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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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so i'm lost very interested in hopefully continuing conversations around light ownership. i think i'm particularly for the districts where the city owns a aviate majority of the lights in district 5 and 6 maybe we should talk about doing the transfer of the ownership and having a long term discussion about the rest. seems like at the end of the day we're still funding for the cost of improvements and maintenance. i guess there's a finest issue of how we can sped up that versus over time but it makes sense to me as a representative if all the lights were under one equity. and if it's frustrating for our office to know who owns the light it's for frustrating for the resident. so i do want to reiterate the
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cap street i'm glad to see there's a resolution to that our office will start to work on that. and actually that was the first time, you know, we went through the process and found out how difficult it was owning the left to right in the city. when we were doing the acquires it was fairly long. i'm glad we're continuing to talk about that. i appreciate the led lights that i've seen in the south market and it makes a big difference i walk home alone a lot at night. so i'll be following up with the puc. we know that the majority of lights are owned by puc. thank you to the entities for
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presenting >> thank you. colleagues if there are no additional comments i'd like to entertain a information motion to continue item one to the call of the chair >> so moved and this continues to the call of the chair. madam clerk, please call items 5, 6, 7 together their brief items that president chewing has added and i and >> and this adds the name to the alley and item 6 to 346r7b9 street and item 7 a resolution adding limb alley to bar tell street. >> president chew you're the author. >> thank you for calling those items up i know we have members
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of the public and hoping we can through move through this. we have three names for china town it's 0 recognize the contributions of 3 outstanding individual leaders to the china community. a designation of those honoree wouldn't be time letter. anonymous for their live ability and cultural use ambassador for their told them. a nonprofit that serves young china families gets ready to celebrate it's one hundred and 40th nancy pelosi so to quickly summarize those names that were provided to our office by a lot
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of feedback first ms. cameron devoted her life since she joined the partnering home and later another home for orphaned children. i'm proposing we add cameron alley we're not replacing the name only adding the designation for a street known as cameron alley because cameron spent time doing outreach to girls and helped during the course of her life. the second resolution is a woman ms. limb was an activist in china town that devoted her life for housing and streets in china
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town. she was with the staff in the community development center unsuccessful advocating for the southern subway and on montgomery street as an affordable housing. sf tomorrow and the sf board of supervisors she approved the transit accessibility. i'm proposing we add the designation to battery street while serving open the china town association she she continuing added to the streets importance and to the senior homes. finally the last resolution is to add the designation to merchant street. bud moose and willing i can't think memos such a skraet the
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projection for the bank of america card. in addition to believe the iconic building moose helped to build the housing in chinatown they promoted chinese-american cultural through it's art and education and community engagement work for nearly 5 decades it draws 45 thousand visitors. i know there are a number of individual that are here to support those resolutions. i want to thank those who couldn't come today but it includes the former director of the center albert and the director of the uncertainty center and the china improvement promise and the community
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organization that represents our tenant and the china cultural you foundation and local 2 as well our mayor mayor ed lee. i want to visit up 80 a number of the speakers to speak on behalf of the resolutions. why don't we start with the director for the housing and (calling names) and other members of the public if you could lineup on the other side of the room >> thank you thank you for the opportunity. not only is this important to rename the alley which is historically been known as
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cameron alley it's important because cameron house still continues the great work starred in 1874 as you mentioned we're celebrating our one hundred and 44 anniversary next year. we provide services for families in need including counseling and domestic violence issue. we have one of the few cancer support for china's in a number of languages and also with the families that we serve continually our strong youth leadership and after school bilingual programs. we hope the supervisors b will pass this resolution >> if i could ask the members of the public co- if you could lineup on the left side of the room. let's hear from the next speaker
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>> supervisors i'm doris republican cloud and i wish to thank you today for our resolution to honor donna cameron and ms. limb. one china woman and one scottish woman they gaming gave much of their time and energy to advocate the need for the people in the dmupt. their list of accomplishments david chiu has already mentioned i want to rise in support >> please step up ash i'm evenly in a limbs daughter. i wanted to she was you've heard her accomplishment but i want to tell you a personal story.
