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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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investors to make a modest profit it's corruptible it be reinvested into the community. african-americans began to flee the lack you have opportunity in the last century. the bay area was effected when african-americans moved hero to take up jobs in the ship jarred. they've brought their skills and he talent. i believe it would turn the talent into blues and jazz. in the 1950s they've put san francisco on the map and maums famous folks stayed in other hotels like in the fillmore because they were not permit to
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stay in the better hotels >> before you clock begins for me could i ask those boo who came in support of the jazz center stand. i want to acknowledge and thank you for coming out on behalf of jazz center. thank you folks from the church and peter the founding executive director of the jazz heritage center and our board. with that, i'd like to begin. i'm christen. it was 6 years that the jazz history was preserved and 3 areas were set aside to present. in 2008, the jazz or j f c opened to rave reviews but we
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never had a lease. since then there's been numerous exhibit in our gallery and our theatre. our small theatre wasability built out to have a projector and we've been partnering with the film festivity. we've partnered to present jazz films. our early donors gave a thousand dollars to support our work and the names are on the seats. here are the names the honorable willie brown and others and legendary mustache like bonding bobby west. my name is there as the former two chairs of the board.
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we've had extensive programming over the 6 years and stated thousands even if people come through our doors. please fight to keep this in the fillmore and tell the story of the fillmore. please don't although throw out the baby with the bathwater >> thank you. (calling names) >> good afternoon madam chair and commissioners. i'm corp. run woods i chair the citizens advisory committee per we have been involved in the deposition of the bayview park and grateful to the oc ii staff for their solution to hold onto
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all the particles in mission bay until they're all developed maybe in 8 years from now, maybe and then transfer them. we think this give us an opportunity to think about the future and think about a way to have a coherent park system that used the cf d fund efficiently to fund ongoing maintenance. we forward to having the principles outlined by the yerba buena alliance for the yerba buena gardens applied also in mission bay so we have transparency and openness very much desired involvement in this community
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>> i'm the special director at the heritage center. the premise was to restore the pride in the fillmore community to inform and educate the youth and 2ki89s swimming pool how it serves it's community we had african-american artists displaying their work and we had families mustache come in. the various programs were the harlem of the west the district was known as that where mustache played in families clubs after their downtown gigs and people came to see them. the jazz on the barry coast gave
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the history where it started and jazz was coincide in san francisco. then we/had lectures and froifrt david george was the first african-american photographer to be brought ♪ the art snooty lived with dan sell adams the first african-american student and he chronic called the community we have his exhibits and donny a famous mutual interviewed by denny bucking stone. we had the great drummer he came in and mentored the children. and she should be considered a landmark and the place should go
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on to serve the fillmore community as well as the rest of san francisco. thank you >> (calling names). >> hello, i'm peter the 230ur7bd of the jazz center. thank you, commissioners. a little bit of history after the dark days it's called institutional listed racialism. a little later which i call the good goose came like dianne feinstein and they pit in their blood and tears to keep the district including my mother trying to help. so just to quickly say i support of the comments of christen
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harris and lawyer victor or cuss and make sure that that place is around for a long time >> (calling names). >> thank you, commissioners. as a member of the where had of the jazz heritage center i've watched on a untold number of divorce 80 diverse their time to preserve a culture district of african-american and japanese-americans and jews who came together it's teaching the community a lot. it's bringing us back to together it's a bit of redemption we're bringing back your history and people are
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happy. it's a small space we labor to keep it alive and i hope we can continue to keep it alive for the city >> (calling names) >> hello. thank you for hearing us today. i want to say i lived in the mission since 1978 where i paid $280 for my apartment. yovp i don't have to tell you please don't let things happen in the fillmore. there's only a few of you old enough to know that 80 thousand black people were moved out of the fillmore and east paling
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alter was a result of that. i'm here to support christen hayes and victor it's a small reminder of the proudest momentum of the san franciscan history. it roll needs to be preferred. i urge you to listen to air recommendations and to support it try to keep as much of san francisco's history alive for your kids and grandkids and so this doesn't die out. thanks. (calling names). >> good morning i'm speaking on the yerba buena gardeners transfer. the yerba buena alliance is provided in previous meetings the community principles the 5
