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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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option, you'll have an opportunity to come before the board and provide us with the status of that and whether or not we need to exercise that second option. >> correct. >> so -- >> i hope to have the rfp out this spring and be in process before we return to the board so that we can show you that we're moving in the right direction. >> great, thank you. >> any further discussion? i want to just recognize our sheriff who is here as well, if you have any comments you'd like to make on this topic. >> thank you. what little i heard of our cfo, she did a spot-on job in exploiting i think the situation we're in. good afternoon, honorable supervisors, mr. president. until recently, this has been an unregulated industry completely. there has been no regulations on a national level and/or on a state level. so, it has been the motive of many of these companies to establish the rate lines that many sheriffs, county sheriffs around the country have been
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vying for and the profit of that is spent however it's spent. so, for san francisco sheriff's department, it goes into the inmate welfare fund. and without there being any general fund increase on programming, that's exactly how programming would be best supported for in-custody needs. any notion of us not supplying those programs because they would -- there would be something i think counter intuitive inmates through the use of the rate cards not going to fund those, then i would certainly welcome an increase in the general fund that would obviate that particular need. but from a state sheriff's perspective, it's a great lobbying effort to make sure that these rate structures do not become regulated. i stand on the minority of that thinking and believe that there should be true regulation of this industry. and i think this country and the state has some room to grow. i welcome the idea that we rfp
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this in the next round to see what that competitive rate structure, you know, will yield. but the results, whatever those results will be, will still pose the same outcome. and that will be whatever, hopefully a more affordable rate for the inmate, still does not necessarily answer the question of the programs that are reliant on the funding from the inmate welfare fund that goes to what are some of our landmark programs inside the jail system. and i look forward to any kind of remedying solutions from this body. thank you. >> supervisor breed? okay. colleagues, any further discussion on supervisor breed's amendment? can we take the amendment without objection? without objection, that shall be the case. [gavel] >> and any further discussion on the underlying resolution? can we take the underlying resolution and adopt it as amended? same house same call? >> can we take roll call?
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>> roll call vote. >> on item 11 as amended, supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. supervisor cohen? cohen no. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim. kim no. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. there are nine ayes and two no's. >> the resolution is adopted as amended [gavel] >> colleagues, it is now 2:30. what i'd like to do is go to our 2:30 special commendations. we have a number today. i'd like to first acknowledge supervisor campos. >> thank you very much, mr. president. i appreciate the opportunity, and i am excited today to bring together a group of incredible san franciscans, incredible employees and members of the
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community who have worked together in creating a very historic document, and that's the san francisco health care services master plan. and if i may have those individuals please come forward. as you may recall in the fall of 2010, i authored first of its kind legislation directing the department of public health and the planning department to create a healthier services master plan that would serve as a comprehensive policy document that identifies both the health care services that are currently in place in our city, including any gaps in those services. this master plan is a tool that will help this board and other policy makers in the city and county to be smart, informed -- to make smart informed decisions about the critical health care needs of the city. the legislation also created a
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consistency determination process so that future medical uses seeking to open or expand in san francisco must show that they are meeting the health needs of the city before they receive any kind of land use approval. at the time this legislation was passed, the city was facing, if you may recall, pretty significant deficits, and we, in fact, did not have any money designated to fund this effort. and i am grateful to the department of public health and to the planning department for undertaking the very enormous effort in putting together a master plan without any additional funding. i want to especially thank and recognize director hes barbara garcia and john ram ~ for embracing this legislation and for directing their very talented staff to run a robust process to create the draft of this document. the group started the endeavor by forming a 41% task force, you know, san francisco way of
