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tv   [untitled]    December 27, 2013 10:30pm-11:01pm PST

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entry. we're using a kidney arrest trim it's going to be a solid door with ascended arrest veneer. we're happy indicts a go situation of nature material with the facade. islam i'm available to answer any questions right now if you've got questions. thank you very much >> thank you. we may have questions for you. commissioner moore. >> public comment. >> i'm sorry. i'm off today aren't i. public comment on this item? okay seeing none, public comment is closed. now commissioner moore. >> i'm happy to see something happening open the lot because it's so dated and un plaza animated that anything it better than what's there. having said that, i would
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obviously in the spirit of what we're talking about would like to see on site variable with you, ask for that >> the project sponsor is paying the in loop fee. >> okay. the only other concern i have and i'm sure you've thought that it i would prefer to see the ground floor commercial area to be through the sub differential into smaller increments. that part of lombardy has the ability to serve the neighborhood and i don't want to see a chase type i see it carefully the formal retail
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using the largest square footage. we like to see the mall retail from the same way shoe store. we had the discussion with the project spokesperson. we have milling multiple distresses on that fates and it would be divided into smaller spaces we made that flexibility. >> equip especially it's not showing two doors because any retail establishment wants to have the two doors. it requires potentially back the hours corridor in order to allow multiple tenant to a use the space. i'd like to see the small adjustment even if it's just stashed so show it can happen.
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just like sxhopg who helped worked open face tracking small business legislation we would liquor to side smaller tenant service those residential i think - >> we could put a smaller portion. >> i think that would make a stronger project. >> commissioner borden. >> i'm happy to see this site i live a block from this acidity. i'm hoping all the restaurants will be successful so this is a great use for the site. i know the site next door where the gas station used to be is not >> it's separate.
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>> i know there's a issue with that. >> but this is a good use for the site there needs to be more housing. and there's not a lot of lots in the manor are a a. i recommend the variable >> it's an important transit corridor from marina county and a san francisco. >> i'm going to move for the remedies for the doted lion be added to the ground floor for the wall. >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i also like the project but i'm happy to see the 18 unit have 3 bedrooms that answers the need for people who want to raise a family they can have a second bedroom to address their needs for a short term
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period of time or a smaller family. i also think that the flexibility in the retail space is important because lombardy is not a walkable it's walkable but not the most pleasant place to walk on that's why small businesses end up on chestnut and peer and city councilmaner so i think we all may have a preference for smaller commercial unite we're to go take what he can get to make it work. hopefully someday we'll do something on the corner lot where the domination was. but optimum in support >> thank you very much. >> commissioner moore. >> is this project going to be constructed soon. >> of course, with our site
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permit but their clients want to go as soon as possible. >> commissioners, if there's no further deliberations 13 there's a motion and second to amend to include dashed lines to accommodate smbdz. >> commissioner antonini arrest sxhifg. commissioner moore >> commissioner sugaya. commissioner wu. president fong. >> what say you. >> close the issue. >> we are going to tack ayou.
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>> welcome pack to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing for dumb. i'd like to remind members of public the commission didn't allow disruption and when speaking before the commission if you care to please don't state your name for the record. commissioners we left off in your regular calendar.
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15 d request for discretionary review >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm david lindsey from department staff i'm discussing discretionary case 15 filed been an altercation permit application to add a ground floor of a semistory house on the properties open the west side of the street between euclid to the south of laurel village the second would be behind the two car garages. the dr request was filled by peter who resides in a two-story
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building diagonally cross the street from the subject prop point public position was summarized in the staff report we've since that time, have received many additional public comment and in summary i'll give you the total including the comments received from the pass week that includes both letters and signatures the total being 20 in support of project and 22 in opposition to the promise. the dr requesters and neighborhoods concerns with summarized as follows there's a feel that the existing neighborhood character a single-family in nature and a second dwelling opt would be inconsistently with the neighborhood character. others feel the size the significant building is inadequate were multiple unit
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and that the addition of a second opt would bring additional parking congestion. it that the loss of the single-family how did would result in one affordable single family houses that's contributing to families leaving even though cities. the second unit would set a precedent to convert others in the neighborhood and the addition would increase the probability of delapgs since it's renter occupied and even though existing tenant with consisted to be incritter neighbors. this planning commission supports the project it purports to add a second family opt.
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a district which allows and encourages two dwelling opts per lot. the surrounding neighborhood cashier is, in fact, picked that many multiple houses coexisting for decades. all moefktsz to the building would be within the existing believe envelope and the buildings 2 off street partnering spaces would be r0i7bd. north america in summary the project hair not extraordinary and rerecommended you not tack discretionary review and approve the project >> thank you. dr requester. >> thank you president fong. >> if there was ever a permit that called out for discretionary review that's this one.
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for decades san franciscans have tried to keep it available for san franciscans. it went all the way to the sxukt with wenld holmes said it is not the request for the land you might say holmes established the standards for discretionary review in a case involving exactly the same land. laurel house is developed on world war ii during a housing crisis. it was developed a as carefully mix it maximum misses housing decent within the complnts of the infrastructure while making the community attractive to families. it's a releasing developer who's
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business has been to purchase buildings and create a steady stream of rental income. it would be in the middle of a row of family homes with a disruption to the planning of the homes developed over 50 years ago. it would disrupt the neighborhood and it's no wonder the neighborhood hats rallied. they have a pabt hadn't of telling commissioners what they want to hear. it was sold as a condominium project. but now marketed at student housing like a minnesota don't remember. the project as all the necessary permits. when the permit folks worked a
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few blocks away he represented to the owners he was very experienced to get the san francisco commission to give him permit and banned the project after it was done it feels a blizzard of law enforcement resulted. after the 53 mann descend he polled he did same script. he's turned it into rental how's and he manages it the someway he has managed anothers apartment. neither he nor his family lives there. it remind me of his 11 minnesota dorm project.
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he's listed himself at the building developer and claims hose notes making this area bigger. he knows what the planning department wants to hear. and he knows which rolls are routinelyly go forward. it dporz the tradition of the must not and i urge you to listen to wendell hoechlg and the community
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