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tv   [untitled]    April 3, 2014 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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test, test, test, test, test test >> convincing. it is if you we are please join me in the pledge of allegiance.
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this is a approval of the board minutes we're voting on the regular board meeting minutes of march 2014 the minutes for the minutes >> move approval of the minutes. okay roll call vote please. kekz. commissioner moran. and ms. for your thank you that's four i's. the superintendant report superintendant coronas thank you. i just was at a safe way and two people said i listen to the board of education meeting going good evening to them i
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will be joining with gordon jay school to kickoff the month of april for those who don't know they provide the sclirp for high school seniors that demonstrate character especially by overcoming fences they support various languages and are are placed in 15 emergency rooms the mason in california will present a check for $16,500,000. (clapping.) >> and the ceremonial check see to support the schools. also more than 2 thousand
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students mostly from san francisco school district will be part of the bio obliterates they'll volunteer scientists will fan out to identify amens and species and other organicisms harassing as possible within twenty-four hours. i know most mill school parents will say look at the my kids they'll implore the backyard a great example of our stem learning in fenway if i can. i want to congratulate or gone emergency room that will hoist they're first steam engineering arts and math from dr. lo man
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from the academy of science and community members and parents will talk about stream related careers that will start with an egg drop and i'm excited to see who's egging survivors the drop this year. i want to thank the sf d for having the third annual dinner for the lgbt families are welcome it will take place tomorrow at the at&t kiss middle school her in san francisco. families you do not need to register you can contact eric at the phone number 2622014. i will be joined by many of the
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commissioners and we look forward to breaking bread with you. i will to congratulate ourlogically high school on their 8 place at the mock trial in senate file california. in the did second top 10 finish and a testament to the great leadership to mr. chang congratulation to our lowell high school students. finally i'll speak about the national certified board teachers but i want to thank the support for families for they're wonderful event this past saturday where we brought together hundreds of families to learn about and work together with students with sdrablthdz
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commissioner norton and thank you for others. it was really trial expiring to see the students coming together in the education of their parents so how many years is this commissioner norton >> it's a lot. >> over 12 to 15 years so thank you. we'll really appreciate it's one of the highlights of our march every year so thank you. >> okay item c recommendations and accommodations. >> i'd like to present the raised distinguished award that will be presented by our chief technician office matt is he here? okay. what we'll do is switch the order to the raised service
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award presented by principle of the middle school teresa presenting to david dates principle. good evening it's such an honor to be here an outstanding teacher who gets to school by 7:00 a.m. and is dedicated he works with our students he's the 7th and 8th grade teacher he makes sure that the students make kathy decisions and tour the compasses everyday he gives one hundred and 50 percentage he's amazing he gets there at the 7 and stays after school and skateboards with his students he is outstanding and every student
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at sf f dictionary likes him it's with great honor rerecognize david bates (clapping) >> thank you very much for that introduction. i think we all know this isn't a one person job but the efforts of the community i definitely want to thank the support of my administration and colleagues i don't think any of them are here
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but definitely my parents and students so thank you so much. >> thank you at this time i want to invite to the microphone the chief matt that will present the distinguished award. >> i'm matt i'm the technical with the sfusd tonight i have the honor to present introduce ms. gibbons as the distinguished award. she's worked the district almost 20 years and served some of the biggest challenges she worked at the schools that have helped the children through counseling. i had the pleasure of joining the staff and she's been working
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at dpw our procedure are restored practices and she's a great advocate it's an honor and pleasure to work with her so happy to recognize her tonight. >> i would like to add i know nike gibbons we worked pta together for many years she was served us well, and a parents wonderful and a great volunteer at our schools. >> first of all, i would recycle
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to thank everybody forbid this animation and this recognition. i think the things that have been the most important that many of us in education are called to this work and this is the highest service we can offer and i feel very lucky to stand beside our children working year after year beyond what was asked of them and so i feel very, very lucky to be standing alongside david here and to have worked in sfusd i'm a graduate and two of my boys are her are grautsz from sfusd and as well as my husband but he's a transplant from new york. thank you for recognizing the important work that the counsels
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do and contribute to how our schools are run and students succeeding academically >> so thank you (clapping.) commissioners before we proceeded to recognize international board certified teachers we have a special treat the children from betsy carmichael organization that want to sing a song i want to invite lilly and others danny, and others are you here? they're coming and then i'd like to thank the parents who are sheriff's deputying them into the room and providing supervision children welcome.
