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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2013 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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distrust between the youth and police and there was a lot of misinformation and going forward, i think that's going to be an on going dialogue and i think there is going to be a lot of improved relations between the youth and the community and the police department and i think it's a good thing and i thank you all for coming out and hearing our concerns. >> thank you very much. [ applause ] >> any further public comment? >> public comments is now closed. now it's time for commissioners to ask some questions and i first must say that you have to find that letter. that accent there. >> i will look for it. actually i will speak with her. >> i have heard that accent before when i have been in trouble before. >> i will get on top of it and find your letter to respond. >> i have a problem. i cannot
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hear. [inaudible] >> i will take care of it senora. i have got it. i will take care of it. >> i just want to make a couple statements to begin to grill captain falvey. it's not surprising that commission said tonight about captain falvey. it's not very often that we get to preview the captain been a signing. he is the commission secretary before he moved on to be a captain. we knew how great
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he was. you might find this a little bit strange, but certainly the magnitude of what he does as captain is much greater than what he did. you will be surprised he does it with the same dignity and ease. he really does. his attention to detail is dedication to both jobs is really wonderful. so just hats off to you, captain. great job. if you want to preview some more, stand before us. i just want to say that to you and i haven't been around for a while, maybe my 30th or 40th community meeting. what this is always a difficult thing the turnover of captains in the district and unfortunately, folks, it's
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going to happen. it's the nature of this business, beloved captains go and the hope is that there is not a drop off. i just want to give the chief credit here for somehow being able to replace them with somebody who is able to hold the bar and maybe at times move it forward. so chief, i want to commend you it's not an easy thing to do, i hear less of these complaints as we move forward. good job. nice to hear that. [ applause ] >> captain falvey, i was looking forward to tonight because i knew you would give a presentation and you did. this is part of your background that makes you so detail oriented. i
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got a preview tonight about car break-ins and your response was thorough and thoughtful. i appreciate your hard word behind the scenes. couple things i want to ask and point out. i appreciated bh you started your appreciation when you talked about the merchants in the district and they do not come to the office hours that you had and you said rather than saving this meeting, you walked out and that makes it so logical. the fact that you took the time to do that and go to the people where they are, i think it's great and that's what community police is about and an example for everyone at the station. you also mentioned the emphasis on a balancing of
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prioritizing prevention, educating members and having the posters with the head phones and having that translated in different languages given the number of languages that you have in the district that's also that is great and thought full and so concrete to educate people that you have that calmness in working with people. a lot of times car break-ins are done at certain opportunities. even going to honda and asking them about replacing the keys, this level of detail i can see how that serves your district really well. i couple of questions i want to ask about the number of cantonese officers because i heard about concerns about that about wanting more bilingual officers especially where it is for the chinatown. so is there any
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plans, what is the way to get more cantonese officers if possible? >> i think that's a function of the hiring process. we go out to speak to young people and talk about careers in law enforcement. we tell them we want the department to reflect the community it service so the best is to higher from the community. we go out and do the cadet program that gets high school students thinking about a career in law enforcement and we have the southeast corner in the city and we focus down here trying to get folks from the ingleside and with the working group we put out an application with the county residents trying to give the youth an opportunity. as far as the language, i would like the city to give the language test, i'm
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sure there are a lot of people who speak but are not certified. we have to create a test. it's really a function of hiring people. i know the department does a lot of recruiting in the city of san francisco and that's the key in the long-term. >> do you know who are graduating when there are multiple classes graduating the officers assigned if you will have anymore cantonese speaking officers? >> i can only speak to the last two classes that graduated. the last class had 8 different languages spoken in that class. when we get assigned, we can request these people. i would rather not because they are going to leave after 3 months. i would rather wait until their
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permanent assignments. i will make the request and i have the area and there is a lot of chinese merchants. while i don't speak cantonese or mandarin, i have gone out with people who do. david chen has gone out to translate for me and we were worried about the scams that people were pulling on the chinese and we went to the homes and handed out the reusable bags with the warnings printed on them. we do reach out to the community and we have an officer who is the one who meets with the merchants. it's also a functions of seniority of being able to make the day watch and we have as many people out there as we can that speak languages. >> thank you. that's helpful to know how that works. i wanted to ask about the housing unit
