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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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>> good morning, tuesday is june 25, 2013. my name is john avalos, the chair of the authority. we are joined with us by our clerk, erika and would like to thank sfgtv staff for broadcasting today -- jessie and charles. could you call the role please
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>> commissioner avalos, present, shoe present; kim, absent; mar present; tang present; yee present. we have quorum. >> thank you. could you call our next items. >> approval of may 21 minutes. >> opening public comments on minutes. no one coming forward. closing public comments. if you could call
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our next item please. oh, sorry. madam clerk, could we have role call? >> campos, absent ; chew, i ; commissioner mar, i; tang, i. item passes. >> next item please. >> chairs report is an information item. >> on may 30 we held a board workshop on the san francisco transportation plan which provides needs for the city's transportation system. the plan is in its final stages of
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development. coordination with local transportation agencies, regional transportation offices as well as extensive public outreach. i want to thank my colleagues on the board and many of your aids for attending the workshop as we had a good workshop. the focus was on highlights of the plan's recommendations, including strained in/sr*egsment scenario and vision scenario which would depends /og new revenue sources. one area i'm pleased with is the proposal of the neighborhood transportation initiative, that can be found through the prop k five year programs that are now under development. this includes a planning and capitol project piece, specifically transportation planning funds for every district. the intent of a capitol piece is to
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identify one medium size and one smaller neighborhood project in each district with a goal of having all these /tk*eufred or well underway in the next five years. next month staff will bring forward a joint outreach strategy for the sftp and the prop k five year plans by using the leveraging potential of prop k. i'd like to recognize commissioner tang to develop a blueprint for [inaudible] the acting executive director and my staff /aeu /toepbded the fifth meeting of the mayor's transportation task force. the task force reviewed new -- staff to work closely with the
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task force to ensure that it builds on the sftp and its work. the efforts are expected to wrap up this fall. lastly at the regional level plan bay area is expected to the be adopted by the trans/phoration commission and the /aeu /soegsuation of governments on july 18. i wanted to draw your attention to some key follow work that is already underway. we are par ticipating in the regional economic prosperity effort, which links low income citizens to new jobs. the work is funded by grants and is lockly administered by the mtc with the support from spur and other civic organizations. commissioner mar and deputy director of planning of this
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work as it continues and progresses. that concludes my remarks. colleagues any commenteds or questions? >> okay, we can go on to public comments on the chair's remarks. >> mr. chair, my name is francis coand as you can see on this very important topic, not one of the commissioners here had anything to say. i think that's great and it's great because as the mayor says right now we have 35 cranes up in the air and that's con /skwrepbgs congestion all over the city. but if you go in localize edd places, people are died so what [inaudible] timelines to fix that? anyone can have a plan, anyone can have a blueprint, but who has
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the leadership to do the right thing? i don't see one of ya'll go to this places and do something [inaudible] not five years from now. five years from now six or /sefpbl people seven people will die at [inaudible]. five years from now 20 people will die on cargo way. five years from now maybe 50 people will die on 19th avenue and not one of ya'll had anything to say because you love these grand plans. , but who's going to actually [inaudible]. i'd like to know. thank you. >> thank you. anybody else like to comment on this item? seeing none, closing public comment. >> director's report, this is an information item. >> i'm maria, executive
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director. the report should be on your desk. i'll keep this brief, but would be happen to answer any questions. we've mentioned the past several months, plan bay area is finally reaching its plan bay option [inaudible] bay area governments which are mtc [inaudible] a little bit of excitement among the other points for discussion was the metro poll tin transportation commission to plan bay area projections. and they had recommended initial split of 600 million to affordable housing and 2.6 million to transportation. on one hand i think it's the right thing to do to send a signal to the state, but there wasn't any time to really discuss how
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those revenues should be allocated within the region so the fact commission decided to add the revenues and have a discussion about [inaudible] and myself are /r-r working with the mayor's office and other city agencies on developing our regional strategies as well as continuing to refine our state strike ategy. also another item from the metro transportation commission, there was a fifth round of federal tiger funds. this is an extremely competitive national program. there's 474 million available. san francisco tends to do well though when we settle in on a small number of priorities. mtc endorsed five regional priorities, which is the high speed rail early investment program which includes cal train
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[inaudible] but it could delay when we need to provide it also to firm up some of the other funding sources in that plan and it always -- the transbay transit bus george facility for 18 million dollars. the announcement is expected on these grants sometime this fall. quick announcements on our two brt [inaudible] final certification of the impact report and statement for the prowhich is a big milestone. that should be available on our website in july. we are busy contacting personally folks who are impacted by changes in the future assignments in the final [inaudible] alternative including those -- few businesses and places like the colored loaning zone that are being /aeu /tpebgtded and we are working with them on being affected and eliminate impacts.
