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tv   [untitled]    April 3, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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economy, and everything because it's so interdependent. >> so that is a difficult goal but i think we can achieve it over the long time so thank you very much for hosting us and hosting this great exhibit, and test test test.much for joining
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>> good afternoon, welcome to our rules committee meeting for thursday, april 3. i am supervisor norman yee and i will be supervising this meeting. i am joined by supervisor kitty tang,
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supervisor is on his way. jennifer low and jessie larson, who record each of our meeting and make the transcripts available to the public online. so madam clerk, are there any announcements? >> please make sure to silence cell phones and any electronic devices. items acted upon today will appear on the april 15th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> i am glad to see all of you here today. i'm going to see if i can stall this for another 30 seconds to give supervisor campos a chance to make the sprint over here. would you like me to sing a song for you
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guys? i will get started. so i know that -- on john ball? >> mr. chair, would you like me to call the item first? >> i'm sorry, madam clerk, item no. 1. >> item no. 1 is a motion confirming the appointment of john-paul samaha to the treasure island development authority board of directors. >> come on up. >> good afternoon, chairman yee, members of the board, my name is john-paul samaha and i
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request your support in my reappointment to the tida board. i've been on the tida board for 5 years, we are underdwoing and will be undergoing an expensive process of community building the next few years as the navy transitions the island over to the city. we currently have a thriving community of people currently living on the island, we're going to have a very challenging process of transitioning to the new development. i have a background in both city planning and in public policy and i currently work in the private sector in real estate, so it is my hope that my contribution would be to ensure that whatever community we do build is one that is not only looking good on paper but actually that will be one that is affordable to residents both owners and renters and where we
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have all the public infrastructure being provided to make it a balanced self-sustaining new community in san francisco. and that is what i want to say and if you have any questions i'm happy to answer you. >> i will just -- i appreciated that i had the chance to speak with you prior to this meeting and really appreciate your background and how that has really helped you in this role. so you did kind of speak to this before, but i typically ask applicants, he is sptionly if you are being reappointed, what are some of the things you hope to accomplish if you are reappointed to this position? >> thank you. i would like to make sure that we look at the details of, now that we get into the development details as we transition, hopefully we will be breaking ground on the first development next year. i just want to make sure as we
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enter this new phase that whatever is being developed is well thought out and well planned out and that we serve the real needs of our citizens and the new residents and the current residents, whether it's affordability issues, home owners dues, whether you are a rent or or you are an owner on the island you will be paying fees associated with the infrastructure with parks and recreation, the new ferry terminal, transit fees, all this will have impact on livability and affordability on the island. hopefully my real world real estate experience will give some kind of -- will make a big contribution to making that more of like a real world type of process.
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>> so i'm just curious, not only you but the board under itself, what role are you taking monitoring, ensuring that the on-going clean up, i guess, is taking place and to the most sensitive way to the residents. >> well, we oversee that process. i believe you may be speaking to the radioactive clean up. the navy, the state health agencies and our local health department are all working together to make sure that the clean up is one that is comprehensive and will alay the very real fear of the
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residents who are living on land that may or may not be contaminated. certainly we provide the forum and we oversee. we have great staff. mirian syres, who oversees the day-to-day running of the island, is doing a great job, not only oversee the clean up and have a comprehensive clean up but make sure the current residents of the island are informed of the process, that every information that they need and must have that is to be made available to them. >> any other questions? seeing none, thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> are there any public comments on this item? come on up. state your name if you like and two minutes. >> good afternoon,
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supervisors, eric brooks, representing san francisco green party and the local grass roots organization our city. recent news reports have made clear that there is much more going on with treasure island and radioactive contamination on treasure island than we previously believed. the navy has now finally, after many, many years of grass roots and public pressure, finally agreed to examine every house on that island for radioactive contamination that they previously claimed was not there. and in light of the growing seriousness of news report after news report showing more and more how this island is in more danger and its resolution debts are in more danger than we thought, it's absolutely vital that you make sure that these appointees
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are willing to put a moratorium on activities on that island until the navy gets done with its studies and in my opinion until a full clean up to residential standards is done on that island and also --. >> so your time, can you address the item which is the appointment of this particular individual to the board? >> right, so what i'm saying is --. >> no other issues right now. >> we need you to ask these applicants if they are willing to support a moratorium on activities on that island until these things are done and also consider what i think is going to be necessary and that is going to be an evacuation of the current residents of that island to safer places in san francisco on the mainland. we need to make places available.
