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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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the san francisco housing coalition i'm here to speak in support of this protective to allow the in-law units in the castro. adding the units they're an heritagely affordable space and it has no negative effect on our neighborhood. we understand the need for a pilot program and understand that people want to add amendments and the housing coalition didn't support adding legislation or worse have them built illegal and please move this legislation forward >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, good afternoon sprirgz.
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i'm margaret i'm the cleveland of in-home consumerism we provide home care to 16 hundred seniors and people with disabilities every year. we're supportive of the program with 21 thousand consumers i'm delighted to speak on the proposed legislation to allow the addition of in-law units in the castro and hopefully, if it's effective into other areas of san francisco as well. and my voice i want to add we're all awaref the crisis of affordable housing but what is not discussed a lot in the city of san francisco but has been this afternoon is the lack of assessable housing for seniors. while much of the housing stock
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in san francisco is extremely beautifully it's not assessable. and its very pricey to bring a house up to make it assessable. people have done it but you have to have a bunch of money. the in-laws is one solution to increase the housing opportunity and allow them to stay in the city and as maria talking about earlier. i urge you to pass this legislation and much. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors eric i'm the chair with the green party and i'm representing our city san francisco the local grassroots organization on n this issue.
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we bay we're several years ago we helped to fight prop 8 that was about rent control. there's positive things will allowing in-law units to be built but we urge this to be straight out of the box we know there have been stated level court decisions that make it con essentially those property owners will try to raise the rates and speaking from experience i will in a rent control building the units are the same size as mine cost 3 times as much. even if their rent controlled it's not going to give us affordable housing. the picture i like to paint is
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that building all those units i can look at it as a giant condo complex you make sure the entire context has fees on it that are dedicated to the rental control. i know in this test that project only some of it does that we want it expanded to the whole project so it becomes citywide so anyone who billion dollars those units the fee is brought up. we know we're only getting 12 to 14 percent so if you could race those fees up that's good >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors thank you for the opportunity to comment on this legislation.
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i'm the people on spur and a resident which district 8. as mentioned in-law units play a key roll in affordable housing. to increase our affordable housing in the district those will have diversity for the elderly and the health care workers. there's a source of affordable housing without subsidy that's extremely important. in times like these we need to take advantage to provide housing for san franciscans. scott wiener's proposed legislation species those to be built with the envelope and the impact will be limited and accident castro area is served by retail and others things it's
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important. the ideas there might be increased restrictions on incomes or additional fees for affordable housing we do believe that it might prevent someone take advantage of this and we support future opportunity to expand it >> thank you very much. is there any public comment on item one. seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues as an initial motivator i distributed the amendments can i have a motion to accept those amendments >> the amendments are adapted. and then unless there's any
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additional questions or comments could i have a motion to forward to me e item one to the full board of supervisors without recommendation >> i did want to say i concur with planning on making those careersy project i would have supported this but i want to put that on the record. >> i appreciate that the motion is to forward the item one with positive recommendations interest thank you, madam clerk call item 2. >> item 2 is an ordinance national black anthem the planning and building code to wave the fees for the month of may. supervisor tang is the author >> thank you very much i know
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we have aaron from the planning department this is a basic item basically every year in the month of may it's small business month and one of the things we've done in the past is in an effort to assist our small business so we wave the fee for awning so we've been thankful to observing our planning department in participating in this program we've incorporated into this fee waiver program for pedestrian level lighting to encourage the public safety and we're trying to support our small business we're recognizing the way our neighborhood look is incredibly important so i'm going to turn it over to aaron star from the planning
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department. >> thank you supervisor tang. this ordinance will wave the fees for awnings and signs on awnings during the month of may. the planning commission heard this on april 27th and voted to approve it they have a recommendation to make this permanent, however, i believe sxhaupg has adapted and the other two portions are technical on how to do that with that, supervisor tang if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> thank you, mr. star. >> all right. any questions. so basically, we are doing a lot of outreach and hoping all districts will share this information with the merchant. today before we go to public comment i want to for the purposes of making this a permanent pieces of legislation i want to request to duplicate
