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tv   [untitled]    April 1, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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known as juicy has been approved. cuav was looking to get involved in violence prevention work. through our work together he experienced harassment in his building hotel sro's. since he contacted us. he's been psychologically and mentally -- he has been able to obtain civil restraint audit in the past. there is invasion on his home. this threat if filed a dog hanging on a noos in his home. i'm wearing it to take the power from it to tell people that someone sent it to neighbors new something. but,
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when i put it on my record it was a white string. we want safety inside and we want the police to work to make our district like cast ro. we are here. we can live in a violent country and not be violent. thank you. >> i want to thank all of those that are here with the solidarity with the family of alex. thank you for your energy tonight. it's very grounding and i appreciate it. i would like to just begin by asking chief sur, is it true that your family owns a funeral home? okay. not anymore. so, in kgo you have been quoted to say that it turns out that alex has a history of mental illness. i would like to know how is
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there evidence of that? you know, because i'm no mental health therapist and those records, if that's the case, it's private, thank you. confidential. so right there, that's a violation of his privacy, his confidentiality. okay? second, on that moment when he was surrounded by how many policemen? do you really think or who would actually point and taser at how many police officers aiming g a gun at me? i don't believe that. but, what choice could there have been anyway. okay, in the dispatch calls, we want a full transcript. was the cit activated. the crisis
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intervention trained officers. was that activated. if not, why? >> 30 seconds. >> again, just to bring up the point in why i asked if your family owns a funeral home. how would that be relevant, right? how would having a restraining order relevant in this case if that was no the the reason that these calls were made. i know alex, he's one of the greatest sweet hearts, very peaceful and not confrontational. he was about peace and harmony. i do not want to be here tonight. but i'm here because this is wrong. i have a family to go home to. i'm a mother of a 15-month-old baby. [ applause ] >> good evening, everyone. my
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name is marco. i'm a musical artist in the bay area. i taught two artist as well. i have two kids. on october last year, it was a saturday, i was attacked by seven police officers. they sent me to the hospital and they left me with a ticket on my chest. they arrested my brother and they left let him go because they didn't have no paper, nothing against him only because he recorded the beating that they gave me. i'm here to support. i didn't know this guy right here. but i know the people. i nope that people that know him. i can say that i'm actually pretty lucky to come and support here because
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nowadays, police, they don't act. they just shoot. and let me tell you something, let me tell you all, it's very sad because nobody feels safe now. nobody. not even me. when i see a police car behind me when i'm driving, i don't feel safe. i don't feel safe. then what is police then here for? to kill us? that's what they are here for? i work seven 7 days a week. okay? i don't have no holidays. what? pay my taxes to this country to kill me? i don't think it's fair. i just need justice.
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for him too. [ cheers and applause ] >> my name is juana and i'm here because of the anger and frustration and sadness of what i feel about the murder of alex nieto. you try to justify the color of fear. the color of fear that is rooted in racism. you don't understand. i don't think the san francisco police department understand how it feels to have to explain to young black and brown people that their very existence is a threat to young people. it's a threat to people that are not from here. that we have to feel that we have to look behind our backs that we have to live in paranoia in our community. i think it's a shame that alex nieto was treated. we understand the
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contradictions in our city, we are people who are working here and working class of color that are inconvenience to white people. i'm upset to see that the san francisco police department is trigger-happy. they shoot people later. i think it's crazy that we have to think about living in a war zone where we have to be worried about shooting 14 times. that doesn't make sense. i have to give my nephews advice on how to survive with the police department. that is not enough. their skin is enough to feel fooer -- fear when they walk out the door. we demand to know the names of
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the officer. we demand transparency. i think it's a shame when they get paid for leave. that's like a vacation. that is a shame. right now san francisco has an opportunity and obligation to say that police brutality will not be tolerated in this city. justice for alex and justice for andy lopez. [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening. hello, i'm mostly addressing the public. my name is frank laura. i'm an organizer but also a teacher in the mission. i think it's important to expose the dog and pony show. because what happens is not the police they are hearing us and staring at us as they are sympathetic
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for taking it in. the truth is they don't fear us. they don't fear me or you. they do fear is the political movement because it's the only thing that can bring justice. what we've seen this table we've seen it over and over. we are a rubber stamp institution. they pretend they care and they pretend it's a problem and you want the information over and over. you want the facts on that. 3 years ago kenneth hardening was killed for $2. they looked at his history and they started saying this atrocious thing. that's his life. you don't kill somebody two $2 and they don't investigate it and they kill him for $2. we also
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organized in the mission for that brutal killing. they have in the mission that go out like this and skew the personal lives. now we are seeing the same things with this case here. brothers and sisters, on saturday it's important that we come out and march. that at 3:00 in the mission, we have the family of andy lopez and the relatives that struggle here. harding was killed. that's what they fear. is they start seeping -- seeing this as a problem and they start seeing this as a system. they defend themselves with these types of institutions. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> hi. i want to speak about the shooting here the other night. my sincere condolences to the family of alex and the friends. i moved last september. i was appalled at the drug activity that goes on in that block and the lack of police presence. i walk in stores where i see drug transactions happening and people in the stores selling drug paraphernalia. it's allowed to be sold in our community. i don't understand the reference of mental health, what bearing that has
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on anything. to me that's sensationalism at every worth. i appreciate the effort that the police are trying to make in the tenderloin. i feel like i'm at a propaganda meeting tonight. look at the great things that are happening, but look at the great things that are still happening that is reality to those of us in the community that are disenfranchised. a lot of us can't speak for ourselves. i live in that hotel and there is a lot of people who can't walk across the street on their own and yet they have to walk through drug transactions to get in and out of the hotel. it's not right and it needs to stop. whatever i can do, if anybody has any suggestions for me, i'm happy to do it. i'm really angry.
