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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2013 1:30am-2:01am PST

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cohen, aye. soupz soar farrell, no, supervisor k*im, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor tang, aye. supervisor wiener, no. supervisor yee, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. there are 9 aye and is 2 knows's, the motion is approved to deny the appeal. >> item 22 through 25 compromise the public hearing of persons interested in the appeal of application of condominium conversion fee for a property located at 124-5th avenue, apartment number 2 and items 26 through 29 compromise the public hearing of persons interested in the appeal for a reduction of the condominium conversion fee for apartment number 5. item 23 is the motion denying the appeal for apartment number 2. items 24 and 25 st motion
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approving the appeal and the motion directing the preparation of findings for apartment number 2 and items 27 is the motion denying the appeal for apartment number 5 and items 28 and 29 is the motion approving the appeal for apartment 5. >> colleagues, as we have stated with the last several appeals in this matter, our standard again is we can only reduce adjuster waived the fees if we find there's any relationship or nexus between the develop sxment the fees charged and the appellants need to find substantial evidence to support the appeal. each of the appellants shall have up to 10 minutes to present their case, city departments will have up to 20 minutes to present their analysis, members of the public supporting the application shall have two minutes and the appellants should have 3
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minutes of rebuttal, unless there are any initial comments why don't we hear from the appellants. so, the parties to this appeal, if you are here, please step up and, sir, you have up to 10 minutes. if you could please identify which apartment you're appealing. >> apartment number 5, 124-5th avenue, apartment number 5, and i didn't come up with a nexus report because it would probably have cost me more money. my whole thing is the hardship. i've been living up in [inaudible] for the last three years, i've been going to school and i have not had a job for the last three years since i've been in school. since i've been out of school, i have not found a job yet. in order to pay for this, i pretty much had to liquidate by
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401k plan, i couldn't borrow any money from a bank because i haven't had a job for the last three years so i had to liquidate by 401 plan, i don't know how it's going to affect my taxes for next year, also the new health insurance law, i aoep not so sure how it will affect that. i was in hopes to get some money back to put into an ira in hopes to bring my income down for the year, but again, this is pretty much just a hardship case. >> thank you very much, any questions to the appellant, supervisor farrell? >> thanks for being here today. a quick question for you. have you talked to our department of public works? i know there's a question about a fee waiver. to be clear, that's what you're asking for? >> right, they did ask me about
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the deferral and i said no, i was going for the waiver or the reduction. >> okay, let me ask you a question then. in the alternative though, we can go through this process and we will right now with the waiver application. again, no one's prejudging anything here, given the way that things are going, i think it's doubtful. is a deferral something -- i would like to be as helpful as i can to ensure whatever we can do within the confines of how people sloet in the law that we do it for you, so is a deferral -- if the fee waiver doesn't happen, is it something we can help facilitate? >> well, the fee's already been paid. i guess i don't know if i got a deferral, then i could put some money into an ira to hopefully help my tax situation for next year and also the health insurance law for next year. that makes my income level for next year in applying for health insurance, but yeah, it would be something i would
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vefrmgly have to pay anyway down the road. i guess a deferral would kind of help but with the hardship i was kind of looking for, you know, a reduction or, you know, a waiver and i really didn't want to hire anybody to figure this out for me. this is kind of complicated for me to understand the whole nexus and the property value of whether it's worth going through the condominium conversion or not. >> i understand that, okay, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, any other questions to the appellant? okay. thank you very much, sir. let me ask for the second appellant, if that individual's here. sir, do you know, is your neighbor here today? >> [inaudible]. >> okay, so again, just calling for anyone to represent the second appellant. supervisor breed? >> thank you. i just wanted to let the
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appellant know as well as my colleagues know, i at roll call will be introducing legislation to this particular hiccup in our tic process and also exploring the opportunity to address the issue of what the appellant of 124-5th avenue mentioned in terms of the deferral, so the deferral resolution is something that i'm going to be working on and will not be able to propose today, but today, i'm proposing legislation that will address the issue around the nexus and hardship, so i wanted to put that out there to my colleagues so that we are not continuing to bring appellants here without the ability to help and support them in any way
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possible, so i just wanted to let you all know that. >> thank you, supervisor breed, and i'm happy to help co-sponsor that. why don't we now hear from city staff on this set of aeals. before we do that, let us make sure that there are no members of the public that wish to speak in support of the appellants. seeing none, let's now go to city staff. >> good afternoon, mr. president, members of the board of supervisors, i am gg whit lee with the community development, you've heard my presentation several times now so i'll be very brief. the appellant is not challenging the economic nexus which is the basis for the board to waive, reduce or adjust the fee level. the law requires the appellant do so to show an absence of any reasonable relationships between the impact of the
