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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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changing them. we also know that speculators who have used the ellis act to evict tenants and those most vulnerable of our city. given the fact that we do not have time to wait for ellis act evictions to take place before establishing more local control that we need do everything we can to stem the tie of speculative evictions. this calls for our may and -- mayor and board of supervisors to restrict ellis act evictions to restrain the ellis act evictions and disrupting our efforts to grow according to our general plan and our neighborhood plans. so colleagues, we ask for your
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support with this resolution to support changes within our state legislature to return more local control to our local municipalities to stop speculative ellis act evictions. second item i have is to request a hearing in early next year in chapter 14b of the administrative code t local business enterprise. this is timing for several reasons. early this year, our mayor by order removed the act by rights provisions from office under the administrator. yesterday the contract monitoring division issued and annual report on the past fiscal year. this is a first report on lbe's in the first year even though this has required quarterly reporting. background, we know it comprised 95 or less of
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businesses contributing hundreds of millions of dollars to our local economy, our economies local back bones. 3 decades ago this san francisco board of supervisors has experienced passive and active discrimination in practices and recognize that history no longer had a place in our city acknowledging that millions of dollars that we spent for services could be a tool to help disadvantaged minorities to increase businesses. chapter 14b now helps all of our businesses in cost operating and it's hoped to level the
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playing field as city and local businesses compete outdz outside of san francisco. we know when this law has worked our city's contract practices can keep tax dollars here in the city which will do most good for our residents. we know when 14b works we know that san francisco is doing all we can to end discrimination and to ensure that we are not contracting with businesses that discriminate. the hearing that i'm calling for will help us chart a progress in full filling our cities policy on discrimination and we hope in the light of legal adjustment to better award and administer a contract that is better and fair and effective to provide
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equal opportunities. as san franciscans we all must do a better job and i like -- look forward to working with. you my third item is an environmental ordinance. with recent typhoons and we've all seen an impact of global warning and we have seen our efforts to reducing greenhouse gases and reducing addiction to plastic bottle water. in the 1990s the industry experienced an enormous growth but before that everyone managed to stay hydrated. in 1996, the average public drank 1.6 billion bottled wear -- water per
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year. today americans drink more bottled wear than anywhere in the nation. in san francisco where ecology alone collects millions of bottles every year. they end up in our recycling stream orlando film and it takes a thousand years for a typical bottle water to -- in san francisco we have been fortunate to have healthy water. hetch hetchy water. this is $1-4 per gallon. it's
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quality is tested over 100 thousand times a year. it's the highest municipal water in the country. in the past several years i have partnered with several agencies. i have sponsored legislation to acquire new buildings to install bottle filling stations. the legislation we are introducing today is also first in the country and an exciting next step for our city. while many national parks and universities across the united states has instituted water bottle bans i would like to take an approach to reduce bottle waste in our own cities on properties and our own cities facilities. vendors and city department to reduce our addiction to plastic bottle water. the ordinance is a result of numerous conversation
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of departments and producers and environmental community and want to thank supervisor mar for his assistance. beginning this year, the municipal water would not be allowed to sell bottled water. in 2016, all will be required to comply. sports event would be waved. many events in our city have already made the transition to being plastic bottle water free. i started thing about this @016, all will be required to comply. sports event would be waved. many events in our city have already made the transition to being plastic bottle water free. i started thing about this legislation after the plastic bottle water ban. we've heard from many event producers that alternatives are affordable and easy to use. second aspect of a
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legislation for permits and leases of properties would have to include the sale of bottle water and it would not apply to existing leases and permit holders and can grant waivers to permitees. this will require our city's to increase access to these filling events water hook ups be installed where there is a capital project in a heavily used public park or plaza. in the absence, it asks the agency to investigate solutions to hook up to our water infrastructure. in the recent year we have learned there are many contributions to bottle water and that will continue to grow. we know we can hook up to municipal water lines and sell cups and
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refillable water bottles to customers. and i want to thank dave who has worked on this original idea. i believe this is a common sense way to attack the problem of waste drinks and i look forward to continuing this conversation with all stake holders during the coming months. the next item i have is to declare december 19, 2013, water day. the 100th anniversary to pass the federal law which creates the hech tch hetchy water system. the rest i submit. >> thank you. cohen?
