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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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[inaudible] >> chief data officer. >> okay, and then the next thing is this 3 month, the city department shall designate department data coordinators, would that remain the same or would that push it down a little bit since we don't know if we have the chief data officer yet. >> right, we want to make sure the chief data officer is in place and that is coordinating for all the different department, it really prioritizes the data which was existing in the ordinance before my ledge slaix, this is not only creating timeline that is are responsible to make sure we are acting on this data but also we want to make sure our city staff has the ability to take the time to hire the right chief data officer here in san francisco and that person can be the one coordinating going
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forward. >> okay. >> so, i guess there's -- for the department data coordinators, even though they might be identified before the chief data officer comes on board, they have things to do. got it. and the other question i have is is the expectation that the plan itself or draft of a plan be developed given that year or would it be sooner because i'm looking at something else here that says six months. >> right. just to take a step back and as a concept, e what we want to do is we w*e ear creating timelines to make sure we're acting on this and we're providing this to the public, we gave the chief data officer flexibility because there's certain needs in certain department, we want to make sure we're meeting their needs as well, i don't want to have the consequences of pushing
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timelines on people if it doesn't make sense, we're giving the chief data officer flexibility within that. >> okay. >> so, the answer to that is really if it gets done within the year, that's the timeline, okay. any other questions, colleagues? seeing none, are there any public comments on this item? you have two minutes. >> thank you very much, thank you very much, supervisor farrell for introducing this legislation, my name is yo owe shaoed da, i'm the ceo of ap limber, a civic start up in san francisco that wouldn't exist without the open data, it's going back almost 4 years ago now, introduced the first legislation to push it forward, mayor lea and supervisor chu lead thing way with the support of jay naf, our company created the san francisco rec and park
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app using open data, we are now about to become a venture back start-up which is a major fete for a civic start-up, so it's coming from not just, you know, a bunch of -- that talk about open data but it's -- it became a movement a few years ago and now it's turning into an industry that i think there's at least about 20 or 30 civic start-upcoming from silicone valley, san francisco to create useful products for the public. our first product was the san francisco rec and park app, we'll be releasing the san francisco arts app and these are using open data sets. we created within partnership with department of public health the first neighborhood score which is a comprehensive aver all health score for the neighborhoods within the san francisco and that looks like it will be expanded and adopted as a standard for the country, so we look forward to putting
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some teeth into the open data movement through this legislation. we do have some [inaudible] with some departments not being able to release it quick enough to give the abilities to create product from this and create industry, jobs and move the movement forward. thank you very much for your time and thank you for pushing this legislation, mr. farrell. >> thank you. anybody else? come on up. >> good afternoon, supervised sores, my name is corey marshal, i'm with splunk, open data is the foundation that we do, we have partnerships that are currently in place with fema and the fac and doing some work right now around trying to make better use of public comment. these are partnerships that we do purely on the back of open
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data and open data that's made available to the public. and without that, we wouldn't have anything to do, we welcome this and it's an honor for me to be up here speaking about this because i have been working closely with supervisor farrell to make this a reality and on the version of the open data legislation, i'm a previous city employee for many years ago, back in the day that we had to fight departments get information expose today the public, it's refreshing to see a day where we can engage those things and build on that, i think there are a number of different excellent opportunity that is the city can take advantage of there engaging the information and the partner that is are available to them. thank you. >> thank you, mr. marshal.
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>> hi. i'm persa sang. i'm with community local data and for my work at local data before that, it's important to see open data, not just as a nice thing for developers but really as a city infrastructure, the same way that roads, we have to make sure they're usable, having buses with three or four seats isn't good, we need to know that open data is useful and accessible, i've been able to work in areas that have very good open data and really provide a lot of value to municipalities there to other private partners who are doing work in those areas and communities, and areas where open data is harder to get a hold of or not as well maintained, so i'm excited that
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locally we'll be able to do that work aggressively. thanks. >> thank you, anybody else? >> hello. my name is kathrin johnson, i aoep s*ent caravan studios non-profit, that's a division of tech soup global here in san francisco, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to comment on this today, this allows us better tools to serve the community. we are currently working on a project called range which allows a user to find the nearest space in both time and location to find a free meal, something that is critically important, especially during the summer when the summer school lunch programs are not as active. without this type of open data, this type of project that would surface community resources would be virtually impossible, so we appreciate seeing this move forward and we look forward to hearing more. thank you very much. >> thank you, ms. johnson.
