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tv   [untitled]    April 8, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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from one bus to another to the van ness and market just a couple of months ago we saw that our bus what iowa was coming and we were kitty corner we ran cross the street and so we could catch the bus and at the bus stop through another two life cycles we watched google buses pull around the bus and blocking traffic and the muni bus driver was waiting because it wasn't save to be pulling into the intersection ambassador once the muni bus pulled to the intersection the google bus was blocking it. it really has an impact on the transit plans and the citizens we missed our next bus and -
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>> thank you very much. >> spirsz i'm keri i'm a staff with the 10 to one i'm here to admit a wrong i'm one of the unfortunate souls that parked on sutter and jeopardizing in 2011, i had a bus pull up behind me i did my best to get out of the way not knowing what was going to happen a couple of weeks later i got a ticket in the mail saying i had to pay $265 recognizing i did the wrong thing i paid the ticket.
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come to find out the google bus the city cut a deal for one dollar per stop that's not fair if we don't make a change where the public is went there's a lot of anger pointed out at the politicians in the city i urge you to look at the system and try to figure out a way to move working people around the region and the method doing that's fair. thank you >> ted with the san francisco tenants union we support this from the data that was seen it's clear and a direct correlations related to those google bus stops it's time we give up to ask the tech industry to mitigate the damage.
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there causing us to be evicted and rents to go up but we really need to study the whole stent of the processing problem of the google bus stops and if their causing rents to rise in neighborhoods we got to think about moving them out of the city dui but the first step is to do the eir and carefully analysis this with any new things that happen in the tech industry because their causing serious damage to the housing crisis and are directly involved with the crisis and we need to increase the ellis allocation to again, the tenants union supports the appeal and definitely believes we need to do an eir. thanks
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors i'm karen i'm usually here speaking for the club but i'm here speaking for myself. my comment is going to make sense eventually. a few years ago i went to a plan school why am a learning this stuff now in graduate school the anchorage person doesn't realize they can come to appeal the decisions when they think not that the person's who can't do their job ass but mike, i think what went wrong with the cat gun control decision to exempt the program many of those have been
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discussed but one effects me more than one the details to muni so since the valley is close i believe the shuttle has been going down the street and it gets stops behind the muni that's happening all over the city. we're hanging out in the middle of traffic so the busses can get around i think it makes sense to do a full environmental review >> thank you. i want to welcome back former supervisor aaron and mr. president, and members of the board of supervisors i think i testified on another sequa issue relative to the america's cup.
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i have been intimidating involved with sequa and have had the pleasure of adjusting over a one hundred of those matters it's abundantly clear to me that this project is not exempt if sequa. i don't think that in the 8 years i was on the board but the exemption as council for the appellants is predicated on no potential environmental impacts being present. the moving papers clearly show there's a large number of them i don't want to look at the clear impacts but the air quality and publication and traffic gangs
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that clearly need meet the low they recalled is this is not from sequa. i was on the board of supervisors when the planning department issued a cat ignorantly comments on the bikes plan that was appealed i said in this matter it was not exempt if we were sued we'd lose. i salute all of you for sitting through another sequa hearing while some of you don't like the law the facts are contrary it's not exempt from sequa you should grant the appeal. thank you very much thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i work to for the public library and teach in the city hall and in noah valley i've been told those people have
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trouble parking because people driving into the neighborhood to park to take the busses. but i learned a lot from this meeting and i hope people on both sides of this issue have as well. i felt extremely uncomfortable this creates two different groups. we're all people and techies are here i love the things they make but it the upon the government to enforce the laws and this dies is unfair to you'll have us i urge you to support of the eirs thank you >> next speaker any other speakers who wish to support of appellant step forward now. >> i'm christopher i live on 6th
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and howard to get to my give him at a decent time in the morning i have to pass through a mass of google folks loitering on market street. when i say massey mean there are tens if not a hundred they're waiting for their tax-free transport and if my timing is bad i could accidently get swept into a bus and end to in mountain view and a google co- popcorn could get bumped and that's a serious impact if i could get sfgov it didn't take a whole page. anyway.
