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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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eviction. they have been serving latinos since 1986 i'm here to urge your support for expanding funding for the collaborative programs they connection the folks to the code enforcement process. while they've done their best to meet the needs but lack of ability threatens the folks. more funding for building wide community programs - an as he knows that further displacement now more than ever tenants are afraid of losing their housing
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and as housing continues to rise regardless of race or economic conditions please fund this program and thank you for your time >> (speaking foreign language). >> good afternoon supervisors i come to represent the hotels in the mission. >> i'm here to ask you that you put your focus and on ice on the mission that have so
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many unmet needs. >> many of our families are in need of low income housing so when you guys are sitting down thinking about the budget and where more monies going to go please remember those families are in dire need. >> and we are looking for your support and you realize how much the families really need your help thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please
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>> (speaking foreign language). >> good afternoon supervisors. >> i've been work with the collaboratives for 12 years and i'm here to represent those families and they're very much in need. >> most of our families need low income housing and housing that is safe. >> she says thank you to the
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two supervisors that are paying attention to our needs (clapping) and i appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> she says when you guys need you to reelect you be there for us we will be there for you (clapping) >> thank you. next speaker. >> sorry we have one more family.
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>> (speaking foreign language). >> she says i'm a family member from the hotels and i live there currently, we all live in the hotel. my grandson has been bit up by bedbugs. we need especially our family like many others is affordable housing and save housing and without pests and rod dents.
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>> i hope you can remember the
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children's face that i've been up here today for and thank you (clapping) >> hello supervisors. i live in the neighborhood and i'm a recent graduate from the high school district. i'm here in support of the 2-year budget 2013 and fourteen. i realize the budget is always a structural. 40 percent of the households contain disadvantaged families. the immigrant in san francisco live in district 11 and 9 percent of the population is below the poverty level.
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there's no services in those neighborhoods. and the burn center has been working for the justice coalition and has been working to create a viable and assessable workforce program for district 11 special for english and the imminent family and the spanish population. we continue to support supervisor avalos to continue to fund c h j. thank you. good morning we a multiple affordable service agency that
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includes the excelsior. we have been actually engaged in a number of collaboratives and ask for your funding. specific as a mayors authority we are a organization with a long relationship with our neighborhood. we urge you to allocate a miles for the housing collaborative to provide support for the residents for the goal of improving living conditions for the residents. ask also for your support for the workers development. we are doing this work with the community for health and justice in district 11 where
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we're obtaining family supportive jobs. at the current level that's an additional 1 hundred $100,000 to allow the citywide collaborative to insure with san francisco remains a world-class city for servicess to the diverse residents. i wholeheartedly support the businesses for the city of san francisco. our workers deserve it and we deserve it. thank you >> i've been a member of the
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organization i live on ocean in the "x" sorry district. i'm here to advocate for children i think childhood is so precious and important. those children are the future of our community. they're the future members i
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want to say we need more funning i'm a student and i'm attending san francisco state university. i'm going to graduate next seminar. semester. i'm counting my pennies before i become a homeless person. i'm asking for your support in the city. good morning. i'm a san francisco native and also a parents with parents voices. i'm higher to ask you to invest in your children's centers. schools are being closed and jails and prisons are being built. i ask you to help fund this for the children's of today and the
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future. >> good afternoon. i'm a grandmother of two kids. my daughter she's stays home right now with them. and she needs childcare to get her education. she's a high school graduate so she needs to go to college and without childcare she can't do that so i urge you to support more funding for childcare. thank you (clapping) >> i ask you to horn the 2 had the $7 million asset especially for the child subsidies.
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i was poor and homeless when my child was in school. he's with an a high school graduate with a 3 had the 6-grade average. i ask you to please violation of the law in early childhood education especially for the subsidies. good afternoon board of supervisors thank you for your listening to us. i'm here today speaking on behalf of parents. i remember 10 years ago when my son was 10 years ago he said i want every child to have child exercise. - care. every child should have preschool. but it shouldn't be just preschool.
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it should include after school care. i was lucky enough when my children were growing up i had subsidies. but when i first started working actually, my first paycheck went to pay for childcare. and about 90 percent of parents paychecks would go to childcare. but subsidize childcare would allow the parents to work so we support the sea pack for childcare but we want to thank you for adding the 2 point $2.7 million add back.