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supervisor malia cohen: thank you, towed -- today i'm going to introduce the concept. we spent the last few months discussing and debating solutions on the we have many with blue collar jobs. 5 years ago many believed we were making a big mistake and san francisco preserving areas of the city where manufacturing uchlts many argued that these industries were dying off and
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valuable san francisco real estate should not be spent on maintaining them, let alone on expanding them. these critics were wrong. they continue to show us an increase in demand for manufacturing space in san francisco particularly outside of the city. the manufacturing sector has also diversified from what we traditionally think of as manufacturing jobs. it's not only just large industrial fact arrears. we have hundreds of small craftsmen and women making things from soaps to lotions to chocolates and designing messenger bags. the resolution i'm introducing today is quite simple and goes to a number of things to support this growing industry. specifically it will remove the requirement to obtain a conditional use from the approval from the planning commission for common pdr uses who want to locate in pdr districts. it also allows small
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manufactures to pull their resources together and share accessory retail spaces which are central to their business. it also supports a development of new space with conjunction with a rebuilt self storage use. in some ace this allows the storage use to be reconstructed but if they offer an equivalent of the new manufacturing space on the site. a purpose of small businesses in a greater a industrial areas. many of these smaller spaces are in high demand for small craftsman who want to move their businesses out of their home but aren't quite big enough to move to larger businesses. it's also
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introducing a development of new pdr space of vacant and under utilized parcels in areas. on a very few and under utilized lots and some pdr district the legislation would also allow the development of office space. if at least 1/3 of the project is dedicated to constructed new light industrial space. she's -- these challenges will go a long way to supported non-manufacturing businesses but also creates new framework to incentivize the construction of new pdr spaces. most cities around the country are looking for ways to develop and eliminate their remaining industrial space. we are unique here in san francisco because if we recognize that we are going to support and maintain a diverse city. in a diverse economy we need to support this
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sector. we could not support a city without continuing to support living wage jobs for the population of residents. the rest i submit. thank you. speaker: thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. supervisor mark farrell: today, i'm finally introducing the resolution to implement free wifi. this project will provide three wireless service touching every corner of our city and further open up the door and provide local community groups with wireless internet where previously unavailable. this provides access where it's limited and providing
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additional working infrastructure. we did work on locations that help close the digital divide to serve our open communities with the heavy ier traffic to get the most out of this service. we picked the highest location of city and sites that reach the broadest parts of san francisco. and we used parts that use the most effective method. this is inside and outside city government on a creative solution to expand wifi across the city on our parks system. the cost of equipment and maintenance is provided by google as a generous grant to fund this with no strings attached. this is to benefit all of san francisco. google is a member of the advocate organization which is a leading voice for san francisco and is giving the gift to the city on behalf of one of it's members. the department of technology will accept and install the
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gift to make it available for the city. i'm proud of organizations to bring this wireless organization to residents of our city. this resolution will now make it's way through city process banged in -- back in front of the board of supervisors next year. the committee will authorize the installation by the department of technology which will start next spring and should start by next summer. colleagues, i appreciate your support. speaker: thank you supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar? supervisor eric mar: thank you. i would like to thank you for supporting the water campaign. this is a very important part of our city to improve our
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environmental food ship and still providing healthy food choices to our district. i have always my "i love san francisco water" that's helped me be a better person. the president chiu's effort is a strong follow up to a hearing we had a few months back about the city doing most to promote tap water in hetch hetchy to promote in other facilities throughout our communities. i'm looking forward to working to ensure that everyone has access to water from students in the public schools to concert goers in the state parks. i want to thank mayor lee for joining us today and his commitment to help us raise the city's minimum wage and especially for many of our community to raise
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the dialogue whether $15 is enough. i hope that those hopefully would agree that our current money wage is not up to pace with our cost of livingston. -- living wage. the minimum wage is a key struggle to improve the situation for many in our communities. the mayor has not increased the details of his proposal, i hope that it will preserve annual increases to correct for inflation and look at an even higher minimum if further analysis shows that it's needed to keep pace with the skyrocketing health and cost for our residents. also, working to close the loophole that has kept the wages for non-profits who have worked
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very hard for city contractors and paid lower and i'm hoping that colleagues will join me in our coalition to address that disparity. i'm also working on another measure with i number of group to look at closing the wage gap in our increasingly 2-tiered city and looking forward to discuss these ideas with many of you. also i want to say that many of you know that on november 6th, a major fire occurred and many businesses displaced. the internet archive is one of our city's prominent non-profits that supervisors are trying to provide. they have been digitizing books and a whole library of information to make the information open
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digitizing. the fire led to really terrible damages for their digitizing operation and the internet archive is holding a major fundraiser this monday. they are showing film from an artist who come piles movies and engaged in interactive and enjoyable way which he shows play land he beach and engages the audience to talk at the screen and to talk about their experiences. but i invite you to support efforts like the internet archives and support their efforts to recover after the fire. if you want more information, go to also i want to acknowledge and ask that we end the meeting in
