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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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child rooted in nature and how do we make visual a child's right to see nature and what policies are connecting families with nature. so this initiative is now before you. i want to speak on behalf of many folks who are working for the park lapd's. so on behalf of parks and presidio trust we join rec and park as clearly the leader so we can work as a community i want to pass out drafts which is in 3 languages. we want to achieve the endorsements the rec and park logo would be in the blue area but the role out would happen in the springtime.
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i want to end with a short quote by a former child growing up in san francisco. i exported every foot of the valley thoounl u stoounl through the thick brush and following the clay before it met the pacific. i traced who i am to those years of growing up in our house on the dunes adams. thank you for your time >> commissioners we have several cards for comment. we do have public comment. so (calling names) you can come up in any order. >> hi, i'm sally i'm with sf dog. i want to say i went to the
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website the rec and park website to find information on what this bill of rights was and there was nothing on the website. all i got was the agenda under the spring documents is i went online and it's getting children outside. it is official listing to make that happen. there is a very broad way of outdoor play and connecting kids with nature my that's kids who walk with their dogs in the city parks. there is no program needed for this. it basically hits kids from every ethic level. i want to say the dog community has innovate been involved in the consensus they talk about like for example, i had to do a
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google search to find out. so i encourage everyone to work together and i'm happy to talk about that. it's important for kids to walk and a play outside to connect with nature and walking and playing with a dog is a good way. if it's too strike your denying the access to the kids that are now getting it. use this outdoors bill of rights to protect children who walk their dogs. urge you to not deny what constitutes outdoor play and for kids this is for walking and playing with the family dog >> thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you. i'm here to help our children grew up and athletic and at the same time their ingesting chemicals that will show up later in their lives >> according to the cdc one in every three children now are ingesting chemicals. what we know about the chemicals the answer is we have no information at all >> - you've got to wait. >> young children are dpoersz a whole bunch of chemicals. the reason with your concerned about the artifical tomb we're
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xoers the children to 0 concentrated all convinces irritant their carr geography and those materials it's important to know they were not made to be used by children. >> times of sensitivity and the children are exposed to toxic chemicals and children have a longer than in which to develop disease. it did that with lead and poisoned you thousand of children for nearly 75 years. we have to think that about. what is good for a tire is not good for a child. repeat after me. there's no such thing as an acceptable amount of led for
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children. >> we know that the lead gets into the child's body and stays there. >> we're very concerned about the poly carbons p those are chemicals that are known for cancer. >> so if you put an infamous blanket on the ground they're going to be exposed more. >> we know this sdrurpts this future of an entire child. neurotoxic and receptor toxic risks if i put which were on on a athletic field it's not good. we've seen this with exposure
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during presidency >> we're not going to let our young ones play on fields that could harm them. >> thank you. (calling names) we - ron is this for years. >> ann stash is moving her car. >> it's ron then. carolyn is on here later. ron if you will step up. is this for you >> it's not. >> let's hold back and as soon as i put it on they'll put it on
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the overhead. >> good morning, commissioners aim ron proctor i want to make a comment or two. first of all, i support the children's bill of rights it's important it's advanced with a clarificati clarification. they have a list of items one of which they climb a tree this tree is gone they can't climb it anymore. the san francisco rec and park department is using popular programs like playgrounds improvements 0 to cover the nap agenda to get away from trees
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that are non-native. we see things about trees being removed. how xhiventd is that when you see a bill of rights issue. to which the proponent it proposing that kids climb a tree what a wonderful thing that is. my son grew up in san francisco i'd take him up to mount davidson there's p was a tree i'd run a rope to make a swing it was a wonderful plays for him to swing back and forth. that trees is nonetheless there and no other kid can go up and play on this tree. it was destroyed by relationship around the basis of the trunk and it's destroying that tree
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the tree fell over about 9 months ago. it's a 4r50shd tree. it's unfortunate but long and short i request you consider exploring the children's bill of rights with the caveat that there should be some consistent working with the policies that the policies that do state is key what policies are public support this initiative and what policies might be at odds for them. thank you >> thank you. >> thank you. the next 3 speakers (calling names) in any order. come on up carolyn >> overhead please. i don't know. there we go
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>> i'm the san francisco alliance president i'm carolyn johnson. i love the bill of rights for children in the section wondering in nature areas for the right to wonder in natural spaces. my concern is that's much less possibly then when i was raising my children. this is a sign that's near the parking lot in pining park. it instructs people to stay on the designated trail. there are many signs along there that says that. for example, this trail >> i need you to speak into the microphone. >> it's not designated it's not open the map it presumably is
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something people are not allowed to go on. the areas in the common where my children used to play are off limits. that's not a designated trail so therefore they're not allowed to go there. that and had come up too well, did it. this is a picture of the north side of pine lake park. if you're on that trail there this is adjacent to the lake on the north side and there are fences on both sides. so it's literally not possible to get off the trail in that area of the park and it's discouraging for anyone who wishes to do so. here's another sign saying state law stay on designated trades.