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the file and amend the second portion for 9 permits for awnings and signs for awnings as a central for the public safety lighting each for the month. >> i am - would the duplicate file with the amendment i imagine this will have to sit in committee so we'll duplicate the file. so the file is duplicate and xhaung has proposed an amendment to one version of the file and after the public comment we'll consider the amendment and forward one. supervisor tang i think it would be great if you're office can distribute language to put in our newsletter
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>> absolutely. >> thank you. okay. if there's no other questions or comments we'll open open this up for public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. okay. colleagues we have two vertigos of this item on the - can we take the amendment as articulated by supervisor tang for the duplicate version? okay. we'll without objection. can i have a motion to send this to the full board of supervisors. commissioners, can we take this without objection? okay continue the amended version one week >> motion to continue. >> okay commissioners, can we take this without objection? madam clerk, call item 3. >> item 3 the hearing on the
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status of the san francisco climate action strategy. >> okay. now supervisor avalos is the author of the hearing request i hear footprints. are here he is just in time. supervisor avalos has joined us for item none 3. >> thank you. >> good afternoon and thank you chair weiner. sorry i'm a little bit late >> i'm feeling under the weather and hoping that will help. today, we have a hearing on the climate action strategy it's got support in the department of the environment and what the plans
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to meet the green house gases for chapter 9. i know that the interim director is out sick today, i feel for him i'm not feeling that great myself. i have an intro and then the department staff come excuse me. in 2008, the san francisco climate action that set the green house gases limits by 2017 we're to reduce our green house gases by 20 percent by the 1990 levels and 80 percent by 2050 pr those green house gases limits are to the entire city. today, the international mraenl
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panel reduced the climates impacts and the international panel is preempt scientific panel the climates is having the world's food and heat waves and heavy rain are intense 41 and arctic ice is collapsing, however, businesses are starting to address climate change and an earth scientist that would wrote the report says i think that dealing effective with climate change is something nations will do and the cities need to do this. the climate action strategy is an impressive piece of work.
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cataloging the green house gases was a huge undertaking it is to meet our instruction and i want to commend the department. if we want to be a great city it's up to us to generated the political will to implement those strategies. the climate changes is happening and appearing inur lifetime. very soon society will have no choose but to address climate change now. if we don't take the responsible action we've been forced to react, down the line. this is great work on this report my concern is we have city government that's at odds
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with itself on one side of the aisle we have huge effort to flake to respond to the crisis of climate change and a report that lays out the steps and laid out the clear steps and retransacted some of the steps especially clean power sf. i think the work that the department has put out needs to be shared so i welcome the department to be here and welcomed the mayor's office but i've declined the environment director has decided not to come or has made an excuse not to be here. what's remarkable about the strategy we have a good strategy there's language in the report that was redacted that was a
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package in the original pdf we talked about the goals for renewable energy we wanted to be at one hundred percent renewableable energy on the commercial side. great goals that was in the report but taken out and can't find anyone who made the call to do that. it's incredible it's incredible we're facing the greatest crisis of this city and our government pulls back on how to achieve this. sometimes, i don't want to be in those times but actually, we have a responsibility to work towards making our world safer
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and if we don't we will have to learn how to tread water really quickly. i'm going to call up our representatives from the department of the environment mr. rodriguez and we may have mr. kim join us or anyone from the mayor's office that can speak about the plan and the commitment from the mayor's office to fulfill the planning and joined by sfmta by a couple of gentlemen and we have under the puc barbara who is not planning to present she's spearheading the work in the public works and we have the president of the environment
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here and good afternoon mr. rodriguez representing the vice president of the environment and joined by my colleague to present this item to the board of supervisors. first, as supervisor avalos mentioned unfortunately, our acting director david those manned was scheduled to make the presentation but he said he wasn't feeling well, so you have both cal and i to present the material and as supervisor avalos mentioned we have representatives from the puc who can talk about the key aspects of what the city is doing to reduce the emissions here. i want to set the context of how the strategy fits in san
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francisco and our overall plan if i can have sfgovtv put the power point up. first to set the context supervisor avalos is correct cities play a little bit in climate change and generate the co- 2 over 75 percent. and equally if you start thinking about the historic trend over half of the world population live in cities and more people are morgan to cities everyday we need a plan for folks that are living here and moving into the city. i appreciate sfoovlz making a reference to the united nations climate panel we saw it, it's timely one of the most respected academic and intellectual bodies
