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tv   [untitled]    April 3, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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wastewater we joke with guys around the office still out of doom it's time to invest in the technology but we have a lot of options we're fortunate that way and we'll try to do the best we can. >> okay. thank you. >> good for us. >> thank you. >> okay. >> next item is an update the sewer system program. >> good afternoon, commissioners and vice president commissioner caen i'm the director of the wastewater program if you can bring up the slides, please. >> those are included in our
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package. >> yes. today's we're going to talk about updates on the government structure and things we've highlighted in the climate change and give us updates on the planning and design and highlighting the basin improvements and then i'll wrap up with just an update on our stakeholder engagements. so this is a role up schedule of the phase one projects. you can see also there are red lines because we have some projects that are already in construction. we're in the process of starting up the oxygen plant we're doing the testing and start up that's the southeast project we've completed 3 digesters and the
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first screen bid last week we're moving ahead and getting the momentum. so you've seen this the governance the structure of how we operate when we bring a project up the type of review and what levels of folks. i want to highlight two things the green advisory group that's shown in the red box and the technical steering committee spur is work with us to recruit membership for the green infrastructure advisory group they'll help with policy issues and expertise that we don't have in the city to help us with the strategy and technology as we begin to really those green structures out it's a pretty exciting time we'll start moving next month. the technical steering committee
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is one that's chaired by crews and the head of engineering kathy and the chief that's head of the project and i sit on the committee and when the project is at the point of the analysis report we sit down and review those packages as they go forward and looking at every aspect the technical as it fits in and that committee has met 5 times and reviewed projects. this also a highlight on the urban watershed we're down to the point of developing alternatives and project alternatives will be packaged and we're looking to late summer early fall to report back to the commission and it's the modeling we're working with the hi
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drastic planning and it low inform us of the tunnel sizings what the project is going to looks like so how big the tunnel is going to be and what other infrastructure that needs to be built it's how are we going to meet our level even if service and we're going to look at climate change this picture was taken in january. we're studying the impact of the system and all our facilities due to sea level rise and 36 by 2021 hundred and the mapping what it will do to the facilities as what we build those projects and moved we have to include the adaptation
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strategies meaning changing petroleums out and some other decisions how we build facilities we're looking at rainfall and other things and closely cooperating with steve's water folks >> i have a question you said 12 inches that i 23 hundred and 50 your designing and building for that. >> for the projects that will be operating through that, yes and so it's going to effect the facilities but where we have the facilities such as our storage box and our combined discharge structures we're going to have to do retrofiting p there we may have to have bigger petroleums and have a situation where we have high tide you plus storm
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severance the city could be like a bowl so our dilemma is if it's raining we can capture and convey and treat and be able to get it out to the bay and the ocean. >> are you modeling the green infrastructure for the facade. >> yes. the, your honor, is looking at the sea level we are going to have to decide where the going to go. >> approximately summer that we're going to see prioritized project and packages of projects we take through the triple bottom line.
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>> it will be the bay area first and then the west side. the central system improvement project is underway it will be in addition to the red and green those are outcomes from the urban watershed assessment and where we look at the assessment moving into the analysis and there's a lot of geotech work phases and phases because we're looking at various alignments. so i know there's a lot of interest in the digest facility that's underway we've got a great team up and running and working on the analysis and looking at different alternatives for how we ultimately use bio sold and handle odor control and really the end use a lot of times it
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spent with our o and m folks we got workshops and narrowly the technologies down we're not planning at this point but looking to get into the environmental review to hit the operation by june of 20022 we're looking at alternative design builds anything that can shave time off the project very interested in all of those options. to give you more specific details we're looking at process alternatives and a lot of workshops and folks seeing the facilities to make sure we're doing the right things and
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bringing this up to our management team approximately june so we can wrap up the alternatives now in this phase. in terms of engagement i mean anytime we get face time we're trying to talk about it through the twitter or feedback we've had 4 hundred and 82 participants that includes bike tours we have an e newsletter we have over 44 hundred folks and amelia crews was talking about our project and she they were digging up in the sunset and we've talked with katie chang and there's a lot of momentum on that other supervisors that hopefully, will be joining in to
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create, you know, an eco friendly space to remove the water before it gets into our system. you see the other statistics we've had 2 hundred and 50 thousand on social media that's taking off we're still seeing the effects of our t-shirt campaign it's being treated and yesterday we were featured in an article by we thought tech which is the international wastewater environmental federation it's exciting a lot of folks are watching and interested and compelled and coming to see the plant so that concludes my quarterly updated for today. any questions >> questions commissioners? i have a question i'd like to talk about the digesters.
