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tv   [untitled]    December 26, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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community and with the educational program in the park. the rfp was used september 24th and the responses westbound were due. we use the standard procures then used for advertising lease stunt and concluding print in region overlook newspapers and community newspapers. we posted the opportunity on the citywide database as well as the port site. we e-mailed directly to over 4 hundred homeowner associations eased community dproupdz and nonprofit is groups in the bay point area as well as to our port authority and those listed on the mailing list. we e-mailed all existing port tenants regarding the opportunity and a reached out to
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environmental organizations and corporate responsibility. port staff worked the existing tenant listcy for port justice to open it for 6 days concluding the days of the weeks and the weekend to open the eco center so anyone who is interested in the building or the opportunity can visit and learn about the eco center. we have a convention in october that was very well attended considering the scale of the opportunity it was tenant by individuals representing 17 different organizations. on the due date of november 8th we received two submittals that meet the qualifications and we were forwarded to the qualification panel.
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one proposal was sent in by the bay foundation in partnership with the city college of san francisco and other institutions and organizations who commented to participate in an eco center advise committee. the aquarium bay is an consisting tenant that he port on pier 48 and conditional has provided educate program there are as a subcontractor to the listcy for environmental justice. the other proposal was submitted but the a randall institute. apr i is a bay view nonprofit who's mission to promote education and employment and other opportunity for protecting
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community. earlier this year apr i helped us to get the word out about green ageers is 9 and 10 and other graders who operate in partnership with the rec and park department. last year was the. was the first year and we had 12 green ageers who participate in this program due to their interest in community service and environmental issues. this year with the help of apr u 6 of the ageers learned of the opportunity through apr i. additionally as proofed by the port commission in august apr i is a intaushth to the youth employment contract. both proposalser will be
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presenting their highlight. i want to sigh this is for the commission and a publics information only. it's not part of the elevation process. the port condone a panel of 4 individuals with expertise in environmental program funding and recreational and accessible facilitates at large and mlthd and community engagement and social organism in the area. port real estate and finance staff are sprail looking at the materials submitted by each proposaler. with that, i invite apr i and then the bay institute to come to the podium each one has 5 minutes to present. amy is going to be our timekeeper so you presenters
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will hear a tune that signals 5 minutes have pasture and wrap up. so api >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is is jake i didn't undermining i'm the executive director of the randolph
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association. i have presented a slide we have the program that carol mentions about the green ageers here are 5 of the 64th of july in the program. and that's actually taken in front of the of the park. and i include one more comment that, you know, we are apr i we vest in our cities future and this is one of the examples of our potential. the next slide is really, truly drooivenlg in preserving our history. outdoor a randolph was a civil rights legion and we mentioned nelson mandela earlier in line with our mission we continue to fight for jobs and freedom for
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our community. what we have pictured at the top where i have the youth r and people's 3 at the bottom future at the tape is me in 1992 i was at the ground breaking memorial it's its second latter to martin luther king junior and i was inspired to serve and i continue to do that day. although i started in 1992 i account to uc davis i worked in the lab before i decided to serve at the a randolph institute and they recruit me for several years i fought them hey, i wanted to go into the science i want to be a doctor one day but nov now i raised 4
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kids and i refer other kids as my own >> what we do now is workforce development for the families in the bay hunters point we do programs. the picture at the top is the hazard met training and our training is required for the academy we recruit for and at the bottom corner interests a workforce of folks that are cleric of community workers and carpenterers and construction workers routing right you outside of the hunter power plant we helped folks to bring that power plant down. it's adjacent to the location. we want to see our resident really live in san francisco and
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seeks sustainable ability splo through those programs. pictured if the top corner are folks we've he pardoned with in the past. i want to mention that luminal k is one of the women owned solar businesses. we partnered around policy advocate around the higher organization and they hires local >> we're here to inspire our youth and prepare for the greener initiative and beyond. this city we haven't done a lot of development. we want to see real opportunity in construction in the green industry and introduce those concepts to our community. we can be very innovative with solar and technologies we're