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condominium conversion and the fee. you have the memo before you that our office prepared with the detailed analysis of this particular case and you've heard clearly from the appellant, so i'm available for any questions and that concludes my remarks. >> colleagues, any questions to city staff? thank you for that brief presentation. why don't we now hear from member of the public that wish to speak in support of the fees. seeing none, why don't we now hear for the one individual who was here representing himself as an appellant, sir, do you wish to provide any final rebuttal? to the gentleman from apartment number 5? is that a no? okay, so there is no rebuttal. and with that, colleagues, unless there are any final questions at this time, this hearing has been held and is
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filed. this matter is now in the andover the board, supervisor farrell? >> thank you, president chiu. and i want to thank dpw for going through this process and for the appellant for coming forward in my district, just more than anything, i think to continue this consistency sake, understand that this is not going to be a winning vote, but i think to me, this is the law of unintended consequences, again, we have someone who's in a more dire economic situation and in particular because this is a six unit tic building being kind of quasi forced to convert where they are no longer eligible for the process, these are exactly the people i believe we need to support. i realize there's not the general sentiment here on the board but i will be supporting the resident from district 2 and so but given that, maybe someone else can make the motion because i know it's not going to be a winner here today.
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>> okay, is there someone who could make the motion? supervisor breed? >> okay, let me just make sure we're at the right place. this is item number 27, correct? >> it is both item 23 through 25 as well as items 27 through -- i'm sorry, you're right. >> they're mixed a little bit. >> they're mixed, items 23-25 is related to apartment number 2 and items 27 through 29 are related to apartment number 5. >> sorry. so, i would like to make a motion to move item 19, table item 20 and 21 -- >> supervisor breed, i think
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we've already resolved that. the motion i believe you're thinking of making is move item 23 to deny the appeal with regards to apartment 2. table 24 and 25 and then move item 27 to deny the appeal for apartment number 5, and then table item number 28 and 29. >> okay, sorry. because on the screen, it's different and up here, it's different, so i would like to make a motion to move item 23, table item 24 and 25, move item 27, table item 28 and 29. >> supervisor breed just made a motion, seconded by supervisor campos. any discussion? none. so, colleagues, unless there's any further comment, let's take a roll call vote on supervisor breed's motion.
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>> supervisor brao*ed? >> aye. >> breed, aye, supervisor campos, aye f, supervisor chiu, chiu, aye. supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor farrell? >> no. >> farrell, no. supervisor kim, aye, supervisor mar, aye. supervisor tang, aye. supervisor wiener, no, supervisor yee, aye, supervisor avalos, aye. there are 9 ayes and two no's. >> the motion is denying both of the appeals are passed and the only thing i will just say colleague, i'm hoping we're not going to see additional appeals of this until supervisor breed's legislation moves forward but of course folks are free to file what they wish. with that, why don't we now go to roll call for introductions, madam clerk. >> yes, mr. president, supervisor breed is first to introduce new items. >> thank you, today i'm introducing an amendment to the tic bypass legislation that the
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board passed earlier this year and the in the past couple of months, we've seen a number of appeals of the conversion, bypass fee and these appeals have by in large been solely on the basis of financial hardship, regardless of how sympathetic the appeals are, there is no obl gases of the law for a fee waiver, the board can simply not do it, part 3196.4j1 of the subdivision code say that is a project applicant may appeal to the board of supervisors for reduction, adjustment or waiver of the requirements based upon the absence of any reasonable relationship or nexus between the impact of the development and the amount of the fee charged. in other words, the appellant must refute the 2011 nexus report done on behalf of the city by ketha martin and associates and this is a steep climb and with only one possible exception, no
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appellant has ever tried, so we had three appellants today that do not even address the only legal basis on which we grant a waiver. to continue holding markings for such appeals is not only a misuse of city resources, it is a waste of the appellant's time. it is giving them a false impression, the notion that we may provide a waiver which we legally are prohibited from providing, so i think it would be in everyone's best interest, the appellant's and the city to make the appeal process more clear and more in line with the sledge slaying's intent, my amendment will allow the city attorney to vet appeals and address those that do not address the nex suggestion by the impact of development in the amount of the fides charged which is again the only basis for an appeal in the law, i have added language ensuring that any supervisor can overrule the clerk and request the appeal be calendared, so i think this is the fairest way
