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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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>> >> parks and rec parks and rec
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parks and december 19, 2013, >> >> >>
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i would ask that you shut off any electronic devices that may go off during the proceedings. if you wish to have a private conversation,
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please take it outside. if you would like to speak on any item today, if you can please complete a blue card. it will help the process move quicker. you have 3 minutes on each item unless the president of the commission says otherwise. and last please address your comments to the commission during public comment on items in order to allow equal time for all. neither commission nor staff will respond to any questions during public comment. the commission may ask questions after. with that, commissioners, buell, we are on president's report item 2. >> thank you. we have special guest here today. i want to note that item 5 h will be
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heard in the regular calendar. the meeting january 16th, will be canceled and rescheduled for january 23rd at 1:00 p.m.. for those that can't wait to come to a commission meeting. let me give a little wrap up for this year. it's the last meeting of the year. we've had our successes and i think it's been a productive year. so i want to commend all of the -- i think some of the highlights i want to point out at the opening of the golden gate park community gardens. if you
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haven't seen it you should. it's part of the work of staff and even the gardeners themselves. the part of town that had demand for those services and we are happy that got completed. the marina yacht harbor is completed and looks first class and by and large everybody is happy down there. there have been others. some of the big events this year, the charles schwab cup, the blue grass veft -- event and the event that brought over $2 million. for that i congratulate staff. i think significant progress has been made on the parks and the project which has had a share
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of appeals. those things are moving along as well. for all in all, i think it was a great year. to the staff, my congratulations. now, we have an event that kind of bitter sweet. we are going to acknowledge some of the fine work that's been done at candlestick park. we are honoring the staff for their dedication commit and service to the stick. mike gay, the manager has been there 35 years. mike? 35 years. [ applause ] some of the highlights, i guess, everybody knows the famous catch. the catch. we've had heroes bill walsh, joe
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montana in an and ka-aper nick and there is many more. we'll hold on to those memories. the 1989 world series, who could forget. i was there as people ran out on the field. that was the playoff games. willie mays, jack clark, the beatles concert at -- stick park. it's really been an extraordinary journey for that location and as i say it's bitter sweet. a lot of people put in a lot of hard work over the period of time. on behalf of mayor lee who was unable to attend, i'm going to present a certificate of honor to you from the mayor
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and i'm going to ask our general manager to say a few words and alvarez and ask vice-president of operations with the 49ers to say a few words and we'll recognize you with a momento of this occasion. on behalf of mayor lee, i want to thank each one of you. >> thank you, commissioner. bitter sweet is certainly the word as i look out at rec's and park teams. there have been
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teams that step foot on the field at candle stick the last several decades. you mentioned some of the highlights. it is hollowed ground. today we honor our own team. these are the men and women that have given the city so much pride and so much cause for celebration and warmth. there is going to be a lot of talk this week about clark and joe montana . but today we talk about mike gay and cumberland and all the men and women that are before us today that have had great pleasure in giving the city so much pride in maintaining what is the oldest stadium in america i believe at this point. i think lambeau field is
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a little older but it recently underwent quite an extensive renovation. you have done an amazing job in giving the city just so much pride in particular the last couple of decades when let's be honest, you were responsible for stewarding a stadium that has been long past it's prime. you have do it with such incredible pride and such incredible commitment and you are our unsung heroes. when 70 thousand people show up at candle stick to see the 49ers and everything works and all the details that nobody appreciates and understand, it's because of the incredible work that you have done. so you are really our hall of famers today. we really
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want to celebrate this team. on behalf of the mayor and on behalf of sports fans everywhere. i want to thank you for helping me enjoy some of the special moments i have had with my own kids at candle stick and for the work that you have done to make the field and stadium accessible, not just to the montana and kaepernicks of the world, but to the kids and for all of the san franciscans that have showed up for a race or concert or any other of our special events. it's been 18 -- an incredible iconic asset. thank you very much. what i want to do now is actually, you guys are -- your operations and
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i don't know if everybody really truly appreciates all the hard work and sweat that goes into it. i want to bring up our director of operation, kerns and alvarez. >> thank you. the group that operates the park is several groups. the park patrol has been the security and the safety contention for that particular facility since it was first brought online. candlestick park is parks and recreation largest facility. it's a huge a very complex building, buildings i can say and the park patrol is