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thank you. >> good evening, my name is henry , i was born and raised in san francisco. i'm 61 years old. i don't claim 1st district. this whole city is my city. now, what i have heard and when i found out about this, it hurts because i have been jumped on, beat up and tried to be framed by the police. and my question is to the black, the chinese and any other culture in here, do you remember your history? when you put too much pressure on a twig, it will break. when you put too much pressure on a twig it will break. just like everyone's history in this room. you put pressure, they
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will fight back. god bless you. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, my name is shane. we are just moving in to the block on third street and i'm here to speak on the shooting and i would like to extend my condolences to the family of mr. nieto. as to the shooting on sunday night. i'm a new member of the community, a new member and we are committed to the positive am -- acclimation of that block and willing to work with the community and the police to make this a livable neighborhood. i would ask the police commission support all his staff in the engagement work they are doing in the community and get to know us. the more the police know the people in this community the less reasons for this to
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happen. please support captain turns with funds. thank you very much. hello to all of our neighbors. >> hello. i work in the tenderloin. i would like to offer a shout out to the members in the city tonight. i want to speak to the tenderloin which is to echo some of the remarks that were just made. the community police advisory board is working as a group and public safety is improving within the tenderloin. it is about the community and not just about the police. i think that the department here in the
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tenderloin under captain chemiss watch is due to community needs. he will hold people accountable and admire that he's willing to be accountable. thank you for being here and please join the community advisory board and join the local station in making the tenderloin a safer place. thank you. my name is robert living stone and i have lived here for almost 60 years. i read the article. i thought it was very interesting because he mentioned that rossberg was able to convince him of
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freeing up police and other districts in the city just not doing it here. and, that raises a lot of questions in mine mind. i know russ really has his own agenda to attend to. as do many people in this city who pursue identity issues and ignore the problems of class that poverty is the chief cause of most of our troubles. a rich class that exploits before. it's interesting to hear about this talk about city streets and twitter and there is people walking down the streets giving tourists on the
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streets saying things are getting better. i see people dying and i know the police have too. i would like to see that bus stop across the street at jones disappear. it's awful. i don't know why they are there. i hope people ask more questions about the problems with class in this city and the problems they are causing people. ask why chief sur doesn't pursue justiceo help better in the tenderloin. thank you. >> good evening, my condolences to alex family. my condolences also to the officers involved. if you think killing people is fun. i was in the military, it's not
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fun. as far as i want to a test to your credibility in the system. we have parallel investigations going on now. we have d. a. involved in the rampart station in los angeles, crooked cops. we have chief who just recently laid off six cops without pay for misconduct. we have the police commission, the oversight body. trust me, people, let the system work. i know emotions get crazy when someone is killed. let's the system work. we need more body cams. i know they are working on that . los angeles has them. they have 40 of them. every time an officer draws a his weapon, a camera should come up. thank you.