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to address this particular situation. the other thing that i plan to do after hearing as i said the young lady that came before us would was here last week for her hearing is that we definitely also need to make the changes in order to address the is eye around -- issue around the hardship so for those who need a deferral for the condo conversion fee can have that deferral in a time as such that it will meet their needs so that when they have an opportunity to refinance, then they can possibly afford to pay the fee back, so that's my legislation, so far, i have supervisor campos and supervisor chiu who have asked to be added as a co-sponsor and so i'm looking forward to getting this legislation passed as quickly as possible. the other two things that i wanted to mention today was i
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know i had mentioned in the past when we took the park legislation vote which i'm sure none of us want to be reminded ofz, that i would be introducing graffiti legislation soon, and i just wanted to let you all know that i'm currently working on it and sorting out the language to make sure that there is clarity around the language for the legislation before it's introduced, but i'm looking forward to bringing that to you hopefully in the next couple of weeks. and last but not least, i know we're all anxious to get home for thanksgiving and enjoy turkey and all the dressings, but on thursday, we have an amazing game that's going to happen because galileo high school will be probably, more than likely, they'll be belting lincoln high skal at kizar stadium this thursday which is a tradition in our high schools in san francisco is turkey day. when i was at galileo high
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school, we went every single year and just last week, we beat lowell in order to get to turkey day, but that's just how it goes, galileo is a great football team, a great school and we'll be at turkey day with lincoln at thursday at 11 a.m., so before you get all full and watch football and eat and get tired, come out and support our great football students that play this thursday at 11:00 a.m. >> thank you, supervisor breed. supervisor campos? >> thank you very much, madam clerk. happy thanksgiving to everyone. i have a couple of items today. the first item is an accept and expend ordinance that we're introducing on behalf of the public defender's office to support grant funding from the juvenile accountability block grant program which partially funds an attorney and in the public defender's office that
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works with community based organizations and alternatives and out of home placement for youth and we're proud to introduce that. the second item is simply to note that you know, tomorrow will be a very significant day in san francisco. it will be the 35th anniversary of the assassination of mayor mosconi and supervisor harvey milk, it is amazing to think that 35 years have passed but i think it's very important for us as we're nearing the 35th anniversary to take a moment today to remember the memory of mayor mosconi and supervisor milk, and as an openly gay man, i know that supervisor milk sacrificed his life to protect people like me to be able to be
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themselves in this city and it's sad in a way that history's repeating himself because at the time of harvey milk, the state of california was dealing with the initiative that was trying to force gay teachers out of classrooms in california and now we have an effort that is once again targeting the lgbt community and specifically the transgender community ref rend dumb that if it gets on the ballot and succeeds will take basic rights away from transgender young people in our public schools, but i think that in the memory of harvey milk that we need to rededicate ourselves to the struggle for equality and i know that harvey milk is very much a presence in this board not only because, you know, his bust is right outside this chamber but i think the memory of his sacrifice is with us, so it's
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been 35 years, but we will never forget. >> thank you, supervisor campos? president chiu? >> thank you, colleagues, today i'm introducing a legislation to propose that we legalize existing in laws throughout the city. we all know at this time we are in midst of an affordability crisis with shying rockets eviction rate and is working families are being pushed out and for decades, san francisco has had a shadow economy involving technically legal inlaw units between world war ii and 1960, there were 20 to 30 thousand in-laws were built, today it'sest mated there are 30 to 40 thousand technically illegal inlaw units, who lives in these in-laws? we know the individuals who live in them are tenants who are typically immigrants,
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seniors, families and there is a disproportionately high number of children as well as some of our city's lowest income and longest term residents. they live in very affordable units but lack tenant rights. a study in district 11 showed that 45% of residents and in-laws don't even have written leases with their landlords. for many year, there have been significant calls for legalization, inlaw secondary units are simple and cost effective methods of increasing our cost effective supply, organizations from spur to the housing action coalition and tenant organizations have encouraged our city to consider legalization, but unfortunately, we have had a don't ask, don't tell policy, we have turned a blind eye to inlaw policies, it has
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eliminated an average of 100 in-laws each year. what i'm proposing today is that we adopt a voluntary policy in the city to allow for the legalization of in-laws, we allow owners to voluntarily approach the city to legalize one existing inlaw unit without an additional permit. in my legislation, it would waive local planning rules that don't deal with safety, so an owner would not need to meet additional open space requirements, there would not be a need to add additional parking ask there would not be a change in zoning. my legislation does not waive building code rules that relate to state life safety requirements, so requirements for fire, plumbing, electrical exits and entrances. the purpose for this legislation is to bring tens of thousands of housing units in legal affordable housing, to address the affordable crisis,