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worldwide come out with a report they said they issued the desire warnings saying the impacts are being felt on every continent and wipeout the people's crops and one or more drought and increase risks of war. the chairman said no one will be untouched by the climate change and heat waves and floods are among the global aspects that are the threats. the clearest message to mitigate is now. the sooner we do this the less chances of the climate change will happen. while cities plays a or play an important we'll e role we can't let our federal representatives
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and government off the hook we equally play a major role. in san francisco we are often considered the e pick center of the movement and the grave policies to address the climate we've received recognition from our climate award in addition we've been recognized for our green building policy by the world business council and our commitment to wakeable community. in addition there are many, many things that need to get done and we need buy in from all sects private-public and government. no one what make the changes overall to make our target. what's the challenge. in san francisco we're already if we think about climate change
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in under a do nothing scenario we could face billions of dollars in damage because of the impacted sea level we're impacted all over. we're seeing the impacts of sea levels with high tides and their offer a preview of coastal effects interest if anyone has taken the opportunity at pier 6 it's underwater just to give you a sense of what were we fatiguing today. the report this side slide illustrates what we've achieved is 14 point reduction below other levels. the red line you see here that's
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if we basically do nothing it's our worst-case scenario. the orange line represents our project of the emissions under current policies everything we're doing this today, we'll go back to the other levels. the blue lines represents if all 35 recommendations are laid out in the action strategy are complemented again, i fwl underscore. just to give you a sense of what a exhaustible in san francisco >> just a question regarding those slides we talk about the goals and benchmarks do we have limits that we have to abide by compared to that are the limits binding? >> the goals we set forth in
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san francisco are not binding the statistical has goals to achieve targeted numbers they're all goals that the state and us locally are working towards achieving. >> thank you. >> next, i want to spend a little bit of time how we calculate emissions so you have an idea. this slide in particular give us a snapshot of san francisco's current emissions so with the protocol the green house gases inventory is focused on looking emissions with fossil fuel and electricity consumed within the city. in other words, we are measuring the tailpipe of the emissions. the concerns addressed in the
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climate action strategy and we talk about how emissions are calculated the ports speak this method of tracking emissions, you know, underestimates the climate impact on san francisco's economic. why everything imported to san francisco or manufacturers here has a con sumgsz. take cell phones f we have have one. it's important to science think about it every time a cell is generated think about the material that were extracted and the heavy metals and the water and public comment and every kind of material we consume in san francisco whether a cell
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phone or a plastic water bottle approximately 70 tons of materials were mfrtsdz upstream. within 6 months there's another produce and those end up in the landfills but when you think about the traditional model we may not be capturing all the impacts so the vice president is working is academic institutions and worldwide organizations to take responsibility for the emissions we use here in san francisco. an alternative way to look at the consumption level this slide represents the same information the san francisco footprint
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using a different model but this looks at our consumption so while san francisco is recycling and compost more than ever before we're generating more waste we've done a great job at compost but every year we're producing more than ever before. in addition >> how it is possible can you give us a professional. >> certainly we're beau for products and maybe sorting better but our increase in the weight of the blue benefit and the green bin is going up and not necessarily at the expense of the black bin so we're doing an excellent job at dissipating out waste into our various
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streams we're consuming more as san franciscans. in addition even though our miles per gallon fuel average san franciscans are driving more. so again, we have more efficient cars we have more efficient fuel but with your driving more and even though our energy portfolio in san francisco is good we're using for energy we have to think about this context. the biggest change to using the consumption methodology that food is the biggest part of the pie and energy is consumed in the process. taken into the entire life cycle the cost of the produce it important >> so we're using the consumption model. >> the reference is you can
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imagination why lots of governments and academic institutions are struggling with trying to find on appropriate method for the calculations you start tackling with the manufacturers methods and it's a lot more challenging. the more, you know, example i'll switch to the next slide. here's the two slides in comparison to give you a sense climate change i mentioned food and beverage is a significant amount and it was recently studied the amount of food and groceries that are throwing away because the product on shortfalls missed their