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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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to be approved by the mayor and the board. you're correct you could choose to allocate for money then or than the reserve the financial policy itself allows the board of supervisors by a two-thirds vote to suspect u suspend those policies. it's loopholes an option that's available to the mayor and board. and if the proposed budget it has a 12.5 percent as our reserve and then we're increasing that over the next two years >> until you get up to two percent. the last budget was up to one percent. and the report duces briefly to highlight here generally speaking the budget funds
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charter reserve level. the children's baseline is funded in excess of required levels in 3 years and that's been the historical practices. and all other financial baselines are funded at required you levels. we have other remittance of the charter that are binding but service policy guidance the police and minimum staffing level which is 19 hundred and 37 full duty officers is not likely met in the first year of the budget but potentially he met in the second year. it's been many years since we've met that minimum requirement and
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then the treatment requirement is not met in either year of the proposed budget >> okay. thank you very much. colleagues any further questions at at this point in time? >> thank you. >> thank you much appreciated. we do have a budget report phenomenon mr. rose for items. mr. chairman we now have a quorum thoughtful board of supervisors >> thank you very much. >> mr. chairman. just in general to let the committee know we're going to have our first budget available to the committee tomorrow and it will be issued to the fill
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board, of course. i wanted to let the committee know that at the request of president chiu we're having an overview and that will be issued next week. with respect to the interim budget specifies as you know the annual budget process does require that the board of supervisors approve on interim provision basis and an timer salary basis on or before june 11th. the purposes is to provide expenditure authorization for the city and county during the time that the board of supervisors finance committee is reviewing the recommended budget over the next several weeks. we report on page 2 that new positions are subject to board
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of supervisors approval in the board approvals on expectation new positions can be filled july 1st, 2013, or otherwise they wouldn't be you filled until november of each fiscal year. the controllers controller has made provision of the fiscal year 2013 and fourteen and those changes are described on pages 2 and 3 of the report. there's other changes that are described on pages 3 and 4 of the report. itself mayor has requested approval of 49 fund and a 8 number one general funds.
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we will analyze such recommendations and make the recommendations. therefore my recommendation is to the committee expect for the budget we recommend that you do pass the file 1304533 and the salary ordinance and the 2013 and fourteen and 15. and the fiscal year 2013, fourteen interim of the infrastructure budget. as i know that's the former redevelopment agency. so as i state next week we'll be issuing our first report to the
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committee as i said late tomorrow for the hearings next monday and all three of those reports will consider the new positions that the mayor has requested as interim budget expectations. they can be filed july 1st or otherwise our reductions will reflect the recommended cuts of those positions and they wouldn't start until october 1st >> and in terms of approving those items and given we want to approve those can we approve as see and talk about that next
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week. >> any questions? >> supervisor avalos. >> colleagues any questions on mr. roses report? >> seeing none, we have a report last week we have some follow-up discussion about direction two different departments so supervisor avalos. >> thank you chair. i appreciate given the opportunity to carry out some of the discussion when he had a discussion on the entity report and based on that hearing we've been working with the legislative analysts to provide some report when we come before us. looking at we have 3 key questions to touch upon and
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we'll work this out with the budget analyst. i think that fred has copies and we can share those with the committee members. increase basically that 3 questions and it helps the departments to kind of focus in on what's the needs no san francisco and what they're doing or would like to do if they have the ability to respond to the needs. we'll wait while it's being passed it out the members so is 3 questions and if the gentleman would like to talk about them as well or do you want me to proceed? >> the budget analyst office
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report economic entity identified disparities and a bunch of key indicators. i want to reiterate that this report was not a whole report. there's a lot of ways we can slice up the areas. so we're asking the departments to come before us in june be ready to answer the following questions. what new efforts are your departments are making to the broad it number of san franciscan that these second how are the results of your current results measured? that of those answered around the first question and 3 what are the e
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merging needs of san franciscans and what ca can your department do to take care of the disparities >> those we would like to see proposed if we can get the committees to weigh in on i believe we as a city have a responsibility to look at how we can meet the neighborhoods in this city to make sure we're not seeing widening disparities. especially with the great growth in our economy i'm happy to see and the neighborhoods can find relief as we're seeking great opportunity for housing and
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employment we're making the wealth appropriate. that's the idea behind it and so supervisor avalos. on number 3 the receipts that you have identified. what are the perimeters we're asking to be identified >> in the course of the departments work and that won't be for all departments but perhaps like the department of children and families they've gown to throw a process of allocating funding for after school programming. perhaps they can identify other gaps they'd like to aid or the modes they want address period our department of public health
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isn't a large department but if they've identified a great need perhaps there's a great need around health you services for african-american families with young families children. perhaps they can have more help there. i think it's important we get that opportunity to discuss that especially during the budget of
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report is the real one where we
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can match identified issues vs. where our spending is today as a city. so i look forward to that discussion afterwards. i think we're going to have to go through this fiscal year without discussing everything but it's a great place to start. my only comment is we have certain departments speaking on monday my staff can be coaching the departments and helping them to know what to question. we should talk about how formal we want to be. so we can talk about that in a second
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>> i'm just really placed that supervisor avalos are advocating for this as a key component of our budget practice those process. informally if they don't have to more form at least addressing it. i want to see this more formalized. i know that each department comes up with their own goals but i want higher awareness of inner qualities that thought consumers they serve and to disrupt the patterns of inequality to the parents. i think when supervisor from district 11 judge had those types of reports looking at each of the district was helpful but putting on action plan into
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place with new efforts as the questions outline how they measure them what are the emerging needs and what strategies new and current are being used to diminish the inequalities. i want to say besides race and neighborhoods i think gender and other factors should be considered. those are really great questions and those will help the department by department discussions i think really address balancing the needs of those with the most need and those kind of he better being currently served. supervisor avalos and i sit on the committee and their needs to
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be formalized equity. i hope we can develop good systems >> supervisor. >> i wanted to do add that i have some concerns about particularly of youth and families. how we can coordinate some areas. i know it maybe challenging to do this with all the departments by the department of youth and families this is a 3 year grant cycle for them. this is significant for many departments that receive the funding and our district district 5 received over a half of million dollars cut which is really devastating to our community. and i think that is data that
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that was actually used in making a lot of donations around funding was not appropriate to use in the instance of making decisions. i need to have is a clear data understanding of how we're going to make the necessary challenges in order to deal with the dollars that have been distributed. i don't think we have the luxury to not make it part of this conversation and in terms of the fire department we have anticipated one-hundred and 20 new members that are going to be hired by the fire department. when i first joined the fire department when we had added a new class over 10 years of not adding any additional class not
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one recruit was an alderman. we have to look at that in terms of making sure even in our own city hiring practices we're looking at the nublz and a incorporating this long-term in the conversation and making it a part of how we make decisions as a city on the allocation level of resources. thank you >> supervisor mar. >> we do have a hearing coming up on the d cf allocations. i know we're going introducing to try to coordinate the meeting. i i know we're trying to coordinate it not to go to too. hearings.