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doing it. 41% task force headed by dr. tomas arragon and rome a guy one of my incredible constituents who dedicated her time and energy ~ to make this happen. and this task force worked closely with both departments. it held 10 meetings between july 2011 and may 2012. more than a hundred san francisco residents provided input on the plan at these meetings. and i also want to thank all of the 41 members of this task force. the result of this work is a 182-page document that compiles a wealth of data and sets forth a series of recommendations that will help our city to continue to improve the health care needs -- health care access of our residents. if my colleagues have not seen the document, i would encourage you to take the time to
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actually read it and to see all the data that outlines the specific health care needs, not only city-wide, but neighborhood by neighborhood, and you will be amazed at what you learn about your individual district and the individual neighborhoods. next week this board will vote on a resolution that i've introduced approving the health care services master plan and i encourage you again to read this document. and my hope is that this document will be used by all the city agencies to inform decisions that clearly, you know, can benefit from the information that's provided and the recommendations that are out liedv here. so, i specifically want to acknowledge the following individuals who are here. ~ outlined including director barbara garcia who could not be here. you know, at a prior commitment. of course, deputy director collene [speaker not understood] who went out of her way to be here. i don't see collene, and heading this up on behalf of the department of public
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health. loraine [speaker not understood]. dr. tomas arragon. we have our director director john ram. we also have claudia flores, elizabeth waddy, [speaker not understood], don lewis, [speaker not understood] olson. and then a very special person from the community and someone who was instrumental not only in making it happen so once the legislation was passed, but actually just, you know, even working on the concept. you know, the idea that, that we in san francisco are the first city in this country that actually has a master plan that outlines the health care needs of all of our residents is something that would not have happened without the leadership and the tremendous work of roma guy. and i'm very proud that a district 9 resident was responsible for that. so, i want to acknowledge these individuals. i want to thank them and i see that collene [speaker not understood] who is the deputy director of the department of
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public health is here. so, i have certificates for each one of you. and, so, i don't know if any of you would like to say a few words. don't be shy. director ram. >> thank you, supervisor. on behalf of both departments it's -- it has been an interesting effort. i appreciate your leadership in moving this forward and helping guide us into thinking on this. as i think both director garcia and myself have said several times, this effort really helped us learn each other's line of work. and it was an interesting effort that way, if nothing else, to kind of understand how the public health department works and for them to understand how the planning department works and for us to understand the needs of the community around health care. so, we really appreciate your recognition of this. i just want to thank the staff of both departments who have done -- who have spent so much time on this and i think this will be a wonderful guide for us in the future as we review projects coming down the pike. so, thank you very much. >> thank you, director.
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thank you to your staff. from department of public health, our deputy director. >> thank you, supervisors, and thank you supervisor compass in particular for sponsoring this really important legislation. director garcia apologizes she couldn't be here, but sends me with her messages of similar thanks for the ability to collaborate with our planning department. and it comes at such an opportune time, such an important time for us to really take inventory of the health care services that we have in our city and the health care needs that will bring us into health reform implementation. and, so, this is really provided us with a great foundation of information that is not just for health care planning, for health care services and for health improvement planning city-wide. we've used this tool to be the basis of our city-wide health improvement efforts and i can't thank you enough for giving us the impetus to do this comprehensive planning. >> thank you very much. and i don't know if roma guy would like to say a couple words. and, again, thank you for all the time and energy that you've
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put into this. >> yes, thank you very much, because i want to honor your leadership. it takes legislative leadership to make legislation happen. and as well as community, and you were a great partner. and you also partnered your colleagues. so -- and the planning commission and the planning department. this is a breakthrough in legislation because you have planning and health. and land use is related to health priorities. and, so, this is a true breakthrough. this is not just the regular stuff. so, i really appreciate your leadership, supervisor campos, and the risk taking that you took with it. and i just want to suggest that this was developed in anticipation of the, what we call obamacare aca. and if you read our 100-plus page, you will summarize what we have to do locally and you won't have to read aca, which is 3,000 pages.
