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tv   [untitled]    April 3, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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studied there. at miles i knew how to ask for help and last semester was very challenging. this semester i have built good relationships with my professors and have another year left i plan to pursue my marks b.a. and at miles i'll bring my life experiences and share them with the world. with that said, commissioners, i ask you to renew the life chapter for another four years thank you. good evening. i'm allen i graduate in the year of 2008 from the life academy. i was someone who was very
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unmotivated and challenged just i just didn't had no self-confidence nothing so i came to the life learning academy constantly it was shown me if i was begin the right path it would be better life academy showed me if you're able to apply what we teach you here which there are so. things but i only have a few minutes they taught me that self-confident and determination as well as shown me in my personal life how far i can go so, now today, i work for bowing her in san francisco and doing a lot of other things in my life i wouldn't have creamed i could do
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if i didn't have the great knowledge and, you know, the probability here at the life learning academy i imexplore you, please grant them this >> (clapping) >> i'm crystal i'm a proud parents of the life learning academy. at my daughters 167 birthday she ran away a serial addicted teen and spending time in 12 graph park and other parks i was afraid beyond belief when i found her we put her n in treatment hospitalized twice for a sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us, could say by the time she turned
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17 on the drug residential program she really made a change. she made a big shift towards recovery and wellness in life human resources and 90 days clean and sober she walked into my room and said mom i want to finish high school i can't imagine not finishing. you would think this was really good news but i wasn't i was sick with worry and fear if you're a mother of a teen the most disagrees place is the high school campus i was thinking high school relapse death but i wanted to support her. i called them in two days and we were there visiting and
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principle terry visit over an hour but i felt it in my bones i felt the love in the building and the smiles coming my way and terry walked out the principle and said she can start in two days and my daughter is 19 most clean and sober she's working and has a job she loves and she really is thrilling and they 150ur7b9d her with love and support i'm grateful so thank you (clapping.) >> thomas and the board of superintendant. >> thank everybody there at school i find out one of their staff people is my next door
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neighbor down the street here she is. anyway a great pleasure to be there and experience i'll offer whatever support >> i'd like to say thank you very much for the work you do i attended one one of your graduations and sat near a mother who's daughter was graduating and she looked at me and i think we're ready for a role call vote. >> commissioner haney. commissioner maufas. commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell commissioner wynns. commissioner norton and president fewer >> public comment on content items no speakers have signed
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up. yes. i'm sorry one last item. thank you. we have one more action item in support of renaming the james lining library can we have a report from the buildings and ground and support, please. seeing. thank you. we heard about oh, my god mr. burns as a building and grounds popcorn last time he was a very much missed person and the committee was happy to recommend a recommendation >> may i have a reading of the resolution please. i'm david golden i'd like to read resolution s p-3 the
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superintendents proposal in renaming the james lavish to the e dwight burns library he dedicated his life mentoring students in academic and successful strategies whereas we provided education services all were spent at the middle school and whereas emphasis mentoring lead to the success of numerous students to stay in school and become avid readers and accomplished that by building relationships to where he would be frequently out late at night searching inform a runaway you student we provided encouragement and built the
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self-esteem of all students they could be successful in life no matter what their skin color and whereas mr. burns believed strongly as he frequently told caregivers the best thing you can getting give our child a book to read. he tutored students who needed time out from class and empowered them to learning outside the classroom and whereas mr. burns was loved by the entire school community and was saddened by his unexpected death in the 2013, reply that 4 year and there's been a honor to name it dlith burns therefore be
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it received that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district honors and commends edward dlith brpdz with james link middle school in his lifelong education that's bend the students and further be it revolved that the jane kim library will be e dlith burns liability and a plaque donated by former students and friends stating that fact shall be installed and i'll provide the screw driver. >> i see no public comment signed up for this item but time to recognize the principle in the audience. if you would like to add any
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comments, sir as principle of the james lick school. please come up to the seat and press the bottom >> madam president and superintendant and everyone. thank you on behalf of jane kim lick muscled school we're truly honored mr. burns was truly a roll model for our kids and we're 450u789d by this gesture >> thank you very much any comments from the board or we gave this a positive reckless so we're ready for a role call vote. >> commissioner haney. commissioner maufas. commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. dr. murase. commissioner norton. commissioner wynns and president fewer. 5 i's. thank you very much. let's go back to item f public
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comment no speakers and consent calendar. can i have a motion and a second on the consent calendar your second >> thank you very much. any items that are corrected by the superintendant. i see no one reading from by the board any items severed by the board of superintendents seung roll call vote will take place under section o and item i proposals none together. with the class speakers we've having had quite a few of the speakers as i call out your names you may come up to the podium and identify yourselves and i'll give he everybody two minutes we have a long list.