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and i'm glad to hear from some of your leaders of public housing in the community. what are some of the challenges. there was a mention of different logistics. what in terms of partnerships of getting them, it seems there has already been improvement. i'm just thinking of what other plans there are in the public housing units that you have. >> we do have housing unit by lawrence. he's doing a fantastic job. he's really engaged. people are speaking very highly of him. we are working with people at holy park about the gates. they weren't work angd there was a homicide two years ago. they want to get it locked or there is a key code so we know who is coming and going wechl want to
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work with funding for that as well as with housing authority. this month, the boys and girls club in sunny dale in june will start their program and we'll start the program with kim mitchell who is the director of the boys and girls club out there and we've had officers go out there and help had him run the day camp and show up and help mentor some of the kids and help coach and the academy has been fantastic and they have been sending the recruits before they graduate out to the different boys and girl club around the city to engage with the city youth. we are trying to establish relationships with the younger people. the more we talk to them, you can see the distrust beginning to melt away. that is the key. you have to make the effort. they are young and they want to talk to
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something, but you have to be out there and they have to know that they can trust you. it was mentioned earlier about the snitching culture that you don't want to snitch. you did mention the tick line. they don't have to tell us what happened, but if they know the officer maybe they can stop them a day or two later and say this is what i saw. this is what we work on. if we can get to the youth, some of the kids maybe they want to become police officers, that's why we push the cadet program. it may make them decide they don't want to be police officers, but there is structure and something for them to do people work very hard to -- if they get to know us, they can trust us better. it's hard to hate people you know. there are young kids in some neighborhoods and they are not fans of police at a young age
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and we are trying to get passed that. that's what we try engage with the youth. i hoping the program with the sunny dale with the boys and girls club will help. >> it seems like you are doing it. the last thing, you know the commission really well and i was going to ask about the cit number of officers already memorized by shift. i have harder question and ask you in terms of the experience of the cit officers if there is any lessons learned, any good stories. what's it like now to have ci t officers. this is a lateers -- latest version of the team approach, it's important to hear from captains that's what it's like. >> from my point of view i want
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to make sure i have enough of them out there. i want to get as many as i can into training so no matter what time anybody calls we have a trained officer available. i haven't seen a lot of reports where they have mentioned the cit model. i don't know if it's our district, it's more residential. it seems like a lot of stuff happens in the -- busier parts. they really want the officers at the stations to have this training so i'm pretty confident as we go forward we'll raise those numbers and maybe next year this time we talk about a few success san francisco, but i don't have any right now. >> thank you, good to know.
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>> that's helpful. we know at the training station there is not a lot of feedback. thank you. thanks for your work and thanks for making your residents happy. >> remember tomorrow night people are going to complain. [ laughter ] >> captain falvey, thank you so much. i want to say thank you to all the residents your message has been received loud and clear and you took time away from your families to be here tonight. i definitely have to tell you that it reminds me how what's happening in this district doesn't happen by accident. it's the intention of the chief. frankly the vision of a lot of members of this division that selected the chief and the chief has
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selected captain falvey. i don't want to get that wrong. to do this and it's the intention of the community policing and the intention of listening to the community and young people and housing and all of those are decisions that got us to this point. i'm struck by the impact that that has had. you have made me very proud. i'm proud to be a city san franciscans with you guys. i don't get to to all of my meetings. i'm really glood that -- glad that you are doing this work. i want to follow-up. the last meeting we had was surrounding a tragedy circumstance. for people telling us the officers are doing a great job after i think
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it was four homicides in 60 days last summer and half of the population i know is 0-18. the connection of our officers i'm sure has a connection to the drop in homicides in some of your violent crime in the public housing units. i just want to ask if there is a way for us, i know you mentioned sergeant, if there is a way for us to acknowledge those officers or even have some young folks come to the commission and come down to city hall and acknowledge that contribution because that is a terrible assignment in a place where there has been a turn around in violence. if there is a way we can honor those officers, i think we should. and then another question, my last question, one issue that did come up is we had a large contention of cantonese and
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mandarin speaking residents in sunny dale and they expressed concern when that spat of violence occurred they had difficulty getting information in their language and it really resonated with me with that idea, if you don't speak english and you hear all of these shootings and you don't know the facts, that's like living in terror and i don't know if there has been any effort in reaching the people that live in these areas in the event we do have another spat of violence. >> one of my members is in this area. one thing we've worked on with w pad, if there is a major shooting, i have noticed them so they can speak to their constituents and bring them up to speed on what's going on. marlene is very active in the
