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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PST

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for me. my first of all i think it's very important that we work with the applicant. for tonight purposes is to understand to memorialize the conditions. i was glad to hear that a youth permit would be needed for a bar to be established. but i would like to point out that the owner, the applicant could agree now not to put any bars in the future and that would be a sign of good faith that they could agree to. we did have a problem with the bar in the same building with the marsh in berkeley and it caused quite a few problems. couple of other
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comments, i support the approval on the construction. i think it's very important for the conditions of approval about prospective owners and tenants actually signing something acknowledging that they have a limited or no right to object to future uses. finally i would like to point out that it's possible to agree that parking not be requested by future residents. thank you. >> hi. i'm a 30-year resident of the neighborhood and attended a huge variety of marsh performances. my main point that other people have made but i want to emphasize is that these 12 units maybe two
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of them will be market rate housing. the other 10 will be for people with deep pocket and they can easily combine to make it very difficult for the marsh to stay there. they can complain and have the legal right to complain about something even if they understand that it's an entertainment venue. we know people move near the airport and understand they are near the airport and people move near all kinds of venues and then easily decide later that i understand itd but i don't like it but i'm going to use my money and the money of all my neighbors to make it impossible for the mash to stay here because they won't be able to financially defend themselves from lawsuits. so that is my main concern.
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>> just understanding that the marsh is there i don't think is adequate. >> good evening, i have a prepared statement from erica ge lo. >> to be clear you only get 2 minutes. >> from erica. i'm here in support of the marsh and the appeal. i believe the marsh should be in the neighborhood. each corridor is unique and has different issues. one size did you tell not fit all. we neat to protect from negative businesses. i live two 2 blocks from the proposed development and working with mission economic development agency a local economic development corporation that is helping welcome latino families. we
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strongly urge you to oppose the building permits until affordable housing is imposed. we have submitted a letter through gabriel medina. we want to point out that the mission has not had any affordable housing since 2005. we have deterioration of community businesses. we highly encourage you to sup a development that is accessible and equally available that sits in the neighborhood fabric and offers income and to families. lastly we would like toen you are en
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sure that it's not affecting the marsh's activities. >> good evening, my name is diane ross and i big fan of the theatre and big fan of the marsh. i'm here to speak about the marsh that it an important cultural institution. we have two big companies, at and t and right behind that we have the magic theatre and s f playhouse and we have the marsh. it's in the top five. it's a large theatre and hugely important. i described in this weeks capsule review. the marsh is one of them that's reviewed and that's true every single week. then we have the fact that under the circumstances unique. we have
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the solo performances and that's through all performances that have gone on to take their shows to the east and even internationally. then there is the fact that it's in the mission and part of the lifeblood and culture of the mission. the marsh is a hugely important institution in san francisco. part of what makes san francisco so special is a rich culture. if you are not part of theatre, if you don't know the marsh, i hope you can hear how important it is to the fabric of the city. it not a theatre for the rich. you can get a cup of coffee for a dollar. i'm not opposed to development. i like development. i'm opposed to a like development to endanger something that is so important to this city. i would like you to protect it from the noise
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development. hello, my name is michael lesser. i came to san francisco 45 years ago because of it's cultural diversity. i moved immediately to the mission district and lived there for many years. i'm extraordinarily proud to say from the beginning i started attending the marsh and enjoying it's performances and see it as a precious very delicate arts organization that is not just supported but taken in account in positive ways to
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make sure we keep it here and make sure that it exist for future generations. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. my name is john levin. i have been here for the last 50 years. 50 feet from this proposed building. i think what attracts me to san francisco and most people are two things, it's neighborhood and it's culture many certainly it's culture brought me here and the neighborhoods urged me to stay. this building that is being propose is a knife in both the culture and the mark and a knife in one of the most unique neighborhoods of the city. liberty hill. it contains
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many preearthquake buildings in the city. i urge you to demand the developer to modify the construction that is compatible to our neighborhood and does not destroy one of the great cultural institutions in the district. thank you. >> hi. i'm kenny. i wasn't going to speak. i really get we need housing and need to track all the talent that comes in the city, my inside view working in tech is trying to solve the housing problems for people working in palo alto and seems at the expense of the culture in san francisco. i would like you to go to and you will see all
