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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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a designer that's done a lot of work in the car barn and that current designer and continuity, that project makes a lot of sense to me. i'm willing to support and get my colleagues to support to get that kind of waiver as well. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. colleagues, any questions. okay. at this time we'll open up to public comment. is there anybody from the public that wish to comment on items 3 or 4? please come up and step you the to the microphone. >> good afternoon, my name is tim worth and i'm the new executive director of the car barn. i appreciate you taking this up and i want to acknowledge and thank supervisor avalos for his continued leadership on the car barn. it's a project that most of you know about that's been around for a long time and ready to go and there has been significant progress which has
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positioned it to move forward. what's contemplated with the car barn is an opportunity to take an empty resource that happen in a relocation to across from the bart station and convert it to a community art center. if these funds can be directed to the car barn at this time. there is an excellent leverage opportunity. this is a step in the direction but an important step. so i want to thank you all for your consideration on this. and look forward to it continuing the progress updates. >> tim, could you say what are some of the immediate capital needs that we have that potentially this amount of money $838,000 can go towards? >> happy to. i have been working cooperatively and collaboratively with the parks
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and recreation staff as to how to distribute funds to the car barn project. the list you summarized pretty well. our highest priority is to move forward with the design set. we have 8 designs. we have a couple of hundred thousands of dollars to work the schematic designs. the total cost for the design works to move forward is $1.3 million of which the architectural fees are $653,000. so, again we would be able to use these funds if we moved forward in our capital campaign to match and leverage with private sources. we've also been looking at potential immediate capital needs to be done out of scope and one of those is replacing the
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powerhouse roof which is the attachment on the northern end of the building where the power supply for the electric train systems was located. as you mentioned the roof is leaking. so we've talked to the architects and there is a possibility of replacing that roof right now and the benefit of ceiling the buildings and the elements of the capital part of the budget. that is estimated to be $250,000, but again we need to update those numbers that we are in the process there. and in addition there is asbestos and led abatement in the billion -- building and we are trying to fine tune that. >> we appreciate that and welcome on board and thank you for your work on this big task
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of the capital campaign. >> thank you very much. are there any other members wishing to speak on this item? seeing none, public item is closed. >> i think what would be do we appropriate the source or do we do a blank kind of 800,000. >> deputy attorney jon gibner what i believe is you want to deappropriate the funds and the reappropriation on reserve and direct supervisor avalos concern the condition on the reserve that parks and recreation report back about the geneva car barn to that effect. it would be ultimately up to the committee how to spend that reserve. it wouldn't to have go to that project. but
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you could add in that reporting element to make sure the committee discusses that project when you consider the reserve. >> thank you, that would be what i'm most comfortable with so we would go ahead with the appropriation. part of that appropriation in the end would be $838,000 budget committee reserve pending release on reports from parks and recreation and how it will be spent ideally i want to be able to maintain it's being used for geneva car barn and is that for reserve. i just want to make sure that we keep the specific use source for the specific use. >> john gibner. what i
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suggested would not be for that specific use because you would be adopting the reappropriation and putting the reappropriation on reserve. the control about whether there is, whether you can simply not appropriate and maintain it on reserve. >> that wasn't what i said. i said we can go ahead and do the appropriation. but instead of releasing the full amount we'll release the full amount minus $838,000 with the committee reserve. with the condition of the budget reserve will be a report from how it's used from the parks and recreation whether we can actually keep it on budget reserve specific to the parks and recreation depending on the report for how it would be spent.
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>> the intent to just constrain the use of the funds to the geneva car barn. right now i can't spend those funds on anything but the geneva car barn. that constraint is there, if you want to be able to have a broader conversation about other potential projects and have us report back to you and have the board weigh in on that conversation, then it's the most appropriate tool. >> i was wondering by making the appropriation and deappropriation for the money that made it available for a wider range of products used within the the geneva car barn. we'll just delete the appropriation. we'll keep the source. >> okay. >> quick question for you. if we do that, the proposed
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deappropriation, what bond is that from. is that a bond we are going to run into time limits from use of those funds? >> yes, supervisor, it's a good question, this is 2000 bond funds. the funds are already 13 years old. there is not a calendar on when arbitrage fees are assessed but just as an example 2 years 2 years ago we had measures from the bond and it was decided on and we were ready to go and we got a letter that said in 14 days we needed to pay that money in full amount in arbitrage fees i think it's back to the bond of trustees. the department of public finances would have a better understanding. i don't know when the charges can be assessed which is why we are trying to get as many shovel
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ready projects to start. >> i fully support what supervisor avalos is doing here but i want to be smart about it. we are not at the end of the day -- i don't want to see penalties accrue. >> i will make the appropriation to the geneva car barn source of $800,000. that will make changes decreasing that amount $838,000.
