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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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authority to the community. thank you for consideration my application. >> thank you, mr. rutlidge. is there anyone else who would like to speak? >> good morning, everyone. my name is michelle jock. i work at the campus of city college. good transportation directly links resources to employment, tourism and resources and education for a continued development for a better development of san francisco bay area. my educational background is public administration. i had the opportunity to work with an economic development organization in the free state province of south africa with transportation issues. i'm very excited to see a true partnership with all modes of transportation that the city and surrounding areas have to
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offer to effectively work together. more input from the community and neighborhoods across the city is imperative when developing major transit hubs that will affect the city. i would very much like to become a member of the san francisco county transit authority. >> please restate your name. >> michelle jock. >> is there anyone else who would like to speak? >> good morning, mr. chairman, good morning committee members. my name is jessica luney from district two. i believe the committee is looking representative from other districts, but i thought i would put in my application to be considered in the future if that's the case. i'm a patent lawyer, i work for google. i
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spend a lot of time on the roads in san francisco and the bay area and i believe transit is a really important problem. i would agree with what the other applicants said about there being environmental concerns and i'm just looking for a positive way to be, to serve my community and i would like to learn more about these problems and how to solve them. this you for consideration my application. >> thank you, we'll look forward to your application. is there anyone else that would like to speak, please come forward. >> good morning, everyone. my name is daniel sizen. from district 1. basically my background is in business primarily, business economics and management strategic management. i used to live in europe for a long time. i was in madrid spain and they have a wonderful transportation
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system there. i moved to san francisco and i don't think that lifestyle is possible here though i think we should work towards making something like that possible. a few months ago i started to get involved in transit and contacted everyone i should that i contacted enough people that i made myself way through a meeting and then having coffee with various people like scott wiener and others and that's how i found out about the advisory committee. my background in business, i work here in san francisco in the technique -- technology industry. with my background in business, i think i would bring more of an innovative approach and how we can increase efficiency and a more radical
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innovative approach. >> thank you. i think it would be great to work with you as well. is there anyone else who would like to speak? okay. now any members of the public who would like to speak? seeing none. i know there is a recommendation from katie tang from district 4 in support of eric rutlidge, but we know we need more time. i definitely appreciate miss michelle jock's experience within city college and the public administration and the global view from work in south africa and we are looking for strong representation from all neighborhoods and diverse point of view and diverse
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perspectives. let me ask colleagues if they have any questions? >> thank you, i'm happy to move forward eric rutlidge for seat no. 4 and happy to continue seat 7 by the request of supervisor. i was also very impressed by miss jacks as well. diversity is very important and it's something that we are lacking on the cac right now because it's important we have representative from all communities to talk about transit needs throughout the city. >> mr. campos? >> thank you, mr. chairman. i will be supportive of that motion. i do want to acknowledge theal bear --
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caliber of any applicant. i know anyone of these applicants would do a tremendous job on this body. the way this process works, even if you are not appointed right away it's important to be in the cue because there are vacancies for a lot of reasons and it's important that people remain engaged and i want to say thank you to all the people who have expressed an interest. i think that the caliber that you see is the kind of caliber that we need to really move the agency forward and sort of outside of the box thinking. even if you don't get appointed right away, i would ask you to be patient because this process will eventually allow you to be involved. so thank you very much. >> i did want to just thank erin goldsmith and other past ca members for their work. i
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think eric is going to bring not only a sunset perspective but regional perspective to this work with development without displacement. i think there is really good knowledge and especially from sat san mateo county that he will bring our neighbor to the south. i'm looking forward to working with -- eric rutlidge as well. >> i want to say something about michelle jock. i have known her for many many years. she was actually the bookkeeper for the san francisco naacp. i know she had to take off, but i think she would do a tremendous job on this body. she's used public transportation as long as i have known her and as i said that's a really long time. she's a person of her word.
