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tv   [untitled]    April 2, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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sustain ability together. so pricing has a big plus. what do you see we've seen the congestion pricing to talk about the studying of it and we see a political - >> it's an end and do you see that way to get past the buzz saw or a crisis we have to do it no matter what we have cities that have a huge amount of carbon co or the other strategy where the last number is odd or even going on the days that might be imposed does it make sense we can phased something in over the years. >> absolutely i hope we never
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get to that we're to progressive harder of everybody else. >> we have supervisor kim's districts that's at gridlock. >> we have some technical matters for gridlock but you're right. i think - what's that >> i think you can't use it. >> i'm sorry it was just a joke. >> i agree i think the smarter approach would be like the other programs phase it in and pilot it and study the information. it has and will show there's an a positive benefit for the economy so when we see that sort of pilot approach it allows us to have the comfort approach has we as the community and the
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public agency allows us to see how it moves along it may not work in all parts of the city but some type of management it in san francisco we have five or six different tools >> i think the big part of it we lose out when we want to implement those strategies is we haven't brought the public along but we have to change public opinion we can't rely on the gridlock to do that. if we have a plan to bring people along because the eludes vary across the city but it's came from a reason because of the choices are a not as good so
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it's a matter of how we get people's to accept the transit and biking and pedestrian use. and we'll have a ways to go this should be part of the effort >> that's a good point and part of our management strategy is to i agree we have to change the behaviors and we work with the traffic task force to build up the shifting to another moved but supervisor wiener's point is the language has to be easy to walk and the demand is there. we have a ways to go but this strategy is good interest it's building up from the success we have in the city and captured in a way that makes sense. it is good we are showing what
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we're doing to work towards that to transportation mettle we have to do it and we can do it and there's not many reasons why we can't >> thank you. thank you very much >> if there are no other presenters i think we have mr. kim we can call them out. i don't think he's here we have a member from the puc barbara hale i don't see anyone back here. you can actually come to the podium >> good afternoon supervisors i wanted to ask how many led lights in this building. >> we have the building manager come and provide that some other ways. we have public comment cards
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here supervisor. public comment will be two minutes. (calling names) and i apologize in advance for mispronouncing names (calling names) go ahead >> i'm the part resident of north bay i'm here to support our climate action goals, however, the reuncle energy goals the last time i was here i was her hasn't to support the hiring of help with clean power 70 and strong supporter the thought campaign. especially there are alternatives with renewal energy
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products being developed and i recently talked to an expert witness and i asked him about the dicey questions about the energy at high levels he said california is egregious and california with hundreds and hundreds of power agencies with limited strategies of proprietors is really was it gentleman had in mind. now we have s b-43 with the programs i vonl support city attorney herrera's comments and some of those include offering a location credit and addressing the environmental adjustment efforts and also hover i think that the comments today it might be important to look at pg&e
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proposal that 10 mile radius promotions could also be included. i'm heading up a east bay group and they're interested in participating in those programs. i don't know if spaca would be interested i don't think that is optional but you should keep our energy bills >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors i'm stacey i'm ceo of power tree services and a member of the energy storage lions that's been responsible for energy sufficiencies and laws being passed. we also have a why could you over a medical what the of apartment solar here in san
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francisco and we're currently constructing across 68 building an intrartd solar storage and electric vehicle charging network. our focus group i want to highlight that clean energy one hundred percent clean energy that boost the deposition of electric vehicles when facing not having clean energy. also in san francisco 2/3rd's residual in apartments there's an economic and justice case to the tax benefits and incentives and that clean energy into apartment buildings is something currently not educational to the vast majority of san franciscans. as a 50-year residents i contest
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the importance of reaching the apartments on anything we want to do. so i really encourage the clean power 70 program as a key way to reach that population and also there are key benefits in purchasing greater than penetration of car vehicles in clean power sf can be activated. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors aim bruce wolf representing the haisht council we really want to urge you to reinsert and include and accept wholeheartedly clean
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act sf we don't know why this is removed this is absolutely an element of our ability to overcome climate change in san francisco. by removing it we'll be removing a lot of jobs there's a lot of development and work that will be done in support of providing clean energy in the city you'll hear from other advocates why it's important to restate is and firm this is what we want to do so let's get this done. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors i'm jed i'm here representing 350 a local
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affiliate of 360 we're concerned about our climate stability. first of all, following on supervisor wiener's comment this have been an issue for transportation and housing decision marking. in the sequa process we have the ideas of the consulting agencies it's contrary that the department of the environment has a lot to add. ultimately counting emissions without the life cycle so we saw two ways of counting life cycles it's like counting collars but like the food you consume after work we're kidding ourselves if we count it a dive way.