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any other public comment, come on up. just come on up. >> good afternoon, supervisor, my name is jay nas, i'm the chief innovation's officer and i want to express my support for the amendments to the open data legislation, as you know, our city's been a national leader in open data and this legislation continues and strengthens that leadership role by permit putting timelines in place, by introducing any concept around personal data and having access to that data and i think it will continue improving transparency, accountability and i think most importantly, encouraging our community to engage with our city, to park the creative and entrepreneurial spirit that we have, to create new services, to drive economic development and new creations. i think it will help internally as well in terms of communications and building
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better relationships between departments and exchange of data. thank you. >> thank you. >> everybody, thank you for taking this up, this is brian, i staffed with jay a few years ago, i got back from brazil helping them launch their open data program and the first thing i told them was basically having open data coordinators, having a chief coordinating officer from a bin, i know it took us a while to get to this point, someone advised us a number of civic start-ups, a number of organization, this will be incredibly helpful, will be adopted throughout the country and throughout the world and san francisco should get back in the lead of this movement. thank you very much, guys. >> thank you. any other public comments? yes? seeing one more. >> hi. my name is [inaudible] garcia,
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i am founder and ceo of [inaudible] and we are a geographic information system that indexes millions of data sets from different sources, especially open data and we are helping small and medium businesses to optimize their decisions using this kind of information. today, a big company for example like star bucks, they have millions of dollars to know where should i locate the store, but thanks to the data that is going to be open, we can understand exactly where a small company that doesn't have the same resources to have that kind of analytic and understand exactly where they should they low kailt and be successful. >> your company is what? >> insta gis, like geographic information system. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> seeing other -- any other public comments? seeing none, public comment is
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now closed. so, colleagues, can we have a motion to accept these amendments? >> i just had a few questions for mr. farrell. thank you, supervisor farrell, for proposing this idea. i know one of the challenges that i had as a former director of a cbo is the fact that we had received numerous grants from various city departments and part of the challenge was the fact that they required different things, they had different technical systems which also required classes to understand those technical systems and it was extremely time consuming and i know that what's being proposed here is a way to organize departments, the communication with departments better, and i just wanted to get -- because this is of course a big picture type of thing, but i just wanted to understand the smaller picture in terms of its direct impact
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on grant recipients or people who do business with the city because, again, it is a challenge to get sometimes departments to communicate with one another, but also it's not a one size fits all, in some cases, one department may need one thing, another may need another but there is certain basic information that can be clearly established and i just wanted to understand how this translates in the end to being a more effective system for the folks, the general public that will be using this system? >> i think there's two perspectives, one probably fra the cbo perspective about how they communicate with our city government, is that going to be easier for them or more efficient, from that perspective, a large part of this is what we're doing is right now, we have so much data as a city that is not being utilized at all, and as they call it, pdf is the way open
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data goes out to die, now what we're doing is we're saying it needs to be in machine readable format so people can take that data and use it to create all these apps, this open data policy will not only allow individuals in san francisco or residents to take control of the data about themselves, it's obviously going to have an entrepreneurial effect, but the answer is we don't know where it's going to go, you know, we're creating it out there and we're allowing the entrepreneurial community to take with it and do what they want. the most exciting about this accidenter hearing a year from now and see what's been created a year from now because of it, i think this is to be determined, the only thing we can say, it's going to be in a more positive manner that has the potential to do with this. in terms of the departments themselves, i think it seemed to be a little bit also to what you're getting to.
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we're going to have the time now right after this for the department tos come forward and say these are the things that should be relevant and should be releasing in materialser of open data, providing privacy, but we're going the make sure when these departments come forward with their proposed data sets, it's not only that these departments are going to issue these data sets once a year, it's in regular intervals, so people know, gis applications, think about having uber type app for muni, how much better would that be for our residents, whether it has to be superfrequently or it has to be a longer period of time, i don't know in jay would want to comment on that as well, he's been a leader far before i got involved in this, so if you want to add any comments. >> i think it's an excellent question, supervisor breed, and one of the things we've done as a city that has been effective
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is establishing standards around data and how we share data and that allows for, you know, easier input of data, so with you're talking about different departments and agencies asking for different information, that's not standardized, we're not coordinating and say, we're asking for the same information, let's standardize that, so we've been working with the private sector, with non-profits in doing that and i think this is a great opportunity for us to look in that area. there's a great amount of information that's being transferred from nonprofit to our city through the grant process and i think there's plenty of opportunity to make it better. >> and just two more questions, number one, how much is this going to cost us? >> i mean, you know, from our perspective, there isn't a massive cost involved, some allocation within our city departments with time to put this together.
