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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2013 9:30pm-10:01pm PST

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but several of them actually volunteered to write notes for how they feel about changes. okay, i would like to first of all just dichotomy and several of them, cyclists are families and cyclists are customer and business owners are cyclists and this is an either or which is not true and this has been underlying some of the arguments i will start with the first note, we are owners of a small business and, we have seen it change often. we know how important it is, sorry. we know how important it is, for businesses to anticipate and adapt to change in order to thrive and know what really effects our business and we change our shop design seasonally and the city and the public spaces have a longer cycle and it is at the beginning of a new cycle with the new design. and we want to see the best design of how the city has been
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and will continue to evolve and as san francisco grows and extremely important that fewer people drive or our lives will become unbearablely grid locked and unhealthy. most of the customers come by here walking and transit and cycling and stand strong for our best interest with the understanding that there are many other merchants who feel as we do that everyone will benefit if san francisco's plans are smart and forward looking, there is another one that also with the same things in different terms, but they do contrary to popular opinion, they do understand that a lot of the customers do not arrive by car and they are willing to adapt and change to any loss of parking and changes in loading. thank you. >> any other members of the public that would like to make a comment? >> my name is mitchell berg and i am a business owner on polk street and actually this
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evening, is the district association christmas party and that is why most of the merchants and i am the only one here and the vast majority i think do not feel as the last speaker said, we are pragmatic group that is happy to have dialogue and be part of the process. and agree that sacrifices need to be made to accommodate all users of polk street. but there has to be balance. and everybody's needs should be taken into account not just one aggressive voice for the group, there are many stake holders and i hope that the small business community can have a better voice and more say in the process, because they are willing to make sacrifices and help bring balance to the process. thank you. >> thank you. >> any other members of the
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public? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> chairman? >> thank you. mr. president, and thank you, for the very thoughtful conversation and suggestions and the work in the written presentations is excellent. and very, very helpful, i think to all of us, certainly to me. i would like to comment on something that a couple of people have said and i totally agree with the one size does not fit all. i have used my role as a commissioner here to look at and look out for the entire city in terms of transportation, that is the charge. and the same time being mindful of neighborhoods and groups and individuals, and circumstances that are around the city, i can assure you that it is an extremely difficult job and for us it is going to be getting much more difficult in the coming year because the transit effectiveness project will be coming out and that does involve some or one of the speakers mentioned removing some bus stops and changes. and so there is going to be a
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lot of opposition to it and it is going to be tough, but ours again and we have it look out for the whole city and the case is made well for the involvement of the small business community and the work of mt a and i would like to make a suggestion that your commission, came up with 12 different suggestions and we have several as well. and i think that it would be very unwhiledy to try to deal with tonight and i would suggest that we consider asking our staffs to work together on some of the most sale ent recommendations and to come back and we could meet again in six months or three months or whatever and talk about the specific things that will show essentially how the mta reaches out to and involves the small business community early on in the process. and i would hope that something like that would you know that recommendations could come to codify some of those things and at what point do we check with the businesses? you know? and the community. any way i would like to offer
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that suggestion it is not detailed of course, but it would be a way of moving forward. >> i agree with that. and maybe, check in, you know, we could dedicate a part of our commission meetings on the checking in, on what both staffs are talking about. and we both have been working on this, and your staff has been great, our staff, and i mean that there is communication now where i think a while ago there was no communication and now we are finally talking. what we we asked the director to respond to that? any thoughts on that? >> that i think is a good suggestion for us, too. we both have a listing of recommendation and directions and a lot of them are aligned and working out the finer details to are able to bring back to both body and so our office would be amenable to that.