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i echo supervisor avalos strong comments to start off the hearing. as a 15 year resident things taking out things from the report reminds me of the bush reports. ultimately the data is dark. the next time talks about our future and the action is shocking irresponsible. so we need to make sure that anything we can do is part of the plan. i've been to many vice president meetings that san francisco is cerebral and no reason for it to be removed >> thank you. next speaker, please and i also i received a card
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from thomas ray. go in the same older >> i'm john arnold a member of the 350 sf and speaking in support of the clean sf i'm representing myself. the issue with the clean power sf being dropped out of the report is frustrating to marrying me. i've been a resident of san francisco for two decades. i've seen generations of renewal energy be supported in proposition and many multiple referendum. it's clear that has wide support in the city. conservation is absolutely essential but you have to have both sides of the kindly.
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in addition to the global bad stuff supervisor avalos is nicely summarized those are jobs those are attempts to free our city from an industry that's a fossil in many sense of the word. it has to be done. we used to be the city that knew how i think it's time to take a leadership position again. thank you. thank you. next speaker. >> hello, i'm thomas ray a native san franciscan. i'm speaking for different environmental groups in this city. i really feel that san francisco doesn't differ the title as the number one sustainable city in the u.s. because it's not doing
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enough and especially, if they take out the san francisco power sf, you know, plan program out of this strategy it doesn't make sense. i mean, if you take a train in german and look out the window you see hundred dollars of housing with solar cells the government helps with that. recently, there was a electrical power plant was shut down. it makes vehicular sense even in korea and other countries we're not working hard enough. we're a waste we're into that. in the past few years we've shut down recycling centers in this town. there's over thirty spshlths in
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this town are paying for the privilege of not having a recycling center and we're going to shut down the recycling center at the church and market. we should make more of a commitment if we want to deserve the title the number one sustainable city in the u.s. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm patricia jackson the con veteran of the great panthers we've been behind clean power and now we're looking 10 years delay. and that is not included in the report is unbelievable we don't have until 2030 to get there. as we know from the international climate report
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today. this also maybe a tangent just i want the peripheries to look at the the public utilities commission specifically mr. councilmember ferraro very wholesale been structural in this delay and frankly we have a corporate utilities commission and those people sitting open that committee should be elected not appointed not a mayor that is pg&e friendly >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good afternoon naming is ms. ackerman i'm with the chapter of the sierra club. the san francisco vice president of environment staff has
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repeating stated the robust energy program that leads us to the informs i would say to clean energy is required to enable us to reach our goals on schedule. every definite version of the cities aforementioned plan includes clean sf as the corner stone. unfortunately, when the final strategy came out all the information was deleted from the document. especially this week it's clear we need to hold our elected officials accountability to the people that elected that that they represent not the corporations and any companies that give them campaign donations. we need to be accountability to the people of san francisco
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors and thank you for hearing from us. i'm kearney chair the conservation committee in san francisco i've been working on clean power issues since 2007. i mentioned that to talk about why i'm talking about this i'm getting impartitient the zero we that was talked about and 50 percent of trips out of single occupancy cars sounds good, however, there's a critical piece mensz a real strategy to transfer our city to one hundred percent renewable emergency. but it got deleted as discussed
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from the climate action strategy that wouldn't mean the end of the world if there was a viable alternative and i haven't heard that. rather than took it out of the strategy let's launch clean emergency sf. i'm max auto there are only things that i can do recycle and walk and take muni but at some point have to address the climate change in the city and clean power sf is a great way. >> next speaker, please. >>. >> eric brooks our city and the san francisco clean advocates. first of all, please, please all 4 of you and anyone write down the website bio fuel watch
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organizing dot uc. you have to have the dot uc and go to that site one hundred percent bio fuel is a bad idea urban has a problem they are causing more climate problems more than fossil fuel. i want to amplify what my previous colleagues have said. every time the vice president of environmental staff dealt with that they said the city can't reach their goal without the sf clean program the pie chart said it the one hundred percent energy slipper is not working. did reason power st. is so important there's no alternative
