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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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department funds this area. and this is a big challenge. our materials and supply has the seeds and small tools and parks. they fund all the arts materials and music materials and outdoors recreation materials that our program uses. in the structural maintenance yard it funds sheet metal and other items payroll this year our yard ran out of the funds supplies in may. we're dealing with the problem we're short soiltd. so those are some of the challenges. we're happy to see an increase no our funding this year. we're proud to report that the
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department has intent to reduce our workman's comp we're going to save there. and that's because of a very focused effort by staff to return people to work more quickly after an injury and we have a safe work practices and we're very focused on workplace safety and training. we've done a good job keeping our overtime costs down. and we're also working with d t to connect park and reeshgs to other projects. we are updating our website and all the government and the wreaking programming and a total massive i couldn't want to allow
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our staff to identify challenges on smart phones. some of our capital initiatives are very much tide to our 2008 bond. we're proud to cut the rib on at one of our parks lecturer last week. we have our if his phase that includes margaret lake playground. and we do have funding in our general capital support initiatives including reducing the key track. other general fund capital support goes to our effort to
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continue to invest and make sure our parks are as assessable as they need to be and continue to update the parks and other playgrounds as well. we're very proud of our work and to make sure we have as much equity as possible. but it gives us a sense of the things we're working on like the scholarship programs.
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we do print and produce our multiple language program. this is part of our efforts through a gift we're offering a program in the mission which is working for sf u s ds program in and around the missions to focus on the swim lessons for kids for over a 12 week period of time. the program is successful and the schools have noticed a uptick in attendance. the programming here is important where we're trying to get kids outdoors. and adults are not much better
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and childhood obesity continues upward. we're starting to offer yoga classes. and another really key initiative is some of the inclusionary program particle those kids in autism we have a camp and it's staffed to serve children on the autism specimen. the program is really terrific and we're doing a lot of a s l work as well. moving on. through a partnership with the federal government i think this
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is actually a michelle sponsored program we're providing free lunches in 45 locations around the city. i mentioned the transportation initiative to move children from low income community to make sure they have access to our special events. we're doing some significant things in the partnership program to provide basketball. and supervisor avalos this is something you mentioned a few years ago. it's one of your investments we need to protect now for the third year after the conclusion of our 11 weeks of family camp we bring up about to 50 teams
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and we provided those kids a 4 to 5 days of experience. those are kids that are sealed not too scared of violence or guns but their terrified of the bugs >> i'd like love to see the integration of the 11 week program as well to the camp experience. or more representative of san francisco. >> we're continuing to work on that and our strategy is to more aggressively promote the camp. those who know it love it and those who don't know it don't. i'd like to see a much, much
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board boarder sector of san francisco to enjoy that. a couple of things on jobs. it's part of our mission as a local higher we're proud of our 4 hundred and 50 new hires people's 3. we have 4 hundred and 50 youth reasoning with us this summer and another 1 plus working on others programs. we focus on teams where they receive spients. then it's work out noting that over the last 3 years we have had 2 seven hundred full-time
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and part time people come through our system and have those 2 seven hundred of them were local san franciscan residents. >> colleagues any questions for the gentleman at this time? >> supervisor breed. >> are we going to talk about the item the item that was called? >> we can do it now or we have two separate presentations. >> okay. good. >> oh, i tell you what mr. rose why don't we go to your budget analyst report. >> mr. chairman and members of the committee. on not on the items >> do you have a report on the
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items themselves. >> good morning supervisors katie and i'm going to present on the item that's in front of you this morning. we're here to ask for an amendment. the first, the item repeels two obsolete items and it updates two exciting fees. the one fee for parking on the surface of the music in golden gate park. after the part was built the parking spaces were removed.