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>> okay, we have a motion by supervisor avalos on item nor 3. can we take that without objection? it's moved. and can we take that without objection? okay. so moved. and item no. 4, continued to the call of the chair and why don't we do that and get that to the committee meeting in january and get that handled. if we can do that. so moved also. we are starting to have people with child care questions here. so i'm going to call another out of order. >> i have a doctors appointment so i have to leave now. >> let's call item 8.
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prevailing wage rates various workers performing work under city contracts. >> various administrators require established of the prevailing wage rates required of city employers under city contracts including janitorial services, workers performing work in public off street parking lots, garnls, storage facilities, it's required to provide the board with data on prevailing wage rates. the board of supervisors has discretionary and not necessarily to adopt what is
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being put forth. as is with the commission of it's prevailing wage rates. that's based on the data collected by the data labor enforcement. should you have questions with respect to the data points with methodologies with the surveys we have representative available to answer any questions. >> thank you. miss johnson. colleagues, any questions. >> okay. mr. rhodes can we go to your budget analyst report, please. >> mr. chairman, supervisor mar on page 39 of our report we report that attachment 1 to our report which we prepared summarizes the types of contracts leases or operating agreements required to pay for
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prevailing wages with respect to bargaining agreements and labor unions, the amount of allocated wage increased compared to 2013, and the amount of 2014 and compares to 2013 and finally the proposed prevailing wage raise themselves. we know any increase as a result of the proposed prevailing wage rates depends on future contract bids and which results on higher rates. there are such potential increase cost to the city cannot be estimated at this time. inform are that reason we consider this approval of the decision be for policy decision for the board of supervisors. >> at this time we'll open to public comment? anyone wishing to comment? is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed.. >> we can do so without opposition. thank you very much. at this point wei go back
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to the beginning. please call item no. 1. >> the clerk: item no. 1. lease terjs agreement literacy for environmental justice. l 13816 eco center. resolution authorizing the mutual termination agreement between the port and literacy for environmental justice for lease. >> we have carol here to speak. >> good afternoon, this is regarding the termination of the ports lease with literacy and environmental justice also known as ledge. the lease is a small eco center at the heron's head park for land in 1998. it was awarded a 10-year lease for
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2300 square foot of unimproved land for the eco center. that ran from 2007 to december 2017. design and funds constructed the eco center completed in 2010. ledges lease included rent to 2500 in rent andesite preparation cost. at completion of the construction, the value of the prepping cost exceeded the total amount of rent that would have been paid to the port over the 10-year term of the lease. the eco center never generated any center for the court nor was it anticipated to. as for staffing and any other organizational changes at led, let seeks to focus it's
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operations and vacant the eco center and terminate it's lease with the port. under the terms of the lease, results in eco center reverting to the port and $68,000 in fees and deposits. the operation and maintenance cost associated with the eek oh center also revert to the port and we have a plan to assume those obligation primarily using the port staff and existing operating budget. in october, the port commission authorized staff inform a board agreement. that agreement is on file with the clerk with the board. terminating ledges lease authorizes the port to lease the eco center to a new tenant that can operate it with it's original intent which it was an
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environmental education center and public access to in enjoyment of heron's head park and about building practices and san francisco bay environment. the port has solicited lease proposals and received responses from two qualified potential tenants. with board of supervisors approval and of the proposed lease termination, we look forward to managing the eco center building and look forward to seeing a new tenant operating with full available assets. >> thank you. any questions. supervisor mar? >> thank you, and the budget analyst for the history of ledge and literacy for environmental justice and the great project of developing this eco living classroom. i'm really sad to hear about the financial difficulties of the organization. off line i would love to hear what the two organizations that have in the
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interest in the site to make sure that it serves it's environment justice and sustainability purpose that it was built for. thank you for that. >> mr. rose, could we go to your report? >> yes, members of the committee, as shown on page 4, we report that the literacy on justice that also reported this that the total credits of $53,000 that increase that they would have to pay. there's no rent paid by lej to the port. they have already paid the port the required $5,000 security deposit and removal fee for a
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total of $68,000. we recommend you do prove this resolution. >> okay. anybody wish to comment. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> we can take that without opposition. mr. clerk, please call item no. 2. >> the clerk: item no. 2: resolution approving the jurisdiction transfer of real property comprised of portions of block no. 0785, lots no. 030, and 0 # 3 in the city and skoint of san francisco from the real estate division to the mayor's office housing and community developments for 4, 584$584 million to commence following board approval. >> this is acquired by the city from cal trans under a cooperative agreement in 2001.
