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tv   [untitled]    April 3, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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them in. our candidates will stand up and introduce themselves >> yes. feel free to come to the podium. >> i'll elizabeth jones i'm currently a junior and i'm excited to run for student delete. >> excuse me. audience is as your existing the room quote please we're still conducting business. >> i'm alison i'm currently a junior and excited to be running. >> good evening. i'm from warmburg high school and very happy to be running. (clapping.) thank you very much.
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>> so we have another 6 people candidates running for student delete teresa from washington and jessica and rebecca from goggling lay and roslyn and michael from academy high school. so the supervisor council has been working on creating on office of student voices with commissioner matt hastening i didn't and we're trying to expand the office to have more time to bring forgot the voices of students and make sure that the students are harder at sfusd. another thing this friday it's been really, really stressing us out is the use of the event we have 3 hundred student leaders
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coming together and learning how to empower themselves to be leader. we're working with the caption and president fewer to write a resolution or create a policy against hazing in or around sfusd campus area. our next meeting is 5:00 p.m. on monday april 14th. everyone is welcome that to come if you want a copy of our agenda or if you want to make a presentation contact our sf c coordinated sool demeanor >> at this time thank you senior graduates. commissioners if i have no objection i want to take out of
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order item h which are two proposals and the naming of the library. seeing no objection i want to hear those items they've been moved and seconded on february 11th. can we have the report from the can you remember and budget committee, please. would you like president fewer >> this is to deny or grant the petition for gateway high school charter school. >> i reported on the curriculum meeting but they came up with a positive recommendation for the gateway high school. the we are talking about committee similarly sent a
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positive recommendation to the board so the renewable of gateway chart >> may i have a reading of the charter by michael. >> thank you president fewer. superintendents recommendation rewarding the gateway chart petition authorization to grant or in the alternative deny the gateway chapter whereby the are gateway high school submitted a petition for reluctant to the san francisco unified school district my whereas pursuant to california code b the board of education is in receipt of the petition effective february 14th and whereas the district shall continue with the timeline of
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the petition and whereas the board of education shall consider the level of support and review the petition and all information where aren't including the documentation and whereas the board of education shall be guided by the intent of the california legislator and should it become a part of the education system and the establishment which the charter school they shall issue a report and recommendation to the brown paper bags rewarding the petition therefore be it resolved this petition has received fremgsz the budget and the services committees. also like to add that we have a
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unique situation this year with our charter renewal petition and any petitions we receive there are new requirements under the local control formula and the local control ability plan. i've spoken to the petitioner's and they would like to make that clear they're willing to submit an amendment after together that makes it clear that not only does their petition meet the requirements of local control money formula and the l cap they would like to stipulate they recognize the requirements under the new law to submit an l cap to the district prior to july 1st, 2014, and submit annual updates as required beginning in july of 2015 >> thank you, mr. davis we have
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some public speakers signed up when i call our names come to the podium (calling names) and i'm sorry if i mispronounce your name. we have 9 speakers. i would say for this item i will give you 15 minutes total because we've heard testimony at previous meeting so, please organ our group to cover all the points and 9 of you will share 15 minutes. first speaker please press the bottom >> i'm raymond i'm with the san francisco commission i want to
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take off the hat and speak as the seniors vice president. i want to start off by saying gateway is a phenomenal school we have 24 students and being small we have a close community we also know everyone. i went any first year at the gateway we were taught to that about how we learn best there's many ways to get it and we learn different and i learned that. in my college counseling classes i used that when i was expressing myself. we got ready for s a t and learned about cal grant and fast
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if a. it opened my eyes to see how to get into a good school being such a small school our teachers and faculty are basically our guides. they add they're on personality to our livelihood's. i am encouraged to work to improve what i feel needs to be improved on and it's sculpted me. my school as continual encouraged me in the empowerment. i was first appointed to the commission by the mayor and he went up and our advisory announceed the news to the whole school. it's difficult to express why gateway is to wonderful there
