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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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center cbd and of course our central market cbd. i really want to acknowledge a lot of people's work to ensure that cbd's are effective. they really are an enhance nenment of services to increase communication among our residented community leaders and small business owners and non-profit organizations in the neighborhood to see how we can work as a cohort to make our neighborhoods safer and more beautiful. in particular i want to recognize and thank our current executive director for the central market cbd who is here today. daniel hurtado. [ applause ] daniel has served the first 6 years as our first executive director to really make this effort as success. i personally got to see daniel's persistence
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and leadership. he attended every community meeting we had and addressed people's concerns and responsive. he's now moving to los angeles and going to continue to work around community development and urban revitalization. i want to thank him for deeply caring about every aspect of this neighborhood. it's a very diverse neighborhood. he went to the meetings, to our senior housing and neighborhood safety watch meetings and attended one of our mosque . i also want to highlight the community program. i get a lot of e-mails thanking or office for the community ambassadors. i saw them on the street while whack walking on friday. i have a
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senior tenant who lives on howard who saw a community ambassador run out to the street when she say a child walking into traffic who got away from his mother and running from income traffic. i want to congratulate because those are the little efforts and actions that don't get recollected in the public. i want to thank the many members of the community that are here today in supporting the cbd and it's expansion. >> thank you. before you proceed, i want to say one thing colleagues, if we can go back to the prior community benefit district. our city attorney reminded me that we need to formally close that hearing. without any objection, i would like to close that hearing. without any objection, that is close. now we'll
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proceed to comment on this item. >> thank you. good afternoon everyone. supervisor you basically took half my comments away because basically i'm on sixth street. i live in one of the hotels there. in the last 14 years, redevelopment was in the area, i was a chair in the redevelopment pack for most of that time. and the redevelopment area, we were able to bring some of the services of the cbd especially like the community ambassadors that we referred to over to cover this. they provided huge services along that stretch. there were streets cleaning, street sweeping and high pressure street cleaning also. when redevelopment was shut down, the whole thing went away and those services aren't there. these would bring them back and among other things we would be able to bring other issues that we can raise in the
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streets. when we lost the pack, we lost the community forum above and beyond redevelopment of specific issues. it's 20 people from different parts of aspects in the community sit around the table once a month and this will bring that dynamic back. so definitely i'm supporting positive outcome to the cbd. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, my name is daniel hurtado, the director of the market district. representing the community meeting for the district. members of the central market community are here today to share highlights of the central market community benefit district. it's missions purposes and service and benefits. we are also here to share our reasons for the request for the renewal
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expansion of the district. i want to speak briefly about where we have been for the last 6 years and give some brief overview of who we are. the mission of the central market cbd is to improve the quality of life in the public realm and create a clean, safe environment for workers and merchants in san francisco market district. the cbd was formed through property vote and approval by the san francisco boards with the annual assessment budget of $535,000. it's been operating with a board of directors. there has been a high level of transparency and accountability for the cbd and for the non-profit governed by local and state law with audits by the cpa and the city. if the district is not renewed, the cbd's neighborhood services and
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benefit will seizure -- the end of this year. the cbd has worked daily to address the crucial needs of the neighborhoods with the core concentration in the critical areas and supporting public safety and human waste and graffiti in the neighborhood. we don't do this work alone. we maximize our resources with partnering with other areas, non-profits. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> thank you. board of supervisors. i'm brian smith. on the board of directors on the cbd and merchant. i own
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hulk el berry bicycles. 56,000 maintenance cleaning request have been completed, 50,000 graffiti, 50,000 removal of trash. 15,000 measure chapter and visitor assistance service have been provided and 9,000 social service outreach have been addressed. we have also produced or sponsored 143 community events to track shoppers, diners, tenants. as someone who owns a business who is recently in vested in this neighborhood. i can tell you firsthand that this is having an effect that this is helping my business, that this has brought me to this
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neighborhood. we have a long way to go with this. there is a lot of development in this neighborhood. it's very important that we renew this and continue to do this work. my employees and can you see mers who come down and make the effort to come do this effort. we would be worse off if we didn't approve this. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> hello, my name is dave, program director, case management services providing mental health services for severely mentally ill city san franciscans. i'm also board president of the cbd. i have been doing this work for 30 years and i know the six street corridor well and mid-market area. i want you to know that my involvement with the cbd is because i have seen the changes
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that the services have brought to the residents and to the social workser who do the outreach into hotels. the neighborhood is safer, cleaner, the businesses are coming back. the central market is becoming a place that the clients we serve are glad to be living in. i want to ask your support to renew and expand the central market benefits district. it's a critical program. thank you. thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is tracy, i'm with urban solutions and we were contractor for the steering committee throughout this process. this cmbd will serve for a term of 15 years with a
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budget of $1.2. million. we work with supervisor kim's office to determine the appropriate rates and methodology. the budget is primarily allocated for enhanced public safety, cleaning, maintenance and the public realm and some support for economic development program. the community guide servicing the district will increase from 2-6 full time staff. the clean street's team will increase from 2-6 people. funding will also allow for an officer program for a safety initiative and focus and strategic economic development program will be provided where there was none before. management staff will increase from an executive director to include one additional staff person. so the renewal and
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expansion of this central market community benefit district is as about cleanliness and safety as pride as residents as has achieved great success. we want to be proud of central market and we know that you too want to be proud of central market, the heart of san francisco. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is catherine berns. when i moved to the area i was really shocked to see how bad the streets were, all the homeless people, all the drugs and crime. i became involved in the mid-market project area committee to see what i can do to get involve to help improve the area. shortly thereafter became involved in the
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community benefits district because i saw they were doing really great work and i serve on the board. this group has done more to improve this area with all the informational technology firms moving into area and all the totals that service our tourist trade here. we ready need to have this area clean and safe for people to live, work and -- support please. >> thank you. next speaker.
