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into the site it's hard to know but we're diagnose doing an opinion survey to get a sense of the number. am i answering your question >> yeah. and secondly, the number of students off site you may have mentioned it do we have an understanding of how many or polled and seen how many will switch. >> we are in the process of doing that and have the information by the end of june. >> okay. and the last question what might be achieved section that first bullet point it talks about the number of schools that can be expand the d based programs and number one licensed programs we have a investing process for the non licensed programs. >> i'm sorry yeah. i am glad
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you asked that question. when i wrote sorry i'm looking for that site. yes, so under the excel programs in e e did actually there's a investing practices the pta they run through the mta so that's the process for the non licensed programs and some are licensed we have to find out which ones are and aren't >> thank you. i will be supporting in resolution and ask the author if the other commissioners will join her. i have 3 points are i think this is clearly a recognition of the economic realties and challenges of living and working in san
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francisco that household require two or more incomes to be able to live here and combrairg that reality among our sfusd that was pointed out but he but members of the public. i want to reiterate commissioner wynns point the calculations on the fee based side are conservation $90 are there's no program in the city that offers that program for $90 a month i'm more familiar with the matthew the 2 to 5 hundred a month. so if we can find a sliding scale that's conservative but finally i would like us to think about the quality instructions a
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lot of our discussion has been about the mechanics of the system and the start times but we want to include the benefits of having 3 additional hours of combrishth from a student point of view i really want to be explicit we're talking about giving kids an experience beyond the classroom on a daily basis and want to make sure we have in place evaluation systems and outcome for the exercise for the additional three to four hours will be and to insure that there's strategically a line with what we want the classroom to be >> the last point dr. murase
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we've been looking at the special development for the after school providers and the quality standards that are attached to that that's why the quality is at a place we're at a place to focus on the quality of the after-school programs so we're confident of that. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. oh, ann listens and so i was reading the title of the resolution it says all students but wlaenz toward students of kindergarten through fifth grade can we pick should some of the high school students this will be beneficial for a lot of middle to high school ask the >> that's a very good point
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angie and thank you for the kind commits you made earlier. we didn't include middle and high because there's space existing right now we're not at capacity so our focus is having any of the waiting list roadway any high school student wants to attend the after-school programs but for the most part those who have an after-school program we're not at capacity so we focused on the high and middle capacity this issue is about taking the kids off the waiting list and those are think 0 the k 5 thanks >> commissioner. >> can i stay on that that before we include that thought are we going to be restructuring the k to 5 the way in which
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their process is done as well for example, will we start charging the families to start generating the income will they be on line and applications to online applications as well so we'll be doing this district wide not only in the areas that have a wait list. >> we have middle schools to merge their programs to serve more students so, yes this will serve as a great tool to help us expand this to the middle school and high school and to look at the performance quality indicators we're still going to continue to do that and the online application why that wouldn't u couldn't go to the high school so, yes this will have an impact on the middle and
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high. >> i want to see the whole thing we should be doing this across the board. >> i want to mention we know that the middle and high school is an issue that's the proximity of the space to we're going to make sure we're consolidating those impacts for the custodial services is very, very high the cost and for a lot of that reason the programs are spread all over the school we're working with the proximity of the schools and meeting with the principles of the high schools to talk about the impact. >> i had a couple of general questions. so the cost per students you're going excel vs. the cost of the students you're going the o s d
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is over $1,300 difference what's the quality and delivery of service you you've got $1,300 more per student. >> i put the light on you know what 1615 the bare anytime and you're right it's much higher the early reimbursement i don't know why the 21st century is so high they only pay more. >> but in terms of quality we have no idea what's being delivered i imagine our kids in
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the city funded program is getting a difference of some sort of $1,300 differential per student look at the numbers we're surveying and half the price we're only service 13 hundred students. the state contract ratio is 1 to 14 and the ratio here is 1 to 20 so you'll have more staff on the ground all staff a sfusd staff so their salaries are higher than what is happening because of the education requirements with a permanent teacher and
