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tv   [untitled]    December 28, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PST

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about being batman. there's been a lot of super issues that have happened cross the country but i think that can only happen in san francisco the mayors on board and the city hall it's an incredible outpouring and i love how san francisco is in the spotlight here and people around the world sending their love to san francisco. you kids we thank you for your encourage and we wish we can erase the pain we hope this is the day of magic and that you'll remember this forever. bat kid forever in san francisco >> san francisco is unique in this way and it's part of our
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compassion and we have a civic duty to be involved and people are stepping forward if in huge way. it's about san francisco and it's inspired by miles and about every child who has a severe >> pledge of allegiance. of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all
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>> please be advised that the ripping of and use of cell phone and parnlz and other electronic devices are not presumed to be innocent and a anyone maybe lead-out of this meeting. please be advised the public has up to three minutes unless the port commission adapts other minutes >> public comments not lists on the agenda. >> any public comment? >> item 6 executive directors report. >> good afternoon, everyone thank you for joining us today we're putting out a couple more chairs. thanks for your patience a
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little bit bigger crowd. and happy holidays. my first two items neither of representatives to be recognized are here yet so if you don't mind commissioners i'd like to put that over it's entirely possible they're working off of 315 so i'm not sure when they will arrive. but if i could skip the 70th birthday and the jeremy 70th birthday then my neck item is the pier 92 art project as you've noticed on thanksgiving today, the project was completed the mirror portion the painting is all done despite the rain and the phasing second phase is whether or not permitting done by the end of the year.
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so we're hoping for a ribbon cutting celebration in early january we've gotten very good feedback. i want to say a special thanks to david the arts commission and the port commissioners several of you have given a number of our hours and sat on the selections panel. this is a very good and complete process and we're really existed to see. more to follow on the ribbon cutting by that's in early january. liquor store we've been able to open the pier up in fisherman's wharf. and because of the pier 43 arts was bltd in 1914 for the beltway railroad and it was a car ferry slip so so a barge would pull up
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alongside the barge and the cars would be taken over to the rail line it was an important part of our history it was a cool building and, of course, the mechanism of the dock was raised by hand according to the tied. it's an old piece of our history. our port maintenance staff have completed the sub structure repairs and installed new handrails arrest so we're proud of them for doing that. you may recall in 1998 there was a fire and the structure was still in disarray. those were pier the project mad project opened that area up and the views are terrific of
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fisherman's wharf >> of course, of alcatraz. so i'm independent to our maintenance and engineering staff and i encourage everyone to go down and have some holiday crab and 95 enjoy the great sites. next, i think in our packets commissioners and for the public out on the table is the scheduled of port commission meetings for 2014. as you recall we have one meeting meeting in january on the second and fourth tuesday's. one meeting in june, july and august and two meetings in the next few months and we're proposing special meetings on november 18th and december 16th. so with the floor planning i guess we'll be able to have special meetings instead of our
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regular meetings. that's no action but you only a notice inform the public. anybody if the jerry my o'brien. lastly i'm sure oh, and commissioner caps isn't here >> why don't we postpone that. >> i know she wanted to speak in particular so the last thing i would recommend we adjourn our meeting in the american of nelson mandela. i want to say a few worts words to whom mr. nelson mandela was although i think we know. he was born in july of 1918 and pass away december 25th at the age of '95 years old.
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he was a politician and philanthropist and most importantly president of south african that heer e he was south africa's first elected in democratic elections. he focused on dismanlz awe pardon and inkwaem e equality and participated in reconciliation not only in his own country but around the world. he had a role in the bombing trial and was a participant in the trial. nelson mandela received over one hundred and 50 peace prices.
