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tv   [untitled]    April 9, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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businesses worthy he event we have a jam session and get a principal this is the weekly buzz. this wednesday is free occur can say class day looking at getting to have fun and pick up now skills under 7 to 9:00 p.m. and head to treasure island the attendance is free phenomenon the past, present treasure island association be there as 10:30. and on sunday checkout you tell rock fair the rock is a giant
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music lovers dream where people come from all over and the event is one of the biscuit one of its kind so check it out. at the that's the weekly buzz for for information sophisticayou. >> good morning ladies and gentlemen.
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thank you all for coming i'm tom o'connor i'm a san francisco firefighter i'm a member of the cancer prevention center today, we stand before a memorial to honor the firefighters who have died in hospitals and hospice today, we staples before a sea of by boats to honor those folks a number that is growing every year. every time firefighters enter a burning building we have chemicals and car gins that are interour bodies and for years the deviating effects and recent studies by control of disease
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control have demonstrated that firefighters are sxhooum to cancer and now it's time to push back. it is the for that us to let the memorial serve a purpose are that it is time to let san franciscans and the world know that long arrest the fires are put out the firefighters are fighting against cancer we're indicating is to ban toxic chemicals in first one and clothing. chemicals like deadly flammable retardant for children's clothing and known car gins that were band by governor jerry brown recently but perhaps that banned come too coon the
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chemical companies with fighting back we're asking for san franciscans they need to know firefighters have to fight for a paycheck and too often those empty boats are for uncertainty today on firefighter cancer awareness today we've asking for the chemicals be out so the families can be taking care of. san francisco recognizes she will take care of people who deprive they're all and soon president chiu will announce that. we also ask today you all remember those empty boats and real heros are leading us everyday and we want you to know the boats represent a firefighters like dan and john
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murphy and clyde. 3 brothers we buried in the last 4 months from occupational cancer. we want to send notice that firefighters will not go quietly aefrm we lost a firefighter men and women we'll make every effort to let the city and country know that a he or she has passed serving others. again, thank you for coming and now chief joanne will introduce mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> good morning and thank you to tom o customer local 78 and to the cancer prevention fountains we're pursuing proud to raise awareness and address this important issue an issue that disproportionately facts
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our folks. but not only are our active but retired members and it includes the families we want to raise awareness and get the word outline we're concerned and do all we can it protect our members who put their lives on the line everyday for city and county of san francisco. now i will introduce a big supporter of the fire service and fire department that's a privilege to introduce our 43 read mayor mayor ed lee (clapping.) thank you, chief. good morning, everyone well, to city hall. first of all, i want to thank the chief for the introduction and leadership in the department thank the fire commission but
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today it's all about the firefighters. and i want to indicate to you very strongly my stance with our firefighters. that as we ask them from day one to take on the life threatening risk of savings accountability 0 people and going into buildings and getting on top of the buildings over one hundred and 50 firefighters putting out those disagrees flames in mission bay. or we shared with station 49 celebrating the reobama of businesses because the firefighters did their job over a year and a half going to do so that fire no, the west portal. our board of supervisors appreciate the firefighters we together as part of the city family acknowledge how important
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the fire department and all it's firefighters so when we ask them to take the risk of running into building and doing all the herselfic things there's a moment when we say we can do something for you. as tom started earlier over a shorter of years recently we've become familiar with data that's telling us somethings happening to our firefighters as they fight the fires the toxins it's embodied in the things their buena we're asking them to you think so what and do you see that gets into their lungs and skins and causes repercussions that perhaps takes them years to understand. with the national institute an
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occupational heath that studies where berkley with the collaboration with silence spring and breast cancer awareness we've begun to g understand what the data is telling us and great institution like benchmarking and ucsf can continue to tell us more and more things. the data is telling us it that long after those hoefk acts are done the firefighters are in dangerous situations because the poisons in their skin and loungz lungs and rest of the parts of their body. as we said this we'll recognize as a city we've got to take care of our firefighters as well. i do know that the firefighters standing behind me are not only proud of their work and the lives they lead they want to
