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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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>> this is a meeting of the san francisco recreation and park commission. would the secretary please call the really >> (calling names) so we are on item it which is the president report and just as a quick remainder please please silence
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all electronic devices. that would go 0 off and commissioner buell. >> 3 minutes. >> you'll have 3 minutes to comment on the president reports. >> briefly for those of you who were at the operations committee we don't have the tower scheduled at today's committee meeting because the two commissioners thank you. i'm having a senior momentum and i spent some time with the staff and community looking at the various options and hoping we can explore others in december. the other item the swab championship at harding was done with great success so an applause to the staff tom and
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nick and other is and to the gardeners that do such an exiled job the course was a 10 and wanted to see more activity and more consolidation at the course because he thought to was world-class and that's coming from 9 people that use it. so with that that clocks my president report >> anyone who wants to make. >> prayer by the chaplain. >> under the president report. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and we're on item number 3 the general manager's report >> here. thank you, commissioner in the spirit of brief commission president's report and the brief committee agenda i too am going to try something different and be briefer let the record
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reflect that. with the holiday season approaching i want to talk about some winter celebrations and other news from your parks. happy thanksgiving tomorrow night and recreation center our staff is going to are a rec and park feptd and our fourteenth cook off turkey fenlt we're going to have a intuition contest this is every bit as exciting and drastic as that show. every year our staff out do themselves and i urge everyone to attend and get an early taste of the holiday.
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then if that isn't enough help us with o our light tree lighting and reeshts and a visit from the guy in the red suit. it's going into one are our popular events we have several folks come out and it's more exciting and there's a great tradition here. this was started by john mcclaren who started lighting trees that ended in front of mcclaren lodge that were so the event thursday december 5th. (noise). microphone noise
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>> must have been santa claus. >> keep going phil. >> so, anyway that holiday tree thing 6 that p.m. a brief announcement about our community capital teams r is about halfway through our workshop that's 2012 those diverse our park folks a chance to make a different. attend dance is 4 mandatory for all community fund applicant. the next workshop is december 5th at the jolie work center watch this on the sf website.
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as we approach thanksgiving it's not too soon to start thinking about basketball it begins december 5th registration for our popular baseball legacy and our fire department begins department december 5th boys and girls are inadmissible to join and pitches report in february and log onto rec online to sign you been. to two quick presentations and then our video. today is matt. we're joined by matt and want to report that the 2013 park alliance party was a great success we had 5 hundred people
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that showed their support by attending and it was held at the golden gate park and i want to thank all the commissioners who showed up. i want to give a big shout it out to the park alliance for doing the aesthetics it was quite wonderful and a fun event and most significantly the proceeds are going to benefit our parks in san francisco. and matt can come up the parks and alliance got $50,000 to the renovation this year is - the park alliances is 2rib thai thousand dollars to the department to fund a variety of the small projects that happen throughout the year and 5 thousand dollars for camp for
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the summer for sdbltd folks. i want to thank matt and their entire staff. matt if the president to say something please do >> nevertheless to say we're delighted with the financial impacts it will have and your especially delighted to see the parks and alliance to help open the international airport at the jet place structure can be installed there. we're delighted to make that contribution and making many more. >> thank you matt. this year was the 30th anniversary of the conservatism core and it's been an amazing partner of this department and for the city it was 0 started in
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1983 by feinstein. it was to teach our children job ready in essence and helping them to understand the land. they've been a fantastic partner and in recognition of their 30th anniversary and all the amazing work we don't talk about we do with the san francisco conservatism core i want to bring up a colleague to make a short presentation about this presentation >> thanks phil. good morning, commissioners. many of you know b about the sf cc but i'm going to make a presentation we were founded in 83 with mayor feinstein and the
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primary purpose is to serve protecting 18 to 26-year-old folks. all our young people come voluntarily to our program who want to have a better future. the program we provide we provide a charter high school job readiness and career demonstrate services and case management and one year of posting program support to make sure their post core is successful and the second puff purpose is to provide high quality environment work such as the rec and park to name a few. with regard to rec and park we've enjoyed a relationship and
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we've installed structures at the gilman playground and ralph playground and hertz playground to name a few and provided community garden development and trail maintenance in glen common and berry no heights and all of those were done with various mechanisms. however, we bring money to the table. so finally, from 19 to the perpetrate sf cc has provided $1.4 million of the property 84 funding we received from the state to remove and rebuild remaining walls and this in the buena invest and adams rogers just to name a few. at the conclusion we having ask the rec and park fill out an evaluation for the core member
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performance and the overall quality of the project. for the future we want to partner with rec and park to get some funding forbid the rec and parks trail fund and others. in some cases the application will be more competitive if you use the core as a partner to perform the work >> thank you for your time and attention i want to show you a 5 minute video of our anniversary and some folks to say a few brief words about the projects they've worked on if that's okay. >> that's okay. >> i'm a nerd when it comes to
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computers. >> this is a rough neighborhood as we were 2k3wr0u7 as kids they therapist going to be in jail or on drugs. i didn't think i would have a job i might do this when i'm trying i want to stay open the streets until my time is up. >> i struggle in learning but you once i hit high school i gave up, you know. >> what was it like it was not all that happy so i decided one day to get up and bought me to the core. >> i decided to stop acting like a child and be a man. >> up. >> up.
