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tv   [untitled]    July 28, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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away kaiser. kaiser is a major in this city. please. if i say anymore i'm going to start crying. >> thank you. if anyone wants to speak lineup on the right hand side of the chamber. >> good morning members and board of supervisors. i also want to welcome back katherine dodd. i have known her for years and i don't think this situation would have been resolved. as a kaiser baby, i was born at kaiser. thank you for resolving this, but at the same time thanks for holding kaiser's feet to the fire. because although they maybe a great provider and cheapest alternative around, i too was shocked to hear that the c eo makes $10 million a year. the fact that they would not
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justify, thanks for making sure this worked out this time and hopefully we'll have more transparency next year. >> thank you, next speaker. >> supervisors, catherine and colleagues from health service system. i'm a former commissioner 26 years on the health service board. the last couple of weeks are turning me gray over night. i just want to thank all of you very much for finally coming around on this issue. i think it's been very difficult. there are a number of colleagues in the audience that came today because they were very very concerned. most of them are retirees. as you heard ethyl speak, they are very worried about our future. we are happy that you held kaiser's feet to the fire and more happy that you are talking
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about holding blue shield's feet to the fire. the reason that we are taking the risk, our trust fund, our city takes the risk for blue shield because their rates were going out of sight and we worked out an issue where we thought that we can do better by taking that risk and expend less money. we need to look at the pricing methodologies of our contractors and understand why we take risk, why we are fully funded and why these work and what is best for our active employees. a healthy work force and for retirees the thanks and for all the time that they have put in this city. thank you for coming around to this and i look forward to a better process next year, while i'm off the board, i'm not really retired from this issue. thanks very much. >> thank you, are there any
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other members of the public that wish to speak on item 71. seeing none, item 71 is closed. >> thank you mr. president, i would like to move that we amend item 71 that are outlined in the document that you have. so make a motion. >> supervisor campos has made a motion, supervisor ferrel has seconded that. can we take that without objection? without objection that should be the case. with that why don't we take a roll call on items 35 and 36. >> the clerk: avalos, aye, breed aye; campos aye ks, chiu, aye, cohen, aye, kim aye, mar, aye,
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tang aye, supervisor wiener, aye, yee, there are 11 ayes. >> the motion passes. supervisor campos has made a motion to continue the item to the 30th of july. thank you colleagues. >> to members of the public, we have three 3:00 p.m. orders. i'm going to move forward with them in the order in which they are in the agenda. madam clerk please call items 43 and 44 with reference to the broadway community benefit district.:
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clern item 43 and 44. a property based business improvement district known as the top of broadway benefit community district against property located in that district for 8 years. >> to members of the public, the purpose of this hearing is to hear on the proposed levee on property and business improvement district on top of broadway community benefit district considering our board of resolution adopted. the proposed district would be approximately 39 identified parcels located on approximately 6 partial blocks. details in the covered area are in the file. at the conclusion of the public hearing, the ballots will be tabulated. they will be on the basement level
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of city hall. supervisors will neither levee the assessment or establish the assessment if there are a number of protest. if there are comments. we'll first hear from individuals who wish to support the investment district for 2 minutes maximum from person and we'll hear from speakers that oppose up to 2 minutes per speaker. during the hearing, those who wish to change their vote, may speak to the staff who is at a table outside of board chamber. they will provide you with the affidavit with the ballot. before we begin. colleagues you have heard me talk about the
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broadway, including too many issues. for a number of years ashgs group of residents, business and property owners have been working on this plan which is an improved version of 5 years ago that did not pass on the board of supervisors before i joined. they will provide services to residents in the district that go beyond services in the district. that includes -- do you have any comment to make? okay, thanks to the staff who worked very hard on this. why don't we go to members of the public. if there are members who are in support of this, please step up and lineup with the first
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speaker. >> sir, if you wish to speak in support? please step up. >> good afternoon supervisors, democratic club. when you look at the actual -- effects, you see positive effects. they have helped the community. there are tax on the local businesses. the money that the businesses spend actually end up improving the streets, the quality of the street life and they actually end up helping the community. i don't know the specification of this, i support it on general principals. i hope you will approve it today. thank you. >> thank you, now from our next speaker. >> president, board of
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supervisors, so, this has been going on several years and it's brought together a lot of different community groups. i think we've seen improvements in the neighborhood. i think the cbd is something not just the community wants, but the central has been asking for. i support it and i think it's good for the neighborhood and i hope you support itd as well. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> president of the board, david chiu, board of supervisors. my name is kyle franklin. i'm with safety first and we provide security services along the public right of way in the broadway district. i would like to say in support of the community benefits district, i would like to say that community benefits