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this is the trail we took our children up to near our home. and by the way, pipe lake and the trail are in a short distance from my home. and now there's a sign right >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> at the storm drains to the sign has a list of rules stay on designated trail and below is a pesticide application soors areas are not educational anymore. i hope that those practices will be reversed. it is more and more difficult for children to wonder around and it would be great if we could all raise a bunch of
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accidents in san francisco >> thank you. >> leann and anna. >> i'm leann i'm not jennifer bailey's but i'm a mom and have two small boys and have chosen to raise our kids in the city and want to sty in the city. we're committed to staying here. i took time from managing a small business owner r small business today to support what this organization is doing. having the ability to run all around outdoor and without fences not within playground i love them but the ability to run around outside in a city environment makes san francisco a special city. the idea you can go into the
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presidio or golden gate park won u run as fast as you can and they love that. this is an important program. thank you. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> morning commissioners general manager i'm anna i manage policies at the park alliances i'm here on behalf of that to support of the children's outdoor bill of rights. we hope that it are inform other cities. i applaud my colleague for helping with this. we're really exfoliated it's before the commission today and hope you'll support it thank you. thank you >> anyone else who wants to
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make a public comment will. public comment is closed commissioners >> thank you, commissioner lo it. >> i want to commend all you as to someone who is currently raising two small children in the city there's a profoundly difference we're very blasz blessed to be able to comment ourselves for an urban experience for our children and make sure they know how important nature is to our lives. i look forward to supporting this >> knew commissioner leo. i guess it's a question to the general manager if we endorse this wasn't is the terms of operations what do we do you
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different by exploring this >> commissioner your exploring a principle this department has long held dear. we want to get our kids outside and we're blessed with 4 thousand acres of open space where we've got over a thousand acres of trails and nature areas where our kids can explore and appreciate nature. this is really mostly a campaign to make people more aware the right of our children to be outside and play. this is nothing new for us this is one of our core values we hold dear. what's really great about this all of the open space agencies in the city not only your rec
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and park department but national presidio and organization for san francisco we're all 50u7b9 together to make sure our kids are outside to enjoy nature it's a balance. more of the same. the action is just to support the resolution. we wanted to bring it to you, we thought it was important enough. i want to thank zoo i didn't she start out with a position as as intern she has entered with us for too years and worked herself into a job she worked would how many different scalds?
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>> 40. about 40 different schools where we renewally get our kids out to appreciate all our parks and bio diversity in our system. she's amazing and thank you damon >> dmirgs levitt to that. >> i want to thank you for your effort it's incrementalable and any other comments. hearing none i'll entertain a motion >> move to support. >> second. thank you very much. it's been moved and seconded >> so moved thank you very much. (clapping.) .
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we're now on item 8 general public comment continued anyone want to make public comment at this point but didn't on item four can you please come forward. seeing none, public comment is closed. item 9 is commissioners matters. commissioners. >> commissioner.. really nobody wants to prolong a meeting. i want to thank the staff and the department we did a kickoff at any how did and this is an to my husband too. i would encourage everybody to go scombont website and learn more about this extraordinary playground thank you.
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is there any public comment on this item?. we're on item two the business agenda setting. any public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. we're on item 11 communications. any public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. you're on item 12 adjournment >> is there a motion? >> second. >> motion. wait i didn't get to
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>> good afternoon, welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday november 26, 2013. madam clerk, can you please call the roll. >> supervisor avalos? >> here. >> avalos, present. supervisor breed. >> here. >> supervisor campos. er >> present. >> chiu. >> present. >> supervisor farrell? >> present.