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>> there's money i know already allocated to many city departments in order to develop a lot of these systems in the first place, so we're just going to probably redirect some of that funding in order to help organize this system? >> i think thaoes a very appropriate way to think about it. >> okay. and then this is a bit of a selfish question. so, i'm on the golden gate bridge board and we have a system for our agendas and the details that are provided to us as board members, so when we're reviewing the information, not only are we able to look into our board, it's called board effects and go through any of the agendas for any of the meetings, we're able to take notes, we're able to highlight things, we're able to do a lot of great, amazing things in order to effectively do our job as members of the golden gate bridge board. unfortunately, we don't have that same option with the board
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of supervisors so i just want to put it out there, i know we're talk about the larger picture, but i'm hoping that in looking at the larger picture, we're thinking abour needs and how we make not only the government more efficient, but our ability to effectively do our jobs as members of the board or as members of the city attorney's office or as members who are trying to efficiently conduct business on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, we take all of those things into considerations because i personally would like us to have something very similar in order to do our jobs for efficiently. >> so i think your point is very well taken, would love to have the application here at the board of supervisors and to put it into context again, we're doing a lot as a city to rethink about how we operate our city government, and we live in the hub of innovation across the globe here in san francisco and in many ways for many year, san francisco as a city government has been behind
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of adopting that innovation, we're doing a ton of work on it, we have a long ways to go, open data is but a part of that in a way to have an impact, i think the impact can be real within our city government, but i think what you're speaking to is a broader topic of how we use technology to apply to our city government and our day-to-day jobs as supervisors or people within different departments. >> and i would say i would want us to head in a direction when putting together this overall policy and one that would make us more efficient and one that will mating it easier to cross lines in various city departments and i'm really excited about this to tonight, really looking forward to the impacts of what happens with this, so i appreciate you taking the leadership and bringing it forward to us, thank you. >> thanks >> >> maybe somebody out there who's listening will develop an app for all of the things that
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supervisor breed would like to have happen. so, can we have a motion to accept the amendments? okay, any objections? amendments are passed. could we now have a motion to pass this item to the full board for recommendation, positive recommendation? okay, no objection. the motion is passed. thank you, supervisor farrell. [applause]. let's see. i believe, madam clerk, we would like to call an item out of order, if it's okay with my colleague, can you please call item number 8. >> item number 8 is a resolution appointing harlan l. kelly jr. for a four year term to commence upon the board of supervisors' approval as a director of the san francisco bay area regional water system financing authority. >> so, good afternoon,
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supervisors, again, harlan kelly, i want to say that i appreciate you looking at my appointment, this is an appointment that is a four year term. as you know, the puc provides water to about 2.6 million customer ins the bay area. we provide water to residents and businesses in san francisco and also wholesale, an agency in alameda, santa clara and san mateo counties, our wholesale customers are [inaudible] by bosca xh a conservation agency, as you know t state legislature created a financing agency as a way, a puc to coordinate and collaborate with our wholesale customers on financial decisions, and to really look at ways to improve the
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reliability of our regional water system. as you know, the previous general manager, ed herrington was served in this position and i would be honored to take on this new role as a new general manager, so again, i wants to thank you for the consideration of my appointment. >> okay. any questions, colleagues? seeing none, any public comments on this issue? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we have a motion to pass this item to the full board as a committee report? moved. no objections. motion is passed. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> madam clerk, can we have item number 2. >> item 2 is a motion confirming the mayor's appointment of vivian fei tsen, term ending february 26, 2014 to the treasury island development authority board of
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directors. >> okay. you're used to this. >> it's great to be here, i'm very honored that the mayor has nominated me to be the treasure reer of the island authority, i've been involved in numerous specific projects in this city. i started out building affordable housing and with the first housing director of the chinatown development community over 36 years ago and i went on to do other things but i have maintained my relationship with that great neighborhood organizations for three decades and i am now the president of its board of directors, i was on the commission of the agency in the early 1980's and early 1990's and [inaudible] which i've been stuck for about three decades prior to my [inaudible] and a great advocate, strong