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this is about two-thirds of an acre in size. we have disposed in the budget analyst report in total including some along the way generating almost $47 million that returns back into some projects under those conditions. this project is subject to a 50-year lease with 49 years in options and those are suggest to sf usd and was held by sf usd inherent by the city of a new landlord acquired the property from cal trans. the interest in the property has been determined to be the amount noted here for 4.5$4.5 million. one is what was the
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rent projection to be paid for this school district lease over the parking lot and how it's discount to present value. that's $2.3 million of that value and what is the property worth at the end of the lease term in 62 years and how we revert that back into present day. so you add those two together, that's where that number comes from. the $4.584 million. the transfer would occur from the real estate department to the mayor's office of housing community development. the revenues which will continue to accrue as for such time which we'll talk about this precursor to. those revenues will continue to accrue to the mayor's on housing and community development and will offset some transaction cost which we have anticipated shortly. i want to refer now to the budget
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analyst report and recommendations of one of which was that we provide you an update an action taken boo i the school district last even. that we unanimously approved the subsequent transaction that this teams up between the school district and affordable housing object two sites, 1950 mission and connecticut in exchange for this project. that's the reason for the original transfer to execute the next agreement. that next agreement will come back to this body and board of supervisors for approval. one of the recommendations was regarding amending the legislation to have a contingency. we would respectfully suggest given the item with respect to the next transaction. we'll return to the board. it falls under
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section 9-1-18. you will see this next people of legislation come forward. it helps facilitate our final negotiations to clean up this item moving jurisdiction of the property to the mayor's office of housing. i will be happy to answer any questions and olson lee is here as well to answer any questions. >> just to be clear, the recommendation from the budget analyst basically to have it be contingent upon the the agreement with sfusd is not something you would prefer not to happen. >> we would prefer not to happen. >> thank you. supervisor mar. >> let me say that i listened on the roo radio to the very emotional meeting last night to the huge turnout from the communities face displacement and speaking out for the really
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wise transient and affordable housing and a wonderful show of communities coming together to work on making sure that those benefits of communities are there. when i was president of the school board mark sanchez and i as board members worked hard to try to develop ideas and communities serving ideas for that site. it seems the school district is stuck and many of the advocate last night don't want market rate housing the quote solution for the school district. this is a win win for the school district and the city. i know there are still some issues that the teachers union and whether it's supporting teacher housing and
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future rental subsidies that we work with communities to ensure that whether it's work force housing and definitely teacher housing to help teachers not being displaced. i did want to say that i'm very happy that the leadership of vice-president sandy feuer of the school board and commissioner mendoza led to a unanimous decision. i know other board members raised issues and i'm glad that lee and the other issues of the mayers out office of housing come to mixed use projects like 1950 phoenix high. i still call it this. i think this has come full circle and a positive win for affordable housing in our
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city. the hundred units of affordable and housing is very rare and hopefully the start of many other projects like this. employee housing and work force housing is incredible for this city and using to work with school district employees and school district on different projects is a good point whether custodian or maintenance workers or safety workers and other measures have looked at. this is a great opportunity to address how land is used in the best interest of not only neighborhoods like the mission, but also for employee housing as well. thank you so much to olson lee and for you for bringing this great proposal forward. >> thank you, very much, mr. roads, we do go to your budget
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analyst. did we? i'm forgetting already. it's been a long afternoon. >> yes, mr. chairman, on page 9 of our report. the appraisal determined the 2013-2014 parcel e considered the vacant land would be $37.5 million if the parking lease was terminated such that an approximate 5 story mixed use lease. however as reported and given an agreement on the parcel, the development of potential of the property is minimized at it's present value to $4.6 million.
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as a result the $2.9 million difference between the market value without the existing lease and the present value with the existing lease represents the value of the lease to the san francisco unified school district. on page 10 we report that the $4.6 million to be paid by the mayor's office of the community development for the subject jurisdictional transfer parcel would be deposited into orange county -- october -- oekt va, funds. recommendation, i don't understand the objection of the department. we want to see the board of supervisors be
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sure. they are going to accept the final agreement but i don't see anyway shape or form does anything to hurt the department. they bring it to the board, if the board is satisfied with the agreement, the board approves it. the recommendation is the san francisco unified school district, we recommend you propose the recommended enter into a finalized agreement to exchange comparable alternative properties for the development of affordable housing subject to approval of the board of supervisors as amended. this recommendation in no way shape or form delays anything. it simply an assurance to the to the boepdz board of supervisors that you get the agreement. >> okay. thank you.
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>> the department would be fine. as the -- let me introduce myself. olson lee, director of mayor's office of house. as director up dike said, this is a start of a complicated transaction. we are using this parcel plus additional funds to acquire 1950 mission and 1101 connecticut. both are transactions of this property or acquisitions of property which will come back to the board of supervisors. the department would have no objection if the agreement was presented at the time


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