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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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a moment. >> i have to applaud the captain too. we have a video we'll show if you like and it's a 421 and we can present to the youth commission we can pull the information. it should be on the minds of the officers that we want to get on the board as often as they can. and again, the captain did a terrific job preparing this video >> we'd like to see it. thank you captain >> sure. >> commissioner khan. >> okay. well thank you for your presentation to the youth commission. i am always pressed.
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and your organized 10 or two years ago it's awesome. i want to ask about the m l u. if the draft m l u base i haven't seen it if that has a reference to the department 701 which the the juvenile justice commission that we adapted it's probably the best in the country. i'm wondering if that's referenced at all in the g l u if anyone knows. don't be shy. >> in the current draft of the understanding before the school district and the police department. >> i also want to bring up for the guides.
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they give - they explain what is information but the youth don't know don't touch a police officer. so i want to highlight that if anyone is watching on tv not just to know your rights but the best practice in intrashg with the officers. and the 421 video i think that's great and i want to see is it. so if you could send a copy to the youth director. and lastly, i want to go back to the i did not get economy what they ended with and see if captain la sar wants to address it >> that's okay. i've got it. so the youth relations again, i
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think that a lot of what was asked is in place. i think we've going to do this we have an "x" amount of seats. so that's a work in progress. and reissuing is bulletins. the know your rights plan. i don't know about identifying the funding because a lot of our money is going to hiring police officers and you are encouraged to apply. but to have those in the hands of the police officers. not that anyone ever got a ticket but they fit into the ticket book of the officers. and lastly, the m l u i think as cohen said i know we're close to
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from our time at mission. i think that it's close, everybody wants to get there so again, the art of negotiation we'll get there. and i think it's ambition to get there before the 13 and fourteen school year i hope we're getting there >> we encourage you to keep asking those questions and keep our department on our toes. so, please keep asking if you don't see the development that you want to see. commissioner >> i know everyone has asked a lot of questions. i want to say thank you for your for the record it is the duty and the leadership your providing for the youth in the city and for the time commitment
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you're giving this. i don't know the youth in our community understands the effort. so i want to thank you for your hard work. i want you to know that people are listening and this is a wonderful chief and department pr i want to thank all the districts. and, you know, as i said your providing great leadership for the city >> and last but not least our revenue. >> commissioner marshall. >> once again angel great job. so, i mean i like everything i love this pamphlet. you know, i - i've been urging everybody to see this film. i didn't want to see it i had to
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see it i i was a mess anyway. but i've been saying i think this film should be seen by everyone. you know law enforcement everywhere to show whatnot to do from the law enforcement standpoint and i think it should be seen by young people also. this is the first - since i work with young people but this first piece you have here right at the opening where it talks about you mature respect you can see clearly and this is not to excuse what the officers did but
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you can see what happened joe i won't say they placed into the officers hands but we need to talk about our young people about what to side in those encounters and what they should do. this piece about staying calm young people really, really need to know that. and you can certainly see as watching that film them getting up and moving was obviously not the thing for them to do. this is great. you know, i'll talk about it on the show. i think that as many as we can get this to as many young people as possible to save their life. this is really, really good.
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and although this is the first use in san francisco i don't think this goes from department department to department. the sad thing about this although dulls don't discriminate against the departments it goes across the boards. perhaps you can cigarette suggest it on the regional basis. you probably have cohorts and folks in other areas i will help you on that >> commissioner khan and a just very quickly to wrap up this. on the m l u issue thank you to the captain and for the chief for aedz that. i want to propose we come back
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after the school year starts and sees what the youth commission can be he helpful. i'll calendar it as needed so we get a status report back on that >> i'm going to wrap up my report. i can see how we can create a circumstance of suggestions of somebody not getting handed this hey, i'm not a criminal. so maybe we can put out information through the schools and a young people can also ask an officer for the pamphlet so it's given by request and not as a suggestion by anyone else's who likely to criticize a crime. so maybe a sticker. if tan't get him one maybe
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they can get one for him it keeps us talking. that conclusions my report >> thank you chief. thank you kohlman >> good evening director hicks. i believe we're on line item b >> the distribution of recent activities and presentation for the fiscal reports and comparing reports for january one 12 through july 31st, he, 2013 mediation. >> good evening vice president and members of the audience.
