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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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interior standards we had one intern to mormon late on ways to apply the secretary of interior adds. we've been attending various you community meetings relevance at the victorian alliance and heard many concerns the direction they felt we should take. eave begun that public engagement and we certainly think it's a way to have a boarder forum and several meetings not in in a rigid format to help influence those
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guidelines. that's one thing we'll continue to give you updates with that document. it's our hope that early next year we'll have something we can consider a starting place for the dialog which is what the interim projects have come to accumulate over the summer. in regards to the spur heritage report it was our tension to put that on your discussion calendar. just with the schedule and how it's laid out one felt first items on your calendar in 2014. we figured it's the public and
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your department sitting down and at the same time, we, give you the forest we think has been splashd for the recommendations you've made any other comments. seeing none, public comment is closed. and a item 6 consideration to adapt resolution is proposed for november 20th, 2013, and the next case at the 151 liberty street is proposed for december 20th continuance >> i have no speaker card. >> any public comment? seeing none, >> i make a motion to continue
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for the dates that have been read. >> second. >> on that motion to continue (calling names) so moved, commissioners, that motion passes and places you under your consent calendar those are considered to be ritual and maybe acted upon by that a siren motion this is no discussion for separate unless the public or staff wants one. there's only one item case 8 at tennessee battery street requests for a certificate of appropriatene
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appropriateness. i do have one speaker card >> gentleman. >> mime michael i'm a neighbor of 10, 10 battery street. i'm a member of a group that has a partnership that owns - >> please excuse me for interpreting this is the only time to have a matter to be removed from the calendar if you want it removed from the consent calendar you don't need to say anything. >> oh, good sorry terrific. >> any other member you wishes to pull this off consent commissioners. >> on that motion to approve
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with conditions (calling names) so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places you under your regular calendar item 9 at 1712 fillmore street consideration to recommend to the board of supervisors designation of jim both mark city and marcus book store. the department supports the elements to designate fillmore street the building known as jim both bob city and marcus book store as a historic landmark. at the hearing the commission noted the designation and requested the additional documentation for the cultural
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context with the japanese-american and african-american in the post fillmore project. they reflected the concerns. on pages 17 and 19. this edits is relevant from the inspection statement. also included in your package is a memo put together which clarifies the landmark designation on the use of the property. as detailed in the memo under article 10 of the planning code does not say a the landmark building be preserved it only is for the physical features of the property and doesn't say the uses be maintained. in conclusion the commission
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recommended that jim both bob and micros be a historic place. they will forward our representations for future hearings. that concludes my presentation >> thank you. commissioners. thank you to mary for the inclusion of the information we discussed at our prior meeting >> commissioner john's. >> well, this is in some ways one of the most interesting items that has come before this commission in some time. and what i find interesting is the staff report in this regard mary brown has done an extraordinarily job in handling this.
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it's an example of using article pen as a guideline which is flexible enough to protect well, a well traveled and somewhat modified building. i'm particularly referring to the section on integrity. i think this is one of those situations in which were the facts ever so slightly different it wouldn't quality under article 10. i think there is the most serious concern in this regard. however, i also think that in the particular facts of this situation the building ought to be preserved. there are a large number of reasons most of which are in the report why it should be
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preserved. but this shows that - well, it shows to me there are implementations far beyond just this project in article 10. and i am referring to the secretary of interiors standards. over which we have heard before this commission a lot of testimony whether they were rules that must be followed or whether they are really a series of standards and guidelines that are to be applied from situation to situation without regard and offer technical viewpoint.