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if you check any blog crankier than you there's buses and a posting i left there. it's a reason not to use technology. thank you very much mr. president, >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm peter usually talking about the library matters but today as an individual i want to say, of course, there should be a sequa elevation and the appellant should be upheld. i hope to i don't know the sequa considered means a moral hazard those buses represent. every time a child or a adult or
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one of those folks lumbering along blocking traffic and using a bus stop when no one else can or if they use the bus stop their subject to a serious crime money talks everyone else walk money seems to buy privilege and exempts them not us from the law so i hope the sequa that you will vote for today also considered the hazard that all of those folks represents. >> thank you. >> hello, i'm laurie want to bring my babies with me that
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stay at my hotel room i stay about four blocks. and, you know, him. but you know i realize we're going through this this replacement if you make decisions today, i live in supervisor kim district my black culture comes from supervisor london breed and my orientation from supervisor campos and scott wiener i get my we'd in supervisor avalos i go out to a fair to see the golden gate bridge and it's amazing everything we do we don't have leaders to stand up like this lady she made sure that people in this country could never have to be accepting being a slave but i've been to the hill at the
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service i know that when our leadership isn't greatest the van terrorist strings will do everything to control you. i don't want to think i will never vote for a percent because they're a asian i'm not a black man who lives to become medical examiner 1999 to be gay positive use medical marijuana we need to bring back things and we should be making sure that san francisco is the bright life and be on friday on 44 when they stand up for housing and black kids and education 12 clock about the call to be here we'll
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be here we're all people >> next speaker >> oh, i just broke that. april fool's day. i'm wendy i'm the vice president of the democratic club we serve our neighborhood by educating our neighbors about legislation and i would like to say we actually register the democratic voters. so i'm also the chair of the public utilities advisory committee. we were talking about this the democratic well-being what about all the computers that take our hydro non-emission buses everyday and pay a $2 fair what
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can the hetch hetchy system their equally invested my have far more patience we're talking about getting cars off the road we need to consider we need to be fair riders that's it >> thank you and i want to welcome back our former colleague. thank you, mr. president chris bailey over the last a 3 years the corporations have extended their shuttles and while the use of bus stops have ballooned over 4 thousand stops according to the sfmta they're written only 35 tickets to private shuttle operators. and thank to the press reports we know why we have a complete
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lack of enforcement the secret had an shake. we're here in planning and the sfmta they'll try to claim their illegal police radio negative gaits the practice under sequa preposterous reduce. we know the truth a backed up of activists blocked the buses and they settled for a firestorm of political pressure that made the project be pushed without sequa review. the impact of the private buses are real and they should be studied the cancer risks with dies dieselier than the foreheads talk about. their white washing entire community everybody whoet not
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making $200,000 a year and while the market rate is costly the political opposition those of us who fight for san franciscans the rendered and the seniors and people with disabilities working people the the lgbt community the young people we are strong. (clapping.) >> thank you. again i would remind the members of the public we have a rule in the board chamber not to express clear expression. >> thank you jessica with the senior and disability action we port this today we're concerned about pedestrian safety and
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displacement on protecting community and seniors and we come to fight for the premuni and we'll keep fighting and thank you to the supervisors that have come out to help us win the fight it's not right we're talking about those buses not having a proper review of the impacts on the city while at the same time people with disabled and seniors can't afford afford to get around. >> any other members of the public wish to speak. >> i'm nicholas i'm grateful to share my own point of view what is happening in san francisco is horrible the white people are ethnicly clarence san francisco. we've lot 4 percent of our
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african-americans we are desecrating the latinos and yet as much as i hate to say this our board president is the prince of this adjudication our gay representative is the queen or king of ethic cleansing and you should take full credit but the white people ethnicly cleansing the black and brown people where do you go when you've been out of the mission where does the mission culture rupture? how come our african-americans supervisors are not on the front lines? campos thank you. supervisor avalos thank you those are the heros of the lgbt
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and black and brown folks not the white people the queen of ethnic cleansing are the prince of adjudication i personally love our want and emphasis parents it became to me to see this to my own truth. thank you >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> there is there any public comment no support of appellants. okay. seeing none at this time let's go to a presentation by the planning department >> thank you supervisor chiu and good evening to members of the board i'm sarah jones i'm the environmental review officer from the planning department joining me that jenny and