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have we placed them and have we decided on the design >> were in the process of deciding what the processes are going to be how we're going to handle odors and what type of pretreatment and how to remove the sand we're looking at adjacent properties to the southeast plant that's being handled actually under a separate exceeded effort that amelia is leading we believe that is going to be the site that works, however, to get through the environmental reviews so those are the key. the environmental process is going to be coming up pretty sure >> july 14th and we have things
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to nail down the team is working fast we have brown and calling we will and our project engineer is actually here sitting in because our project manager couldn't be here a lot of hands and focus we're starting the development process and that's something external affairs is leading and we're proposing. we're exceeding that scuttled and so you see 3 years from now? you, you know, i'm not going to be not nice nor the next 3 years >> that's okay. >> an issue. >> we appreciate the support and also the support from the
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public a that's come consistentlyly to support the project very, very helpful. >> well, thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. next issue. >> next item. >> oh, it's going to call for public comment after the - and can you talk to her. >> come to the microphone, please. >> i might have fell asleep and i'm forgetful at my age i want to say she was talking about the groups because i didn't get the understanding i want a clear understand of what's going on so can you put that picture back
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up? you don't went too far >> are you looking for the timeline. >> i want to know about what the red line is on the right-hand side. >> that's the green infrastructure if a task force spur is a working with us to hold together members that are looking at green infrastructure and look at it policies and programs that the city can engage in so we can do better at the green infrastructure and leverage our dollars differently for example, if another city department had a bond that maybe they would include some money in their bond to do green infrastructure like tearing up a major artery but i think it's approximately 12 people they're
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like developers, green infrastructure specialities and folks that can help us what plant materials and folk folks with are policy expertise but this is call previously the kitchen cabinet and we renamed it. >> well, i know what a kitchen cabinet is but would there not be no one from 24144 because i have a great concern about the red. >> the red okay. >> yes. i'd like to among my own appointee. >> good afternoon emile crews while the lion share the phase one of our ssi p is happening in the southeast community clearly
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the sewer system will operates sfrarl to there are technical groups broke up by areas one is the mroont where there's a lot of work in the community other efforts like green infrastructure spread throughout the city that's critical for two thing one is that the representatives the entirety of the city because we're looking at having green infrastructure structures in each of the watershed by second of a tech ground we're having an green fray to compliment our sewer system more than any other utility in the country we're studying the effectness of those programs before we make a larger investment in the neighborhood of $400 million in the green infrastructure so the purpose of this committee it needs to be citywide and it needs to have a
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technical background from a technical prospective there are as mccain showed on her last slide we've had multiple website outreach and we'll continue those throughout the program this committee needs to be technical in nature for us to be successful. >> thank you. >> and since we've made the statement we have tech people and i don't know anyone in this room think we don't have technician in your community we've not been involved and that's wrong. >> okay i'd like to move along at this time and we'll discuss that after the general report is made. >> okay. the last item on my
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report is an just want of the history of the southeast facility. i'm sure you're aware of we made a similar presentation at the southeast a couple years ago when ed harrington was here and so we wanted to make the presentation and have john come up and give a pretty sure a background history of the southeast facility and i'll tube the vision that we would like to engagement in moving forward >> good afternoon. >> in your package you have a memo i wrote. describes the historical background of the facility i'm going to summarize that quickly
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our story starts 40 years ago approximately 40 year ago following in the package of the clean water act of 1898 percent 2 did city staff started to consider to expand the integrated treatment plants in the southeast to provide higher levels of treatment and the environmental impact report the neighbors and residents expressed significant opposition in that area in order to mitigate and minimize the social environmental effects the city proposed concrete covers in the clarify fizz and for the recreational fields on top of the cover. in 19720th century 5 side board of supervisors said that the treatment plant should be located adjacent to the other
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plant to have 8 acres of facilities and the neighborhoods should be given the opportunity to add to the design of the facilities. in 497 six the city requested rent funding not only for the plant but for the recreational facilities mitigation. epa supported in effort and wrote a letter to the state board that said in light of the southeast expansion we believe that extensive efforts should be made and it will rest in part in the understanding that recreational facilities will be provided to mitigate impacts by placing a play field on top of the clarify fizz consequentially we occur with the state board to require the construction of such