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we need people on the treasure island development authority board that are willing to make those hard decisions and not just push development. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comments? suing -- seeing none, public item for this item is closed. supervisor tang >> sure, i think mr. samaha has done a great job in his role so far and he also receives great support from sherry williams so i move forward his name out to the full board with recommendation. >> motion is passed. thank you for continuing to serve. >> item no. 2, motion confirming the appointment of vivian fei tsen to the treasure island authority board of
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directors. >> hi, vivian. >> chairman yee, supervisor tang, supervisor campos, my name is fei tsen and you just recently saw me because i was appointed to the tida board last november and i was serving the last few months of the previous director's term and i am here for reappointment to the tida board. so i am the youngest newest member of the tida board. there are many issues of course that are facing the development of treasure island and certainly the mediation of the toxins that the navy produced in times that they were supervising the island, that needs to be taken care of. and there is many challenges in terms of the infrastructure, in terms of the transportation to and from the island, in
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terms of the vision for that island and for the housing development that will occur. my background is actually in urban planning and urban development and i have broad experience working with brown fields that have been turned into multiple uses and i hope that i can be of service to the city with my background and be on this commission. if there are any questions i'll be glad to answer them. >> any questions? nice seeing you again, seems like you were here yesterday. >> right. >> i know you are relatively new but i'd like to ask you this question. not long ago there was a fire at the dock or something. i was wondering if the board had discussed, it may
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have been discussed before you got there, but somehow there was no -- am i treading into something i shouldn't be? there was no procedures to check whether people that leased the dock to boats would have insurance or not. do you know if there's been procedures put in to make sure that everybody that rents dock space would have insurance? >> yes, i'm not aware of the exact event that you are talking about, i think that was before my time. but i do know that there is a lease agreement with the users of the facilities and in that lease agreement there should be provisions for insurance but certainly i will check into that in particular. but it would be unusual if the insurance requirements were not part of that user lease agreement. >> i think the requirement was
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also there, but the procedure to check whether one has the insurance --. >> yes, i will do that. >> -- was not very strong. i would love it if the board would look into good procedures to make sure everything is checked off. >> i certainly will do that. >> seeing no other questions, any public comments on this matter? >> good afternoon again, supervisors, eric brooks, san francisco green party and our city, san francisco. i just want to just tag my comments on the previous applicant and just encourage you that if you approve these applicants, which it appears you probably will and you may have very good reasons for doing that, i would appreciate you pursuing their tenure on the board and the rest of the board's decisions at treasure island with diligence as you just did with
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this boat insurance issue so that these matters of the radioactive and other contamination on the island are properly veted so that we're protecting the citizens that currently live on that island and the citizens that may live there in the future. thank you. >> any other public comments on this matter? seeing none, supervisors, colleagues? >> through the chair, i am happy to give miss tsen an opportunity to continue serving since she just started in november. >> motion is passed for your willingness to serve, get out there and clean it up. okay, madam clerk, item no. 3. >> item no. 3 is a hearing to consider appointing two members terms ending february 23, 2016, to the citizen's committee on
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community development. there are two seats and three applicants. >> miss augustine, i believe is not able to -- was not able to be reached for this meeting, but previously indicated that she is no longer interested in this seat, so next we will have mr. ahn, are you -- here he is. welcome back. >> it's been too long. four months, actually, since the last appointment -- excuse me, my name is eddie ahn, four months ago i was appointed to fulfill the remainder of a term and i'm now back before you today to be appointed hopefully