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others. staff from sfmta including director reiskin is here to give a presentation and to respond to questions about the project itself. the planning department found the pilot plan exempts on 2014. the sfmta board of directors approved the 18 month pilot plan an january 21st an appeal was filed on february 14th accounting. the planning department has prepared a written response. p on that day the appellants filed a written brief that passes the code submittal so a second request was insinuated. my presentation is going to summarize our responses
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primarily the second request. the issue for a categorical not to deny the appeal or to over turn the departments decision and return the project to the planning department. p the issue is not about the merits of pilot program itself. a little bit about existing conditions and the proposed project today, there 3 hundred shuttle buses and mta estimates 25 thousand muni ridership. and intercity riders are 80 percent of the total and regional are 20 percent they're using white zones and currently
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they're not permitted to us the bus zones. the pilot program is to explore the shared use of muni stops not faxing others stops. the pilot program will operate as follows: sfmta will solicit accident applications and establish operational requirements and track compliance my effect in essence of the shared stop system and use that information to shape a proposal for long term managed if it's desired that long term program will be subject to its own environmental review. the process of denying a project is an important and complex one for an agency. sometimes real world experimental informational garter is part of that process and sequa provides a way to do
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on ground work without getting caught to do an endless review to define the project that is subject to environmental review. that way that sequa provides is the classic exemption under the sequa guidelines. i'm going to quote from the sequa guidelines pr class 6 is for basic data collection research and experimental management and reelevation activity that don't result to damage to the environmental resources. those are for environmental researches and for study for a public agency has not adapted or fund. there are exemption where a project affects a hazardous or
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critical resource and a general exception for usually circumstances. for any analysis sequa speefz that a prospered project must reviewed against the physical setting and all case law supported the physical settings. the project being elevated is experimental management of shuttles the shuttle buses themselves are not the project but all types of curb space represents the baseline which this pilot program was elevated for the ability to apply the classics tmgs so our decision was based on the following the proposed pilot program includes experimental management and study that will help to formulate a long term program under class 6.
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there recent no maps and hazardous concerns effected and no direct are indirect significant impacts due to the experimental regulation of shilts. turn to the issues raised by appellants the appellant first of all, has not provided a fair agreement for for seeable impacts under sequa. the appellant insinuated information one or more the following they came from a source of non-credentials and don't address the impact of the project itself and they contained erroneous suggestions they don't support a fair argument.
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the displacement points are - sequa only considers the physical impacts. many important concerns are raised but no one is caused by the pilot program. it's speculative to i doubt it any of the shuttles to the impacts as they relate to the proposal there are no physical impacts related to the proposed pilot program about the evidence supported doesn't show it and the analysis concludes that the isn't it true reservations for this 18 month project is not sixth for the impacts. the class of intimidation is applicable to exemption and the appellant has stated that class 6 is only limited to projects. there is absolutely no basis for
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to assertion. sequa only limits class six-hundred to limit mass critical resources and, in fact, 3 examples that were insinuated by appellant are four probative values efforts. we've issued the exemption in san francisco and a quick online search we did indicated any other jurisdictions use the classics 6 for problematic studies extensive. the appellant has misrepresented what sequa said about the need for eir in the case of public controversy, in fact, the oppose is true it's not simple the need for american people eir. in conclusion the department has found the proposed shuttle pilot will not have impacts directly or sdiblg. the appellant hadn't repudiated
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the project the project fails under the class 6 exemplification's and the shuttle politely program itself if the board upholds the appeal the shuttles will continue to operate until the project it proposed by mta. furthermore, any such review in our view would be hampered and it is unclear why the appellant is asking for the environmental review for data that would into effect support of the environmental review. for the reasons stated here the department recommended that the board uphold the amendments and deny the appeal >> thank you very much i'm
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going to ask the members - the members of the public to please be quote while we're license to the speakers. with that, supervisor campos >> mr. president, i certainly look forward to making sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to present their case. i do want to follow up on your presentation. because i have to say i find of the argument from planning to be circle last year in and a half are want to begin by asking you how it is that you can define the project that's simply about data collection when, in fact, the pilot as i understand is