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>> action. >> lights camera action. >> (speaking foreign language.)
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>> car michael for the education center and filipino bilingual program. good evening, everyone. we are students of betty carmichael elementary filipino education center. k there 8 filipino and bilingual program. that means we're going to sing. let's play and have fun. this means to catch. means catch me.
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this means i'll run. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you, everyone (clapping). >> thank you for listening (laughter) (clapping.) thank you boy and girl thank you very much and thank you to our teachers we appreciate you being
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here so ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to move to the next part of our evenings to celebrate our board certified teachers the mission for mission certified education is to maintain high rigorous standards for accomplished teachers. it requires as much as 5 hundred additional hours of work outside the teachers regular responsibilities. teachers have completed 4 portfolios with lesson planning and student work analysis and the instructions. they've taken 6 written 15e78s on the knowledge and demonstrating the knowledge of the level of their students and
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how best to constrict contents for the students. this is a very, very existing part a total of 2 hundred and 92 teachers have become board certified since 18999. 2 hundred and 93 (clapping) 293 the class of 2013 we're about to present has 33 teachers our largest class yet (clapping) those 3 percent have teachers in the united states are board certified san francisco urban if i had has 8 percent of national boards certification. (clapping.) many are our board certified
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teachers have taken their leadership to different departments we look forward to having the class of 2013 bring their talents to us and i had the opportunity to address the board organization a few years ago i said it's our goal in san francisco that one hundred percent of our teachers will be nationally board certificate teachers that's a great thing (clapping.) so it gives me great honor to introduce maggie who cooperated our board certified program and we'll pass out awards and take pictures >> before we pass out the awards i want to say first of all, to the board superintendent and sf for being steadfast
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sports the recognition and the honor is becoming great practitioners is appreciated we need to be the best for our students and the board certification is a great tool thank you to sandy dean she's guided many of the teachers in this room (clapping) and she sever leslie builds trust and helps with the certification process and to deborah who oversees a number have teachers in the programs and on those days when the light is not coming through the trees she pulls out a mask light and everything becomes clear we
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appreciate her very much. the foundation has been a committed partner and sustained the program by helping teachers to pay the fees and grow. particularly in the strategic schools the grant have a limited time and this is the last year with our limited grant but the limited school board our partner has included us in the grants. a federal grant. the $15 million sporting effective grant has brought together new york and washington and nevada and kentucky and san francisco. the goals are to grow the number of schools and additionally we're going to increase the leadership roles of teacher by
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defining those are roles and directing the teachers. finally with the national board of international teachers you may have realized that sandy said the real work begins. we need to look with urgency to make sure that the reaching out to observer colleagues for teaching is accomplished so we can strengthen our practices and the quality of our reflection. this is how we change the profession to congratulations to the class of 2013 we will be calling names and passing out the awards. please hold your applause.
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let me have the envelope. bonnie. carrie. courtney cook. in their in ac order anticipate.
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mark. sophie donnelley. rebec rebecca. pamela. rose gonzales. julia gordon.
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henson. jessica. martin mckinsey. did you arrive i didn't see you. kar karen. david. carr winston.
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rebecca rogers. elizabeth ross. barbara. joanna. marie tang. and last but not least sarah. class of 2013 national board certified teachers.
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>> at this time, i'd like to remind our audience you must submit a speaker card if you want to speak on a particular item on the agenda this evening. and i believe speaker cards are available outside if not see ms. csa could now we will have student delegates report we would like to introduce our delegation we have four candidates but we have more today is the last day to turn them in.
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our candidates will stand up and introduce themselves >> yes. feel free to come to the podium. >> i'll elizabeth jones i'm currently a junior and i'm excited to run for student delete. >> excuse me. audience is as your existing the room quote please we're still conducting business. >> i'm alison i'm currently a junior and excited to be running. >> good evening. i'm from warmburg high school and very happy to be running. (clapping.) thank you very