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and that will take 10 years to develop. and if you put a little money behind it, even though we did it without any money, we will do systematic planning in our community and establish true competency in setting priorities for our health care for everyone. so, i thank you for the time, for the invitation, and for all of our contributions. i hope you all can vote for it next time. thank you. >> thank you very much. and just the one last word i would say is that besides the incredible people that are here, i also want to acknowledge the incredible work of hillary ronan who is in the audience who has been, you know, really piloting this effort for -- from the very beginning and we could not be here today without her tremendous leadership [speaker not understood]. so, thank you, hillary, as well. so, thank you very much. (applause)
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>> thank you, supervisor. i'd like to acknowledge our next colleague to offer a commendation, our district 2
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supervisor, supervisor farrell. >> thank you. colleagues, today i have a really fun one. we are going to be honoring our viking soccer club here in san francisco and they're under 9 girls team. so, girls, why don't you come on up. (applause) >> so, colleagues, why we're honoring them today, this is the vikings under 9 years girls team called courage, and we're honoring them because they not only won the san francisco ccsl prep tournament, but just a few weeks ago they also won the norcal state cup. (applause) >> as we can all see, and this is done over the weekend of november 16th. the courage under 9 team is comprised of girls from six
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different supervisor districts throughout the city of san francisco, and the name courage encourages those girls and these girls to do their best and challenge their fears and work together as a team which they've obviously done. over two weekends, courage won six straight game. their team, coaches and family came together as a group and were tested not only on the field , but as a parent of three young children i can empathize with this. came together in their transportation process, driving back and forth between manteca and san francisco several times to fit in the san francisco championship victory in between the norcal state cup games. and embodying the name courage in the championship, they were down 1 to 0 at half time and came back to win 3 to 2 in double overtime. there are six straight wins earned courage the norcal championship and demonstrates to us what hard work and teamwork can do together. first of all, girls, the board of supervisors would like to
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say congratulations to you for really understanding the true meaning of hard work and for representing us as a city of san francisco at the state and playing three games a day is no small task. and to be champions at the end is really something that's remarkable. i want to thank the coaches, mary and lawrence, for their endless time and guidance and support of these teams, and special thanks for today to a good friend of mine and fellow parishioner, aaron barnes, for organizing this event today. and lastly, and very much personally, thank you to the parents of the team members. so many of you that are out in the audience, you know, i know the time spent taking your children to and from practice in games in manteca, that's a whole different world. [speaker not understood] for our children, i can imagine how proud you are. i want to lastly give a special shout out to one girl that couldn't be with us, mia
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doningues who i know is an integral part of this team. i saw her parents the other night. so congratulations to mia as well. ~ so, i am honored to present to you the certificate of honor from the board of supervisors which recognizes your commitment and your success over the past season. and also want to invite the coaches to come up and say a few words. so, congratulations, girls. (applause) >> hi, i'm coach mary and my husband coach lawrence, and my two children coach robert and gab ella, both born and raised in san francisco and are now coaches he. we want to thank the board of supervisors for taking the time to acknowledge the work ~ and accomplishment of these young san franciscan girls. a year ago you had the courage to show up and tryout for a new
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team on the refurbished crocker amazon soccer com mexctiontion. then you chose to leave your school based recreational team to form a new team that represents san francisco vikings and this great city. you wear -- you proudly wear your club crest and the name san francisco on your jersey. as you know, the club system allows soccer players from all parts of the city to come together and work as a team. this is similar to how these supervisors represent different neighborhoods, but work together as a team to make the great city this place is. if my family and i were granted a wish, it would be to continue to build and convert unused space to active places where adults and families and elders can come together and play. we wish for school yards and gyms to be open and accessible
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for everyone to use. build it and they will come and play and enjoy it. girls, crocker amazon in south sunset are examples of this. and this is where we get to play. we look forward to the completion of the beach chalet into an all-weather soccer complex. the viking courage girls would like to end with our cheer. we have learned that great work is a team effort and is done together. we have added for our cheer today "how do we build a great city? together." thank you. (applause) >> all right. >> how do we build? together. how do we attack? together. how do we win? together. how do we build a great city? together. [speaker not understood] 1, 2,
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3 play, woo! (applause) >> thank you, and congratulations to the viking courage girls soccer team. our next commendation will be
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provided by our district 10 colleague, supervisor cohen. >> thank you. i'm just going to present from this side. there are a few photos that i want to show before we get started. if i could have the overhead. >> sfgov-tv? thank you. >> thank you. this right here is a picture of a site inside district 10 of illegal dumping. i have a couple shots i want to show you. as many of you know, we've passed some legislation to address some of the challenges of illegal dumping. another image. [inaudible].