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the diversity of san francisco reflected in this theatre. it not like the other mentioned theatres. they are all great theatres. if any of you up this want to tell a story about your families or how you became a commissioner, you would go to the marsh to do it and we would love to hear the inside dirt, by the way, and why don't you ask deb and she'll put you on the list. come to the marsh. the shows are funny and you will laugh because you will hear something you will not. you are not going to get this experience in electronic media. the marsh is where we share our humanist with each other. this is why these people are all up here trying to protect the marsh. i hope up too. the marsh is the only place where you will see your own faces. it's
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the only place in san francisco. thank you. >> thank you. my name is peter heinecke. i live next to the proposed project. the position of the developers is clear. if a project complies with the zoning requirement it should be built. that ignores any other policies that there is development decisions. example, the planning commission called out the need to maintain character and protect cultural resources. as even the permit holders, this project is much much larger than the surrounding buildings. it makes no intent to be compatible
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with the historic buildings on all sides. we have reached this point largely because of the neighbors at all. mostlly from the city's commission asking the developer to work with the neighbors. only 2 days ago that he sat down to talk with us. the planning commission resolution was very clear. prior to the issue of the building permit, the developer was supposed to have the public liaison, gather feedback and act on it. he didn't do that. no changes were made. what we would like to see is a building that's 50 feet tall and get a setback further down on hill street. as we have seen the jack spade review, san
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franciscans do not want developments incompatible with the neighborhood. it has set the products in the plans to be kept. i urge you to september -- support this appeal and these promises. >> hi, any other -- name is joel 50s i live in the mission. i came to school and i couldn't afford it then and i sure as hell can't afford it now but i stick by this city . when i found it was unlike any other community in the arts. this is a group of people that is so supportive of each other and
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what we do. the people standing next to me and sitting behind me are such an incredible community of artist and people that it's a privilege to get to be here with you and get to be here. it is so much more than just a building, thank you. my name is -- i'm an owner and resident on hill street. i support the statement of all of my neighbors and join the concerns express fwied -- by the marsh and people who love the marsh. i'm here to oppose the permit for the valencia street building that has been designed for the new denser
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valencia mixed use standards for the top deck. but it's almost 3/4 of it's foot print and implementation on historic residential hill street which you saw on the developers own pictures. the implementation of 1050 valencia is so thoroughly on hill street that an address of 1 hill street than 1050 valencia street to secure hill street parking permit for this no car zero parking building. with over 3/4 of hill street of building standards of 3 stories. a compromise might be three 3 stories for a step wise integration to the space.
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and/or a gradual step down design. please use your power to punchp -- push for a stead wide integration and please allow valencia street remain. thank you very much. >> hello, my name is maria. i'm a professional actor in the bay area. it is a struggle to make a living as an actor. i am so thankful at the mash that i have developed another voice there and completed a fellow show through classes and workshops at the marsh. this keeps us alive and allows artist to remain here in the
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bay area. it recognizes a breeding ground of performance. i just want to remind for a moment earlier there was hissing in the audience and so eloquently someone asked to please stop. we are asking the same courtesy that we are allowed the courtesy of the hissing. i can imagine where in a performance setting where in my own show i make a connection between rape and violence and violence. when someone would have to turn around with a jackhammer and say quiet, i wouldn't work. >> good evening, my name is paula brave man. i am a 32-year resident and 25 hill which will be in the shadow this hulking building if it goes according to the plan. i want to mention
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a few scores. while the address right now of the proposed development roughly three times as much of this building will be on hill street and the developer intends to use a hill street address. it seems simply wrong to apply valencia street zoning to the situation on hill street and the issue of the historic district. unfortunately our neighbor is not transit rich and anyone who can afford one of these condos is not goes to take a bus on mission street. finally if they are permitted to put in a
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building, there should not be parking allowed. they have three permits per unit. we understand the planning commission has estimated that there will be two cars per unit in terms of the impact in the neighborhood. thank you. especially thank you for sticking with in the evening. appreciate it. >> my name is howard patrick. i ended up in san francisco in 1962. i found a home here with the artist and being able to find a home and had things like no mcdonald's, no kfc's, no parking permits. all of which i spoke about opposed over the
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years. i have watched the artist move from the castro district to north beach to downtown, to the western addition to the mission to dog patch, hunters point, it gets fewer and fewer of us every year. >> the last thing i would want this board to have to have is to say that you are responsible for making people go to the pacifica for the marsh. this is a real culture? a. we are not talking about a building or a street. you have to go to the marsh and see. i think if you did that, if the developer and the owner and the architect would do that, just go to a show. there is wonderful shows there right now.