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>> good evening, my name is tammy bryant and a resident of the western addition. i'm a mother of three children that i raised had are in san francisco. i did not knowal hand alejandro, but i am heartbroken. i am here to stand in solidarity with them and request for justice. there can't ever be justice because we can't bring him back. you cannot just investigate your own department and your own staff. so we need an independent investigation because there was no justification to shoot him. the mentality to shoot first and ask questions later has got to stop. too many unarmed civilians are dying. make no mistake that i consider this to be very racist. just as i watch here tonight i was
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almost hit by a white woman on a bicycle as a cop car pulls up the street and i watch the black man getting beat up by the cop because he was told to take his bike off the sidewalk. if you don't know how many times i'm getting hit by white bicyclist. this is racial profiling and this is racism and the way that young kid was beat up, i hadn't heard anything. i have a lot of respect for the police, but when they are wrong, they are wrong. i don't call the police when i see problems because i'm scared that this could end in somebody's death. if i think somebody is having a mental crisis, i don't even call. i if my car is stolen, i don't want them to be shot. their life is more valuable
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than my car. please take action. there has to be prosecutions. these are not all justifiable and please do a fair investigation. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm here from santa rosa to show my support to the family. my son was andy lopez' best friend. i have known andy since he was in kindergarten. the fact that these cops not not only in santa rosa, but san francisco, they are taking young lives is ridiculous. the shoot first ask questions later is bs. your code of silence is bs. i know this, because i know plenty of you
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guys. plenty. my family, this is something i'm not necessarily proud of. where officers here in san francisco, they can't stand what you guys are doing. they want to stand up against you guys. because you guys don't know how to. your bs excuses for shooting and killing has got to stop. this code of silence has got to stop. we will not give up until we see change and justice for not only andy, but for alex and everyone else you guys have killed. it is ridiculous. why? why must you do that? does it make you feel good? and then to know that you guys
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sit there and let these cops give a 2-week or longer paid vacation? that needs to stop. in order to get justice, in order for these cops to stop killing, they need to know they are not going to get paid when they shoot their guns, when they shoot and kill somebody. this needs to stop now. [ cheers and applause ] >> my name is forest smith with the coalition, the justice coalition against andy lopez. justice for allen blueford and otherwise who have a justice name attached to them. we have had the displeasure of being at meetings like this in oakland, in santa rosa and los angeles, all across the country. in
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san francisco, the police make a big deal about how they are some of the best police in the country, the best police force. they serve the best devilled eggs. they don't both with that in los angeles, with oakland in santa rosa. they don't both to conceal the fact that they fear and hate the people who have shown up to express their loss and hurt and their anger. and i have watched you in the bayview. i was impressed when wayne tucker, the chief of police in oakland had to be at one of these meetings he couldn't conceal his fear and anger of the black people surrounding him and you couldn't. we watched you do a performance to pretend that you care, to pretend to investigate. >> can you address the commission, please? >> i will address who i want to address and i don't give a -- about you guys or him. because we know you are
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irrelevant. you are a joke. you are irrelevant. and we will get justice and well not have anything to do with it. it will be the people in the streets of san francisco. you saw people monday and yesterday and it will not stop until we know who these cops are, they are fired, they are arrested, they are in jail. but instead of 11 months it needs to be a real jail sentence. until we see real community police instead of this occupation army. in our building there is 32 apartments. we've had a discussion because people are afraid to call police because someone might die. people are afraid to call police for mental health issues and doing their job and we are not going to accept anymore. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> hi. my name is ryan. i'm in a project #w -- we do affordable housing for people in the community. i want to lend my condolences. one of our residents was one of the people who was shot and it's affecting our community and the drug deals happening constantly on the streets are affecting our community and we want to see it's been helpful to see a stronger police force this week, but we imagine that once it dies down we are not going to to see so much of a presence and that concerns us because things go back to status quo. so, on behalf of all of the folks trying to create some change in the neighborhood we would love to
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see people taking a look at where the drug dealers are going. yes, the cars are gone now, that's wonderful, that's a start, but the drug dealers end up on the storefront and in their cars and we hope people are paying close attention to that. it negatively impacts our entire community out on the street. hopefully that message is heard. and i would offer my condolences to alex and his family and friends. >> hi, my name is monica drew. i'm a long time san francisco resident. it doesn't really matter though because i'm here to support alex nieto's family and also i don't know you personally and i don't know what it will take for my words to touch you or to reach you and to move you. i'm not under any elusion that what i say tonight is going to change
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very much. mostly what i'm here for is to ask some questions. there is a lot of questions that need to be answered about how the incident on friday went down because the truth is we don't believe the story. so, we need answers. one of the questions is how many 9-1-1 calls did police receive prior to the shooting? what were the 9-1-1 calers saying to the dispatch? at the time town hall meeting only one call is being referenced. he's eating chips at a bench with a holster. he was never described as erratic or threatening. we want a full transcript of the calls. if he was not regarded ass threatening in the 9-1-1 call why was there a need to
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approach alex in a tactical style. could he be a security guard. if a loudspeaker wasn't used how could a person know what to do. what was exactly that occurred between the officer and alejandro. all of these details matter. the police commission need to research all of these. thank you. >> hi. i'm the director of the community district in this neighborhood. i also want to extend my condolences to the