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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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>> good afternoon and welcome to the board of supervisors san francisco land use & economic development commission. i'm scott wiener the chairman of committee and supervisor jane kim to my left is david chewing. i want to thank sftv specifically john madam clerk, are there any announcements? >>. yes chair wiener. please silence all electronic devices. completed speaker cards and copies of any files should be submitted to the clerk and agenda will appear on the 2014 nools otherwise stated >> thank you and to members of the public at the 345 we'll be
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taking a 15 minute recess so we'll be briefly recessings. madam clerk, please call item one >> it's an ordinance amending the transportation code are inform the division of parking meter and president chiu is the author of this measure. >> is that working now? >> you might want to turn it off. >> great this is a measure that i'm carrying at the request of the department to a state law that needs to go both effect jan marcason could you please present. >> good afternoon sxhirgz janet mary ton from mta.
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the ordinance will revise a overnight parking at the meters. we need this local amendment to come into inclination assembl bill was signed into law by the governor when it goes to o into effective it will change the mta to permit vehicles to park up to the meter time limit in any space regulated by an inoperational parking meters. they've been installed in excess of two hours. so currently, the maximum time
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for a broken parking meter is two hours and otherwise up to an hour. with a new state laws it will be prbld for parking at the meter for less than is time but we need to look at this transportation code to be amended to provide the provision of two hour time limit at any meter thank you if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them. great, thank you ms. is jan marcason. colleagues, any comment if not public utilities seeing none, public comment is closed. can i have a motion to forward this to those the full board was
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recommendations >> motion. >> that will be the order. madam clerk, call item 2. >> it's to install and maintain two convenient facilities at the muni bus routes. >> thank you. this is this resolution corrects a tip gravel error from the resolution that the board previously approved regarding operator convenient facilities it mentioned the location of one of the facilities at the 25 street east of catrery it should have said west of catrery. colleagues comments or questions. seeing none, any public utilities seeing none, public comment is closed. and can i have a motion to
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forward this to the board with recommendations. and we'll take that without objection >> are you employed call item 3. >> it's a resolution approving u approving the cafe in the west area and golden gate park. >> i believe the supervisor is here if peter office. okay. he's not here we will defer item 3 - yeah. come on up >> i'm kevin i'm the director for the california mainstreamed of science. >> can you speak briefly to the item. >> yes. the new structure is
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fourteen hundred square feet in the existing gasped under control of the mainstreamed it plaza plastic tent directly under the scope. it has gone through and met with the master planning of golden gate park and approved by the arts commission >> great thank you very much. colleagues questions or comments. okay. we'll opening. any public utilities comment seeing none, public comment is closed. and colleagues could you have a motion to forward the committee report with recommendations >> sfom. >> can we take those without objection? . that will be the order. madam clerk can you please call item 8 out of order it's a brief
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item. >> item number 8 is the sidewalk easements on the brighten extension. >> okay. mr. brighten. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm lisa project manager with the office of demonstrate and - one on behalf of the developments at ocean and field avenues which upon completion will have more bus lines and housing. i'm here to talk about the no non-substantial ownerss and approved of a sidewalk. it includes minor clean up and on page 8 the conditional sense of the sidewalk east of avenue. many the original version it was
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for the sidewalk directly now your directing that authority to dwp after that sidewalk is constructed. the amendment of the whole ordinance calls for accepting an irrevocable code and accepting an easement and accepting an th avenue northeast and the d to sense of an irrevocable offer for east of lee avenue and open right-of-way and roadway purposes. accepting maintenance and liability for those sidewalkss and establishing sidewalk with ocean sidewalks. approving an interdepartmental area for the ocean avenue and
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approving it making the finding in priority finding and 30 years the connection with this ordinance. i wrought a map for sftv. this is the general balboa park area and those two projects are for the eir stationary plan. of those projects that are in the ordinance contemplated in the ordinance. first is thi easement area for brighten avenue and it's the are the sidewalks area deptednd lee avenuehi i i'm here from the mayor's office house of representatives authority here that's it.
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>> colleagues, any questions on item 8 or comments. nicole we'll open this up for public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> colleagues, can i have a motion to move the amendments first. so the gentleman has described the amendments and distributed copies and those don't require a continuance that's right >> first can we accept the amendments without observation. >> so moved and forward item 8 as amended with recommendations okay can we take those without objection? . madam clerk, please call item 4 >> item 4 is an ordinance to amend the planning code
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including tenants evicted under the ellis act. >> thank you, colleagues i appreciate our consideration of legislation we have in front of us to hopefully provide relieve to tenants what are evicted from their homes i want to thank kim, breed and mar for their sponsorship. it was interpreted with quite broadly to allow loornldz to go out of business. san francisco is experiencing an affordability crisis and every neighborhood in the city is experiencing that we must protect the diversity of our city and make sure everyone who wants to live here and has had a
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stake in the city continues to live in san francisco. many of you have heard will the eviction of the lee family where two seniors and their adult daughter after living in their homes for 3 decades were evicted that has to stop. now, some months before that i had a meeting with the lee families and advocates and affordable housing and tenant activists we realized under the ellis act we can't stop ellis acts but implement other policies to stop eviction. based on recently data the number of ellis evictions has risen just in the past year we've seen a one hundred 4 had evictions from that and the
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highest there rate xashd to other kinds of eviction. the code today would allow tenants who have been 90 in their places more than 10 years to receive priority funded by the city of san francisco. the mayor's office of houser and a community development will administer this program will balance our affordable housing nodes. this legislation would impose several things it can only be used once and the priority will expire after 6 years if not used for new developments. only 20 units can be used for the preference and tenant have to meet the eligibility
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requirements. from my prospective i building there is a critical measure to stop people from becoming homeless in inform. we need to make sure that your residents don't fall through the crack. i wanted to thank the co-sponsors and my colleague and the chinatown development center folks and the tenderloin clinic and the san francisco tenant union for their work on this legislation. i also want to mention i have two technical amendments we want to clarify the first is to closure there are several years of review to look at how this new preference is doing so we're adding 3 additional years to the process. that was language that was suggested by the planning commission and from the rent board it was suggested we
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clarify that it turns out someone resends their notice the tenant would not be impacted by that. so with that, i'd like to ask the planning department for comments and thank you, mr. ram and planning staff for being here today >> good afternoon chair wiener. sophie hayward we considered the draft and passes is it 6 to zero in support of the preference program. the planning commission recommended one clarification and that is to require the new preference system be reviewed by a committee thoughtful board and the commissions recommendations specifically suggested the 3 year report include demographics of the presently and to consider
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whether the program should be extended or modified. that's the clarification of the 3 year review. i'm available for questions >> ms. hay word thank you. and colleagues the plan is one i fully support i have copies here. with that, why don't we go to public comment. i'll take public comment


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