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we want to emphasize the 2 hundred and 8 hundred thousand families can get the childcare >> i'm here on behalf of the parents voices i'm here in support of my sister chapter to thank you for your prior tiger's to help to subsidies other programs for the counties (clapping) >> hello supervisors i'm dennis. i don't know what it says about san francisco with a 7 $7.
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billion budget and people asking for little little. i'm here to oppose a program. first, i want to thank supervisor avalos for the opposition for the fee yes, he did. e yesterday and reminding everyone why the sunset is in the ordinance. i want to thank supervisor breed for working hard on our collective meddles to the lease. i ask you to cut out a revision in the lease and where the lease grabs the budget authority and creates a policy of by passing the general fund. the lease should be denied and
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continued for boarder public conversation before it's proofed. and yesterday, i want to talk about the prefee attendance. the attendance study was commissions that bought the botanical garden in - it was said to be unreliable but it was reliable for the entry fee forgotten gate park. in 2010 the attendance numbers were convenient don't ignore it and don't ignore the fact that since 2010 the fee has encompassed a drop in 35 percent of -
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>> supervisors my name is david. i'm here to oppose the fees at the botanical garden. i've been opted to the fees for the last four years and then went into to collect fees for the non resident. i decided one day i woke up and stood there with a sign and i stood in silence i wanted to inform people. the response was overwhelmsing. as a in fact, 6 thousand people signed this petition. this is not a click line on here petition. there's been a discussion a continuing discussion on the
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credibility and status of a world-class garden francisco only be established for a fee. many of the gardens are private gardens. they're free in portland and boston to name a few. the fees have been reduce for residents and non-residents is this a metric for a world-class garden. it must pay. the resources are there it's a matter of will and choice thank you. >> good afternoon. supervisors what a marathon my
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heart is just practically breaking. hearing it like that. obviously a top priority is services for families, for homeless. the thing that are supposed democracy is supposed to provide for the people. i'm here to talk about the project. people homeless families; right? they're going to be turned away. it should be free for everyone. and it should come from parks and rec. there was proposition n you know, i was a single mother i
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was glad to have a rent control apartment. at 75 i'm lucky to have a room there. my income wouldn't even pay for a - social security and the 3 hundred $327 pension from the library. you have is a really good opportunity as public servants to serve the public. keep the parks public. keep the project free. thank you (clapping) >> supervisors the project fee may seem a minor issue who compared over the last several hours but it's a bigger issue
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that impacts all of us in san francisco. when the fee was adopted it was adopted in the face of a severe shorthand and most of the peripheries that voted in favor of the fee didn't want to do it but because of the severe budget they had to but now luckily we have a - it bring into the department 2 hundred and 50 $250,000 a year is a magnitude that allows us to find relief from this. several years ago we had a major policy that has not been discussed by the board of supervisors navigate the board of supervisors has been completely left out of the
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policy decision and that policy donation was to convert our department dpoopz fees and privatization. i ask you to take a look at that policy and see if you want to take our recreation and park department completely out of my tax support and have it become something that's an exclusive place to operator. reverse that policy and i'm sure the public won't support (clapping) >> i'm ms. anyway's. i'm helping to raise a third generation. the fee is not about money.
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it's designed from the beginning to exclusive people. not everybody just the successful e - poor people. our >> i pledge pd has referred to as a charge on tourist but it executives lots of other people who workup the street and used to have lunch there and for whom $7 is not significant. people working elsewhere in the city and people whose children are being treated maybe in the family house not local residents. it excludes disabled people out of town who did not enjoy for free the pathways.
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it excludes all those people it divides families because other receipts you have family members all over the place. if you're family member comes you have to pay for them and if two more comes that's $14. so this is what happens when you hand over a public garden to a sobriety that thinks it the a museum and do not care about the public. please get rid of the fee (clapping) good afternoon prevention park. the proposed fees are part of the larger picture. our recreational department is trying to - golden gate park
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has suffered from this policy. it was established over 40 years ago for the relief of stress. leading us through forest and alongside parks and meadows. just 2 years ago the recreation and park department was giving up the location for administrative salaries. they want to pave over 7 acres of artifical tomb and add 1 hundred and 50,000 watts of lights. this will ruin ec