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>> down. >> down. >> oh, man what did i get myself into. >> i have to wake up aaron four or five to get her at the 7. >> wake up at what time oh, no, this isn't for me. >> i started getting used to it arrest. >> they're the ones that started to want to change their life they're not forced to be here. >> it makes you want to be more responsible, you know, basically, it, you know, you get farther than you thought you could. >> if you raise the bar people reach it. >> i'm the second one in my family to receive a high school diploma 80 so i want to change the kindly. >> in order to change the
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pathway instead of a job you need a foundation of education. >> they give a handout you have to reach. >> work hard. >> this is to help me grow so i'm more ready to deal with real life. >> it helps you to bring down the barriers no. your life. >> yesterday wasn't a good day to n be in school. >> people kur7b8gd me stick with that. i never had encouragement that was good it felt good >> i i know i'm getting way more than i expected i only wanted my diploma i started working as an aide. >> it has over $230,000 aches
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so we do control and removal. >> it's peace of mind out here. >> i love the field the field is outdoors and around nature sometimes, it's a bit much but (laughter). >> i love it. >> it's a good thing doing something you love. >> i love excitement. >> you catch me on the rock everyday. one thing we take pride in is the cleanest trash out here. we've capacity the number of events and able to make sure no matter how big the event the rekrooij systems work >> i think about how san francisco stand in the way how
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other cities are and i'm glad. we restore the precious nature environment we have hero in san francisco that's beautiful but needs love and maintenance and we do the same thing with young people help to restore and maintain and help to bloom those young people to become wonderful young adults arrest there's a young man who graduated if the program >> i know that i noted to get my high school diploma i made it. >> he's got full-time employment. >> next year i know he's cool he knows we have a full-time job and i get paid. >> i want to go to college and get a degree but this is
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wonderful. >> for like this we help each other out. >> back on track. >> my sister now is joining the core so it helped to attract. >> i'm triblt to my community and making a difference i want to make a change and be a role model if patrick can do it that's my fuel. >> when i joined this program it was two weeks i wanted to be proud i worked for a good company and wanted to learn and if it wasn't for this program i wouldn't success.
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i can only thank sf cc i found my dream so thanks sf cc >> you're fine. >> thank you very much. for your attention. i want to (inaudible) >> hi, i'm - i came to this core to obtain a high school diploma and make a better life for me and my son. when i first came to the core i didn't have any tenant/landlord relationship or sloop or construction experience. my first project was the brewster community garden we rebuilt their garden retainer
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walls and got rid of a lot of debris and did a lot of soil maintenance. now we have a wonderful community garden. my goal is to finish my concretes and get the certification i need. i'm not sure what i really want to do after the core but i'm thinking about going back to school to try to further my career >> thank you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> hello i came to the san francisco conservatism core about 8 mortuaries. why i joined the core i needed employment and that was one of the things i wanted to gain employment and be able to earn my high school diploma at the
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same time. so i ended up joining the skepticism core and they taught me a lot. what i've been learning it great profession skills and life skills such as a code switching and i mean be able to change how you act towards your friends in front of professional people in a professional environment. and my job site is currently at the bayview hills. what i've been learning is how to use and clean a chainsaw correctly and thoroughly and proper safety procures going down the hill like holding into the fence so i don't slip and fall. and i've run into a lot of
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certifications such my cpr afraid and my ocean 10 and my fork left and panel certifications. i plan on i getting any harassing met certification next. when i've done is eastern my high school diploma. i've learned a lot of skills with my certifications will will benefit me learning. my goal is to get into the carpenters union. thank you >> (clapping) >> thank you. i was going to say in full disclosure about 15 years ago i was president of the san francisco conservatism core and i'll tell you that the graduation ceremony they do for
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the kids that get their diploma through the charter schools or ged eventual is a recharging of the batteries that's a wonderful occasion and annie graduate you on how many years the wonderful core is doing and the men and women helping rec and park so thank you very much. ed >> thank you ann i feel and . >> commissioner harrison. >> yeah. just a short comment. i know ann and janet when i worked for a living. and very supportive of the conservatism core not only for the work they do and the work ethic and the trainings they get from doing those training for rec and park in particular but they teach the folks college
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diploma and assistance with bank accounts and stuff things they don't teach in school. those are extremely survival tucks so thank you ann for what you do >> thank you ann. >> well thanks for indulging us and i thought it was important to remind us have to t this great relationship. >> i promised to keep it short there have so many other things i'm not going to talk about but i'm going to end this with a short video with rec and parks ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> we campaign we're coming out and doing things in the community. every single time the mba shows up you come out with your hands and heart so thank you annoys for being hero we look forward to this and i want you to come to this park it's a golden secret like the golden state warriors. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> let me tloul how to build a
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community garden like that you start with a really good idea and then you add a great deafly community need and entire you mexico in an extraordinary amount of patience and you add contingent and corporate support like folks from echo core and levies and sun and water and presto you get this. awesome >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (shouting and screaming).
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>> four blocks today, i came and played in this park on the appointment and in the equipment on i wouldn't i am going any other place i'd rather be my parents and sisters are here. i walk in this park and to the neighbors and to the moms and dads this is a glorious time in our neighborhood whether it's tim or it's for mcclarence park we're seeking a transformation here open the local level. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>


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