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[inaudible] to speed it along. there's a lot of great recent design advancement and surveys, things like serving merchants and patrons for services. they tell you how people are getting to our retail and commercial districts. you can learn about that at gearybrt website. another big project of course is a better market street project and i'd like to make two announcements. there's another round of public workshops coming up -- july 16 at 6 pm at the parks 65 hotel and july 20 at the main branch of the san francisco library where they've advanced quite a bit for plans for market street. i want to give a con gratulations to the project
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team in terms of selecting a new project manager. he starteds in early july [inaudible] i messed up his name but he's from new york. he'll be a great addition to the team and i want to give kudos to the department of public works for inviting all the agency heads to participate in this project. this is a pro/skwrebt that's been challenged by the fact that so many agencies are involved. i think that was a great move. central subway mentioned last month, a ceremony we attended the mta i event. these were paid 100 percent with prop k funds. it was a strategy to keep the project on schedule that we worked on with sfmta and the federal transit
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administration. it is /skwred jewelled for 2018. our biggest project in the prop k sales tax program a [inaudible] good news report is a project has been /khal he thinked over the last half year or so in terms of cost increases in the first phase of the project, the transbay transit center. we're hoping to fill the funding gap through these two /a*bgs today and through nec million through recommendations to provide 6 million dollars to the project and additional 41 million from prop k funds. the board will be asked to adopt the baseline next month. those savings are a result of savings from financing costs so there's additional capacity despite lower overall sales tax revenues. the other good news
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i want to give is the transbay highway facilities opened bids last week on the steel structure. when it went out to bid the first time it was one giant package. we had one bigger that came in significantly over the estimate. bids have come in 59 million dollars lower than previous so [inaudible] still doing its due diligence on this. they expect in july to adopt a revised project budget for phase one. there will be an update on this at the july programs committee. the last two things i'll mention is we're going to bring forward this next month /aos [inaudible] policy action on the /kweupbt street location and /kweupbt jailing connecter roll is responsible to maintain because it's on its [inaudible] needs to be replaced but the community wanted to ensure
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there is adequate community access as well as preserving the ability for potential station. we had a meeting where we made good progress including improving local circulation, coordinating construction schedules and promoting local job and contracting opportunities. lastly, attached for your reference -- it's the end of the year so we've attached a chart that allocates all of the prop k funds. this year we've so that's a lot of money that has been put into play. thank you. >> thank you for you comments. commissioner campos.
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>> thank you mr. chairman. good morning. i wanting to present a general question, and i know that today isn't necessarily the time to discuss it, but i do think it's something that i hope the relevant city agencies are thinking about, whether it's the mta or the county transportation authority and that's with the bart system. my understanding is today they will decide whether or not to go on strike and if a strike happens, which i know all of us open that it can be averted, i'd like to know what the city's contingency plans are and what the different agencies involved are working on that, talking about that, but clearly the bart system is of critical importance to not only the
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city, but to the entire region and i'd like to know if we have a plan b in the /e event that happens. thank you. >> excellent point. it's not only a critical regional section for san francisco. i will look more into details with that, but given the significant /kapbgs with bart as the transit carrier i think what would go into play would be the regional transportation plans. >> thank you. we can open this up for public comment. any public that would like to comment, please come forward. >> first and foremost i think it's a long time since we have chosen an executive director. why is it taking so long when you already have a person who's
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qualified? who is behind this delay? we need an executive director in place to address the many things that you heard from the director's report. see, if we read the housing element, if you really read the reports from abac, if you really read the /tkr*ebgs that we have to get from the state and federal government that there are things to be done. why do we not have an executive director in place today? why is it taking so long? we have an administrative code, we have other things in place. why is it taking so long to have an executive director in place? who are the buffoons behind this ploy to disrupt when we have somebody who is qualified, somebody who can speak to the issues? why do we want to fix
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something that is not broken? i want to know. >> thank you very must have. any other member of the public who would like to comment? seeing none, we'll close public comment. next item. >> comments on state legislation. this is an action item. >> any comments or questions. we can open up public comment on item number five. seeing none, we'll close. role call vote please. >> avalos i, breed i, compos i; /khao*u i, cohen i, fell i, kim i, tang i, wiener i, yee i. item passes. >> next item please.
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>> item six increase [inaudible] by 123 thousand to not exceed 427 thousand for the folsom street off ramp realignment off program /-p project. this an action item. >> colleagues any comments or questions? this item is opened up for public comment. please come forward. seeing none, we'll close. and role call vote. same house in call colleagues? we'll take that without objection. next item. >> authorize executive director to [inaudible] in an amount not to exceed 960 thousand and modify contract material terms an conditions. this is an action item. >> no comments or questions. we'll go on to public comment.