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in 1986 she stopped the landlord from converting the resident into office space. she were instrumentally helping that situation which built remain services for some of the original tenants. it was less than irony that they moved into that building after suffering a stroke in early february of 2008 she was diagnosed with leukemia she choose to live out our remaining days and was cared for by dedicated staff interest in her final days she crossed the alleys to joy the children from
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the center. she died in 2008. i'm sure she would be tinged pink for this how were you. also my cuz was going to speak but her meter was running out so she left >> thank you. >> i'm harry chuck and thank you supervisors so far sponsoring this change of name. it's only it's probable less than half a block long and a dead end alley in china but - chinatown. i think what's important to me is china house continues to be the leadership mill. it puts forgot many young people and adults into the community would continue to serve the
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community. we have an active judge and people like the reverend norman fong an activist. i served 25 years in different commissions for this city. i had an opportunity to know what it was like to be involved. so your professional of this resolution would mean a great deal only to me but for several generations of chinese-americans who have lived in chinatown in san francisco >> thank you reverend. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm ms. lamp i'm with the china community development center. i'm coming into support the alley way. it's a active community as the d.c. and she's very much
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involved in the china alley improvement and she also trios to help with the security for elderly housing and she's an advocate so she helps serve the seniors of san francisco. shows instrumental in helping to serve the community around it. she had a can do attitude and never give up easily so i'm hoping the board of supervisors also has this can do attitude and make sure the alley will be in honor of her. she so served this community and loved. i also support of the renaming of the old china town lane thank
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you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm here to support harold moose and my name is kevin i'm the general manager the hilton financial district. i've been at the hotel for 5 and a half years it was a pleasure to meet will moose he always had kind words and acknowledged everybody he possibly could. one of mr. muse legacies was to eat with the employees in the hotel cafe. of course, the employees had a positive opinion of how mr. moods was they said he was a elapsing leader. it would be a true how were you for the businesses to recognize the legacies of this great
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trailblazers who brought people together for the common god and add the name of harrod muse to harrod street in recognition for his numerous contribution seess in the san francisco areas >> and now our final speaker if you could please come up. >> supervisor chiu and members of the board of supervisors i'm bud muses daughter. supervisor chiu on behalf of my family and myself i want to thank you to add bud lane to merchant street. thanks to all who okay the contribution. i'm aware of my fathers accomplishment you mate not know that his heart was truly in san
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francisco. my father started here selling newspapers and during uc berkley he worked for the delivery department. his job give him the opportunity to bike to the streets of san francisco. he told me during during this time his appreciation grew. budz greatest achievements occurred later in life he cherished the opportunity to convert blighted areas for recreational areas while providing jobs for san franciscans. san francisco development became his whole life and he approached it with his child like
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excitement. thank you. thank you very much. are tell me any other members of the public who wish to speak. passersby >> public comment is closed and colleagues again appreciate our approval and i've circulated this information we continue those items actually next week we'll hopefully be able to move them along as passage before the holidays. >> great. so and without objection the amendments are adapted. now is there a motion to forward those are to the full board >> i said from the collects e clerk's office they need to set
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and so 0 the expectation is for one week without objection. >> may i make some comments. oh, supervisor kim my apologizes >> i want to express my appreciation but in particular i know ms. limb when i was at the china town development center and know of her incredible commitment to the neighborhood and it's great to honor one of our women neighborhood leaders in one of our alley ways and the history of her is well noted throughout china town. and this is at old china town lane. so happy to support the motion to continue >> okay. so without objection the items are continued one week. >> madam clerk, call items it
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and 3 together. >> it is an addressing code demolition and conservation for the strict. item 3 is also an ordinance submitting the planning codes for the enlargement construction of a district >> and supervisor avalos is the author of item 2 and 3. >> great, thank you chair wiener and colleagues. those two items where we've all leader e heard from constituents we're in the middle of an affordable housing crisis and a sfleeksz this city. we want to make sure we're doing everything we can. we're looking forward to making sure we can keep resident in this city. we're dramatically changing the
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population of this city it's almost happening overnight. i have so many people i know movie out of sfr san francisco and many people facing eviction it's in the core central part of the city but it's happening all across san francisco. i have two measure here today. that we hope will prospectively be able to preserve affordable housing and place disincentives open the places in san francisco. we have our planning the president here to describe it. i have two co- sponsor i want to thank. sxhooemz and commissioner antoine and jeremy paul r powell