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are so many factors. gateway is a place for students to this kind of in an environment where they're given the push to be strong. i ask you to allow gateway to produce great students for their communities. thank you (clapping) >> i'm ms. sanchez i'm a teacher this is my third year at gateway thinking when i first walked into the campus teenager were happily groet on adult they in know i knew then that the students at gateway were loved and cared for. fast forward to any first year i
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feel cared for. at the dpau we teachers meet and create the community on the front lines of education. i'm grateful for my structural coach we meet weekly and she observers my classes and gives feedback and gives me cake on friday you afternoons. i'm grateful for the ongoing school dialog around constrict and even grateful for serving to fuel teaching all our kids. i have the agency to make change and motivated by the power and i look forward to continue to grow
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as an educator at gateway (clapping) >> hi, i go to gateway high school. okay. at home, i have little support no one pushing me and telling me i can do it always playing on the negative. i had a rude mouth and very disrespectful i also turned down help and tutoring that was offered but gateway has helped me to mature and opened my eyes to the possibility that people care. for the first time i believe people care and now my teacher mr. david booth raise your hand (clapping) he was one of the teachers that
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dragged me to tutoring he still believed in me and pushed me and worked with me. before gateway college was not a option for me. now i'm serious about college after going to san francisco unified school district i want to transfer to ucla i want to learn about politics and this summer i'm to represent gateway in washington, d.c. thank you (clapping.) hi, i'm here at gateway for 3 years i'm proud to stand here today to talk about how gateway has changed any education and life. gateway has provided me with a lot of resources to help me
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build my personality. gateway showed me that the main things are to dream big i'm dreaming big i want to became a police officer that. i joined the pals cadet program i'm helping my school out by being here today. when i entered daily doors i had a hard time reading and spelling out words so they provided me in ethnic and 10th grade they put me in the reading skills classes and taught me though how to spell out words and read. she gave me the encourage to read out loud i get practice reading book out loud with other
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kids who are getting better at reading. gateway high school provides me with = see it stand for learning center this is where my education comes to me and it's where i get a clear understanding of math and humiliate. i know you're asking why gateway is so special well, they provide small classes of 24 or less kids with two teachers in some classes they provide tutoring for kids during and have after school. i have one-on-one tutoring every wednesday and i get help in math. students can hang out at the study cafe and helping each other out and get help from toourts. the cafe helps to dpo do
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homework that friends. gateway has that secret that other high schools didn't have teachers know the students. most of the time if a teacher finds out one of he or she students is struggling they meet after school and students are getting together and learn how their lessons can work for everything. gateway high school is a loving area where bright idea come. our teachers really wanted to learn and teach us so we can have open demeanors to opportunity in life. if you would like to see what is special about gateway i can visit us. i can show you how to pronounce
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words. thank you (clapping.) good evening. i'm a parent from gateway my son was a baby-faced kid and was struggling in reading and writing. through the program in the small class sizes gateway helped my son. when we came to gateway i was welcomed by the teachers and a strong communication. gateway focused on going to college included highlighted areas for improvements. it helped him to mature as a gentleman. my son is a junior at sfusd and
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i can talk about his journey >> thank you. >> good evening this is my ethnic year at the gateway counseling. i feel honored and proud to hear students speak about our schools and particularly speaking about the preparation after high school. the secondary success is important we have and will continue to demonstrate preparing students and high school advocates and lifelong learners. we've developed a program to support our junior's and seniors there college explosion and financial add applications and making those final decisions about where their attend. we're not perfect we make our efforts to reach the students and we're working closely with
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the ethnic graders to explore potential careers and to track their own academic progress and for gateway it's important that the students track their academic roles and see where their growth is and potential. we feel every student is capable of learning. also as part of gateway leadership team i firmly building that the best opportunity is made possible by our incredible dedicated staff that we engage in continuously. our strength lies in our commitment to do right with our students and improve the way we educate and guide them. you'll help to continue
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>> you have 3 minutes left. >> i'm speaking always an alumni of school. just to give you a few facts i grew up in hunters point i am hardworking i can talk about the teachers and something happened at gateway that led me to approve greater success in college i graduated from cal merry kidney with a 3.46 gpa. ii did that with a mental san bernardino county. at gateway i learned patterns to structure my study habit. you know, and that's it i'm going to keep it short we
