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tv   [untitled]    December 28, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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in this process and specifically he has not. and neither has the board is it's a good trick to come in here and say you know what we're doing f that but ledge built that building to serve the bayview hunter community and i hope as i send out my thoughts of leo when he started with local 10 when we said to me you know what it's a humility and i'm talking about humility how do we do something that's right. you've got all those great pieces but you're missing the contact to the community. thank you for your time >> (calling names). >> hi, i'm charles bayview
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resident and student. i my fingerprints are that on the monitoring to the wastewater treatment system to the energy system and even the designs for the architect that's going on the roof. you know, i was one of the kids that k y most of you know in guadalupe common i was one of the kids catching undergoes and snakes and lizards and such. it's like right now as the districts we're heading in my grandkids can't watch that. i have to cut my little speak
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short i i was asked by you i'm going to chop up a ladies name. she asked me to read this. the program in the office of the public defender supports the bay institute and proposal. b magic has had a 10 year history of serving children through our collaborative network and community - last thing we've supported my program fetters at the her responses head park for bayview providers and other events. given the except the program
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efforts we believe they will be in the best positional to expand on the existing program at herself iron head park and working with local youth dproupdz and a schools. b magic is making efforts - looking forward to support and participating open the advisors committee and utilizes our expertise to connect with the cfos. and outreach for the community and we're both in support of the bay institute city college program >> (calling names) >> commissioners and staff my name is john i'm the president and ceo of the aquarium foundation. i'm here on behalf of the bay
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senior senior staff applying to this proposal has unanimous support from the entire board of directors. it's an important program we want to inspire the watershed and have been doing that for over thirty years we've been honored to run the eco center. i know the watershed is a nature waterfront. 87 percent of californians don't know what the delta is. so addressing the huge literacy problem is critical and, you know, this is what we do this is our mission. so being able to work with the living tool like the eco center helps us to he'd that literacy
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problem head on we'd love our support for the proposal. thank you >> (calling names). >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm mia i'm the student and teacher programs coordinator and bay. i'm here to add my support to the bay area proposal to take occupancy of the herself responses park. i do so because i believe in the power of viral education. in its capacity to enlighten and grandparent and give us up to this point. i believe that the aquarium and the bay institute and city college of san francisco has the expertise, the resources necessary in order to use this
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amazing resource eco center at the her responses park and give the great science education to the people in east eastern san francisco. during the program i've worked tirelessly to increase our presence by working with our close relationship with the school district and other inform institutions to provide teachers and family event focusing on science and sponsoring classrooms to have live trout in their classrooms an amazing program run by the wife horrify wildlife. we'll continue to provide this to neighborhoods that have been
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denied access to it. (calling names). so arcadia then margaret >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm martha and i'm the faculty in the graduate department at the john fy censured institute we're in support of the conditional san francisco proposal. one of the reasons for that is the course that i teach at the john f. kennedy university is
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taught and my intention is to bring my students here in the spring to help them learn about the community in the areas they're going to be in and help them bring their educates to building and strengthening the current eco center that's already there. both organization have a long history of work along the bay front with the port of san francisco. we'll do with our graduate students is work to do a survey and conduct acquires and the estimation to build partnerships and what are the educates and interests of the community to build strong relationships between all the oeshsz they will assist in learning
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about the community and help to make connections. i ask you to grant shoourdship to the bay foundation. >> (calling names). >> commissioners. >> corrin had to leave but asked i read here comments. >> go ahead amy read corrin woods statement. i'm very excited about the bay institute aquarium foundation for operation and programming of the eco center at herself reopens head park. the proposal builds on the work and it offers the resources that our community as well as the port and all of san francisco.
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this program opens up new opportunity for kids who's transmitting opportunity have been limited. thank you >> (calling names) >> good afternoon i'm jeff general partner of bay native nursery. immediate neighborhoods to the herself responses head park where we've been just over 2 years. it's been my pleasure to be working in that neighborhood and we've taken a great interest in the park from do i day one we've tribltd hundreds of hours in the landscaping and dine work.
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we've spent sent volunteers into the landscaping program and donated many hundreds of plant for the landscaping including the garden collection of rare specifications. it's my distinct pleasure to work s with peggy and crew that have demonstrated hard science is run the wastewater management system in the eco center. i was recently kekd contacted by bay natives to a give them insight to let them, you know, about how to do the maintenance. i was impressed they reached out to me and it's clear this is the candidate that you should choose
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for this lease and i urge according to give them their favorable consideration >> (calling names). >> good morning, commissioners islam tracy. i am here representing myself. a combrup here in san francisco have been living in hunters point. i was working for literacy for viral justice for 3 years my i did a background of education and did ugh i youth he development. i was running that building by myself. it is a tough job. i know in order to maximize it's full benefit the operation and the programming needs to be integrated and while the parentheses is not part of the proposal to live up to the full
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vision of being a classroom having a tenant that has the technical capacity to manage operations as well as do the programming is really crucial i'm here to support the bay institute and city college in the proposal. as we know with the history of the viral movement it's notes alters been inclusive. it's utmost importance the continually of san francisco that as an institution in our city that bends folks and people of color especially in southeast san francisco that they have fro reign and hired folks in the community liquor carol line and
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charles with peggy leading the way. they've created an inclusive community at the eco center. it's hard to still stay connected who not been an employee but i'm draunl back to the eco center and wanted to support it because of the work that conditional has exempted. to you definitely second the comments earlier about the vision and commitment and follow through and am in support of their proposal >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. islam's katherine i support the proposal for from the bay
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institution pr conditional serves 85 thousand students and in 340i department we have 5 thousand students. we run a pathway program at the south southeast campus your students work in early which would addition education and youth training as credential teachers. i have first-hand knowledge of the environmental deficits in classrooms and commissioner fierro centers in the areas of science. many of our classrooms have minimal science activity areas and minimal science quarter and elementary schools have asphalt parking their yards where which were you can't can play and it's
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black top incriminate instead of green spaces. if we want to encourage kids we have to start with their teachers the straefrnz to have education and training in the ways of incorporating nature environment and know the basic principle of science and environmental education. our department is also very exempted to recruiting teachers they'll be working in the southeast sector their filled with schools and commissioner fierro homes. many of those teachers have had one course in science and that's not enough to answer the questions children bring forth about the nature world. i'm glad that i can support in
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endeavor. i'm looking forward to insuring that our southeast classroom teachers and students can participate. it's hard for them to get on field trips from the southeast sector of the city many are on pun transportation so we could use that on a regular basis and i'm looking forward to a closer connection with our science department. so i support this >> (calling names). >> i'm mr. martin. i'm doing all right. i want you all to know this is how we feel i'm supporting this randolph institute but this is how it also go.