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to activate vacant units that have been kept off the market. the second purpose of this legislation is to protect tenants bho have lived for decades without tenant protections and leases in in-laws and in units that should be safer. my legislation would protect rent control status for these tenants, would not allow cost pass-throughs from landlords to tenants for mayor capital improvement, would not allow for subdivisions and would establish a relocation process and a reimbursement process for tenants if construction is necessary there a currently technically legal inlaw. the third category of folks that this helps are home owners. we know that property values will increase when you are able to legalize these units. this legislation will help to reduce planning and zoning obstacles to legislation, the
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sledge lacing also only charges a nominal administrative fee to an owner to legalize to make it as easy as possible and to allow openers who are able to bring financially able in-laws up to code. i want to thank a very significant coalition that has been working with my aid, amy chan and i for the better part of the last 9 months, really trying to bounce the needs of tenants and property owners in advancebacker advancing our citywide housing goals, i want to thank the asian law caucus, just cause, the chinatown cdc and the tenderloin housing clinic. i want to thank the small property owners of san francisco, the coalition of better housing, we've had the intense participation of citywide advocates from spur, the housing action coalition, many city staffers from the department of building inspection, the planning
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departments, our earthquake safety program and our city toerp's office and colleague, i do hope as this proceeds to the process that you'll be able to join our coalition in finally moving this in regard after many years of discussion. the rest of my item, i will submit. >> thank you, president. supervisor cohen? >> thank you very much, i have one in memoriam today recognizing the life and legacy of officer michael howard who was a san francisco police officer, star number 1813, passed away monday november 18th at the age of 60. he joins the san francisco family as a sheriff's deputy in 19ed 86, in 1990, he joined the san francisco police department, he spent the last 22 years where he was assigned to it for most most of that time. he was known throughout the neighborhood as big mike and it
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was common that many of the neighborhood would look up to him. he was a gentle, soft spoken man. he will be dearly missed not only by his family, his police family, but also the community that he served, he believes behind a wife and three daughters as well as his beloved mother, the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor fehrbacker farrell? -- farrell? >> i am could sponsoring a resolution developed in part nership with mayor lee support the revitalization of green finance sf and support the efforts of the environment, to gret green finance sf up and running again, i want to thank supervisors wiener, kim, yee for the co-sponsorship, as well as supervisor mar for his sponsorship.
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after nearly 6 months of ground work with various stakeholders from the environment, mayor lee and i announced to rekick start green finance sf, a program that will continue san francisco's tradition of being at the forefront of combating climate change, meeting our greenhouse emission reduction, our renewable energy pros in their homes. green finance sf is a program for residential properties of [inaudible] or less, otherwise known as pace, it's a financing structure that will enable san francisco at no cost to the city to fund energy efficient and renewable energy upgrades for property owners and home owners. green finance sf special form of financing will overcome market barriers by spreading cost recovery with savings realized over the lie of the improvement. the special form of financing
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allows owners to upgrade with a traditional tax assessment with extremely favorable terms and competitive interest rates. it will be provided by private entities with no financial risk or exposure to san francisco. every day in our city, we're fortunate too witness emerging models that that has become our clean energy economy. we know it can trigger market transformation s*us u just as the it transformation we're currently experiencing, but in order to unleash this true potential, as a city, we must provide callus stronger demand for renewable energy products and services. the catalyst is green finance sf. we receive seen in other parts of the state in california that have adopted residential pace programs, in sonoma and riverside county and is have seen the positive impacts that have followed further residents in their local economy.
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the stores of individuals that have chosen to participate in the respective pace programs and the successes they have experienced. these can save on monthly utility.bill tos the tune of tosses of dollars, from the beginning of this process, we wanted to make sure this finance tool had a strong workforce component tied to it. we convened meters with our partners and labor to start discussions with how that work component would look like. it's a key to not getting them job today and keeping them employed but to help them find meaningful careers and new economy ins the green collar economy that continues to grow. we want our local workers to have the skills necessary to take part in that e --
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emerging industry. we want to ensure local residents are working on local contracts on local projects so we keep money and workflow within san francisco and continue to boost our local economy. i want to thank pat muligan from city build in particular, for all their hard work in the workforce component on that as well. we are confident that san francisco's program can now move forward and be successful. we've seen countless programs up and down the state of california and nationwide operates successfully now for years with no threat of it being shut down, we want to protect property owners and give them the comfort they need to


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