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in my office has done a great deal as well as the planning adapt has worked a year open developing the legislation as well. and spent several times in the planning commission to be heard. also in the audience is tom who is part of the ideas behind those two pieces of legislation coming forward today. the first one is an ordinance that demolition and mergers and conversions. this ordinance is intended to protect against 0 affordable housing and demolition of housing and merging multiple houses into a single opt and other non-residential unions. it was updated to make it a priority to protect the for a fact of the existing housing
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especially rent controlled housing but the criteria that the planning department used for demolition and mergers and conversions have not been update in preserving rent control in affordable housing. is instead the planning code make the building more consistent with the laws of the zoning of the neighborhood. this will bring the code in lion by disperse the rent control conversions. in addition the ordinance will require the planning commission to consider whether housing replacements are being being provide. this ordinance wouldn't effect projects in the development of the green area. this legislation also looked at mergers of residential unites. the most common way unit are
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eliminated into the city what their converged into a semibe building and evict the tenants and convert it into a home and sold. the plan courageous if the merger would make the building with the decent of the soourlgd neighborhood. those ordinance with destroy those mergers by making it a priority particle rent control housing. we're concerned about the loss of affordable housing when their merged into residential everywhere rental unit. unfortunately we're forced to walk the line between state law and to evaluate 9 kinds of control in the housing needs in san francisco. it requires the city to maintain affordable housing and this is
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credit card a viable interest to encourage the non eviction of units it is for beliefs on no fault eviction. evictions can't be loud over october >> that's prospective. we believe the timeframe is appropriate under the ellis act interest so the other piece of ledger's election is around non-conforming use nor non-conforming housing. we know note those are legally existing units because of the zoning laws. those are not in law units. typically ass those are non-conforming unit that are built before our laws that were
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built in the city and the age of the opt are prominently rent control units. there are nearly 52 thousands of those units e.r. 52 thousand of the cities stock. we have a map i have it here that shouz shows the units are they're all in the core of the city but throughout san francisco. again 14 percent of overall housing stock a 3 unit building in an rh unit the owners because designate two he thought units at the conforming and one as non-conforming and the building owners are still allowed to pick
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the non conforming unit their usual the most undesirable ones in the believe. they have the urban affordable housing and the planning code doesn't allow those unless the work will eliminate the housing unit. this ordinance will allow four africans to those non-conforming it is to preserve those for rent controlled housing. currently because the aefls are prohibited but the removal is loud the current code could incentivize those with the non conforming unit to create a less affordable unit taking the control residentials off the bacon book. this ordinance includes
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safeguards to allow the units that will reduce the for a fact or discourage the displacement of resident. this is a vital government interests therefore any aefgsz can't be expanded beyond the envelope. also aerpgss is not loud after 2014. we've got other colleagues here to go into the legislation. i want to thank you for this legislation and staff you've been working with this in the planning the president. it's a great tool to preserve affordable housing in san francisco >> thank you supervisor avalos
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and good afternoon, supervisors. i'm with the planning staff. just to reiterate this ordinance this pair of ordinances is essential 3 things it amends the criteria for the processes associated with the loss of dwelling units and consolidates rope at the with the loss of unit by moving all the elevation to the planning code and lastly it created a new opportunity to expand the non-legal unit currently they can't be expanded in a way that increases the notary republic enforcement arrest the planning commission considered those ordinances a number of times and supported the opportunity to alternate non-conforming units at the september hearing and the board passed the resolution with a of
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one vote with a approval of the draft and the commissioner considered the 345e789s to the processes associated with doogsz and conversion on accountability 24th and passed a resolution again with a 6, one vote and that included the representations that the owner move ins be considered differently than ellis evictions. so the ordinance prohibit the immersion as long as that evocation took place after october 24th. sxhooeflz gave you a lot of information i'm available for answers and i have a map that shows the legal non-enforcement in the decent and if it is helpful i can 2krb9 it and put
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it on the overall. for board strokes this is throughout the city. and also to clarify there's a a little bit of confusion those unite can't be expanded and they can't be alternated if that alteration increases the non enforcement of the under lying decent if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them and i have a few questions. first of all, what is the division of a demolition for purposes of this legislation? >> i'm going to pull up the specific definition because it's fairly


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