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principles that make up the ways of continuing the operating entity that provides the oversight for all the garden uses. i'm not going to go over those but want to speak to the management model. for over 20 years the gardens have attracted visitors. the oversight provided by agency has enabled those to function as a whole. the agencies compounds have been doing an analysis that suggests 3 types of oversight. the city may wish to consider in providing for the future of y b g. those 3 models are first one that the board of supervisors that's similar to the one that
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the board of supervisors just approved for the market where the city has ownership of the property and formed a nonprofit board that's made up of merchants and policymakers. second one is an example of a market also where the city opposes the land in seattle and they have a nonprofit that owns the land and operates it. the third would have the gardener turned over to the city and city commission operate it. we urge you to consider the models one and two where there's still oversight that we have the ability to have local people involved in this operation. thank you
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>> (calling names). >> my name is wilford i'm a resident of the western edition and the member of the beth many church. i'm a long term resident of the area and here to talk about the remarks ofcytes 10 hayes. as the old agency that has a history in the city we're destroying the african-american community is very tablet. it's important you are in a unique position to demonstrate your embracing programs that can make it come back together. it starts with you're taking a solid position are i think you are in front of you an opportunity but you understand how to be proactively supportive
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and continue the ability in the city. that's what i wanted to say. thank you >> (calling names) >> is it charley walker? yes sorry >> (laughter). >> you know, one of the things i've gotten up earlier was that lady talking about destroying the bayview park a fungus ago. i just want to say this to you all don't you all see this is a clear-cut case of including
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conclusion clan they want black people out of this town and doing a damn good job of that now they're out in bayview. you have to be a complete edit not to see the humanitarian on the wall. a lot of black people they've got the never to think they're going to be fair to us america is not fair. i went to sproet this country and people called me a nigger arrest what authority do you all have on this board to turn this mess around. this is a lot of mess it's crazy it is unfair.
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it is at an monument to what the germans did to the jewish people. i've said this ero and ero when they were taking the western edition i was the only person saying this whoa won't work where black people are concerned they had the nerve to say we were going back to georgia and mississippi. this this is be race itching >> good morning aim virginia from the yerba buena alliance here to speak in support of the future of the yerba buena
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gardener and echo the jazz examine. everyone in the room if you're here for the yerba buena gardeners could you please raise our hundreds. there's a lot of people that are dedicated to what happens to our neighborhood in the future and we hope i'll take seriously the proposed principles we've provided today and i'm heaping happy to say we have 75 people signatures that receptionists the folks in the yerba buena. as we move forward we want to see the city's support to help maintain the gardens for the long-term future >> (calling names) >> good afternoon. i'm marty i'm with the shipyard trust for
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the artist. there are other board members here. we strongly encourage support of the organization c i plan. we've worked with the oc i for many years this is the oldest artist community in the country. i don't have to preach to you what was happening to artist in san francisco. this is to insure that not only the 3 hundred artists will be able to stay but more importantly the aftra of the future will have a place to go it's pretty bad now. we thank oc ii and hopefully, you'll concur with their plan. thank you (calling names) >> good afternoon, commissioners and oc ii staff.
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i'm 4ri7bd i'm collective and artist director. it's my great principle to work alongside the many organizations that make up the yerba buena complex. and it makes a great place for entertainment and childcare and restaurants. include the yerba buena alliances in the property management plan. thank you very much. >> ross and deborah. >> hi, i'm deborah i'm the executive director for the center of the arts that i are want to objectively we commend commend the process and support the process the center for the arts is behind this project and
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we're president to stay active and we're interested in model one and two not model 3. we're working with the team at that continue the conversation so we're here and we're totally wanting to be part of the process in moving forward as we development our plan. i want to echo the comment about the artist. if we don't work hard to keep this the beautiful city it is we'll be in a totally different situation and artists are leaving in droves and our artists are struggling. (calling names) >> i think i said ross porter.