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advocate for family and children uses on that block. i was on the de young board of trustees and helped them with the building of the new de young museum in golden gate park, i helped the port of san francisco after more of a decade on the moratorium of building with the waterfront land use plan and as a director of real estate helped to formulate the strategy. so, i am good at helping projects that are stuck to get unstuck and i am hopeful that my experience with large scale civic projects but also with affordable housing and neighborhood news can be useful for treasure island. it was the third great public project of the 1930's after the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge, it is a place for tremendous historic significance and also of dreams. today there is also a community of people who live and work there and in the future, the hope is that it will be a
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vibrant, resilient neighborhood with new housing, new shops, new parks and that it will have uses that will also be a destination for visitors from san francisco and beyond, so i hope that you will support my nomination and i also hope that i can be of use to the city in helping move treasure island along. >> thank you. colleagues, any questions? i appreciate that you reached out to our offices and i realize that we may have intersected in life about three decades ago was when the gardens project when i was on the committee to look at all the children's development, and what a wonderful place that is for san francisco, so are there any public comments at this point? come on up, two minutes.
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>> i'm phil chen with the committee for better parks in chinatown. i've known fei for over 30 years, i just want to share with you an earlier experience that shows her grit and determination. we all know that she's a great development professional, but when chinatown cdc got started, our portfolio was 0 projects, and we met with some people who were developing the levi plaza project, and we sent fei to negotiate with pacific union and in that process, we were able to get our first equity project. since then, obviously chinatown cdc has grown to over 2000
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units and clearly the leadership of fei has been key to that. she understands the planning process, she understands financing, she understands design, she understands construction and project management, in short, she understands the entire development process and i don't think you could find a more qualified person to sit on that commission. thank you. >> thanks. >> good afternoon, supervisors, it's a beautiful day. we're here to celebrate a beautiful person, fei. she's not only a former staff, she's my boss as president of the board and i'm going to get a couple of people mad at me because i think she's the best president we ever had, so the others were great too, but she -- on a dime, she'll drop
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whatever she's doing to come for an uncalendared meeting, she works harder on a couple of issues that i don't want to say too loudly, she gets it done, i don't have to go over all of her qualifications but i'm here to just say one word, amen, which means so be it, thank you. >> thank you, norman number 2. any other public comments on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor breed? >> thank you. i had an opportunity to meet with ms. tsen and thank you for reaching out to our office, i think your unique experience with real estate and your loving support for the arts truly make you a great candidate for serving on the treasure island development
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authority. i used to work at treasure island and i really appreciate your thoughtfulness, the fact that you did research, the fact that you understand development and some of the challenges with what's to come with treasure island and i think the mayor made a good suggestion by recommending you to serve on this commission. i think you'll do a fabulous job and i'm happy to move your name forward to the full board with recommendation. >> thank you, supervisor breed. so, that's a motion. is there any objection? seeing none, motion is passed. congratulations. [applause]. madam clerk, item number 3. >> item number 3, hearing to consider appointing two members for indefinite terms to the airport facilities naming advisory committee. >> there are a number of candidates that are interested
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in these two remaining stapes and need more time to submit their applications. can we have a motion to continue this item to the call of the chair? after public comments. is there any public comments on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. could i have the motion? okay. no objection, so this item will be continued to call on the chair. thank you very much. madam clerk, item number 4. >> item number 4, hearing to consider appointing one member term ending march 19, 2016 to the child care planning and advisory council, there is one seat and one applicant. >> okay. ms. mehta? >> hello, supervisors, thank you for your consideration for my appointment to district 6
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representatives to supervisor jane kim as a child care provider, my name is deepa mehta, i work for family youth and child care center as an after school coordinator, most of my experience has been in the after school field and the ece field which is early childhood education, i've been working in the tenderloin community for three years now, in addition to working at glide, i'm in the tenderloin safe pathway commission, safe passage provides safe blocks to 400 youth daily for the after school hours. i think i would be a good candidate for the child care council because i would bring diverse toy the the youth and bring the after school perspective to the group, and there's not as much represenon


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