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people have commented on the dropping of the fund. and some of the information she shared with our offices but to allow them to explain their process but allow the community to express their concerns. that's going to be come up on attachments to the city as a whole next week. >> correct that will be next friday whatever that date is specifically. maybe i will suggest that from my prospective the real conversation is when we know what the city is going to be doing matching the funld. again, we're 4 days away from having the budget meetings. so i don't think we're going to have enough data to satisfy this
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whole discussion but getting this conversation going. maybe suggest that ms. howard ask the large departments like park and other relevant ones came forward and discuss those problems. i don't think the data is going to be there but have them start the defendant during budget cycle. that will be my recommendation >> i like that but we need to be sure that they have that exception. i don't believe it has to be very detailed and i believe that department heads want to be in touch of what is happening to their neighborhood. so i i think we can expect they will have a lot to say.
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i don't think it's going to take a lot of time but it's good to focus the city on those kinds of things >> so colleagues unless there's any compliments i would suggest many howard that is a departmental head for those to address those questions. they will be asked those questions so be prepared to answer them >> and let's make that happen. >> okay colleagues we still have items 4 through 8 in front of us. at this point we'll open it up to public comment we have items 4 through 8 if anyone wishes to commit step up and line up along the wall >> yes, it appears 3 or maybe 4
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items for public comment. i had intend to comment on two do we have 2 minutes per item >> that means 2 times 2? >> two minutes on 4 items. >> well, i think that's wrong and it violates sunshine and very poor for a public comment session apparently we a retired librarian we're concerned about massive cuts totaling 42 evenings that will be kit short. we're concerned about plans to freeze the book budget and that
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certainly goes to the question of equity everybody who has a brain and can read by the way, those who have resources have to play. i want to talk about and i appreciated the issue of - brought up about equity. the exercise systems are not up there. and such want $9,000 for a squalid key off that would automatically received in the library. the staff in the meantime you can't even write a document in word or save a document in word
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or open a spreadsheet. the catalog is rigidly he leaving quantities of unused quantity. the massive hours will hurt working students and anyone who used the library in the evening >> thank you. next speaker, please . i have our commitment card up here >> do we get 3 minutes? >> two minutes for that everyone. >> well, i won't be sad. because two minutes out of that 3 ain't bad. and i'm glad for what we had. because two minutes out of 3
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ain't bad. and it's going to be a sweetie budget town coming down on the monday night shift. i know you'll give those gifts you'll give the city a list on the budget night shift. i open up the budget minds bring the birth higher and higher. gossiping give it up and we'll be there at your budget side. and you're going to give it higher and higher. it's going to be so sweet budget sound on the budget night shift and you give a list and you're going to give those gifts. and what we need money. because we've got nothing.
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we need money. money for nothing we've got nothing at all. you may have conquered the world without budget money we've got nothing and we need it now (clapping) >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good afternoon budget committee members my name is bradley i'm an elected board member. i'd like to a address the home care issue that was in the budget. and that is in relation to we're very present active that there is a raise included in this but
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i wanted to put out the desire need for this home care community right now. reminding you the disability in this city and statewide was the top issue. we're facing next week or later this week our legislative folks are going to be cutting home care to a at the time of 8 percent and the raise is it going to be wiped out by that numerous times over. so we're asking the credit that has come to the city from the federal government passed through the state and a provided to the city is a consider be applied to home care it was part of the affordable home act with the rosey revenue picture this was here. if the entire amount could be
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given to the home care workers and remember there's federal stimulus there. it's being matched into our sproirl district. it goes right to your district and let me just urge that that be done so that the any advance isn't political wiped away and we're able to backfill to give it to the hi-fi community >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm adrian i'm did executive director the village project and i'm coming down town to see you today ways right now we have 40
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kids registered in our program and we started improperly with absolute funding. i brought itself kids down so you can see they're absolutely real. we need some funding for those kids this summer. a solar we were given some funtd and it disappeared. so i'm asking you when you see the village project for 8 years i've been out here working with the babies and most of them live in public housing and all of them meet the criteria for having some sport. the reason we've last day this long is because of my marketing skills.