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>> supervisor kim? >> kim absent. supervisor mar, mar present. >> supervisor tang. >> present. >> tang, present. >> supervisor wiener, wiener present. supervisor yee, yee present. mr. president, you have a quorum. >> can you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. (pledge of allegiance). >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> colleagues, we have up to the 22nd, 2013 board minute meetings, motion by supervisor mar, second by supervisor breed, they are approved. madam clerk, any communications? >> no communications today. >> can you read our 2 p.m. special order. >> it is the policy discussion
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between mayor edwin lea representing the odd districts, distributes 1 and 3, the board may address initially up to 3 minutes, the supervisor will present their own question to the mayor, follow-up questions are in order, five minutes per supervisor. >> mr. mayor, welcome back to the boerpd, if you have any initial comments, we'd love to hear them. >> thank you, president chiu. thank you supervisors for inviting me back and also thank you to the audience for being here as well. good afternoon. yesterday i had the opportunity to meet with 2030 transportation task force as they concluded their work. as you know, i convened this task force to plan for the city's future transportation needs. task force included supervisor chiu, supervisor wiener and supervisor avalos and i want to personally thank each of you
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for the valuable time you spent with that very large group of people who were thinking through all these needs. i also wanted to thank the co-chair, monique zamuda and gate hahaf, the task force identified more than 10 billion dollars in needs for transportation infrastructure and we've identified some funding but it's going to take everyone in this room to make sure we proerl fund and care for our transportation infrastructure that is vital to providing our residents a system they can rely on today and ao into the faou khu, i look forward to working with each and every one of you to make this happen. also, as the holidays approach, i'd like to remind everybody, it is the season of giving and it's time when we highlight organization that is are so important to our fabric of social safety net for our city, the organizations that support our veterans, our homeless and those most in need of meal,
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shelter and essentially human services every day of the year. we also must continue to be the global citizens we are and help friends and family ins the philippines who are in trem men deuce need of our help pr the devastation of the typhoon and i know all of the supervisors have been participating, community benefit events, i want to thank each and every one of you for doing so, as i join you on citywide events, we'll continue to do our best to make sure we raise as much funds as we can to help the recovery effort. it's going the take years but it is certainly something that's always on our minds. the campaign that we're all engaged in encourages the city's residents and business owners to dedicate whatever they can through the season of giving campaign so they can continue show casing our city as a world class city with a world class heart. and with that, we keep ensuring
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everyone that we continue to be the city of st. francis, so now let's proceed with questions, thank you. >> thank you, mr. mayor, our first question will be asked by our district 1 colleague, supervisor mar. >> thank you, mayor lee for being hair, the displacement is on the minds of many san franciscan, from the budget analyst report on the eviction crisis between 2009 and 2013t richmond district adds a whole has had 79 el sack evictions and 202 no vault evictioness placing my district among the highest of all neighborhoods in these categories. we also have a very high percentage of renters who are seniors and people with disabilities, many with serious mobility issues. the richmond district and the entire west side of the city lacks tenant focus services that are concentrated on the east side of town.
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given the tremendous need for tenant services and the geographic inequity in their distribution within san francisco, i would like to begin exploring hopefully with your assistance the possibility of providing a multiservice center in the richmond district that would include tenant focused services. can you commit to assisting my office on working on this? >> supervisor mar, thank you for your question and i am willing to explore with you and each of the other members of the board for ways of delivering our city funded services in a better and more effective way. as a city, we have to be open for delivering government service, we should be looking how best to tailor the services in our city and the people who live there. i'm committed to exploring the best way to reach residents of the richmond district with you, supervisor. i also share your deep concern that rez densest throughout san francisco including the richmond district are facing
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displacement as a result of ellis act and so called no fault evictions. as you know, i started my career as an affordable housing add voluntary cant and tenants right lawyer and pride myself to to extend the -- of an ellis act eviction and in turn help tenants remain in their homes for as long as we could. with our economy recovering from recession, there are speculators looking to take advantage of the strong real estate market at the expense of long-time tenants with no place to go. buying a building with the sole intent to evict rent controlled tenants, speculators are undermining the affordability of our entire stock, in past economic cycles, we've seen the number of el evictions as property values increase. i'm committed to taking action on the ellis act before this
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disturbing trend start to spiral in even great e larger crisis, so what can we do, colleagues? well, the heart of the matter lies with the state law itself. the ellis act is being abused by real estate speculators so we need to go to the state and change that law. i will ask you, supervisor, and every member of the board of supervisors to stand with me, we need to end the real estate speculation that is destabilizing our neighborhoods, and while we're fighting this battle, we must also stay focused on growing our own city back here at home. we need to build more housing for our growing workforce at all ranges of income -- of the income spectrum and be more attune to the needs of our seniors that are aging


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