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exhaustive goals that many people write us off prior to getting into gateway. thank you. (clapping.) >> my name is cynthia i'm the co-chair the gateway high pta and a parent when we found out my daughter was accepted at the gateway i didn't tell everybody but there was a school that seemed a perfect place for my retired daughter could be in a environment and is raised in a multiple family without being harassed or go forward. i was delighted that the environment i love the cultural focus that i feel should be out
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in the world and the fact there is an emphasis to help be a better sense. i love the culture and the teachers require them to stretch and support them when they struggle. i like the schools you think ups. the reason i was hesitate to spread the world about this lovely school is because over and over again, i was hearing the folks around me didn't get the school they got but they knew there would be compromised it felt wrong when everybody was
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xhoemd. now i can't shut up about gateway. i've been part of the gateway community for 3 years and with my younger daughter starting at middle school i'm looking forward to 4 more years. i wouldn't say that gateway is best for every kid but great for my kid >> (clapping) >> any comments from the board or the superintendent? seeing none, roll call vote pleas please. mccain. dr. murase. ms. norton and ms. winning and 5 i's. congratulations. (clapping.) we have now an item another
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charter school renewal it is for the charter school this has been moved and seconded and february 25th and i believe we had a report from the curriculum so i want 80 a report from the crime and the arithmetic committee. i apologize commissioner maufas is the chair but she asked me to report that on march third they recommended a positive made positive recommendations to the board. >> thank you as with gateway charter the budget committee met and sends a positive recommendations to the board. so excuse me for the what charter. life learning charter
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>> may we have a reading of the reds. thank you president fewer we have the charter petition. authorization to grant in the alternative deny the petition for the life academic school pursuant to code section the life learning academy submitted a petition to the san francisco unified school district and whereas pursuant to the california code the briefcase of the district is in receipt of the renewal petition in february 25th and whereas the district shall comply with the timelines as required by law and whereas the board of education shall review the petition with respect to the petition and
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supporting the petition and the board of education shall became a part of the school system and whereas the superintendent and the staff shall review the recommendation go to the brown paper bags wrard the 0 petition and wherefore the petition shall be denied by the petition set forth by law. as reported this petition has received a positive recommendation from the curriculum program and the business services committee. the stipulated addendum i mentioned in regard to gateway applies here >> thank you, mr. davis i have
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a couple of speakers lined up. two minutes for each speaker. thank you >> good evening terry principle of life lane academy. we're thrilled to be in our 15 year at the lifeline or learning academy the first thing we want to do is fourth what our students need from year to year. we've discovered in the past couple of years we more and more have kids that don't have a home. and we've taken it upon ourselves to add this as part of our education f to begin to raise money to open a residential that kids need a place to life and grow and feel a part of. the thing that makes our school unique kids come into our school
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and constantly feel part of the community. it is so important and lost in so many ways. once they understand what it feels like to be part of the community they never leave us so i asked a couple of graduates i can get tons of them to come to speak about the life learning academy how it helped them grow and asked a parent to come to give their 23r5u7bd feeling about this school. thank you, again. and present the rest of the speakers. thank you >> (clapping) >> hello hi, commissioners i'm jessica cacs castro i graduated from life learning academy in 2007. i was prior to this unmotivated
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i didn't building my teachers support me but one day when my mother talked about life learning i fell in love with the school. during my 4 years not only did i receive a great high school education but received individual attention and a lot of help from my teachers and terry. i become empowered and motivated. in my senior year i received the mason scholarship so once i graduated in 20070 i moved to la to work. but i realized shortly it wasn't enough for me and wanted more for life i attended city college for two years. last year in august i
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transferred to oakland and studied there. at miles i knew how to ask for help and last semester was very challenging. this semester i have built good relationships with my professors and have another year left i plan to pursue my marks b.a. and at miles i'll bring my life experiences and share them with the world. with that said, commissioners, i ask you to renew the life chapter for another four years thank you. good evening. i'm allen i graduate in the year of 2008 from the life academy. i was someone