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holiday shows and shows about different aspects and problems they have had in their life, you will identify with those, you will understand and you will understand what the beating of a base means to a silence. so all i'm saying is you should go there before you vote on this. you should go and see what the marsh is really like. once you do, i'm sure you will understand what everybody here is talking about. thank you. >> thank you. my name is mark hen ward. i first performed at the marsh in 1995. i got to direct people and got to teach classes. the best thing is i was in a production of the marsh youth theatre. i was the only adult in the cast. they
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played a high school teacher. the rest of the kids were 25 representing all the faces of san francisco. it was an in incredibly moving experience for me to get to know these kids to be in the cast with them and many of them at risk kids and to see what this program meant for them, the way that was changing their lives and saving their lives and connecting with them in that way. so the youth theatre happens in the afternoons, 4:00. i know there is provisions the marsh is asking for it to stop at 4:00 and the other spectrum is that teenagers are loud. they make noise when they are out in the street and they are boisterous and stomping up and down and i know there are provisions here that future tents are aware of these things happening he
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marsh. support not only the adult programming but the incredible marsh youth theatre. >> my name is lisa title bound. four 1/2 years ago the mission took issue with the height with the liberty historic district. in 2010. the south mission historic resource survey designated most buildings on valencia street opposite this location as historic resources. this building is surrounded. planning commissioner catherine moore said in 2012, there should be someway with dealing with sites like this. she suggested scaling doubt -- down the height to be more
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respective. we have more petitioner on petition that support this building as designed. the eastern neighborhoods plan would respect this. surely this will be the space where those guidelines take parentheses -- precedence. the building is in violation of the san francisco residential design guidelines. it is on hill street. these guidelines emphasize the historic resources and enhances the character of the city. surely this building which is twice as tall should not be permitted. thank you. >> thank you. is there any
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other public comment. seeing none, we will close public comment and move to rebuttal starting with the marsh. >> thank you for listening to all of us this evening. i hope you got a little taste of what the marsh is all about. by the way, donations are welcome to send to the marsh. i didn't hear any commitment from the developer to build the affordable units on the site. i did hear the lawyer you didn't mention that in the appeal. well, the reason it wasn't mentioned in the appeal is because we just found out in the last 48 hours that this little sneaky deal is going on. i want to clarify for commissioner hwang because i understand this is the first time you her this. most people
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hadn't heard this. this project was identified for two affordable units on-site. this was signed on the plan that became on the public hearing record. this is what they are. what is happening is and the law does allow this right now. it needs to be changed chltd once the project goes through project, right after the permit is issued. the developer comes back, i'm changing my mind, i'm going to pay the affordable housing the money? does the city benefit, yes but not in
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the way it needs to benefit. they need to be in these projects in the community otherwise we will have low income housing in one part of the city and high income housing in other parts of the city. these units need to be built there that happen on every other project, not just this one. how can we do that today. you can ask the developer to stand up here and look you in the eye and give you his personal commitment that health -- health -- he is commitment. make him do that. secondly, the two conditions that require legislation, the prohibition and provision to give affordable housing preference to displaced
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long-term mission residents. these will not be in the hands of the enforcement. please put those conditions on. take a bold step. this is coming in the next couple of years, be the first commission to make this city work. we heard a little bit about who is going to buy these units. these unit are going to be bought by high end people. they are going to own cars. transportation spending by low income california households is a recent study and shows 73 percent on household with low income, 94 percent low income, middle income. sadly the average income for ownership for cars in the united states is 24 percent. what does that tell us? it tells us we are
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not providing housing on-site but people are buying cars anyway. we need to transfer teeth on policy. it's to prevent residents of units that don't have parking to getting parking stickers and that alone will be for parking. further, a person said why cannot i be a liaison. he did not meet with anybody. he got hood winked to meet with us 2 days ago because the supervisor made him meet with us. he is not liaison during construction. i thought that was clear during the
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language and the developer would be the back up. i think i need to add some language to the construction relations officer such as a foreman who will be present on-site. it can't be the developer because he will never meet with anybody. the remaining conditions is sue hesser, this is so ironic sue hesser spoke to me and said i need these conditions and people said we need these conditions. i would say sue, don't worry so much. and now here i am saying, she was right. we need these conditions. we need a condition that requires the purchasers the lessees of these spaces that do't


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