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she's committed, whatever she decides to commit to she commits to it. i would like to see definitely some more diversity on this committee based on this chart. definitely it's clear that we need to do a little bit more effective ouch outreach effective outreach in communities of color to make sure we are represented in different parts of san francisco and i know each member of the board usually makes a referral for each of these seats. so i want to respect supervisor yee's request to have more time and i'm happy to support the motion on the floor. >> thank you. so colleagues, we have a motion on the table. can we take that without objection? thank you. thank you everyone for coming. i look forward to working with mr. sis man and
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ludey as you bring your application forward. call next item. >> the clerk: item 5: recommend allocation of $21,671,303 in prop k funds, with conditions, and $852,228 in prop aa funds, with conditions, for six requests, subject to the attached fiscal year cash flow distribution schedules and amendment of the relevant 5-year prioritization programs actionsf 51234 >> we have a staff report? >> good morning transportation. on behalf of transportation authority. this past month we have received four prop k allocation request for $21 million and for 5 projects. one of the memos shows the application and it gives you the brief description and the key interest to you. i will give you a brief overview of the four projects and then request the principal planner
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present the tep project. the first is is full allocation request from starting page 29 of the enclosure. and with bart escalators at 7 stations and they were constructed in 1972 but not had any major rehab. prop k phase one of the rehab which was completed in may of this year. we have at 3 station. we have 17 escalators at 7 stations. including central station. we have a lot of construction for the escalators. we have 28
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escalators for future rehab including two at the portal which are in pretty good condition and four in embarcadero which requires more work. >> miss kim, mr. kim has a question? >> sure. just a question on the escalator, i often hear, by the way, i'm happy to see this as the process of the question. one of the breakdowns is exposure to environment. we need awe ning and i have seen that in a lot of countries they have been covering escalators. i'm wondering if that was part
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of the discussion as to the long-term of maintenance? >> i will have mta staff. >> yes. jonathan with mta. yes there have been processes about taking care of that issue of having canopies for each of the portals because it does have an impact on the escalate ors. and the mayor is processing that. >> would the timeline be aligned or would the escalator work go in before? >> undetermined at this point. i'm hoping that will continue. but the issues you raise under consideration will certainly help us if resolve improve the life of those assets. are all of these 17 on market street?
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>> there are some at, we have an overall escalator replacement program. this is the second phase. we do share some of the escalators with bart, but a lot of these for now, two of the ones recently completed were church street station and van ness station and they are the ones focused along twin peaks as well. >> these are still on market street, right? >> yes. some of them. at some of the stations whenever we would need a cover we will consider those in the future, yes. >> thank you, mr. campos? commissioner breed? >> i just want to make sure because you said there was money set aside from the mayor's task force. isn't that a recommendation? those are not confirmed dollars. >> it was considered as a need
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for the new metro system. >> but it's not confirmed. >> yes. the not confirmed but it has considered. >> also i appreciate the point that commissioner kim brought up, we really need to take into consideration these things simultaneously. i don't really understand why we would not, we would repair these escalators without thinking about the whole picture in terms of what leads to them being damaged faster in the first place. i think that should be taken into consideration and i'm hoping that we can have a clear understanding of whether or not that's possible in the near future? >> yes. >> thank you. >> commissioner campos? >> thank you. on the issue of the 17 escalators, is there a maintenance plan? >> yes, is there a maintenance plan to keep up the escalators
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over time, yes. we have regular city of for keeping up our escalators and elevators. >> is that in the packet? >> i don't think we put the regular cost of on going maintenance with the allocation request. but we can provide that to you if you would like to know. >> yes. eye -- i have said that before where the san francisco county has given a lot of money to the mta without requesting a maintenance plain with that. so i'm not prepared to support something unless i see a maintenance plan because i have had myself the example of so many escalators around this area being broken and i just think that we owe it to the riders to make sure that before we approve money that we actually have a detailed
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maintenance plan that shows how they are going to maintain what we aren investing. >> okay. >> thank you. miss kim? >> thank you. so the next project for dpw is avenue repavement renovation project for allocation request. that's from page 45 over the enclosure. this is to fund the construction base of the portrero avenue for repaving 5 miles including one 1 mile betweenal alameda and 5th. this is for the improvement project which includes rider sidewalk and landscaping. this is good to see the two different elements compliment each other. and in completion of this project will coincide with the san francisco general
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hospital rebuild. the next three parts. two prop k. it requires in one prop k request and two propaa request is to design two projects for quarter improvement and broadway chinatown phase. >> that is one bay area grant by mtc and a bag? >> correct. thank you for pointing that out. you have seen this project many times before. this will be a quick reminder for you of the scope. so the corridor improvement project statement -- starts from page 61 of the enclosure. from maclaren park from sunny dale avenue including sidewalks and improving stations. the project development and the
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phases and this is the design phase. for the dpw chinatown broadway, four allocation request starts from page 81 of the enclosure and this is for the design phase of the complete project between broadway and columbus avenue and broadway tunnel including blvds crosswalk and the lighting. the transportation board also okayed funds for the overall project. >> thank you. hello commissioners. the final request in front of you today is on page 1 of the enclosure. a request from sf mta for the
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transit effectiveness project. the ep t is a comprehensive program to increasing reliability and reducing over crowding and enhancing throughout the system it's for 15 subprojects within the overall program. the recommendation is and these are listed on page 3 of the enclosure. the recommendation is to fund conceptual or preliminary engineering as well as design roots for the subprojects and only preliminary english -- engineering. i can refer to these, but you can also refer to your packet. these typically