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>> and what do you think about that? >> my idea? >> i think that this the suggestion is a good one, and i think that there is a lot of common ground and i think that the common bond was the phrase used and i think that there is a lot to work with there. but, i think that for the benefit of the public, and the small business community, i think that the accountable for this process would be well served by reporting back whether as a regular part of the respectful board and commission meetings on whether we are with these number of these, and our already in progress. and but i think that the idea to come back, subsequently, and bring you updates on where we are is a great idea. >> members of the commission? >> i think that this is a good idea, but do i want to urge if we are going in this direction
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that there are many issues that are extremely pressing right now to small business corridors that are actively effecting businesses. and you know, i am just a little worried that this is not going to be done in a timely manner, because i certainly know and i live and work in north beach, and that there are major issues right now, that are of great concern up to the residents and the merchants that we are aligned on. and time is of the essence anybody else? >> go ahead. >> thank you, i just wanted to thank everybody who came here and gave public comment today, i know that you probably all had much better things to do with your afternoon and i appreciate the small business commission giving their time to us as well and i think that
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this was incredibly helpful. and to me, the chairman pointed out and director pointed out. we really are united in common ground and we all recognize that the small businesses make this city an amazing place to live. and we might have different opinions about what is going to guarantee the health and viability of the small businesses but i think that we are at a really good starting point where we can start to talk to each other now and i just have to speak up for family and transit. in my three years on the board, nothing upsets me more than to hear someone saying that you can't have a family in this city unless you have a car because i know that is not traou. for people who can afford cars, fabulous, if they can afford to have the children and drive around, fabulous, that is wonderful, but i ride muni a lot and i see so many families taking transit and so it is so important for all of us to remember that by improving walkable and bikable and also, continuing to
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accommodate the private automobiles as we have in the history of the city that we are helping families, thank you all so much for coming and i appreciate hearing from the small business leaders in particular, thank you >> members of the board? >> director lee? >> yeah, i want to just comment on the commissioner dooley's comment that items that we need to address and we need to look at them in conjunction with the small business and otherwise the things will fall through the cracks and say let's get together six months from now and we still have the same problems facing us and i would like to make a recommendation that in the once every two months, we meet with, representatives from the small business commission, that address certain things that are popping up. >> yes. we do. >> and i think that is a great idea. >> and the one. >> and the policy in the government in the out reach. >> thank you. >> and commissioner dooley does have a great point, and there are a couple of projects coming up right now that are effecting
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like especially with the central subway coming into north beach and polk street and upper market and there are somewhere our office is hearing a lot from the merchants and i think that we could just start some dialogue on those projects right now. and but, i do want to give a shout out to ed and your staff. your out reach has been phenomenal and we have heard, every since you became head of mta, now before we never heard anything and now we are hearing from you guys and i cannot tell you how much it has been appreciated. and i want to give a shout out to steve cornel because he brought this up to our commission, and what about a year ago? and that we need to start talking and it really opened my eyes and i just wanted to tell you how much i appreciated that. and it did open my eyes, because the concerns that he was having in his area. and i was hearing, in the castro and in the valley and
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so, i really want to appreciate you putting this the forefront, steve i want to give you a shout out for that. >> members of the board? so what i want to do is talk to the staff about the timing and i have commissioner dooley's contact information and once we can finalize something i will reach for you. okay. >> and members, who want to speak to us on something that is not on the calendar? >> yes tl, is members of the public to address the board and commission on matters that are within the jurisdiction of the two representative agencies but not on today's calendar. we don't have any speaker cards for anyone under that section. >> anyone care to speak to the board on anything else? >> any matters that have not been discussed today whether it is with the small business commission or with the mta? >> seeing none, i think that probably time to... >> party up on the polk street. >> we have one member of the public that would like to make a comment >> there are any other parties
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going around that we can go to tonight? >> businesses? >> how are you doing? >> this is first for me, i was not prepared, but, my name is abraham, and i own a part owner of a business, and on fillmore and eddie and i have, and we do have a concern with a bus stop that was put right in front of our business. and that has affected us, very much as far as business is concerned and we tried to contact the mta as far as having something done with the bus stop but we to no avail. however, we talked to the people who, the contractors that actually put the bus stop there. and they decided that they were going to move it further up and they painted everything, and then they stopped working on it. so, it is, an issue that we are having with our business.
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and we have been trying to get a hold of somebody at the mta to discuss this issue, but to no avail. >> perhaps, mr. reiskin can talk to the director a bit after for a second >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you *, next speaker? >> scott howge,, i just want to bring up the small business community, the small business commission, has supported the task force recommendations that came out regarding the plakards that is a good example that we can work together and show some opportunities for collaboration. >> any other members of the public that would like to make a comment on something that is not on today's agenda. >> i don't see anything, mr. president. >> it looks to me like it is time to adjourn. >> i would like to thank both of the staffs and i would like to thank christian murdock and director dick-endrizzi and for your guidance on this and
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director reiskin. >> and do we have a motion to adjourn? >> all in favor? >> aye. >> okay, great. >> good evening, everybody. let's hear it for the san francisco display men's anchors. let's hear it.
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(clapping.) >> i'm your any objection c for today's hearing thank you for being here for the thai annual harvey milk and encountering moscone. i want to thank you he thank our interpreter for being here and mayor ed lee for soobl us here tonight and reflect autopsying all that happened in november in 1978 and where we are today. i want to recognize in addition our public defender jeffrey is
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here. defense attorney george mukdz from your city college board of trustees and walt is here from senator will keenz office and a gentleman from nancy pelosi office. and the amazing teresa sparks as well >> so we are here to remember and to honor two extraordinary men mayor george moscone and supervisor harvey milk. who together literally changed the face of san francisco. we're here to keep the flame of their violation brp and their memories alive.
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or as ted contend would say the work goes on the cause endures and the dream shall never today. george and heather were two different people living two different lives who strangely found their fate historically intertweend but they found they had in common was a passion for justice. and a soulful commitment to fight for civil rights aid workings right and customer rights and at that particular time and seniors and fought for children and the disabled they fought for muni any.