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assistant that's the ratio from the one to 20 probably accounts for a lot of that increase and that's not saying that many of the excel programs lower their ratios one to 15 or using the volunteers >> been of the things the excel programs is aligned their offering the academic recreation we're doing joint professional development with the staff trying to once again we're starting practices in the after-school program and we're working on that we have a couple of schools that are going into negotiation the excel programs
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are are having their programs be much more collaborative so as we forward with the district with the better planning we'll be able to not see the directives in the program but see similar qualities in the program. >> okay. so that number is age curious it's hermosa beach helpful to know the clearly the ratio and the cost per staff. on the percentage of families i agree with supervisor e commissioner on the sliding scale some are willing to pay more and the $90 is reasonable depict if you have three or four kids so when we say the number of families that could be charged the co-pay i think it's
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- is that number assuming that that's - is that the number of students families would have is three or four kids >> your exactly right right now the 10 thousand 4 hundred students yeah. it could be potentially that's 9 thousand additional seven hundred and families that make up that we'll have to definitely look at siblings it's not going to be there will be a different price because of the costs but those are a gross simple estimates we have to do more research to get to the cost of the economics of scale you're not pricing 0 people out of the program but having the revenue to cover the costs. >> i want to make sure it's not
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a family that would be - >> exactly the co-pay and they'll have to pay no matter what and on the frame reduced lunch piece 60 percent in our district is a non-accurate number so what this could do is help us to increase the number because of the yeah, because they have to complete the application in order to be eligible and the flip side we have families that may not be able to come to after-school programs to not file out the issues of being non-documented i want to say that out loud. and the - so the i say
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assumption not based eligibility that's on the frame reduced piece and i think those were the other comments and commissioner wynns point the after school and after-school programs is the relationship that our school has and the dcwf hats invested more over the years and will continue to be supportive but how this has evolved over the several years has been tremendous thank you for you'll see work i did in this >> commissioner haney. >> yeah. i want to echo the comments of the support for this revolution and thank sxhinsz for bringing this forward. it seems like a basically
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expectation i don't know how anyone can have to pickup their kids and be able to work and those families are working at least two jobs the expectation for all families in having the author work that the staff has done to moved on this and we have hope. so most of my questions were answered folks asked a lot of good questions we were able to discuss f this in budget committee. two things i want to bring up one was brought up by commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell i want to know about the funding levels. i found it interesting around the stimulation moving forward we don't feel potentially the
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level we have new is inadequate hearing the 7 there's and 50 percent for student per day that's not that much and i've been talking to the folks inic programs they feel they're pretty strapped so as he think about expanding the spots i would like to know more about the relationship between quality and fund and how particularly i think we've heard this is prioritized as a district the expectation that all spots will be there for the students comes with an increased attention to let funding on our part and the relationship between the funding and quality. the second thing in 2014-2015 there's a lot of sort of ground
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work being laid and different things we're leon and preparing for expansion in different ways. the one thing i want to bring up it maybe something i've considered or planning for if it's possible if we can do some experimentation or piloting or choosing sites that actually do some of the initial is a sets up it seems like there's a lot of we want to do district wide and planning for that but thinking about how we can start it try some of the things on the site and learn from the experienced you know shared space agreement and this co-pay structure that is possible to give those a shot early on and see as i said with
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the costs and a lot of those pieces there's a lot of thought of how people will respond i don't know what will happen if we tweak it this way or that way if we're going to take 2014-2015 to do learning it would be great to do some on sites. thanks again, i want to be added as a co-author i think this is outstanding i've set the standard for staff work and the board members bringing forgot a resolution that maybe a curse but from the beginning since we've been talking about this i've been impressed that he work that's been done. so it thank you. >> okay. seeing none i just have a couple of questions and comments. and i just want to say that i