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because clean power sf is a state legal mechanism to group the hundred of thousands of customers in san francisco into a could open to buy energy and build local energy and hire hundreds of people to do that. there's no other legal mechanism so build the clean energy without clean sf there's no alternative i want to talk about the elephant in the room. the legal organization has gotten money and willie brown is the biggest cheer leads and this is where it's coming from we need to talk about this out loud >> thank you. any additional public comment on item number 3?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor avalos >> thank you. i'm really concerned about the status quo the city right we have goals that we want to be able to inaccurate but judges as long as there's business first is not going to work. the language that's been redacted from the report we have jason reed here so if we can't get the mayors administration we to get involved we'll show it on the overhead >> i'm sorry, i didn't know you wanted me to know the slide but when you. >> that's what i wanted you to do. >> i'm sorry, i didn't guess that but your office that found
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the information will bring the slide over here. give me about thirty seconds >> i'm happy to make a comment to give you those thirty second. i really appreciated the presentation from the department of environment and the sfmta. the goals are incredibly important for us to reach we're progressive around the environment and on reducing our carbon footprint. the it is great to see the breakdown was around the transportation and fuel. the sliefrl on waste and i guess the other was on construction. and in this area it's good to understand where our issue is occurring and i'm sorry energy was the other large factor. so it's important as a
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policymaker to understand what we're supposed be phone call our energy. it's great to see we're becoming important fuel-efficient we're not catching up to the increased usage where a r with whether on more trying driving. and encourage more people to walk and recycle. in the long-term i'm interested in a controversial pricing we have to have people be thought of and also paying into a fee if their causing congestion and costs for the city that's
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exactly what is happening right now ambassador we're xrerp with the incredible growth we're excited about and the revenues for the city is increased congestion. many of you who have spent time in south of market it's feels suffocating to walk we must there folks not to use their cars at that time and getting them out of their cars or figuring out other ways for the usage. we look forward to working with the transportation authority to work out the issues. whether we like it or not the growth is happening in the parts of the city we have to build the neighborhoods for our residents. and that is creating that heath
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i didn't neighborhood it is important. on the climate action strategy i appreciate supervisor avalos initiative i know this is something that 8 members of the board supported including the members of the land use committee we that to the have this move forward. i appreciate looking at this incredibly important look which i didn't have the time to pour through and now that mr. freed is back i'm happy to end my comments >> (laughter). well mind thank you. so overhead. >> this language is actually found by jeremy in any office. >> it's kind of hard to see but what you have on page 17 of the report supervisor avalos there's
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an area that's white when you highlight it you get the boxed that's information over there that is. >> could you cut-and-paste that. >> yes. the original version on line had it and after this got reported the energy watch updated this slide out. one of the things >> that went down the memory hole. >> yes. it disappeared completely. >> could you read that. >> the clean sectors and it would be a charter to those so this is the 20, 25 and got cut off but in 2050 and how you get there by sector 10, 45 percent by residential and if you would
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get up to one hundred percent i believe is what the chart had. but keep in mind in this chart wasn't there are their would have been written information about clean power sf but the board may want to see the version prior to the clean sf getting cut out. what's the only approach that's been present to the city and county of san francisco go look like there have been other things like the green finance but the g finance sf didn't optional be covers a small section. there was a mayors task force that was done led by the department of environment looking at the hundred percent renewal and in that document it talked about clean power sf getting us to one hundred
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percent energy conservation >> it says the major programs moving to one hundred percent electricity is one of the major things to reduce the green house gases. we can reduce the green house gas emissions it disappeared >> that's where the black man plan the mayors energy task force in 2012 was not released until 2013 and they give you ways to do it and one of the biggest ways is clean power sf is the best way to do that i love the program but it's not going to get you to one hundred percent so you have to figure out that but you're getting a lot important moping people into