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we also last in everything. we're fighting elders. but the whole point about the situation i'm glad conditional has all this go help and all that good help they can come and help us because they've got smoe so many people doing this and that but now i want them to come up on the hill and a offer us some help. we only right down the street we have a lot of killing and stuff going on up pr there. you need help with the family and i've gotd got to offer the jobs to families would about us. we need jobs up there in order for our family to become stronger.
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they will help those kids out from 18 to 25 and a something like that that gets them off the street. and all this stuff is essential. everybody needs to play an important part, you know, we fighting because we need help not only for our community but for our people who live up there. this is a great big jump a nice start. we've got development going on up there and we've been rending run over but that's the most important thing we can't feel infer to nobody. we have a right to be here and that we get this proposal because we lived up here in the community all our lives, you know, >> and thank you very much. i want to mention the speaker
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cards are dealt with in the order their received there's no stacking of the deck. >> i've lived in hufrnts want but i wanted to ask all the people in so for the of the bay institute how many of you have lived in hunter point that is how many of you have been to hunter point not herself responses head but where i will? >> yeah. . you don't think our community needs this more than you do? rhetorical. anyway, i think that apr he does
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tremendous work and they need this program. i won't say desperately but a big help. we need this program and that space where they can learn and be trained. so it's my hope that you will vote for apr i to get that property thank you > >> (calling names). >> dwayne jones is no longer here? (calling names.) >> thank the audience and commissioners for bearing with us. i'm the current department chair
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at conditional. i'm passionate. you've seen a lot of this with our students so i won't reharsh. i'm up here to say i think this proposal that the bay has pit forward provides sin just of what can happen there. i see the sky as the limit. unfortunately, it's us vs. them here. i want to say this proposal has the capacity to do what everybody wants to do and that's to benefit the community. many of the students you saw here are from there and a lot of people had to leave so the show of hands is not proportional. we're currently in the stamdz of
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former listing our memoranda. the rfp was a short timeline and things at the city college move slowly so we state our intent to move this further long and we have our grants and development office very much in support of what we're trying to do and we'll have full college support eventually. katie was running the program she's very enthusiastic about this opportunity. in addition to that i think there's a lot of opportunity to have dual enrollment capacity where students get to take conditional classes. i think this is awning an amazing fuentes opportunity for both institutions to do the educational work and he really
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do help the community and be excellent sturdz. thank you for your time >> (calling names). >> hi, i'm mary gunman robert son. i'm not a lesson many i'm cherokee by the way, we started the project because the original people of san francisco we as native people need to be sure that we honor the original inhabits of this land. we have trying to bring forth the original people to all of the processes that go on in the
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city. too many times too often their doirpd in the processed. we worked with ledge in our first year of ceremonial cycles to do a program that did prayers and repealed to heal the land. so that people could be able to survive there better all people would be able to survive there better. it's important to be as inclusive as possible in all your decision making to make sure that even the people that have been disappeared from the city are part of our consideration. and we have worked very hard to get a relationship where indian
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people the in defines people know the bay and even though currents and the plants and the land and know what helps to deal with the toxicity and the songs. we've worked that peggy to make arrangements to develop curriculum and programs to deal with bringing the healing songs and the healing areas, the indigenous plant that are originated from so far. i wanted to say that anthony who was next in line asked me to say he's concerned about the toxins
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in the area. so i'm glad i got united states opportunity to bring the origin people who were san francisco's to our awareness >> thank you very much for your concern and considered reasons for deciding those things. thank you >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. eddy for bright line a nonprofit involved in environmental justice decisions. a speaker earlier commented she would quite sure with the a randolph institute does and that bothers me.
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first and foremost in the area of policy and community advocacy on a variety of issues ranging from the citing of the power plants that used to exit to solar advocacy with the sf puc to make sure we have local hires from the communicated making sure their employment stunt that - and knowing that there are dope experience in the workforce they're a city partner and have relationships throughout the trades to allow people to go into the preprintership opportunity. and also making sure we take note of their partnership as well as with the department of the economic. to make sure there's a community
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outreach. so to work in bayview hunter point and not to know a randolph i want to make sure their recognized for their work. all this advocacy their provided to the community and they old in their progs presentation provided the residents information. so people strongly believe in a randolph institute and i can't give you more of an endorsement and they're standing in the community. it's important that's recognized here today >> (calling names) that's the last name if you wish to speak mutt in a card. >> i'm here with apr i and i
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feel like apr i should be like more at that station because i don't know liquor i actually live in west point and i see like they're the only people that are motivated, you know, come get us make sure that, you know, we worked at that acidity. i don't know i'm not trying to knock what they're doing at the city college they're more of the heart they come up and talk to us. i'm part of the community and it feels like they're working with us. i can understand the college or other organizations sorry - but i understand that both sections are trying to do better for the


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