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this will improve areas that is much needed. the svtsz that they will provide are an integral component and a gud good quality of life for this community. thank you very much. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is richard lewis perri, i'm a fine artist. my studio is on market and i have been there for over 20 years. i came here with flowers in my hair in the mid-60s and i got off at the greyhound bus station there and at that time it was a blighted area full of bums and a lot of unsavory characters. since that time i have seen the area
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change. since my studio has been there, it's been a vast improvement. i offer refer to it when people ask me where i was, i was on the edge of the wine oh country in the urine district. i'm happy to see it change. i think it's partly and considerably because of the work that the cbd has been doing in the neighborhood. in addition to that, the odd building itself has been a major improvement in the area. we have made a considerable improvement in the retail level of our building introducing some corporate of cvs pharmacy. i refer to it as mid-market area. i strongly ask you to
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support this measure and hope that you will. thank you very much. >> next speaker? supervisors and thank you for listening to us. my name is jane wile. i live on mission street between 7 and 8th. i'm also a member of the steering committee for the expansion of the cbd. the process as you know to expand the cbd is extensive. we've had many many community meetings, outreach meetings as we started in april 2012. this has been going on for some time. it's been a very inspiring process because all of the different representative of the different conconstituents of the neighborhoods have come together in a very inspiring way. the pinto we got has been taken seriously. we exchanged the boundaries based on the input we got from the people in
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the neighborhood. coming to consensus was really helpful and important to the business owners, to the residents, to the people that live in the hotels. i think we have pretty much universal agreement that the ambassadors, increasing ambassadors will make an enormous difference to the light of all the residents of the cleanliness, we have been working with the supervisors office and the police who have made an enormous difference. i would ask you to help us extend this very successful effort. i this think if we double the term they have to 15 years we'll see a tremendous improvement. thank you. >> thanks. >> my name is nickberg. which includes about 246 residential condominiums. i want to express
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my renewal. right now we are outside of the boundaries of the cbd and this expansion will include us. so i just wanted to express my support. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is robin anderson and i'm representing king ballet. first i just wanted to take a moment. i served on the steering and expansion committee to expand upon what jane was elaborating on that we really do represent a range of different perspectives within the neighborhood, the committee consisted of merchants. i
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think we brought a lot of different perspectives to this pros. in regards to our organization, we are really anxious for the cbd to continue and to expand. we bring over 300 people in and out of our building daily and draw from people all over the bay area. the dance center component which i run has all dropped in classes. so oufr our students can choose daily to attend our space. many student commented on the neighborhood. being able to guide the expanded hours as well as to operate the program, can have an impact on our organization. this is important for this process. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> supervisors, don sav oi,
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actually central market and civic center, the three of our district work together everyday on issues related to the area. we are the epicenter if you will of the city. we need them to be renewed and expanded. this is also part of the vital success of whatever components of the market street plan going into effect in the next few years. i think that thinking long-term we are not just talking about the feet but looking at what this neighborhood is going to in tail and include. they are going to wrap around our district which we support and actually take into sixth street corridor which has lost their services. you are replacing some really great services and hope it will be expanded for the next 15 years. thank you. >> good afternoon, members of the boards, president chiu,
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mooi -- i'm a former member for the stra central market of the tenderloin. i just wanted to speak today to really encourage the expansion and renewal of the central market community benefit district. the cbd and central market has really championed the existing arts organization in the central market corridor and throughout the area below the central market corridor and taken a great leadership role in connecting south of market and central market together. despite the fact that up to this point there have not actually been a lot south of market included. we include the arts organization that are in the south of market. one of the important things about having all of these organizations in
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the central market area is that these organizations are going to be involved with the community in providing social services and connecting folks who are in desperate need of something that brings this em into heart of the community. i encourage the expansion and renewal of the cbd. >> good afternoon supervisors, my name is susie. i'm here to represent the tenderloin benefit drink as -- district community. as three adjoining cbd's representing the larger central market neighborhood, we do work on a daily and monthly basis to discuss how we can help to improve the neighborhood in the name of safety beautification and also promoting the neighborhood to let folks to know all the wonderful things that are happening in the market neighborhood. i'm here to
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support and encourage your approval for the renewal and expansion of the central market cbd. thank you. >> good morning president chiu, supervisors, my name is bill mahar and i have been involved in central market for decades back to elliota failed attempt to put bike racks on market street. in recent years it's begun to change. most cafes, hulk er berry bikes are shown entrepreneurs and bringing something to the neighborhood.