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districts creates positive areas tlus throughout the country and where you have more as opposed to negative ones. it helps property owners retain their value, recreates lively walkable districts, lively areas. i'm in support of the formation of the community being the district on broadway. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm going to read some comments so i don't forget anything. i'm a residential property owner near the broadway corridor and i'm speaking on behalf of many of our member who could not be here today. the proposed cbd is one that supports many residents including myself because we believe it will serve the greater broadway community. i believe it's critical to commending and
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transforming and vitalizing this area. and it will help improve the area and advocating it's rich history and diversity. it's a step forward toward the broadway and one that is safe liveable. the property owners and residents that bring this to fruition that our shared mixed community is ready for change. just as it celebrates the positive impact on the respective communities throughout the city. it will be another example of proven success of such partnerships in driving meaningful improvements in their communities. i hope that you will agree that our community efforts is worthwhile and that you will find it in
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the best interest of the community and the city as a whole to support this. thank you so much. >> thank you, next speaker. >> hello, supervisors, president. my name is darren swan. i'm a resident of the broadway area. as a long item resident of the neighborhood, we've seen a lot of changes happen for the worst. what we are ready for is positive change. i look forward to your support of the cbd. i remember when it used to be fun and safe, a destination for all to enjoy. the hotel industry tells people not to go to broadway. we want to tell them to go to broadway because it has anything for everybody. we want that back. many who would want to give broadway back. i have recently entertained other
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areas and they have a celebrated entertainment corridor. we need to have that revitalized and brought back through the cbd. i really ask for your support and thank you for giving back to our community. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good day and thank you very much. my name is roger wine man. i'm with the neighborhood emergency response team. i have been a resident of that district for 20 years. san francisco's north beach district in the corridor particularly have a vast history in the economic diversity and we would like to bring this back to north beach. i have seen the shootings and this has come from a lack of coordination of services of the city. i think this will bring the community together and be a
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better fabric to grow in our city. u good afternoon supervisors, i'm a person who has spent a lot of time on the corridor and seen a lot of ups and down. i can see the cdb as being up. there is two types to this story. i know other times, the area has become an unattractive nuisance. i like those who got together for the project. i have never seen so much unity to bring people that have been vested together that sometimes do disagree but over all i think they fully support the dbd. i think the special member of joe, who has been
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very instrumental in bringing this to the table. he stayed with it. there needed to be a consensus. there always wasn't one. sometimes people point fingers at each other. i think in this particular case there good connectivity with that. supervisor chiu, said not yet, some people think it was long over due. he said you have to get it right if it's going to come out. i think it's right, the time is now and i see a bright future and hopefully with success they can expand the cbd to encompass greater area. >> thank you, next speaker. >> my name is michael nolte. i'm a 6-year san francisco resident. the community way
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community needs to have a cbd. the stake holders have gotten together to put a management plan that identifies the much needed needs of the broadway corridor. i have been involved in the establishment of 5 different cbd's so i understand what a cdb can do and cannot do and i'm aware of the nightlife concerns because i have attended the entertainment commission meetings on a regular basis and i understand the problems that have been occurring in the nightlife venues and i believe this cbd once it's up and running will help some of the problems that have been occurring there and making it a lot smoother for our supervisors for david chiu to address the concerns there. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello, i'm a san francisco resident and small business owner. cbd's i have been working with the district for
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the last 4 years. i know the benefits they bring to an area. cbd's is a better picture for a number of reasons. they have a positive impact and more than that, the cbd bringing together diverse interest to come together as a group and have a single unifying voice to put together and they have put together the board of directors and reach out to all community members whether they vote for or against this. i urge your support of this dbd. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker? >> my name is mike madrid. a member of the so tell and resident of the neighborhood for 20 years. for the last civil years i have seen broadway turn into an area that is dangerous, often violent that really has nothing to
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attract san franciscans. as a member of the community we have been trying to make some improvements down this. this cbd has made it the most optimistic about improving the area. one thing lacking is the professionalism. this has what broadway could be. still an entertainment area but something that will be diverse but provide things for it to attract san franciscans and also a secure environment. i really urge you to support this because it's what the neighborhood needs. thank you. >> next speaker. if there are any other members of the public who wish to support thecbd, come up now. >> good afternoon, i have been on broadway for 14 years now.