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to a full two year term. in the past four months alone there have been a lot of meetings on the citizen's committee on community development which advises on funding for work force development and other community development block grants that happen and the things that we are working on right now is, one, a consolidated plan to determine federal funding for the next 5 years; 2, community meetings to take in input from people all over the city. we have 4 actually planned for the upcoming months. the first one happened in vezation valley and i believe there will be ones in the mission district, tenderloin and the third being -- escaping me right now. oh, the west side of the city, excuse me, in golden gate park. so we are planning to take a lot of input from diverse communities in san francisco and the other thing i want to submit before this committee
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was a letter actually from a long time committee member we worked with, dr. jackson, she wanted to make sure you got it in support of my appointment to this body. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you, i was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about bright line defense, what do you guys do, where does your funding come from? >> our funding? bright line defense is not a cdbg grantee, i believe that's one of the issues that any appointee before this committee needs to not have that conflict of interest. our understanding mostly comes from philanthropic foundations, i believe those are listed on our web site. bright line defense engages in policy advocacy on behalf of bayview hunter's point, mission
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district, selma, low income districts in san francisco. and one of the things that we have been proud to support is the local hiring ordinance that basically connects low income and local residents to construction jobs and guarantees that a percentage of those jobs go to san francisco residents. so we're about ensuring employment opportunities for communities across san francisco. >> is there a reason why bright line defense would lobby against community choice aggregation? >> and when was this, supervisor? >> during the vote on the community choice ordinance. >> i'm not aware of bright line itself as a organization lobbying against community choice aggregation. in fact i myself as an advocate worked on cchsf what became apparent to us as i expressed the last time
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my appointment was before this committee, was that there was no jobs plan yet behind the clean power sf program and until that had been articulated it was tough to support it, continue supporting it as i had done at least in my advocacy. so i think in the future i personally, speaking just for myself as a, stepping into the bright line role, would support the program moving forward in some way shape or form but our work is about ensuring jobs for the community and until those jobs materialize, it's hard. >> i'm just asking because i think it's important for the record to talk about the work of this organization which quite frankly i don't know that there's a lot of transparency around it, so i wanted to make sure that i knew more about it. but i do know there's a number of people, at least one person associated with this organization that was lobbying against community choice aggregation so i wanted to know
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why that was. >> could you name those individuals, supervisor? >> i think the individual is here so maybe he will be speaking later on. >> okay. >> any other questions? i'm just curious, i know you've been on this committee or advisory group for a few months, but what's been the most surprising thing for you? >> the number of hours committed to the position, perhaps. there's been a lot of meetings in terms of gathering input from the community which is necessary. i think upcoming the next few years are going to be extremely difficult because the word that's been coming down on federal funding is that it's going to be cut again, unfortunately, for the next fiscal year. they are trying to communicate that to the community-based organizations that are currently receiving cdbg funding and other federal
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sources of funding and try to figure out the best way to prioritize our resources so we can continue to get enough support for what the community feels should be the priority, whether it's family support services, housing, economic development and a number of other issues that this funding supports. >> thank you. is there any public comment on this matter? oh, i'm sorry. there's another applicant. i'm not finished with the item yet. so miguel penn. miguel. >> chair yee, did you have it open for public comment for mr. ahn >> no, finish the item first.
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>> good morning, chair yee, supervisor tang, my name is miguel penn, i came to san francisco to go to school, thought i'd go back to los angeles, fell in love with our beautiful city and stayed. i was appointed to the committee two months ago and have served on the committee. we've been very active. i believe what i bring to the committee is 5-plus years of work force development experience assisting low to moderate income san francisco residents with finding work. currently we are assisting the mayor's office of housing and community development with the community outreach for their consolidated 5 year plan. and also in preparation for their rfp for community-based organizations for the myriad of services that they provide. i served on the human rights commission equity advisory committee for