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so he's an icon in his legacy has helped us including he at the ports waterfront i hope it's already to yearn in his memory >> any public comment on the executive directors report. >> i'd like to speak to nelson mandela. our union the international longshoreman union we're the only union in 1984 that spoke out against awe pardon it was a very broadly bold and we spoke out and there's a ship at the pier 80 that was alter south africa and our union reviewed to unload that ship. when nelson mandela got out of imprisoning he thanked harry
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bridges and this year the ambassador of south africa same to san francisco and came to local 10 with the nelson mandela humanitarian ward. i was speaking of nelson mandela because of his fear there were over 90 world leaders that doesn't speak to each other that showed up. president obama shock hands with him and we're thinking about the ability to negotiate and one thing about arrogance i believe it's a downfall of any individual and nelson mandela was humble and people looked at up to nelson mandela. and i think in every city
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thought this country even in washington, d.c. nelson mandela was a man that was in 0 opposition people can learn to work together and he was able to do that and that's a rare ability. you can't go to macy's i didn't see or norway strm to buy that. and saying that our union the i organization w u 1934 before martin luther king and the kennedy's we integrated our union harry bridges had the same mind of nelson mandela. he looked at beyond color and creed and even looked at with people he didn't arresting agree with to find a happy medium. especially our politicians in d.c. they can learn to work together for the common good of
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people and that's the one thing nelson mandela did. your by itself report card is when you die and people show up. they might have million dollars and millions of dollars but to pay respect to this man a humble man many of the people saw this man's heart. i have to say i'm proud of nelson mandela and that rare ability he had i wish more of us had it. thank you >> shall we go back to the last item on your guardian. thank you sfmdz >> you recall les i didn't kate's and jim went and attend the port conventions the port of san francisco is a sisters of a number of ports around the ports
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we have our long time port association are with the port in japan. they were originally to host a couple years ago but they had the 82 name event so the meeting was postponed needle november. there was the port of same thing hi, and a saigon and the port of melbourne and i was a representative from the port of that area. there was a group of different ports and we had great responses commissioner katz will talk about that and they deal with what they call the seawall there are actually above grounded 06
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foot tiled walls. we had some good invests with customers as well. commissioner katz >> as executive director morris said there were a number of different ports represented at the sister convention. and i was struck not only from the hosts they were gracious but very, very informative. they put together an outstanding program in terms of having all the sister ports do the presentations. one of the not worthy thing was all the sister ports were around the poetry of fire not only from climate change and rising sea
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level but earthquake. and japan was well aware of that. it impacts every port that participated in the convention. so that's what kind of prepareness the ports are doing. the first day we had a welcome recalls for speculation that was attended by council general's. it was a way to have dinner and meet with our folks. it was interesting the translation activities were one travesty would translate in one language and they would transmit to the recipients it was an interesting way of converging we had to be mindful. it worked very well and they had some outstanding translateors.
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we also were met by some of the representatives from osaka sister city program they've moved over to the port of osaka. the first presentation was from the port of osaka to leadoff the convention that was our first full day. one i thought things that was under taken not something we could do in san francisco but they've taken an approach their combining several of the ports together to become that much more competitive and rely on each other's strengthen. we recognize the strength of oakland but the port of osaka and port bay have worked
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together. la half has different issues perhaps than we do we are trying to get them to host a convention in paris but the next one will be in same thing hi, it's san francisco's sister city. commissioner adams has spent some time at the port of same thing hi. we presented i think one of the things we were interested in obviously was our break but also the various activities along our port and the on hills of the america's cup but they're interested in seeing the activities along our port and our revenue stream has been fairing with the different activity. osaka has had some activities
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along their port one day they took us to an astounding aquarium a they've built the fourth of fifth largest in the world. it was wonderful it was based on the ring of fire approach so it madam clerk, please read all the sister ports. following our time in osaka we went back to 80 could we met with some representatives from sagging sag gay we met with representatives from the america embassy the ambassador of japan was arriving so the attache came down after meeting at the airport but we met with various members of different aspects of the embassys work to shipping to
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tourism and let them, you know, or know what's happening in san francisco. they're excited about working with us and then we went to soul and met with additional customers there we met with hyundai and the extent of our services and what is happening with our trains. we talked about the amount of construction in the bay area and it's in everyone's interest to work with the port of san francisco, you know, with the construction and apple and they're new facility >> and a variety of other things. their integrity and we've established a stronger relationship we provide them with updates and vice versa.