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and seeing none, we'll close. are you going to be commenting on this item? we'll close public comment? okay. colleagues, same house, same call. without objection, item passes. next item please. >> item number eighty, adopt the proposed fiscal year budget. this is an action /aeu team. item. >> we have our [inaudible] >> that we're not able to fund is a few projects including the [inaudible] avenue resurfacing project. this is very high priority for district ten and ta staff have also rated this a high performing project. i'd like to ask our transportation authority staff to work with cpw as well as mpa to allocate prop k to allocate funds for
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this particular project. that's it for me mr. chair. thank you. >> thank you. we can open this item up for public comment. any member of the public like to comment on our budget for next year. seeing none, we'll close public comment. same house, same call? the item passes. next item please. >> item number nine appoint matthew goldberg to the corridor citizen's action committee. this is an action item. >> public comment? seeing none, we'll close public comment. colleagues, same house, same call? the item passes. next item please. >> item ten [inaudible] school funds to the san francisco department of public health for
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the state route program. this is an action item. >> any comments or questions. public comment on this item? seeing none, we'll close public comment. colleagues, same house, same call? item passes. next item please. >> item 11, adopt san francisco's program of projects for 45 million in one-bay-area grant funds. this is an action item. >> commissioner cohen. >> as i mentioned earlier in the meeting, the project is not slated to be ready 'til 2015 so based on my conversations with ta staff i believe we can work on design of this project and utilize our prop k dollars for construction. /tha*bg you. >> thank you commissioner
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cohen. if no other comments from commissioners i just want to add something about a project in lincoln district ten and nine and 11 that i'm really excited about -- the [inaudible] project, complete streets project that is receiving obag funding. it's something that constituents in all districts have been working on for a number of years that have real improvements to [inaudible] avenue which cuts right through [inaudible] park. we don't have adequate bike access and the roads are in really bad shape and it's a mayor line linking up our neighborhoods for the 29 bus so we can really do some great street work there that will change dramatically that part of our city and i'm really happy to see that come forward. i want to thank the transportation authority for their work on that project. commissioner exam pose. >> thank you. i do want to --
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go your comments around the mansel project and want to thank the ta staff, the flee supervisors that represent that very important part of san francisco have been talking about very specific needs in that area and this approach was in response to three offices working with staff to respond to the needs of the public and so i'm very proud of this. i appreciate the work that commissioner avalos and commissioner er owe er did with us on this and i know many districts are looking forward to that work being done asap so we're thankful to the transportation authority for making that happen. >> so this item we can open up for public comment. i have a
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number of speaker cards and i would like the people to approach the podium as they're called. i'll name off five to seven names and just come forward. you can line up by the television set by the windows and i will call people guard one by one for public comment. edward, christine, michael, vince -- sorry if i don't get your name right -- joel, lawrence lee. please come forward. first speaker please. >> again, we're doing two minutes per person. >> you can use your mic to your right. >> i want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak. i'd like to express my
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strong opposition to this project. this project will increase the congestion on the avenue especially with rush hour and increased traffic [inaudible] public safety and create a great hard /spheup for our neighborhood residents such as myself. i'm a long time resident there. i live three houses from [inaudible] avenue and i'm a long time city employee. the only place that i can park is at a nearby street that has a neighborhood watch program that's off of [inaudible] and if parking space are taken away from [inaudible] avenue then those parkers will probably park nearby and then i will be out of a space because of the overflow and many residents there without parking spaces. and also there are many students that go to usf and the overflow from taking away
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parking spaces will cause those students to not have parking spaces. i dunno what we'll do because a lot of residents are department on those parking spaces. we need those parking spaces. i hear that a lot of bicyclists prefer baker because it's more level and there's a lot less cars there and much more conducive to being a bike route so that's where they should have the bike route, on baker, not on [inaudible]. thank you. >> thank you. >> i, i'm fairly new to the city. i've been here for four years, i've been cycling for about three. i used to /tkraoeuf a lot and when i drove i drove out of the city. now that i cycle, i can bike around the city, i can shop here and i can gets places, but i need safe streets. i need separated bikeways because i'm not comfortable to be fighting
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with traffic, i'm not that strong of a cyclist. i've only been doing it for a little while so it would be really great to have safe streets with separated bike streets for me to go visit friends and shop and everything. >> thank you. >> thank you, next speaker please. >> morning supervisors, my name is vince, i live within a block of misoni. i'm in opposition of this so called fix. these changes are intended to make safety improvements, but they don't /pwhr*eufr on this promise in many ways. with the project manager at the mta for the research they did on cycle tracks. this is a cycle track in richmond british colombia, suburban area of vancouver, absolutely nothing to do with our area. indeed of trust