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chinese community. we notify if there is a shooting or homicide, knock on wood, this hasn't happened recently. i will reach outed to her. recently we had a robbery of a business. the owner of a business fought back and there was a struggle and he was injured. that was kind of what prompted that friday night meeting with the merchants is they all wanted to come here and wanted to know what was going on. so we scheduled the meeting and no one came so we went to them. that's why we are there on mondays and tuesday for the meeting and we have a website and we are working through a format to change the languages. we are working on that. >> the turn around and the
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leadership and that you were able to recognize your wife who is here tonight. [ applause ] captain falvey, we certainly enjoyed and appreciated your work as a lieutenant when you were working for the commission as commission secretary. but, i must say that seeing you here and as loved as you are and what a tremendous impact you've made on this community, it's very gratifying and you certainly seem to be exactly in the rise -- right place and as you should be and your background in accounting has done you well because you are using ann will n -- analytical
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approach to your job. before why you head begins to as well from what you have heard tonight. >> i'm sure someone will bring me back. >> also for giving the local number for emergency calls. it's very practical and thoughtful on your part. i only have one question and that relates to pedestrian and bike safety. i'm wondering ingleside ranks 3rd and i'm wondering where it stacks in terms of pedestrian and bicycle accidents. that's one part of the question, the second part is, are there any locations
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that people should be especially aware of in terms of being a higher risk areas than others for pedestrian and bikes. >> i don't have the actual rank of where we are in the injury accidents, i know we have a lot because we have a lot of intersection. most of the pedestrian accidents tend to be around the corridor. what we got from the mta of a report where the major incidents were for accidents. a lot come from balboa. a lot of people run the red light. it was the focus on the 5. want you to focus on the 5 intersection and monitor traffic enforcement to those intersections. we try do that where it's happening. the other thing we did was expanded on
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the focus of the 5 and came up with the 3 car sectors. and we took the focus from the 5 and i think the number is around 40-45 e-mails a day. we put those down as one of them and we look to see where robberies and other crimes are involved and we add that to the 3rd one to the card sector and we direct their traffic enforcement because that's where people are carrying their weapons and doing drive-by's. if you go ingleside right now, it's a list of each card sectors and there is three intersections that they should be focusing on. for pedestrian safety, it really much like downtown, it's mainly the
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commuter corridors, people stepping on and off. also near mcarthur park. we do direct enforcement there, we have enforcement guys, we have three motorcycle officers and they will go out and put the trailer out and look for that kind of data and respond to citizens complaints. i know we were having complaints about the teresa place. they are working on redesigning the roadway and we are hitting it from all sides getting people to slowdown and be safer. i was surprised for all the nice things people said tonight. i was bracing for a few harsh
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comments. it's really the team approach and the housing guys do their job and the plainclothes units and they go out and deal with the repeat offenders. it's the crock er park on geneva. it was two fatality, an employee was living and was struck by a car and someone struck by a bus on mission street. we directed a lot of enforcement after that. we spoke to the principal of the school and they appreciated that within a day 1/2 and the day of the accident there was a radar trailer in front of the
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school. one of the motorcycle units, will say i would like to do an operation. they text me and said we are doing an operation. it's really a lot of teamwork and that's why a lot of people here seem to be happy tonight because the people at the station that i have been working with have been phenomenal. i would like to thank my staff for being here. where is everybody? jessie, and they have been great. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. thanks for your terrific presentations, v e -- very thorough response and congratulations to you and the community for working together. all of these community groups
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that have partnered and the public housing. it's really terrific to see and everybody does deserve a pat on the back. thank you. >> we are coming to a conclusion. before we conclude, i would like to thank balboa high school for lending us the facility and thank the officers , the officers here tonight, the officers on reserve, they volunteer their times to be police officers, you can't tell the difference as to who is who, i want to thank the cadets for helping out tonight. i want to thank the command staff. they never use vacation time. i don't think they know what vacation is. they work 24/7. they are not here on over time. their here to be with you as
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part of the community w this chief who essential brought to this commission started this incredible trend where all the captains are part of the community. and last but not least i want to thank miss falvey because she has lost her husband to this community. it's great she's here. i want to thank everyone for making this possible and thanks again. >> [ applause ] >> please call line item no. 7. >> the clerk: line item no. 7. adjournment. >> i would like to honor this evening in remembers of john doe 39. >> all in favor for adjournment? >> aye.
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>> meeting adjourned. >>
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