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tv   [untitled]    April 4, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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and to give folks more an a ability to go see families and friends is better for their physical and mental health. every cent helps. i ask you for the commitment to the er8dz. the hotel i advocated inform have rebuilt it was for the concerned seniors on the quality of life for seniors and what better way to show seniors and people with disabilities in san francisco that they're really cared for and are made a priority. what on uplifting spirit because
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the people we talked to when we mentions the free muni for seniors it is an uplifting thing so i urge you to do like wise >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon mark you want to mention that occasions like this are role terrific if a number of ways and everybody realize in addition to the issues this kind of meeting serves as a laboratory in democracy and i think that's great. i hope you'll listen to their
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message and he'd it well. i want to talk on behalf of green cab. i find it mreth that i've been initiating to find a breakdown on any of the revenues and expenses for the mta for the next two years other than the figures in the official we're only a few weeks away from an approval of the budget this should be made available to the public. the issue i want to talk about specifically has to do with a particular fee the color scheme is paid to renew their license
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we pay 43 thousand pollutes for our cabs we have 18 and a case with over 5 hundred cabs they pay a little bit less than twice we pay we pay $250 they pay 17 they have thirty times the numbers of cabs that we do and we are paying 15 times more than they on a per cab basis. this is unfair >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and (calling names) peter cowen the last person. >> i get the final word. good afternoon. i'm with the housing association. i want to tell you about affordable housing in san francisco. we have over the course of the last thirty to 35 years roughly
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put over thirty thousands of housing another 8 thousand section 8 voucher holders and single hotels as you know over one hundred thousand housing of rent control the point being most of the population we serve are extremely transit riffling. so from a user standpoint it's important. we freely support free muni for youth for you'll youth we should think about a future for kids whether or not they quality to ride a bus as it is now
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encourage you to make that a permanent program and same thing for elders and sdabltsz e disabled folks. we can't have a barrier being the access to transportation. and lastly pedestrian safety it's unbelievable we allow death to happen for folks crossing the street we shouldn't fund walk first in years and years away we should think about the mremthsz to accelerate those improvements so we don't have folks taken outgoing from curb to curb >> let's call the public hearing part closed.
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>> okay one more that's it. >> hi, i'm leo the youth leader at chinatown i'm here to support of the free muni for seniors and people with disabilities. so i have chinatown community i have volunteered for the computer lens lessons and this event i know our seniors their wanting to learn more and learn how to speak in english and the american culture so i think muni for seniors and people with disabilities that support our seniors to learn more things they can go to different programs and liner like our youth did and also go to visit
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our city the san francisco. our seniors i hope they don't stay at home they need to see our about how far san francisco and help them to go to suspect to see our about how far ocean beach and go to the golden gate park to see our beautiful rose garden and to city hall. i want you guys to think about the opportunity for seniors and people with disabilities also the youth. this program will make our city to be the best city in california and in the united states of america >> members of the board it's our turn to discuss. >> i have one more. i wanted to speak on above
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>> state your name for the record. >> i'm betransit with power. i want to add one more story from our members her name was jackie she was a senior and she was really excited about the free muni and spoke at the rally outside the steps of city hall. she was embroider by seeing our i did not get. and as i was on the phone she was asking what time the hearing would be but i didn't hear back from her, she died from cancer on friday we're proud to have people like jackie to fight everyday for their lives and communities and i just wanted to share that and hope you'll take into serious consideration not
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only for the youth but including seniors and 12k5b8d community >> the point is to offer detrimentally their points i hope we're 95 percent there. there are two things i want to look into. i want to thank everyone many folks are out here we listen and we're moved by it. the program the expedites program for the 18 to 22 years old is a compelling case not hard to do it helps people and the quit analysis i want to look at that more. i know we do title 6 but the
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increase in paratransit is 14 percent increase i know those agencies are struggling all the time. the point that mr. abductinger made is something of interest to me the disparity between green cab and yellow cab and the amount of money difference. and the but i think also the folks from walk we're talking about pedestrian safety and bike safety i want to have more information on that what we can do over the course of next few years the idea that i mentioned in the beginning about possible if we're not able to do all things right now but in january