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(calling names) you may begin now. >> good evening cuffing board members and sprrntd i'm john wells i'm a parent of a korean student at the school and some of my fellow parents are here i'll read the recitals that will exhaust my time. the the petition to the san francisco unified school district whereas the san francisco unified school district has for many years led the nation in creating and implementing the school programs and whereas the san francisco
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unified school district has allowed the diplomacy to revitalize and encourage the dual language in the kindergarten through 12 grade and whereas the san francisco unified school district currently has highly emerging programs in cantonese and vietnam neutrons and whereas students enrolled in the clamors are enrolled with only 20 on teacher. and whereas the 7 accounting and 8th grade students receive no
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education in korean and for teaching outline envied school classes is combined in the fourth and fifth classes and the korean pathway in kidnap doesn't match that emerge programs elsewhere in the school district >> thank you that's time next speaker please. hi, i'm amy we the undersigned parents in the korean program respectfully ask that you provide alternative korean program in addition to current 2013-2014 staffing with one additional bilingual teacher along with b the alleged funding and support necessary to develop and implement and teach in the
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target language. one content area in all grades levels of the school and two the art course in the grade levels. we have also attached multiple signatures and parents in support. good evening, members of the brown paper bags thank you for your time you've dedicated to the san francisco unified school district i'm amy lee i'm fortunate to have 3 daughters in the program. serve years ago we came in support of the literacy policy unfortunately, the korean program nearly stops after the fifth grade now my fifth and eight graders has all but lost her language. it's disleaning to see this, please don't waste the k through
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12 program by stopping the korean programs up to the eight grade and we need the bilingual stamp you've duped many years ago. thank you very much for your time >> (clapping.) board members phillip i have two children. i spent nearly thirty years of my life learning korean and still speak like a little kid i was thrived to have my daughter so many come to the program to learn korean ate a gift from her parents to my children. i can tell you my daughter speaks like a native korean
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she's in figure out grade and the refreshment is there's only 2 fulfillment position inform 2, 3, 4 and 5 grade and for my daughter not to continue is heartbreaking to me. i'm you're going the school board members in this climate where there's fund available to find an allocate fund for a continuation of this program. we're going to be taxing my kids their exist to go to korea for the first time and i think the board members i thank you for considering our request to find a pathway for the middle school at this time thank you very much
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(clapping) >> hi, i'm sunny chang i'm a counter teacher at the creativity program and also a former parents. both of my children son and daughter graduated from the korean program 7 and 4 years ago. about 9 years ago one of the amazing current korean professionals had a half time pawar a position but worked full-time is he worked beyond here hours and volunteered to teach middle school so my son learned korean and saw my son bloom he know the korean basics you, you talked about which define city effected korea the
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most this was an amazing experience to see my son bloom. it was unbelievable but the teacher burned out and retired. my daughter never learned korean in middle school and she's okay with a confidenceal korean but as a teacher i believe that children has great potential especially korean language is our defense language and if they can continue in high school it will be a great value to our country it's sad it had to stoney ask you to continue to million dollar school they can bloom and share high-level thinking in middle school. as a teacher i worked beyond any
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potential i altogether many classes but went to kindergarten even though i taught there for years it's overwhelming please help us with the curriculum. thank you >> (clapping) >> good evening i'm that nina chiu i'm a proud mother of korean children. i feel blessed to live in a city that supports diversity. my 76-year-old lives with us. my children go to school everyday to learn children and my mother takes a bus to school to learn english. and kidnap has been an
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undoubtedly success story 40 for my family and my children to respect their identity. i have concerned, however, my two children are currently grades 3 and 4 this fall their be in a joint classroom of figure out and fifth grade in the same classroom with the same teacher it's more remnant of a house on the prairie than 21st century. the school made the high school diplomas the policy to develop the dual language k through 12 crossing t