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include route restructuring. these can be pedestrian bulbs, turn lanes, stop optimization or realignments. the tep is currently under going environmental reviews. this will support the engineering work for the environmental review and getting ready for the implementation. that schedule of the eir is expected to be certified in march 2014. and the implementation, the full implementation is scheduled for 20/20. this is be made for fiscal year 2014 funds but not needed this fiscal year. the clarification is the advance of the tep funds but the project will be made whole
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in the 5-year plan update. this is advancing funds that are needed now. with that, we'll be happy to answer questions and there is members of the staff. >> i did want to make one point and i know that the mta's really making a commitment for strong community outreach for the tep, transit effectiveness project. i'm happy to hear about that. i think these projects are really important but also important that mta that within 6 months to come back to the outreach especially the communities impacted by the special projects. i did want to acknowledge that the ta and thanks to our director and miss lombardy oh as well for leveraging so much more money for what the city is doing. example the $14 million for the
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escalator, the 2 bay area grant and the potrero avenue, no, that's federal money. a lot of good work leveraging money and making major improvements in many nabz. -- neighborhoods. thank you for bringing this forward. >> thank you, i just want to know who the contract was awarded to? >> i would let sf mta cover that. >> does that include funds or does that come from another source. >> that's in a request for prop k funds. barbary was awarded the contract. >> shawn kennedy with the mta. >> thank you. >> i also see a note that, mr. k, it looks like a request from
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colleague commissioners that the mta think about a maintenance plan for the escalators as was brought up by commissioner kim. i'm just wondering if you are comment on that? miss lombardyo is here as well. >> thank you for your very good comments and commissioner king as well. we can incorporate that into board's packet. my understanding is that the new federal guidelines when you put in a new escalator you have to build a new canopy for the very reasons you cited and the rules for replacing a rehabilitated, you can cross the line whether it's a new escalator and you have to put up canopies. it's a trade off. i can request a response to that particular angle as part of the board
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packet. >> commissioner campos? >> i appreciate that, but i don't think that the committee should send anything out until we have fully vetted it. so i would hold on to the $3.7 million until we get that. >> that's until next month. >> yes. i think the message we need to send to the mta is, you know, you are requesting funds for things that are worthwhile, but it's not an automatic thing and you need to make sure you present all the information and don't ask for a prop k investment without a fully detailed maintenance plan. >> got it. >> commissioner kim? >> yes. i'm happy to support that continuance. also want to address something the mayor brought up, it's important to
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get information on the balconies. we have to make sure those dollars are going to last us the longest possible because we are doing everything that we can to maintain them to book the maintenance plan and the canopy issue is important. >> amber just had a great idea. bart is doing a great job with canopies. let me see if i can get bart here to have a proper discussion on this. >> i want to ask mr. kennedy on the tep, i know there is many in the community who feel for the tep to be successful, real meaningful outreach has to happen and if you can come back in 6 months to report on that outreach. >> yes, we are definitely planning to come back in 6 months and we will report on who we talked to and how we are going to be addressing
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concerns. we are also in the process of developing an equity analysis that will go kind of into how these projects end up being pursued and being completed and that process should be completed for the scope of the equity analysis within the next week or two and then we hope to be done with that analysis early in 2014 so we can inform our process going forward . we just hired an outreach consultant that is really starting work right now and we are hoping by the first of the year over the next six 6 months really be out and work with groups and try engage and focus the eir process to the mrems -- implementation plan to figure out which process will go forward. >> not to put you on the spot,
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mr. eric williams with the transit workers union mentioned immediate improvement and can you talk about that as well? >> yeah. sure. so, our director of transit director hailey has an operations plan both for the tunnel as well the overall light rail system in general. we have the vehicles and making sure transit priority is working and operational. we are doing things like 3-car train to reduce some of the crowding in the tunnel and doing a lot of switch repair, track repair. district try to upgrade and make it more reliable. we are also a little bit longer term in the 4-5-year range trying to
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order lrv's and new vehicles to get out there. not only are we having in our existing fleet which is in some case of disrepair. we are also ordering new vehicles for the next several years. >> thank you. commissioner breed? >> just one last comment because i noticed that some of the requests there were be some new bus stops and bus stop improvements and i just wanted to mention that i have serious issues with the current bus shelters that are located all over the city. i have already talked to the mayor's office on disability where some of the locations where wheelchairs can't get through some of the more narrower streets. when making these decisions maet should be working hand in hand with the mayor's office with
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disabilities when you place these shelters in locations that they are taking that into consideration. i just wanted to mention that because there is a request to do new bus stops that mtaen insures that when making these decisions, they won't compromise one accessibility issue for another. thank you. >> thank you. if there are no other comments. let me repeat that there has been a motion and seconded to continue the escalator item as part of the overall proposal. let's open up to public comment. is there anyone from the public who would like to speak. if people can come forward and wait on the right hand side. mr. williams? >> good morning. e ric with transit workers unions. for the tep to be successful today you
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have to reduce service because of the lack of operators and lack of equipment. let's be honest. while i like sean, he does a lot of work at the tep program. the truth of matter is tep is based on reducing service. if we are doing everything to do with transit first, we have a lot of work to do. now, recent with john hailey, he knows what he's up against in terms of providing economic service that these citizens of san francisco defer. -- deserve. we know what we are up against. tep, it's not going to work. of course you have to put aside a project because we know it's too many holes within the tep goal


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