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similarly shoernstein companies revitalization of the furniture mart, coupled with the trinity property of new housing are beginning to promise futures for the district. the areas residents are protected as is the residential buildings in the area. without jobs, it's not much of an existence. this is beginning provide opportunities for employment for people who live in that area. mid-market is also the largest district in the city and their needs must be brought to mind and addressed. for all these reasons, i urge you to support the expansion, renewal of the central market bid and finally, while the bid structure is a classic public private partnership model, it's so the really the collaboration between the areas businesses,
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residents and property owners. i urge you to encourage them to work together and find their own interest and own destiny and support their efforts an conclusions. i hope to renew the expansion. >> thank you, i want to welcome you back as a former member of this body. good to see you. >> good afternoon president and supervisors. my name is william thatcher. i'm a property owner in the two cbd's both north and south market street. i have witnessed the improvements they have brought to the market area. there is more to be done and that is one reason to renew the expansion. i would like to take a moment to recognize the two guides that are here if they can stand up. [ applause ]
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they do a terrific job in the area, both for resources for the homeless and -- they worked hard to help us out there. i'm also the chair of the steering committee for the expansion and board member of the cbd. i hope you will support andt renewal and expansion. and join me in approving that. i would also like to thank supervisor kim for her support and everybody else that has worked very hard to get this done. thanks. >> madam chair, mr. president, supervisors, north of market
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and resident and neighborhood activist. north of market is a neighborhood that is in both district 3 and district 6. if my representative is here on this board is going to give a whitewash of this situation and be absolutely optimistic about the situation, well, i will be the one and maybe talk about what maybe a little bit more reality. you know if the situation at 7th and market, block of turk street and million -- mccalls and market, if the cbd is the answer to that is, i would like to know what the question is. the question is probably what the cbd is to do. maybe the
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50s, the 60s and 70s, maybe the post 80s argues, i guess i question that dichotomy and if there is some other methodology. if there is something missing here. i know the right to tax any entity is solely the right of the people. you cannot have taxation without the people an approving it. that's this process to some extent. thank you. i guess i support it, then. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi, my name is michael nolt e. also a former founder of tenderloin cbd and i have been involved in the formation
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and other cbd's in the district area. our organization has some members here. we are in support, the alliance for better district 6 is in support of the expansion efforts of the central market cbd. we believe that they have done a lot in the last so many years that they have been operating and we like to see them do it for another 15. we have thoroughly looked at the plan. the plan we believe meets the needs of the community and yes, our residents will still be attending their meetings and telling them what the residents feel or needed in the community and we will still be part of the community and we just hope that everybody has been stake holders at their meetings and i think that's a great part about all of this process of getting
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the stake holders of the community together and try to agree with some sort of plan. again, we hope it passes today because we want to have daniel have a good thing on his resume when he moves to los angeles. thanks. >> thank you. are there any other members in the public who wish to speak in support of the expanded cbd? let me ask if there are members who wish to oppose the expansion of the community benefits district? okay. if there is anyone else who wish to speak in public comment. le me propose that we close the hearing so we can begin to tabulate the results. i also want to acknowledge supervisor kim and the ballots are being tabulated. the public
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hearing has been closed but this item is still in front of us. >> thank you, i want to acknowledge the work of our community and also i forgot mention our board member that are here today brian smith and president david, it's not just the services. it's the fact that this is a forum that brings the community neighborhood together. the form a lone will not bring the community together, but the businesses, that is the way to move forward. what i appreciate about the cbd and the concern is that they may serve one sector of our neighborhood. it's great to see that the cbd has been working with our seniors and tech companies. it's also great to have a conscientious of small business