of san francisco i'd like to stress the support to the project as listed. thank you very much >> thank you. coming up i'll call some more names (calling names)
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>> good morning commissioners i'm michael i'm with the union here in san francisco. you know, i want to commend millennium on the trimming of this project in order to reduce the shadow impacts. and just to speak brief i began working here with the marriott going up and a have worked almost every project with the four seasons where our shop was in the first power plant where the jewish museum fans now and had worked on other projects in changing the roof of the ball rooms in the moscone center. this project completed sort of the area of the garden and that's key to developing this
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city in a positive manner. i would ask you to approve that project and continue to revitalizes all the projects in this city so, please move forward >> thank you. >> good morning commissioners i'm bill and i'm speaking abbas the authority of the property k. first of all, we support the mexican project. prior to prop k sunlight was consistently lost in favor of the economic growth that's why the public voted to prohibit that practice. the promotion required the planning commission to draft implementing regulation.
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after years of studies the city implemented it but not as a policy position they were required to by the voter. neither of your commissions have the moral or legal right to over rule the voters. what is happened instead is years of systematic decisions to over rule prop k. this is about economic growth and the prop k prohibits that. on page 4 in part the fundamental rule of statutory construction is to consider the
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rule. it goes on to see the ordinance has disapproval of any project p.s. that has any diverse impact. it strongly suggests that the shad shadowing is important. but this ordinance was adopted to protect the sunshine in existing parks. lastly, the passage of this is the desire of without regard to any opinions the developers might propose. the planning department of public health must not have any shadowing to approve this project. i urge you lastly commissioners
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parks always lose in a debate with developers. everyone will raise their hands and say i'm in favor of the sunshine in parks but a bunch of economic growth and parks lose. over time that's how we kill the parks. i urge you to avoid the lawsuit that you will lose and a uphold the commissioners decision >> good morning commissioners aim tom. representing friends of the 65 market street owners association. i'm going to spend my few minutes on shadowing. the reduction of the 4 hundred height in reduction and the sunshine added back into the
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shadow limit for union square. those changes in the product description were not in the eir. i've spent a lot of time on writing about the defects in the eir. the macy's should have the shadow limit written back in. but what's happened in 1989 the shadow for this park was 2 hundred and 90 feet shadow hours now you're going down to minus seven hundred and 67 because of the three projects. the transit center increase and in this promise.
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so if you approve this project your minus down 6 hundred and 60 thousand. to do that you need a very strong factual record to show you've seen what this will cause. the - those are abstract principles applied to the park. there's no stud of how those proximateize change by decreasing the use of padding them in the sunlight areas. so, so without bridging the gap
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of impact you don't have the factual report of what you decided in 1989. while you probably have the legal authority to change the criteria this no right has to be exercised without abusing our authority. i have a bunch of documents i want to submit to you including the calculations including the inclusion of macy's and that number is a little bit less than it's minus 34 hundred and 67 - >> sir, your time is up. >> just for the record there's a planning resolution from the eir transit center. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good morning commissioners.
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i'm matthew and i'm with a friend of the 765 market street. union square is known worldwide and is one of the city's corner stone landmarks. and surely a building can be built that will maintain the integrity that was to protect our parks. we can have both we can have our parks protected and the mexican museum. an absolute number that continues to erode the project by approving project by project which succumbs to the pressures of the developers is not right. there exits no feasibility study
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that is properly done come in any way adjust the continual erosion in our parks. the reports that makes this all possible is done with expectations and assumptions are purported to be done by the developer himself. the usurp is upon the feasibility study was done. the feasibility study is it not a third party study it's a self-serving document only to support the unreasonable positions you're being asked to approve today. again in this regard over 5 years the shadows have been
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studied on union square and now in the last twenty-four hours we have a new study on macy's it was not concluded ♪ report so only today, we find out about a - we do want to have this project but we want to have our parks protected as well. thank you very much >> good morning commissioners i'm the president of the homeowners association.
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all 1 hundred and 40 homeowners are good supporters but we're concerned about the issues such as traffic noise issues and public safety. we have an economical model that we think is flawed. those papers will point out the observe to you. but the issue is concerned to us is shadow for not just on the union square but on the immediate environment. we have accident garden and jessie square and this project was - will completely overshadow that. this project is justified on the benefits it brings to the