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jim stayed on and met with additional clients. it was an extremely informative time and kret relationships with our key customers in the panic realm >> any public comment. i want to make a comment but thank you that very much for that informative report and helping to forge our relationships and we looked to accountability trips. i recall the trip to new zealand's and new zealand came here for the america's cup. i want to mention i've seen the are pier 92 artwork from the freeway it's beautiful and visible. i think it's something i hope to see more of those and it's exactly from what david told us it stand out and it's a
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beautiful piece of artwork i want to commend everyone it's and reality. thank you. >> thanks to david. any other comments commissioners otherwise >> just with respect to the installation and again, this has been said repeatedly but having been lucky enough to participate in this selection panel the quality of the artists artist was really really extraordinary abu they're working so closely with the community and incorporating that in their art. i really appreciated the effort they intoxicate in including that in the rfp. this is a gateway to 0 a community and it's important the artists recognize that we were lucky to have a team come forward and do that.
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okay moving on. >> items on the consent calendar it requests authorization for construction contract number 2758 and the car project located along the channel on third street and it requests the operations agreement when the washington renting authority to operate it's site in business ban california you upgrade driven site with on expectation for 4 years for the operation driven site. item 7 c is the authorization for the port commission and the port amendments to the 2013 buildings code and modifications to repel the 11 provision for
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the building code including green standards and mechanical codes and 2010 port channel and port of planning - plumbing code effective maintained and 3 adopted port of san francisco standards code which includes the 96 mechanical and green electrical stadiums code for january 1st, 2014, >> so moved. >> second. >> second. >> any public comment? hearing none. all in favor >> i. >> resolutions number 1348, 49 and 50 have passed. >> this is to award an opportunity for the pier rehabilitation project to t m j
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partners, llc and authorizes stapling staff for the bulk head building for the pier 38 and embarcadero. >> good afternoon. i'm john i'm with the planning and development division i'll try to be belief and to the point. in september of 2012 the port commission you provided an rfp to renovate the pier 28 building with the objective to quickly get this asset into productive use and provide a revenue stream to the port. the bulk head building along the embarcadero as well as a limited portion of the pier shed. this is represented grapple on attachments 3 and 4 of the staff
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report. the staff report issued an rfp for the bulk head or by a and received two smildz in march, 2013 san francisco waterfront partners and t m g pier 38 partners that he they also get an consulting firm to analyze the port and their analyze is on part 6 of the staff report. staff formed an elevation panel that included a south beach member as well as those having expertise in reaming and project management to restore the two proposals. in june 2012 the panel reviewed it analysis of the submittals
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and scored the interviews with each of the developers. the scoring of the proposals is shown as table 2 and the elevation panel was scored as the highest rank to the rfp. based the b.a. e consultant analysis the scoring the port staff has reached the convolution with respect to the qualifications both responded to the rfp are qualified to increase talk the pier bulk head project both respondents developed waterfront or a historic projects in san francisco but overall the staff buildings the project staff composition and capacity t m) is more qualified to undertake the
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bulk head project. two with respect to the program both proposals met the designed construction and tenant program criteria sited in the rfp san francisco partners proposed to make for chances to the building and slightly more access for 10.6er you millions and t m g totaled investment of $10.9 million. 3 finance capacity in terms of both respondent development they have the finances and the ability to undertake the bulk head building project with regards to the payments t m j has a net revenue of approximately $150,000 per year
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to the port and t m js approach vests less into the buckle building while meeting the requirements. this allows t m j to pay stiblg hire the the san francisco waterfront partners and for the relationship of the buckle head buildings to the long term development the intent was to have a developer to rehab and reattended the pier 38 bulk head building optional public utilities to get that building the bulk head building back into use and generate income to the port but to make sure the buckle head building wouldn't have more development for the pier 38. stshgs m j reduced the cost by
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deferring some improvements until later this allows t m j to pay higher rent and more flexibility for future reuse. although not part of revenue staff directed the consultant to prepare a financial feasibility study for a theoretical total he redevelopment of pier 38. their attachment 37. the preliminary analysis shows a future total redevelopment even if pier 38 maybe theoretically possible. if the port commission were to direct staff to initiate a total rehabilitation of pier 38 they'll have to identify with the procedures of the waterfront plan namely a process to assure
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a consultation with an agency and have a local viruses group to have input and combines on a concept for an entire pier 38 development. b again, this item is for the bulk head building project and defers action on possible total redevelopment on pier 38 if all. for the project an hand the staff believes t m) is better quality particularly with respect to providing higher revenue to the port. so in conclusion the 0 port staff occurs with the panels scoring and recommendations the bulk head development


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