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>> prior to section 4.127 this provides with the monthly commission report. as of july, 2013 report and common reports in the packets i'll discuss them. in january 1st, 2013, to july 31st/96 we opened 2 hundred 13 cases which were fewer when we opened 449 cases this is an 8 percent reduction. the investigators closed 3 less cases then were open and this was compared to 4 hundred and 13 cases. as of july 31st the occ had 3 hundred and 10 pending cases and
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now compared to 3 hundred and 33 pending case last year. in july the occ sustained allegations. the cases comprised 4 percent of the cases closed july 31st. in mastectomy the mediated 3 cases. 84 officers were offered the training and it's lower than previous years that have exceeded 90 percent. today, the occ has mediated 31 cases. we have asked officers why their
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declining meditations and it's particular to the case and not a general dislike of mediation. moving to the chiefs adjudication. between july 31st and the end of july the chief judged indicated 3 cases and we had sustainable allegations. one case involving neglect of duty on two occasions the police officer parked in front of a building that he was not to be there and he was admonished.
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and a sergeant unlawfully detained a complaint while he was at the liquor store. he walked the complainant to his house. the sergeant and other officers seized items from the person's room and did not a search warrant. in our last case a sergeant violated a case by failing to notify the department he received a bad report and that includes my report >> any other questions for dr.
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hicks? >> line item 3 c. discussion for the commissioners report >> i have nothing to report in the president gave me nothing to report. commissioners nothing to report? >> this last week, i met the assignment patrol issues. i talked through the status of patrol officers comprising xhil with our rules. there continues to be issues. some people were working without approval of the commission. just to calendar this so we can
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all get the information and ask what's happening of the patrol specialists. i'm calendaring this for september 11th. i looked on the calendar and i e-mailed inspector to make sure that was okay and a september 11th >> thank you it's not a great date but another date i have is november 6th. that's a tentative date not as firm and that date is for the commission to consider realized rules. and it's to comply with the 2010 with the reports that talked about the rules of law in response to that report. we set it out for november. the city attorney's office is
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working on it. so that's for us to have it out there >> is the september 11th items just an information update for you and wanting and the department. >> the department. and they've been keeping really good tables basically of each patrol officers in terms of where their complying with our rules. so it will give them a chance to a respond >> the november 6th date. wouldn't it be more prudent for us to receive the document or you'll hope they'll have that a couple of weeks beforehand >> it's more of a chance to get to it that's why we put it on
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calendar and a commissioner. >> thank you. just to report that i did join members of the police department today with mrs. brown and some other mothers who've lost their sons. it was really what we the today was continuing to get the information out and ask for support from the community to remind them of the $250,000 reward. i'm graphy to the chief and department to for us to continue to talk about aubrey and aubreys death and keep him in our hearts and prayers and line up our actions to do what we can. the commander said earlier we need help from the community. we need some folks to come
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forward. it's an honor to be there with you today. and to see the departments continued commitment to holding aubrey's murderers accountable >> thank you. no further reports next line item please. 3-d scheduling of items identified for consideration at future meetings action. the only thing that i have commissioner is there was no meeting next wednesday is 21st. the next meeting will be the 28th that will be a community meeting at gordon j elementary school on clay street at 6:00 p.m. and that's to hear publics comments. and that's concerning public
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safety issues. and on september 4th is our medal of honor ceremony at 6:00 p.m. >> public comment on line item 3? abc and d? >> we're going into closed session. >> public comment. >> i'll make the announcement first argue line item 4 all public items. >> public comment on 3. >> we didn't do 3? sorry commissioners. >> ms. brown. >> yes. >> go right ahead.