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it's had a rough few years. the last few years i have seen a majority of the businesses work together towards improving broadway. this has never happened before. the cbd effort is what has brought everything together. it the best thing that can happen. >> thank you. now, let me ask if there are any mers of -- members of the public who wish to speak in opposition, please step up. >> mr. president, and members of the board of supervisors. my name is calvin lou. i'm one of the founders of the broadway corridor small business and property owners. we are opposed to the bcd mainly because many
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of the small business owners cannot afford another layer of expenses piled onto them. they are really mom and mom stores. they own liquor stores, pizza parlors and bars. our groups do not believe in being taxed twice. one as property owners and another assessment on top of them. currently there are owners that are boarded up at least four or five of them. who are they going to pass these expenses to? we urge you to vote no. >> hi. i represent the small parking lot of 22 cars -- on
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broadway street owned by my family. no one takes into consideration that we are paying property taxes on these properties and it's supposed to cover our policing and beautification. cbd is going to come in and add another cost which in my case i'm representing four senior owners ranging in ages from 79 to my uncle who is 107 years old. this is not an easy thing for any of them to count on another added expense on a yearly basis. i hope that my home district supervisor mike ferrel will help to support our family's position. relying on the rent for income, we try very hard not to raise the rent on our tenants and i hope you realize that any or all in
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creases affect not only them but their families and ours. we get less income, they have to pay more. we don't need another community benefit district in san francisco if we really use our property taxes the way they are supposed to be used. we feel the taxes should cover the things that these cbd things is going to try to cover. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, thank you so much for everyone who is here in support of the safety and beautification of broadway corridor in the top of broadway.
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>> again, even though we disagree, we are still altogether to support a better neighborhood for safety and beautification. thank you so much. >> thank you. next speaker.
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my name is carlos. i'm a property owner. for the last 25 years. this district is dominated by strip joints. it is 8 strip joints. if this cbd is going to pass, they are going to control the district. they are not really small business owners. they do dancers, they have to pay them money. we have to pay to our employees. and a lot of things happened behind-the-scenes. they are something else. on my block, there are five strip joints and i eliminate all of them around the corner. so now,
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that children can easily go to school on my side and not to see the explicit pictures on the strip joints and also in 1984 will pass that law that another store cannot be built or open next to 1,000 feet next to each other. nevertheless, we have a penthouse which has been built in 1999. 14 years later. and it is behind i don't understand it. don't pass the cbd. thank you. >> thank you very much. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak with regards to the proposed cbd? seeing none. the department will cast the ballots. the
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board is going to continue with the remainder of our agenda. when those results are tabulated, they will be brought to me and i will go over to announce the results so we can resolve this matter and move forward. with that, at this time we are going to continue on other items until those results are tabulated. madam clerk, please call the next 3:00 p.m. order on item 45 and 46. >> the clerk: the item 45 and 46. to consider a resolution of formation to establish renew and expand the property based business improvement district known as the central market community benefit district owning the levee and construction of property located in 15 years for years commencing through 2013 and 14.
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>> the purpose of today's hearing is to hear the proposed levee and named the central market community benefit district for a board of resolution adopted on june 4, 2013. the renewed and expanded district would approximately 800 parcels. details of the covered area are in the file. at the conclusion of today's hearing, the department of elections will tabulate the ballots. members can view them in the basement of city hall. public testimony will continue as follows. we'll first hear from individuals in support of the investment district up to 2
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minutes per person and those speaking in opposition also 2 minutes per person and during the hearing, any property owner that wishes to change his or her vote can change it with tables outside of the board a chambers. after the hearing closes, the ballots will be counted. with that, let's hear from members of the public on this item. please step up. >> i'm so sorry. i just realized i forgot to acknowledge the supervisor. i would like to acknowledge supervisor kim. >> thank you. i understand the discussion around community benefit district. district 6 has several and i know many of them had very long discussions and controversial input from a variety of different stakeholder. what is exciting about this point when we are offer renewal to talk about the
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successes of ourcbd's and i'm very happy to have some of these in our district. civic center cbd and of course our central market cbd. i really want to acknowledge a lot of people's work to ensure that cbd's are effective. they really are an enhance nenment of services to increase communication among our residented community leaders and small business owners and non-profit organizations in the neighborhood to see how we can work as a cohort to make our neighborhoods safer and more beautiful. in particular i want to recognize and thank our current executive director for the central market cbd who is here today. daniel hurtado.
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[ applause ] daniel has served the first 6 years as our first executive director to really make this effort as success. i personally got to see daniel's persistence and leadership. he attended every community meeting we had and addressed people's concerns and responsive. he's now moving to los angeles and going to continue to work around community development and urban revitalization. i want to thank him for deeply caring about every aspect of this neighborhood. it's a very diverse neighborhood. he went to the meetings, to our senior housing and neighborhood safety watch meetings and attended one of our mosque . i also want to highlight the commun