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the health of the agency maybe we've talked about the sunday parking and as well as the muni and the fees that we call customer service i'd be tdr in hearing brown about those and so the bucket list about things we can put in there that might make sense and fm the time questioning about some of those things some things happen as quickly as possible so if we get something back about the timing in general and where we can expect to how that impacts the total budget so members of the board >> so the equality framework
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the april 15th we'll give you an update but we'll not have the full item. the other item well that i have i'll talk to the other members. director reiskin how about we start with you today >> okay. i do have a couple of questions in terms of i was also interested in the comments where aren't with respect to the 8 years old when i heard about them i think we should expend the muni to them it's a nice package way of dealing with that and speak to the issues this
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group is interested in i'll be interested in talking to those communities representatives that will be helpful but in terms of what those folks are not covered in the budget. i had a question about the paratransit but you covered that i don't have anything else >> i will agree with the d pass student it seems like this is going to affect one hundred and 50 sfmta so we should include them in the free muni passes and the paratransit is going to put a crunch on the agencies. i like the passport and the bart and muni fast pass religious are
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go and the free youth and san diego county's i agree. the sunday meters the citations rate is troubling i ago with the mayor we need to try to get that citation rate down on sunday a number of people have brought the signage on sunday i know you've mentioned the meter replacement is going to be progressing and i didn't catch a date on when the meters are going to be upgrade >> by the end of this calendar year. >> so maybe this could be something by the add better signage we deploy improvement to those areas and take a look at those and if we can't get the citation rate down so something that looks like the other days of the week revisit that again.
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and there was someone else could you another some point address the bicycle fund vs. the paper spending i know a great relaying cry i appreciate the safety advocates that have shown up but i want to understand where that number comes from and hopefully, it's not true we spend more on paper than bicycle safety. i have concerns about the rate we're going to implement the safety both the pedestrian and bicycle safety features. i'm worried about what happens in 23406 do we have a plan b to improve the safety of our streets if we're not successful in november in improving our
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financial situation i think it's important to continue to improve the safety of our streets that will help to reduce the crush open transit we can't meet our bicycle and pedestrian goals without increasing safety and can't meet our transportation goal without our other goals and once again there's a lot of the things to spend money on. and that's all >> that's any financial better angle. i think we're close i appreciate the presentation and particular our operate coming down to talk
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about the view from twin peaks that's the view we're serving. going through the items i'll thrilled the indexing program is working and the bond ratings has gone up. i'm sure you're aware of i don't like to make exemption but given the demand on the short daily passport and the daily bart structure i don't have problems with the projection. as a matter i think the proposed course of waiting on any of the programs until january a wise. that's i that's not just for financial planning although that's an important thing people design their lives on the fair
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structure and we shouldn't change that this leads to confusion and so i realize there are a lot of things we're looking at the more sixth funding i think it's wise to wait until after the elections. one point on that that's the exception to that i urge you to look and see if there's a way to fund the 18-years old within the current program now. that's something we've heard compelling testimony we've promised to take care of this. this is made for people who have their birthdays from january to june and for those who have a
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second semester it's a point i'd look to. getting back to my general feeling i have a concern here i realize i'll sound grech like the advocate for the free metropolitan for lkts youth was effective and good and supervisor avalos went out and found alternative corporate sporpdz and my concern is we approach the more and more programs we're going to have this group and this group and this group coming in it may start with a few one hundred students that are deserving of the support but we need to keep in mind that view from twin peaks we're servicing the whole city. the issue is ability to pay and the issue is addressing poverty and making our system open to people regardless of the ability
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to pay that's the way to go about it. i've lived of said this before i think as we're looking at this in the future and doing quickest studies without loothd the elevators studies to sdrath the groups if people can't afford to pay in the groups let's look at using the extra fund so outlining all low income san franciscans have better access. the notation of dropping the fast pass rate for a very well-off seniors for example, at the same time, we're not making the lifeline program more assessable that's a traffic off.