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memoriam of a ledgeary radio personality gutierrez who i learned from friends that she passed away at 6:30 a.m. this morning. i know leo is a member of salsa dancer expert. for me, i met cha-cha in 1984. she is so nurturing for us. she served the community on the radio for 38 years. she was diagnosed with liver cancer a few years ago and artist like john santos came is to her with a fundraiser. she hosted the longest running salsa show in the bay area for many many years. ted collins the board of
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-- he said her memory will also be at capu. others have also written about her. she rose to faim and 30 years ago and came to the radio station. in her career, some things have been constant. her never ending love of salsa and interacting with the audience. she wanted her listeners to have the conscientious and these attributes her fans say made the show so successful and her love for this community. her award has won she's described as the eminent goddess of the
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radio talent and the best radio show on california public radio. i ask if we can end the meeting in honor of cha-cha gutierrez. speaker: supervisor tang? supervisor katy tang: thank you madam clerk, today i'm introducing a legislation of national slavery and human trafficking prevention month and january 11th, as national human trafficking awareness day here in san francisco. as the federal use law, human trafficking includes both labor trafficking and sex trafficking. according to the department of u.s., it's estimated that 40 thousand people are trafficked into the united states every year for involuntary servitude or modern day slavery. according to project, the national organization that raises awareness about human trafficking and operates the
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national trafficking resources center hotline, they say that california that is highest number of potential trafficking cases relative to other states. recently and we know this is actually happening in our own backyard. recent ly the fbi conducted and operation called cross country to deal with child trafficking throughout the united states and led to the recovery of 12 juveniles in the san francisco bay area alone representing the number of victims. so this past year the mayor formed the antihuman trafficking task force which i sit on and i really hope to pursue a much more comprehensive victim centered approach that effectively intravenous in human trafficking situations and foektz -- focuses on long-term solutions.
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in january when we return, san francisco will be launching a major awareness campaign on human trafficking and while we recognize a month long campaign in san francisco is not enough to fight this issue, we certainty wanted to draw as much attention to it as possible. with that i submit. speaker: thank you supervisor tanning. supervisor avalos? supervisor john avalos: thank you madam clerk. today i would like to introduce an ordinance that will ensure a bike program will continue. this past year we have teamed up with organizations to provide bike service repair and bike delivery program with low income youth. actually low income youth would be able to access bikes that have been in the police department storage locker for a number of years and actuallien insures that young people have access to
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cycling. we have large goals around cycling in san francisco. we would like to get to 20 percent trips in the city by the year 2020. this is one way to achieve that and to ensure that the groups of organizations that are coming together to share bikes with people can continue. this legislation would require the police department to share with the human services agency who has been doing the bike program to share bikes with the community based organizations for their repair and distribution. and we also want to expand the program. so it wouldn't be just for young people but we can save bikes with low income adults as well. these are programs happening in the southeast sector and the mission and southern part of san francisco in ex-else ori and the number of bikers in the city and do our part to reduce
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our carbon foot print. i would like to thank hernandez who is with the bike coalition as well as oscar grande working with podder to share bikes with youth in the city and we look forward to this program expanding with your support, colleagues. i also want to chime in on mayor lee's announcements about wanting to expand the minimum wage. i think it's significant that he is looking at $15 an hour as what the possible minimum wage could be. this year i took part in demonstrations around fast food chains that are paying significantly less than what is the current minimum wage in san francisco. i went to demonstrations in oakland. it's clear that there are reports of
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workers who actually do not make enough money working 40 hours a week on minimum wage and ask for assistance from the food stamps program which is also attached by the federal government. it makes sense that we make sure that we can raise the minimum wage to make sure that people have the buying power at a -- to make it in this city where it's so costly to live. i talked to supervisor mar about the minimum wage ordinance that as we raise minimum wage, the living wage, the minimum wage can be increased as well so people can make a wage that makes a lot of sense. that was the intent of that legislation. so i look forward to working with the mayor. and you
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colleagues to ensure that we are doing what we can to ensure that workers can get paid a salary that can enable them to live here in san francisco. at the same time we need to make sure that our workplace standards for sick leave, or for health care, to health care security ordinance and other work protections can be maintained in the process especially well have to do much more to ensure that we are enforcing our local ordinances including minimum wage as we move forward in the future. thank you, that's all from my introduction. speaker: thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor breed? supervisor london breed: i just have four small items today. our triangle has been a challenge for our district today i'm happy to introduce the resolution that direction
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the parks and recreation to expand a grant from $670,000 for the design and construction for the improvement to the kes ar triangle park in district 5 and it's already under way to improve the kes ar triangle on the edge of golden gate park. we are also doing improvements to kes ar in general as well as we are steadily working on kes ar drive to ensure we improve that area of the city. the parks and recreation department will be improving the irrigation system and installing new plants and creating accessible pedestrian path ways. all of this is made possible by the hard work and generosity


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