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seen that were i want to introduce that to our young folks and invest in their future. we want to see a local billed out of solar and conservatism in san francisco. we've attempted to bridge the gap between community and even though eco center. we see this as an opportunity to connect the environmental where the conversation is generally absent. we bring observe youth to places like city hall and i've got to std speed through. this is an example of last summer you remember we recruited for the academy and there's just one photo up there from a design
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competition they do an internship where they bring >> may i interrupt you the 5 minutes has republic out can we oh, her another 2 minutes. >> it's up to you arrest i'm going to ask for the 2 manipulates because we have 2 hours of public comment coming. >> so i think we need to speed long here. >> i will definitely wrap up. this next photo is an example of the potential that we have. we completed this program this year those are the 6 portraits 5 of the of the instructor is the one with the orange hat this is an example of what we want that exhibit in the eco center and want to inspire you to draw
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outside the lines and dream with correspond. that's one worker or example of the potential. this is us walk from the office over to the park. the two at the bottom you can see the growth. we want to connect our youth to boarder issues in the world so each year we try to bring youth to our conventions and last year, it was in d.c. we had the opportunity to walk in the washington. we can't do this alone we have a lot of supporters we have folks here today, i want to ask them to stand and i'm sure they'll
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provide some comments as well but thank you for the time to be here to speak and thank you monique for the two center minutes to speak >> thank you. >> thank you. >> carol are you going to introduce the next. >> excuse me. we have the bay foundation. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is see caring write chin i'm the director at the bay view foundation. i want to share about our vision
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for the proposal we've put forth for the eco center. this is a unique stunt it's not just a green building. it is within the watershed that drains through 9 neighborhoods. we're interested in creating a collaborative opportunity where the bay mission will work with the city college it's been there since 2012 doing literacy. we want to take the building blocks and there the programming forethe viral education focusing on that community. first and a for mothering most we know it's important to engage the community to get involved with the eco center.
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first off the staff we plan on hiring are representatives of south east san francisco. they're from district then 10 so staff will be representative of that town. we're bam began to build a community member organization they'll help us to make the decisions. we want the community to be very involved in the decision making. we've also engaged any community presenters to be involved with future programming at the site and a future use of the eco center and finally, we'll be recruiting allocates person to have community representative e recommendation within our
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organization. i want to talk about the different programs we plan to provide at the eco center and talk about the diversity of audience we want to reach. we want to talk about the casual visitor. there are programs that are already existing tours and the eco center is open we want to continue to build and we'll be developing a mobile website so you'll be able to access information about the organization about the green believe specifics and about the park and we'll be able to change it seasonally. we'll be open to the public 4 days a week and adding this interpret programs where we're focusing on the wetland and the different green building
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features and many of those will utilize the portions are showing in the low going. we'll be working with volunteers. there are existing programming both weekly and monthly that the college is funning and we'll be expanding those opportunity. we want to have a shoreline cheap program and providing other opportunity for ongoing volunteers as well as one time volunteers at the site. we also want to work on programs for working professionals. in a way that's the the advisors committee gets involved but we want to create different types of programming that want to tour and lower than about the site. we want to work on be teacher
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development both the moratorium and city college have agreed to have stylists. we want to focus on public school students and teachers. all the programs that are happening there reaching over one thousand students a year is free of charge. so he wanted to expand this down to san francisco and make sure that group is engaged. we have a couple of of program advisory representatives already >> and then the citizens of san francisco and getting the community involved again, we want to citizens 80 realize the gem of this organization. >> could we oh, her the same
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two manipulates. >> i'll rush throw things. starting day one we are going to be opened to the public and we're starting with what conditional began and building on that. we have the port objectives we've demonstrated how we've begun to engage with the community. we're going to maximize the center and adding best practices like integration with science standards and am appropriate programming and levels. the port wants someone to operate and maintain the surrounding landscape. the staff we're going to hire from city college has been going that and the standard operating progresses is the same to maintain the landscaping.