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and we're talking about and pricing based on the leo low and moderate income not you'll >> i understood but you've left out low income folks that may feel left out because their between the angels of 18 and the senior cut off. that's not an easy thing i'm not suggesting i'm steadfast but i would ask as we study that one of the alternative we consider is how best to serve a wide swath of folks there are a lot of of them we should address the ability to pay that way or at least study it as opposed to dividing up the city san francisco different categories. finally on the taxi thing.
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the gentleman made his point eloquently i am not sure we want a did i incentive to the color scheme without assessing the whole group it makes them more assessable but i guess my view is that barry zip it, dude you do this a lot and it gets old. my preference would be from a procedural standpoint we look at this after a policy hearing after the taxi regulators instead of a strictly budget item >> director lee. >> okay first, i want to thank
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everyone forgive their presentations. that's an emotional issue i'm in favor of 18-year-old we still a a fiscal responsibility we need to get a status in terms of our budget where we stand. i will repeat would everyone is saying exercise with caution. the other two issues i have i really building that part of our problem with the sunday spike in meter siethsz you can't mix the old meters with the new meters we'll get a better picture once again we have all the new meters installed.
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the other concern is that was raised about the bicycle plan on paper i'd like to see the disparity on this issue so we can get a better understanding of that okay >> sxhamz i appreciate our time time and organizing efforts. i want to echo everything my colleagues have said i want to put emphasis open the 17 year-old cut off that's really very i think that feels our intent from the beginning i don't think anybody intended to
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leave folks out especially the 17 year-old and the 18-year-old it shouldn't be washing dishdz to afford to get to school it's important we do everything this is a program that i've heard almost universal support for. the mayor articulated his support and we've got a 6 point, you know, $3 million engrossment from google saying this is a good thing. you know, i that we should do it if there's a way to afford it or a through the fund in the school district we need to expedite that and get it done as quickly as possible so folks don't have to mangle a trade off or getting a job this is speaking from experience. i think i would like to be able to make the effort to make the
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program permanent if there's some way we can articulate that even without a financial commitment to indicate it's a priority i would be deep supportive of that. i understand there are those ideals to expand the program to make it a muni variable to other folks that are articulating a need for it are expressing a need. i know what's different we got the mayor said is it in the city he'd it should be made permanent. we got a letter from 7 i think of the 11 supervisors saying they'll support it there's a lot of support it will ultimately help and finally, i do want to
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emphasize what you said director reiskin with respect to achieving pedestrian safety we're on a path to vision zero we'll talk about that next time >> thank you. >> director reiskin anything else. >> no, i think i got it (laughter) >> okay. we'll take a well deserved break. >> right before break. i wanted some clarity on progress we talked about helping the agency and making some of the initiatives mined we're going to have to approve a
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budget with certain line items we're not going to have the physical health until later so we are going to wait on as far as i understand we're not going to include that in the budget my question is include that with ass tricked or what the process is >> that's a good question what i propose is lack of foundation in the resolution that adapts the budget that will be along the lines of the board of directors intends to do x y and sdshlgs maybe february 1st, 2015, following the review of the agencies physical health and work with the city attorney's office to get the wording perhaps we'll come back in january with the review and have the board take absent to pull
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the trigger on those things we've put on the list. >> that will be generally listing it and the access quality to pick one example not the whole proposal. >> no, what i would suggest and i welcome feedback on that would be basically, the things that kind of expanded services we're proposing the expanded muni services and expanded access to the customer service and the expansion of the free muni programs not the base by kind of the good things we want to do for good policy reasons but have a fiscal impact. >> how about a break-ins. let's have a break. beeverybody.
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>> okay. we're back in motion. >> the upcoming free environment study. >> good afternoon. peter we're coming to you with a milestone accomplishment we feel the update is an important step we're present where we're at the project and a strong partnering the agreement of park merced are above and beyond the project we're going to go through the planning study to look at tale of 2 cities at 19th avenue