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i came here today but hearing everybody talking inspires me to tong and it makes the arts and yerba buena center and for the appeal in the strict it fantastic. what particle took me is the fillmore jazz center i grew up in the 50s and 60s i have great mentioned of the fillmore of the past including the you wouldn't see and sufficient like that. i've had perpetrate of experience and interface in the fillmore district. it needs a lot of sport and the fillmore jazz center is just 12rur789 anonymous for us that
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live here but the fillmore district has some iconic things worldwide. we rely upon tourism i told you any friends out of town to come and see the fillmore district and i hope our consideration is given for all of those >> (calling names). >> good afternoon members of the board i'm here i'm obviously a supporter of christen hayes for the jazz center but to be on the clear side that the fillmore center nodes to be seen in the overall investment of the area. you have to remember when frank
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jordan made a commitment a commitment to create african-american empowerment in fillmore it has a significant amount of investment. the investment went into groceries it is to grandparent the fillmore residents. you have to get the community involved to rethink and prioritize and reprogram a the reinvestment consideration. i looked at their correspondence between the staff and vendors and what's going on and it's important that you don't confuse what is finally realistic go in the interests of the district and the community at the same time maintaining the assets. there's nothing wrong when a
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non-performance arts are liquidated you want to make sure that money goes back to the community that the institution goes back to the communicated that were the diligence kind of negotiation that i mean is going on with the staff here and in my opinion is the interest of the community so long as there's not other goal. so let's not contestants the heritage center is a minute aspect of the whole issue so, please you need to a know it and gave me the the community. (calling names) >> dpj commissioners i'm jackie writhe. hopefully, you've seen this but i'm going to read this with the
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undersigned here that are listed it's a statement of support of the jazz center. we the undersigned are attendees of the community center the morning of november 19th. we're concerned about the african-americans in the city of san francisco and the apparent lack of strong support of the institutions of african-americans. african-americans have 2rib9 greatly to the prosperity of san francisco. as such inspections of african-americans should be supported. as promises have been mate utilizing public dollars on behalf of community to build the fillmore district where it's been documented it african-americans were treated unjustly we ask the city to insure with the jazz heritage
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center will be kept in piss it's location or if moved it should be moved to a more viable location. it's a place for all san francisco and rossly and others and i signed the early one, too. i'm asking you not sell out the jazz heritage center >> (calling names). >> interviewed one second i continue to see members of the public coming up with condominium cards i'll ask mop who wants to speak i'd like to close the line to whichever cards you have we are going to stop there. >> i'm with the st. john
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orthodox church on fillmore street. i'll open up and say that jazz can change the thinking of the people. and i don't know maybe we're not listening to enough jazz much less enough to understand what is unhappy happening to us as african people there's been permeated malice and for thought to remove black people from the city. and to speak about cultural institutions whether they were the soul food restaurants or chicago barbara shop and the marcus book store and we can go
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on and on but those of us who have been in place to stop the hemorrhageing. the jazz heritage center in particular has a dear plays in my heart. former supervisor mark said there were 3 cultural institutions open fillmore street it's the marcus book store and the jazz and the john culture church. the rest is a feeding trove and gym joints which we understand begin joint gave birth to this music. my grandson was able to take advantage of the drum lessons that trudy i didn't gave and other things that have happened that are crumbling e krushl important. there's a great picture here we
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need to 250k. this of the destined to revitalize and grandparent the african-american community. i'm so glad to see so many of people of color on this board >> (calling names). >> here's the problem you guys want to make it your stuff and tyler stuff. first and for most you have to tell us why we got screwed out of the investment. london breed is now commiserates and now on the board of supervisors and we can't get even though time of day why all this money is at the fillmore center. joint all the money was given
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away and there's nothing for us. we come down here and get no civil rights lawyers and i'm upset. speck at the end of the day we were screwed and we allow us to let people come into the community and reap our benefits. over $90 million was spent many in amount of time. no million dollars fillmore center is going to make a $5 million deal at the end of the day we've got nothing. how can you sit up there and talk about blacks business. we obligate going to cry about abruption from


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