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here is an image of the award winning dpw cleaning up. here is a before and after shot. so, passing legislation is really only half the battle, right? it's really about implementation. and today i want to take a moment for us to honor one of san francisco's finest team members that have been a part of san francisco from the day he was born, and that is rodney hampton. this guy is the one that is making a reality -- the legislation that we pass here a reality on the ground. he's the one that is sending me these pictures and single handedly combating illegal dumping. it is a privilege and a pleasure to welcome him in this chamber. we're talking about a man that grew up in bayview hunters point. on any given saturday or sunday
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you can walk down our drive down third street and you will see him there. oftentimes you'll see him nudging some of the kids in the neighborhood who are dropping their garbage on the street, encouraging them to pick it up. this is the kind of leadership that this city needs to continue to highlight and more importantly to grow. rodney is also not only an outstanding city employee, but he's also a committed father. i've never seen a man -- of course, outside of my own father -- sorry, dad. he's watching, too. but this is a man that is an outstanding father, committed to his own children, to his nieces, to his nephews, to the kids that are up on west point, mentoring and growing young future san franciscans. and it's really just with great pleasure to be able to recognize this man. he's a treasure to our city. he dozen credible community work. i amoeba, this is an organizer at heart. ~ mean and he's got a few of his other
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team members from dpw. if dpw would stand up. we have sandra here. we've got larry here. we have an all time favorite blaine jones, former city attorney, alan mullally coming together to recognize this man rodney. you know, i don't want to preach too much and i'm certainly not going to eulogize you, but i can only imagine the day when you pass this earth what people will be take about you, because you make every single day count, everything that you do counts, and you will definitely leave a mark on the community as well as in the city. and i just want you to know this is the most -- this is a great day to be able to honor you and just to say publicly thank you. i could not do my job. we could not function as a city without you. you are definitely appreciated. please put your hands together and welcome rodney hampton. (applause) >> wow, this is amazing. i'm -- all day i've been like
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stoked, i've been amazed. i've been like geeked. i've been telling everyone, where did this come from? i really want to start off and like to start off with a phrase from isaiah chapter 49 verse 1. listen to me, [speaker not understood], you people from afar, the lord called me from the womb from the body of my mother. he made me. he made my mouth like a sharp sword. in the shadow of his hands he hid me. he made me a polished arrow. in his quivers he hid me away and he said to me, you are my servant. and as a servant for god, for my community, for my family, i'm honored to receive this award, this recognition. just as important, in our city work, our home, our community, we give so much, i know. we are a success together, as a team.
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in the fullest sense of the word, because not only we do manage to make it all work together, together we take care of business. we do it in style. we do it in world class. and we do it in grace. and i would like to thank dpw, mohammed nuru, [speaker not understood] kelly, city administrator, ms. cathy perry, dwayne jones, my mother gail hampton, [speaker not understood], my supervisor [speaker not understood] for all this coaching and mentoring as we move further in helping shape the community on our vision on a clean and green city. thank you again. thank you board. and definitely thank you, malia cohen, supervisor district 10. >> thank you. (applause) >> i'd like to read into the record what the certificate of honor reads. it says, rodney hampton, in honor of your leadership, dedication and faithful service to the residents in san francisco, through your work with department of public works in recognition of your advocacy
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of community building and civic engagement, to effect positive change in the bayview community, the city and county of san francisco board of supervisors here by extends their highest commendation and sends their best wishes to you on this day. thank you. >> thank you again. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. congratulations, rodney. the final commendation of the day will be offered by our district 1 colleague, supervisor mar. >> thank you, president chiu. i'd like to ask if our guest from project read can come forward. i know that michelle shepherd has come to san francisco public library, randy -- randy
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weaver, the manager of project read, and marty [speaker not understood] from access services of the public library could come forward. colleagues, i just wanted to let you know that this evening at the public library in the top floor, project read will be celebrating 30 years of amazing work in our city. some of you might have the joy of reading like i do, especially reading out loud with my daughter at home. but there's many, many thousands of people in our city and in cities across this country, 80,000 people in san francisco that have difficulty reading or cannot read. and i think amazing projects like project read help to address that challenge for many, many people in our neighborhoods. that's about roughly -- what is that -- one in -- one in ten of our city's population we're talking about. people to people approaches addressing this issue are i
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think the most amazing and inspiring, and project read has lived up to that example. i just wanted to say also that as a teacher i was a learner of [speaker not understood] and i know he said that once people learn to read the word, they learn to read the world. and it really opens up your eyes. literacy and reading, but also in seeing things in new ways. and i think project read is a great example of opening up the world to so many, many people and families in our city. the event tonight will highlight this at 5:30. the project read provides trained volunteers;, i think there's been about 4,000 tutors over the years that you've trained to help others ~ and it's that army of volunteers that rile has helped so many families and folks. since its founding in 1983 in san francisco, it's assisted over 6,000 adults in our city to improve their reading and
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writing skills. but it now also provides a new resources and skills, 21st century skills in their computer lab and with their various workshops. the one on one still is the basis for a lot of their work as well. in a 30-year history, project read developed this model of motivational literacy that ensures that adults set goals for their learning based on their own interest. so, it's really student driven in many ways. and the goals are reviewed every six months given that learners confidence [speaker not understood] improvements and celebrating their achievements. also project read expanded, as i said, beyond its general literacy efforts and also developed additional innovative programs like family literacy. i can't imagine for a parent maybe an immigrant parent that comes here, maybe they cannot read in their native language so the challenges that having to support or to help your child, i think project read is an example of where


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