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>> can i get the overhead and a today is my sons anniversary. excuse me. today's his anniversary of his death. i'm in a lot of pain. it's seven years and i want to thank the people that did come out. i didn't think anyone was going to come out today. and i'm - those names are not just i didn't pick those names out of a bucket there's on the homicide list. james han billion was one of the
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shooters and this gentleman is in the jail for another crime. i've never met those guys in my life. i got those names off the homicide thing. i know those names were down there. they said they don't know who the it those are the names of the folks who did this. those names came from the witnesses. how come they can't be apprehended. they say which one exception no witnesses but witnesses gave those names. how did they give those names if there's no witnesses? what do i do? i'm a mother that's still grieving. i stand for other mothers too. but here are the names there's 6
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perpetrators. and someone said with what's the names of the folks. those are the people that people gave the names to the homicide detail first year those are the names that the mayor said who knows who killed my son and the district attorney said it. thomas is doing comedy now he's facebook frenzy with the supervisors. i saw it on there. what happens now? what more can i do? what more
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can i say? people told me about this. i'm in pain. i'm tired of being tired. whatever i can do to help whatever i need to do i'll do. i don't have any answers. i don't have anything. i'm here all the time. you see me. what more can i do? >> again for anyone on sftv anybody that's watching we'd appreciate anyone that will come forward. there's an award phone 575-4444.
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it's not enough for someone to say who did it we need someone to come forward and testify. >> ladies and gentlemen of the audience and commissioners good evening. thank you for letting me speak. i've been one that has brought up on many occasions the unsolved murders of san francisco. it gos goes back to the century. it sits in the files what sons and daughters and children that have been murdered and no one's looking for the killer anymore. they either gave up, got lazy or tired but the end result is nothing's happened. you have this grieved woman ms. brown she knows who the killer
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is and the city attorney and the district attorney knows but nothing happens. it doesn't happen year on end. we look at this problem it's not unique to san francisco it's across the country. i supplied you with a letter from a woman from the new york times. the san francisco police department is short 20 detectives but you need an tuff cold case file website that goes along with technology today to solve those problems. you need medicaid data and the fbi intelligence practitioner for homeland security use to
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catch those people. they're out there but no one's looking for them. when you turn up a murderer here you only found out one thing it was inadversely come about. and last but not least we have one supervisor here eric mar that tried to put together a program tattoo ban society at large for the killing for a police officer who said it was okay. because it happened so long ago. it happens as long as ago we 140u7bd u shouldn't be bordered with this stuff. but that's the problem it's more important than the stuff you're doing tonight. or get a program going to solve
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the unsolved murderers i believe there are owning over one thousand >> all right. for members of the public in those on sfgovtv watching this now. i feel compelled to point out the san francisco police department has not given up. if you are not here at the beginning of the chief reports there's an officer the head of homicide who came and gave a detailed report on the efforts still be conducted by the sf police department to find those murderers. it's a matter of evidence. and they're out there trying to find the evidence. it is not enough just to know
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names. it is about evidence that can be brought in a court to say this is the issue. i understand that this doesn't alleviate ms. browns pain but at the same time making it seem as if we've given up and we don't care is incorrect as well. we care very deepening and we'll continue the efforts >> if i can add mr. mayor, i i know you've got to have a community in though shall not snitch. that's what it's about period. we had wyoming a one-year-old boy killed in oakland and their protected by the community. that's the only reason those
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guys run around because there's a code of not telling. i tell in a minute and until those people stand up you people know out there and give it up and a next line item and a line item four - >> i'm sorry public comment still continuing. >> while we're excited about the youth commission in ensweat shirt i want to acknowledge that training is on police training but we want expensive training between young people and police officers. we believe this training will change everybody when it comes to


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