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crossing the brown paper bags i don't know how many granted for the korean language because for us our program is essentially stopping at the fifth grade and we really don't have an opportunity to earn that field on their diploma that was grand like the other programs in the city. thank you (clapping.) distinguished members of the board i'm sue kim i have two children in the fifth and third grade. first of all, i want to thank the san francisco unified school district to create the immersion program in san francisco it's a dream come true my children can learn the korean language and
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learn people of all background. although my husband and i - our children read and write and speak korean influential i'm concerned they'll loss the korean as they enter the upper grades because the korean instruction and lack of teacher support to staff the middle school classes my daughter she's just finishing the fifth grad class of 37 students teaching two different curriculum in two different classes. no teacher should be put to teach newt and you've heard from
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ms. chang she did that for seven years but we're asking the board to give us sufficient teacher support so our fourth and fifth graders will continue to learn korean. there's a teaching assistant to learn math and science. that teacher also teaches the middle school one math class. my understanding the students in the cantonese and others center a language class neither of which is an elective. the korean immersion needs the same instruction and i ask you mandate a meaningful pathway for koreans >> thank you. next speaker, please (clapping.)
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>> i have any one son. >> excuse me, sir. >> your name. >> jay. >> i don't see you on the list, sir may i speak. >> okay. and there was another speaker that wasn't on the list and is that the gentleman that spoke. >> that was phillip young. that name isn't open the list either. thank you very much precede two minutes, please >> thank you. okay. i first time thank you for your commissioner but i just the first time i came to america in 1995 i speech english not well, to learn english is not
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easy neither it korean but i'm talking about the common sense. this is america not africa not in an under developed country. i think about the vial the teacher is not a super man. because like ii said can you imagine a person in the fifth grade can do the same grade. it's not a good environment this is a not good situation ambassador they combined the teachers i don't understand the situation because i came do america and there are i just want to say they're to be like a first grader next year so i want
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my son to study and get good education but koreans use like a kind of we need another country to understand. it will assist them but education is good for education teacher that one and it's good for the best money to get a good one thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >>. good evening. i'm mike i'm speaking in place of hannah. i'm not korean in case you were wondering but i have to korean children and a third about to
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start the program they love learning korean it's beautiful to watch them talk to each other they teach the 3-year-old kroerp words and how lucky am i to live in a city that embraces the diversity. the 10-year-old is in the figure out, fifth fifth grade class about to leave the korean program it makes we do. >> to think he might lose the literacy because the program is not funded to continue through middle school. our fourth grade teacher does a wonderful job she gets the job done and they learn great. after that there's no korean language instruction going forward in middle school and we need to change that that's the
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only way the kids are going to continue the korean after the fifth grade this is so much more than are more than learning the korean language but learning and appreciating other culture especially the korean culture r you have to understand the language and for my kids to be able to experience another language and becoming fluid that's what diversity is about. we are behind the rest of the world scott wiener we have to teach our kids other languages we're so close we need to finish it thank you very much >> (clapping) >> dear members of the brown
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paper bags i'm samantha i'm speaking i'm a fifth grade eerie really enjoy the kindergarten korean and my teacher is teacher e teaching the 4th and fifth grader i want to continue my korean studies when i enter sixth grade but it's not available. i'm worried about my eight grade sissy will lose my korean. it's important to continue my education in korean so i can be a bilingual speaker and whatever criteria goals i chose so i can continue to speak