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and there's a fee for field trip reimbursement and to the extent that the city charges for this it's included in day camps or after school we don't use the fee. the new fee we're proposing is for rental of space at the boat house. i think you know that the puc and san francisco as partnered and the renovation is going to create a space to over look the lake we're going to make that available to the community to so we're proposing fees that we charge on the sunny side place. the first of the two fees that
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we are proposing to update is the fee schedule for the east side of the marine. we brought the birthably fees after a month after the approved the fees the staff noted that the fees we submitted for both 25 feet and long-range were incorrect so this corrections the administrative error. the final fee is the expectation of the trees for the botanical garden. this fee has been in place since 2010 and it's currently to sunset. the entry fee is charged only for non-residents it's $7 for
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adults and $2 for children who are 11 and younger. to put this fee into prospective the majority of comparable municipal gardens charge an entry fee or a charge for parking. they charge all the residents to into the garden of flowers. in order to maintain the fee the department is requesting to remove the sunset provision from the park code. in the current fiscal year we say that the fees will increase. after we reimburse the botanical garden we'll net approximately
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$400,000 to support the cost of our garden in the botanical garden. i'm happy to answer any questions and a supervisor breed do you want to talk about the fees >> i do want to make some comments. >> colleagues any other questions. >> well, i'll get started base i have some proposed amendments. >> we have another report from staff then we'll turn to the budget
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. since 1955 the botanical garden society handbags has been an organization to support and enhance the use of both tangible garden and during that period has provided tens of million dollars dollars of assistance to this city including the russel
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library and funding and developing a master plan for the botanical garden. providing visitor education and disturbing - and management they additionally provided horticultural programs at the botanical garden and they endo you the city to hire an 11th garden who is dedicated to the maintenance of both tangible garden. all told in the fiscal years 11
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and leveling the financial support was over $2.1 million and in addition to that over 36 volunteer hours were provided by the botanical garden society and their divorce. in addition to that direct maintenance and operating the support that the botanical garden provided to the city the board of supervisors accepted an in kind gift of a nursery. it will include an outdoor court and will help us to keep this living museum thriving and successful. the value of that gift is over
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$14 million and the construction it in january of next year. it's a 10 year agreement with two possibly 10 year extensions. it has a base rent of $10 million per year. the terms of the lease the botanical garden would rent the following spaces been 12 - hundred feet. and approximately 14 hundred square feet within the building to the library and then 8 hundred square feet in the main house as well as an exterior
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place for plant cultivation on in the of the offer $2 million support of both tangible support that they provided to the city the department is requesting the board that this horrify that we would wave the fee and have them pay less for the space >> supervisor avalos. >> just a question how this lease with work. now if an agreement.
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>> but we actually had a - it seems like you say this fee is going to continue despite the date of its expiration. those -
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>> what's coming in and going out. and the lease covers a lot more than this particular provision. i think that nick t is correct he we'd have to figure out if this provision were inparagraph but this is a 55 year relationship. there have been different between the department and that's over the space and financial support they provided
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case. >> contingent on if we received new monies it didn't happen that way but we were able to win tens of miefldz that would be able to be assessable to the parks and provided other services in the parks as well. and in 2009 i helped to contribute over $20 million as department chair.
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we want to make sure it wouldn't have to go to other types of fee increases. i can't support this lease if it's contingent on a non-resident fee. i've made significant effort to try to eliminate. >> i appreciate your view supervisor. this is really an important relationship to the city. the both tampa garden wouldn't be here without the support of the garden in both in kind and in divorce and sweat and talent. >> i realize the lease is greater than the - park and wreaking knows the fees and
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you've negotiated a contract but personally, i can't support it. >> understood. >> i'm going to make a few comments and supervisor breed has to commits as well. i want to thank the gentleman on the presentation and nicks presentation also emphasized the education for schools. i think the botanical garden society have been a place for students. i see the lady from the botanical garden society but to talk about the support from the society >> sure. among the support that the
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society provides the city as i know we have 11 gardens there. and by the way, it was worth noting in sf 40 there was a plan that called for 35 garden. we have 11 and they support 3 other. but the one is out of their philanthropy program. they provided for the nursery fund. this is not a nice garden it's essentially a plant museum. they provided in kind support and provided for a series of garden improvements. they're the folks doing the
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capital investment they garden. significantly and i actually have some hand out for you. they support the gardens youth education program. the garden is visited by over 10 though children a year and it includes 7 schools and 24 other public schools and development centers. and so i have for you supervisors a list of the schools that the botanical society works with at the garden.
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>> well, the study actually happened a little bit before my time i think it was a study based on both resident and
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non-resident fee which is not something that the department pursued. >> do we actually track whose visiting the garden. the garden was one of the institutions that never tracked tenants. so for both the numbers i have are still missing the most of june we'll have over 4 hundred thousand residents that visited and close to a one hundred thousand non-residents and about over 5 thousand member
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scientists. so the attendance is pretty healthy and the revenue jarnts has grown every year. i appreciate the data you've provided and nick as well. like supervisor avalos well, i'll speak for myself i believe it should be a free venture but i understand the wreaking and park department efforts to create the highest quality quote/unquote whatever we call it. as some call it a tourist fee is make sense so we can bring in the income so it can be a great active place. almost all of the places