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1978 was quite a year i want to share with you a short list of those efforts that began in 1978. the council of community you housing organization the chow chow leader in the affordable housing housing unit formed. the pro-choice california was born in 1978 and gilbert acres rain both flat and the newspapers at the john sims gay marching abandon and was off and on and, of course, the san francisco gay men's chores who had their first impromptu performance before a crowd of 37
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thousand people 37 years ago from tonight and performing though lord has been our refugee and there was the brings issue the proposition 6 and anita bryant save our children caption and the joan town tragedy. it was a year for those of us who we will never forget and those who have arrived since that will come to remember. i wanted to share just two harvey milk stories that are part find my being. feeling it's been an extraordinary honor and privilege to serve in the state
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legislature while harvey race to serve 26 years before a gay man would serve in the assembly. i want to take a moment to remember all the 4rb community who have served on the san francisco board of supervisors supervisor harvey and roberta and tom. leslie devon and scott wiener david campos are serving successfully as county supervisors and supervisor susan so every year in sacramento we assist high school students to
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come by but the inform sacramento to come to coerce lobby day it's an opportunity to get a civics lesson and how to lobby a lover so they get a little bit of training and those are kids sometimes 13 and fourteen and 15 years old their high school students always pressed more and more kids are of the themselves to come out as gay or lesbian and seeing people coming out as transgenders people as well. amazing to have the insight to take on the world at a young angel. i remember among all the young students you've met through queer lobby do i day one girl 17
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years old hadn't heard of harvey milk and the only other people she knew in per alive was her heroin addicted mother she i7b8gd her future was to be like her mother there were no other options for her. it was to her mothers credit she was forced to come to sacramento for this day and saw here energy in her body and on her face and she said shooe she never heard the story of harvey milk she doesn't know how he lived or
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died and she said she know knows because of heather's life she didn't have to be like here mother. that's giving her hope (clapping) you know, it took us too tries to get our special day of remembrance harvey milk day into state law. we knew we had to do something especially from this young woman we couldn't create a state holiday and but there's something in statute called a day of special significance from
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teachers and we had a day of special decision 6 for the poppy flower we could have a day of special significant for harvey milk. it's the first of its kind in the country for an lgbt person so on a party line vote we got it to governor schwarzenegger detesting and he voted it. he said he understood and respected the intent of the legislation but that we should keep it in 70 san francisco kids where harvey milk had had his greatest significance. we came back a second year with our sponsor the quality of california and reintroduced it. i remember so many reporters ask me why do you think oourj urging
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to get a second response from the governor this time around from last year and my response was well, since this veto message the governors wife nominated harvey milk for the california hall of fame the the president of the united states barack obama bestudy upon harvey milk the metal of freedom and there was that feature film that won academy award and that's the one thing arnold schwarzenegger understand it's the box office he signed the bill (clapping) so it is now my pleasure and honor to introduce our hardworking committed dedicated
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and glob troet mayor, mayor mayor ed lee thank you, mr. mayor. for brifg bringing us here today >> thank you again for gay men's chores. folks let me acknowledging as well, the presence of all our elected officials it's wonderful to join them i really appreciated the sxharts explanation of what was going on back in 1978 you had to realize how difficult things were in the city it would an easy city. let me add another aspect back in 1978 in addition to all the things that happened in 1978 we
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had to start the rent strike in china town. and it was the instructional of those resident most of whom were of chinese-american descendent wanted equality they wanted their how did to happen in the city that happened in so things were difficult. what awe rods what the instructional and particularly the leadership of mukdz and supervisor milk was the beginning of combraidz and understanding diversity. let me put it simple to you at this point. i don't think i would be standing in front of you all as the mayor of san francisco but
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for the leadership of supervisor harvey milk and moscone. that's how significant i side their contribution here and i make that personal point because they were such leaders of diversity it was hard at that discuss it the make up of the board of supervisors of all the other elected positions the struggles in our our community across town whether japan down or china town everything was struggling how to get their viewpoint and recommendation. it was very threatening to do so we must understand the history in order to appreciate how beautiful it is today to be part
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of a government that windshield wipers that diversity and expresses it everyday when all the officials get to share this limp with me. we still have to structural and make things work for everybody. we don't rest on the fact that when gavin 91 so many declared this should be a town where same sex marriage should continue now with prop 8 and doma we don't only celebrate this but when 289 percent of our homeless are lgbt are background we've got to do something about that. i really appreciate it it when
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devon got developed involved and lgbt x connect and made it at that lgbt center we're going to respond to that. san francisco has always been there for people pea this is what our government will continue to do. we'll invite people to celebrate the diversity and we'll like this fire engine we'll come to the rescue of those in need (clapping.) (laughter.) >> this is the spirit of our city and i want to make sure as long as i've got the privilege of being the mayor we'll continue this tribute and understanding the history and working together collaborating


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