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i support the motion and recommendation as it's written. and i do want to say i think it's important that we be flexible and that we attempt to accomplish for each project that comes before us what ought to be done in order to preserve the property if it reasonably fits within the secretaries standards or in this case, the standards set forth in article 10. >> commissioners any other comments? seeing none, i have one speaker card
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(calling names) >> i'm thankful for the privilege of the perfumed i want to simply ask you to support the recommendation to the board of supervisors designation of 1712 to 1716 street historically noeng known as marcus book store and jim boss bob of section of the planning code. this is a historic moment for me. i was working behind the counter of marcus book store. i think the next step needs to be national landmark designation. thanks >> thank you. two more speaker cards
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(calling names) >> morning, commissioners. i just wanted to ask for a little bit of clarification on the commissioners condominiums regarding flexibility and referring to article 10 as a guideline. as you're aware there's litigation surrounding this property. we're certainly in support of preserving his history and we don't want any of the commissions decisions made on this property to influence the outcome of litigation. that would help both parties in that common understanding. thank you >> thank you good afternoon. i'm mr. anderson. i recently helped to save the landmark of marcus book store it was a 9 month battle against
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city bank and we raised $175,000. i understand how important the marcus book store is to the african-american community. it's crucial it's not just african-american history it's naturally nationwide history. i would go to the marcus book store with my father. i feel if we preserve the name and the legacy of marcus book store it will serve the generates of san francisco citizens and people across the world. a lot of times the african-american legacy gets separated with the american league and that's wrong. the world legacy of america is
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intooend with the america society. if we continue to allow marcus book store to function it will serve the community >> any member of the public wish to speak? come on up to the microphone. thank you >> many of us are here because we want to emphasize. >> would you like to give your name? >> rick. >> when the book was jim bosses and on washington and because of the militia order the japanese communicated had a hardship. they had to reestablish their
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lives and the japanese community came back together. during the 50s students came together to help with the education. this established the first historic department and they got together to share the space. the marcus book store is supporting the housing initiative and people in difficult situations besides did historical locates to help with their houses. and, of course, you've heard about the offices that have been there. the main thing i want to thank the historic preservation for sporting the african-american
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heritage. and i want to thank you for the japanese complexity statement. that was after the marcus book store back in september i went back and evolved the session afterward and i wanted to say thank you for supporting the japanese-american community also for all the years they've put into it was amazing i thought that was a great part of the process. it's wonderful to see the things that make san francisco strong. mainly those are the efforts i thank you and thank you for supporting marcus book store designation. thanks >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm karen. i'm very pleased to be here
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today. this is really a special believe and institution for san francisco and to have it recognized by this commission is very, very important. it's significant not only to the african-american community but to san francisco as a whole because we're looking not just to preserve buildings but to preserve our community our legacies of the cultural institutions and people who make san francisco such a unique and important place. i'm very much i want to xrets envy admiration for the report it quadriplegics that sense of how this embodies a place that
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gives us the cultural life and this city is acting to a protect and recognize those sorts of institutions. that's really an important thing so thank you for doing that. i want you to know this is part of a larger continuing efforts. we are he letting you know, too, we hope you'll attend the human rights commission hearings on november 14th at 6:00 p.m. in city hall on the gym both bob's city not only for the particular building but how it relates to other buildings in san francisco that are losing their economic, their institutional pieces and how we as a city can apply ourselves to keeping that
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vitality going and certainly the work you've done as a commission that ms. brown as your staff will be part of that because we're pleased with what you've done and thankful you've he will taken this you object up. i have some information about the hearing i'm give to clerk >> thank >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm desiree smith. as you recall we are we were here and we're here again to reiterate our comments and data we're still in support of the nomination of the designation of marcus book store and jim boss bob city. we've reviewed the second draft
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of the report and believe the planning department did the great job you all brought up and we think overall the additional japanese interim time and between the japanese-american and african-american communities has made the report stronger so we you're going to you support in >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. i'm trying to figure out we haven't, you know, a commission hearing for the landmark building or are we having a hearing a meeting for the marcus book store landmark are they
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trying to tie up together because that's going to influence the litigation that's going on. we asked you before to give us time to wait until the litigation is over we don't want any litigation to effect that. we aren't saying that we should have wait until the litigation is over. we ask you it's been in the planning department for two years. we don't know what - let us hold until the litigation is over we can't falsify one person over another. so, please let's hold on until the litigation is over.
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so that's what i'm going to say. it's going to be on your conscious to affect one over another >> thank you do we have any other member that wishes to speak p seeing none, we'll bring it back to the commission. >> commissioners? >> commissioner pearlman. >> i want to say one thing i wrote the landmark for the designation for the memorial and it was an old theatre building originally and the designation did not include the fact by the time we designated the quilt had moved inform atlantic right now it's a seafood restaurants. it's relevant to the city of san
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francisco that the aids quilt was made there from the activities in the 80s and 90s around the aids crisis. mary brown mentioned the fact that the tendency, you know, is not related to this be landmark designation it's specifically for the building a physical building itself. so i believe that is clear ms. brown. i mean this is clear that the marcus book store is, you know, it's tenancy because of the fluid nature of history says that the marcus book store didn't exist; is that correct >> that's correct and the intent of the memo for all parties. >> again, i'm not party to the litigates i don't know what the
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issues are but for your clarity the marcus book store section shouldn't be an influence like that. >> commissioner. >> move to adapt the resolution. >> second. >> commissioner. >> yeah. could you have an opinion from the attorney's office on this issue. >> absolutely and there i'm here as the deputy attorney. that's correct i reviewed the memo and article 10 is regarding the physical characterized. the building is significant because of it's past events. as marcus book store and as a jazz club but it's not protected under article 10 only the physical characteristics
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>> any other comedies. >> seeing none. >> on the motion to recommend approval (calling names) so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and concludes your calendar. >> thank you very much we'll bring this meeting to a good a
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today is tuesday november 5, 2013. this is the meeting of commission on community investment and infrastructure. >> please call the roll. >> commission members please respond when i call your name. commissioner ellington? commissioner mondejar? present, commissioner darshan singh, absent. rosales? absent, all other


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