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live long lives and they deserve it it. so i'll breaking with a practice i've had for many years i generally don't monopolies my legislation that the board will introduce but i know that before president chiu has the same goals and i'll simply announce i'll be joining the board of supervisors in elective to recognize those daerz are occupy overlook harry's hazard so allow the confidence of our firefighters they deserve it (clapping) and part of today really is about deepening the understanding of ever in the community we begin in awareness day to ask the city family to pay attention to the data but all the firefighters know we'll
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lead the effort in san francisco thanks to to tom o composer see the cancer awareness foujs not only their years of service but now their purpose where the foundation is to take those studies my work with the research institutions and perhaps one of these dies with the innovative spirit of the city with the innovation companies we've got in the city that have contoured taking the toxins out their toxins out of food and making it safer so we can probably find answers taking chemicals out of furniture and building materials out of those things that the firefighters are douglas we to tell you the truth u oublth to do with with industry after industry. i'm a big proponent this is a
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serious matter that will effect several lifers the cancer rates moopgz firefighters and also among our female firefighters is higher than the usual rates there's not to be a link and a matter of time and science we're precede we'll be supporting and we should be ahead of the converse curve and precipitate this from happening so taking care of our firefighters and making sure they're looking at out for those ongoing diseases as they get their check upside and also even with the chief and with the local 798 changing some practices. it wasn't twroong ago
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firefighters after a heavy effort they'd immediately take off their mask and protective gear we actually ask them to keep the gear on until their away from the dangerous air and the mrugsdz in the air. that's a practice. there maybe other practices we identify that will be better practices that will save lives so all of this needs the attention from our city and labor unions and human resources as part of our commitment as we ask people to save our lightens we in turn-on save there's. i join 798 and the foundation doing the research and our police chief and the commission and all the board of supervisors
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to blame this is to the firefighters cancer awareness day her in san francisco (clapping) tony i know you've got 28 lovely years in our city and the captain of our rescue squad thank you for those years but now your - you've got another calling to save firefighters lightens i want to thank you for this presentation (clapping) >> it was a little over 7 years ago when we stood on the front steps of city hall with a concern a concern that resonates
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throughout the firefighter proves that too much of us are dying from this and we line the city hall what the boats of the firefighters. today, we're part of a national champion give toxins the boat that extends from san francisco to washington, d.c. not only for firefighters but every sense citizen of this country. the core of our fountains mission statements is the preventions and early detention of cancer in our active firefighters. we've been successful in offering thirty states cancers in the groups but we have to change our point of view and place a under the influence on
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ways to prevent cancer in order to do that we have to consider the root of the problem it exists in a multiple dollar corporation in the chemical destroy there's been incentives in washington, d.c. trying to get initiatives passed so households products are under control and in 2012, we had our best shot with the safe chemical act the angle stated that manufacturers would have to prove that a chemical is safe about before it can be sold it made it to the senate floor and that was it. the next was the chemical in congress act this bill would do nothing whatsoever to protect the public and, in fact, it
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would rollback accident oversight in place we're up against the chemical lobby no wondering that pulls the strings to keep the status quo we're sick and damn tired of bag your canneries sent into the cage every time we fight a fir we're sick and tired of seeing people contracting diseases but for all american sentences that suffer. the time is come to send a clear message to washington demanding that meaningful elective to protect us from our daily lives. thank you very much
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(clapping.) thank you tony and again, all of us in this crowd can't thank tony for his determination and he's an inspiration to everyone her. now i wanted to introduce anita a member of our cancer foundation (clapping.) thank you, my colleagues know i love attention i'm kind of a media glutton i'm here to tell my stories i have a lot of stories but this is my firefighter story the mayor talked about the explore i want to tell you