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facilities. subsequential they were eligible for grant funding for the proximity of the area and the eir processes that has to be mitigated and the epa support. sometime later in 1897 six the city staff determined the cost of the recreational facilities was doubled their original estimation and the proper maintenance would be impossible because of the elevation and form of the bayview hunters point community didn't support this aspect of the project. so for the next 3 years at the city and staff and community members developed a plan that identified mitigation measures consistently of can he recall
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greenhouse and a skills training center located adjacent to the plant. in 1981 the city went back to the board to amend the orders determining if the bayview hunters point community is also suffering and the series of the impacts of the decision to relocate freeways in the existing plant and those facilities generate a lack of pride in the community and the commercial greenhouse should reduce those impacts and in support of the bayview hunters point the folks say those facilities are necessary and they will might the impacts of the project. the state board if you thought noted while studies show the facilities will be it supporting
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we meaning the resident of the bayview hunters point need guarantees that the city will assure the maintenance of the greenhouse and skills center the provision of operating which exceed the amount generated by the facilities themselves should be included in the cities revenue plan and revenue should be generated to help with the costs of the city's wait water treatment. predictably they've rescinded their grants on the eligibility and later in 18981 we succeed in asking congress to amend the clean water act to fund the project. once funding was secured the
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public works department reyou funded the funds and operations began in 1987 also in 1987 the board of supervisors adapted a code for the community commission. this ordinance the commission was created for the fostering of full employment and creation of educational programs and creation of daycare services and services for senior citizens it also described the duties of the commission which provided the guidance for the budgetary needs for the benefit of the community. cheaper 54 authorizes the use of rent revenues in excess of operational costs for job
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training opportunities. commission economists of 7 members appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the mayor and the commission is authorized to have a director and is not subject to civil service. so based on the provisions of cheaper 54 it provides guidance for the facility thus it's role is advisors and the legal rocket for maintaining this lies with the department with the jurisdiction over the chapter. prior to 18986 the jurisdiction over the sewer system is exercised by the department of public works. but in 18996 pursuant to charter
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authority mayor brown determined that all the functions and duties and assets should be transferred to the public utilities commission thus responsibility for maintaining and operating the facility belongs with the public utilities commission. in 1987 the department of real estate initiated efforts to obtain tenants based on the purposes of the facility and the availability of suitable tenants the department quite purposefully set the rent at a level that will attract nonprofit and educational service provider. during the 2 seven years the facility has been in operation residence have never exceeded operational costs the graft on the screen showing you shows you
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that bans the record on 2013 approximately $7.9 million have been funded out of the resource revenues that's a basic overview anyone have questions >> commissioners questions? >> interesting overview i think it's enlightening for us to hear so in 1997 or 19 nine hundred 6 is when the puc actually took over the management of it. and the funding of it through sewer. so at this point >> yes. i wanted to talk about the plans for the future. >> all right.
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>> first of all, john thanks for walking through the history and will give us an opportunity to question the history knowing the history is important but i want to show and share that the wastewater is committed to this plant and, in fact, over in existence 2005 along the wastewater has subsidize for $4 million and operating costs one can aghast the place been operational and served the community in the best way we can august that but basically, the rent we've received verses the expensive the wastewater has been subsidize. the puc is committed and we're even more committed now.
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in the last 3 years we're making a lot of commitments and we plan to make a largest commitment when we look at the investment of the sewer system program. i'd like to go over some of the things we were able to accomplish over the last couple of years. one thing is we did a community needs process and in 2011 that revealed that the building in the green hours were being underutilized and we also work with the southeast community facility commission to determine what is appropriate tenants be mix that should be there we went over that. most recently, i conferred with the chancellor for the city college to stay in facility we're going to partner in how we
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can do more about providing opportunity for city college in training and tie it into the puc. we finally listed the renovation of the wing and to show the concept that was done in january of this year. we also welcome 5 keys to the southeast and they're beginning to ramp up. the other thing i'm currently working on is the mo u process with the southeast community facility and not only to comment what john has talked about but increase their participation not in how the southeast and the green houses are but the way i'm looking at it it's a southeast campus it includes al