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responsible for the site security and the building and those inside. they are there 24/7, three different shifts. you can see them out in the parking lot where they are controlling the surveillance cameras throughout the stadium and on game day where they are augmented by the sf p.d. and the private security. since they are there 24/7, they are the site experts and have done a tremendous job, and like everybody in the department they are very short resourced, but they stretch and make it work. i was going through names to call a couple of them out. i don't see any of them here. we have doubled up the security
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between now and the 23rd. they are resting for coming on tonight. they would have been here. raymond wong and -- others. none of you guys are here, right? >> we appreciate that. that means they are working at the site right now. >> great. anyway we are really grateful to them for the decades they have put out there and kept the site secure and the buildings and the fans safe. >> thank you, good morning. it gives me great pleasure to stand here in front of you to honor and recognize one possibly one of the highest functioning team within parks and recreation the synergy and
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the delivery to san francisco is amazing. out of my 25 years of joining parks and recreation services i have never worked with such an amazing group of people. i say that with a lot of pride and trust when i tell you that i would like to highlight two individuals in particular. my gay and castillo and roger rivera. these folks are really good people. that's how i can encapsulate who they are. i wish you were able to know these individuals. they work the best with the fullest integrity and honor. these are honorable people and these are very committed, but most
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importantly unpretentious folks and they understand the critical role that they play. just to give you an idea mike gay, chief engineer runs a very complicated electrical system. he's the leadership for an amazing group of engineers, at the boiler room, the lights, every single mechanical and electrical system at the stadium is under mike gay. for the turf field which has to meet national football league standards. they maintain that living organism to sustain, not only meet the nfl standards but also be able to continue to sustain the impact and the everyday impact for the use of the field. they do it with a lot of grace. i feel completely
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honored to say that i work side by side with them in the very late evenings, very very late evenings and the very early early hours of the dawn. it's certainly bitter sweet. but i also know the adjourn is -- journey is not the end, but the beginning of the next phase of their career at parks and recreation. with that, i would like to mention a couple of folks. the electrical and mechanical systems and the actual hard infrastructure for the stadium and operations that works on the front line with jim with the 4ers is mike gay, george cumberland, the city engineer, patricia walls, danny
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perez, gary loam an who has done an amazing job of opening candlestick in san francisco to come and take a little peek at behind-the-scenes. the stadium and field manager and the supervisor, larry, mike, cesar, these are the men and women that have made us very proud. i would say president buell that they certainly they are worth their weight in gold at candlestick park. >> thank you. >> now, i would like to bring our partners who has had the opportunity to work closely with others. jim, i want to say
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thank you to you. i don't think anybody is feeling more bitter sweet than i think you are. you are an adopted member of the parks and recreation family and you always will be. >> thank you very much. vice-president for the 49ers. i stand here with a lump in my throat. i have been in business for 20 years. i have done 20 soup uper bowls in my career. i have seen staff put many of the finest games around the country. when i do that, i just can't help but stop working and you look around, that guy shouldn't be doing that and that gal shouldn't be doing this. when i look at the people behind me today, ufz # -- you have some of the finest people
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in the business and led by great people personally that have become my family. i will try not to get too personal. mike gay is a friend, a pioneer in the industry and has done a tremendous job. mike, i congratulate for just a great job. roger rival, one of the best groundskeeper. the field has been recognized as such, despite having one of the oldest buildings in the country if not the world, i'm not sure if that's true, but, it might not feel like it, [ laughter ] but, i will tell you steve and his team have just done a fantastic job of making that our home and show casing candlestick park and what you
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really have to offer. stadium and events, it's not the building a lot of times, it's the people that make things works that keep things alive and moving. a lot of times it's those operational folks sitting behind me that don't necessarily get the credit. so what you are doing for them today is quite remarkable. they deserve it and i'm happy to be a part of it. we bought some small tokens of our appreciation of candlestick memorabilia. by no means do we want to over shadow what you are doing because it's paramount and extra special. i want to say this you for being a part of that. it is a bitter sweet moment. i don't know who is doing the work today. thank goed the park rangers didn't show. there is a way we can


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