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the port wants to engage the local community. again we've started to engage the community in a variety of different ways i've that shown and to coordinate with the staff and we have a long history. in closing, i want to stress this an amazing site and the aquarium foundation and city college welcomes the opportunity to have that. i know first off, i want to thank you for your time i know we have loot supporter in the audience and i want to notify you guys to stand and sigh it up for supporting us. thank you >> okay. all right. >> here we go. okay. thank you very much to both of our proposers for
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gracio graciously vrpt our timeline. i plan to come back to you with a recommendation at the january 14th meeting and that that concludes my presentation >> thank you. thank you. we do have expensive public comment and as you know we're loltd 3 minutes per speaker we have about 40 speakers lined if you can do it within two minutes we'll appreciate it. but anyway, having said that i appreciate our consideration in making your comments as brief as you can. the first off is dr. espanol
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>> good afternoon. doctor espanol jackson. i would just like to - >> go ahead. >> i would like to state that may be one or two of you commissioners know this is a toxic site. in fact, they were trying to make it a park i was opposed to it by an e.r. no child and i call all the children at bay point my children no way should they be allowed to go there. and i'm glad you're not making a decision tonight because when i heard the speaker talking about green that building is not green that's toxic and i'd ask that
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you go on the internet and get the er that was done by the department and look up harris park and you'll see how many hours to be there. it was built for the fact the youngest lady spoke about educating our children but i don't want to see anyone going to that unhealthy area. she talked to k34u79 leader. i haven't even heard of the group that she spoke about i've been here since 1948 and i want to say they pulled out because they knew it was toxic. we've never had wetlands there that was all bay and the majority of land is toxic
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because of the shipyard. and people are dying many people are dying and have diode and continue to die if i be having those young people and inhauling the toxins they can't see. i want to know has the commission been there to get an okay. they meet i know they be meeting tonight because all programs should come before that commission for approval and acceptance and thank you have a nice day and merry christmas >> (calling names) i'd appreciate it if you'd line up and not waste time and after carol linda toby. >> good afternoon park commissioners. i'm an instructor at the department of technology at the
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city college. i teach technology and environmental montana course. you are coordinate interims in the tech programs and teach interim support. thank you for allowing me to speak. today, i want to tell you what the ecosystem maples to me as an instructor involved in the workforce development working to provide the skills for 340ir7b9 students in the san francisco bay area. i will tell you how the eco center allows for visitationtion for the green center and monitoring of the wait and a place for oral communication. first of all, the park serves as a first and a wonderful facility. i think you guys know about the
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water system the need of landscaping that's all volunteer and the solar packages that have energy from solar powered batteries. but the wastewater system is important. in my microbiology class we're interested in poop and we want to see what happens when it goes to the wetlands. the eco center allows my students to see it up close and personal. now the eco center isn't just a demonstration facility it allows you us to do monitoring pr i can bring my you students there they can take the sandal and finally, how to perform field test open
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microbiology tests. the fang that the director peggy who's the current director now allows us to performance those tests is valuable. you can listens and look at it slides. and that's what the eco center allows us to do. finally, i want to tell you how the current eco center allows us to do the oral management. when i and my students invested this fall we look forward the history with the visitor i observed how students have experiencing with organisms and i observed the students and interims working together. this is only part of a valuable
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job skill in a job training the statistics are projecting a 25 percent in jobs >> your time is up. >> thank you and i urge you to consider the eco centers proposals. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon, president and vice president and port commissioners and members of the community. my name is according and i grew up locally. i'm a student ignored in the city college. and i'm one of the students responsible for environmental monitoring of the eco centers wastewater wetland and educational environment related
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to native history. i saw the proposal for the eco proposal the shoourdship would allow the students across the city from university to other levels to elapse about the environmental issues beyond the clamor. my insuredship has loud me with the help of the eco center i'm a laboratory technician. should the eco proposal be accepted i believe the bay institution in conjunction with the community organizations would augment our current effort to prove serve the community >> thank you.
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>> (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm toby taylor i'm a student enrolled in the sustainable ability course at the egging could center i have been involved 3 semesters. i want to express any support for the bay recruit for stuartship in collaboration with city college. in addition i've been given authorization from one of our supporters to speak on her bailiff. i have the following statement program coordinator at the high school studies facility. the bay institute and city college have dedicated to serving the community


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