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think this is very ambitious it concerns me we're not sure about the costs and we're approving something that could cause issues so i don't know that's a little bit scary and i want to say in the 11 cause the d c y they're making the after-school program available only at school sites by isn't it the commitment for the schools to make the after-school programs available for all can i clarify that, please >> so was it states is our commitment to work together collaboratively to make the after-school program out of ask
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the schools but we're working collaborating to make the after-school programs available to every student we want to - we've background away. that's a good answer and also about the full-time line we've seen what you can do in the 2014-2015 so but i'm sort of wondering can we have a more precise timeline for this it seems like this resolution has a lot of issues to work out transportation if we were to change the school day working with our - also i want to say have we talked with our labor partners about the use of
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classroom space so we shall be working with our partners. i was wondering when we have a timeline for the commitments to work towards our goal >> we were hoping we had until the april 30th report. >> and maybe that's great. thank you and i also want to know if we could have the periodic crumb and have we spoken to my parents will changing timelines start times for schools has there been any discussion. i know when i speak to parents they choose a school according to when the school starts because some of them have multiple children or different
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work schedules i don't know how to engage parents in that conversation but make sure before we do that we actively have conversations with parents and sort of feel them out and we talked to the african-american culture center we backed off it was one of the last conversation so the last time we talked about is what the principles so i put that off a few minutes ago we've surveyed the principles and do need to work with transportation on that i was doing that so we need to pick up that again >> thanks i want to make sure that the parents voices are
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involved. >> we're working closely with the expanding learning collaborative that includes the parents representatives so we're trying to go to them we meet quarterly and edward reiskin regularly with them. i think we're ready for a role call vote >> i want to thank kevin i want to that meeting with the principles and i wanted to thank them the enthusiasm of the probably causing was tremendous and off the top of my head referred to when people come to schools to invest the principles will tell you that's one of the main questions do you have childcare which parents hear as no our goal is saying when you
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going to a private school do you have childcare and we want to say yes. the principles were enormously supportive. we want to say i wanted to thank any colleagues for their express support and i want to say we've had other in the community that have raised this if this develops over 7, 8, 9 a lot of off sight after-school programs maybe in order - they maybe wanting to be the lead agency to run our after-school programs but more students will want to stay on the site so we'll hope their anticipate they'll view it
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as perfectly understoodable they may need to migrate but i appreciate that we're not planning on doing this immediately it won't happen right now but what our community partners to figure out the best place for our families after-school programs to be but not to say to a family we don't have space for you on the side of the school to where you want to send our children >> i think we're ready for a role call vote. >> i'm adding everyone's name. commissioner haney. commissioner maufas. commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. dr. murase. commissioner norton.
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commissioner wynns. president fewer. commissioner maufas. commissioner haney. 7 i's. we request to speak for general matters we have two individuals signed up. aaron morgan and jenny. and also michael. okay. you have two minutes each, please. thank you. >> p so, please speaking press the bottom you have two minutes. >> thank you. >> hi i'm aaron morgan on behalf of the juvenile justice system we're here to support the decisions and this is really
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important because these particular education institution was deficient in the areas of health and physical education so we'll support them expanding this program. we know this commission is very - this board would like to preserve equality the students are systematically deprived of the education this will enhance something we're to give them it's important they thinks their worthy of this care because there's a lot of ashamed that go into this parents are afraid to step forward we'll hope that everyone will see a sense of belonging and team and we need to give them a way to feel wonderful about themselves so we
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support and advocate for your youth. >> thank you. next speaker, please hi i'm jenny i'm a parent my son kevin he's a assigned to the high school which one is not our requested high school so the bay area district is an area for our younger stare is my son has to leave the house early to get to the school. so it takes less than one hour to commute to the school and if he missed the bus would be late for the school. we think that's a necessary thing that's a school he can attend it's 5 blocks away from where we live that's washington high school. so i feel mike my son happened to attend the school that takes
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3 house of his studying time because of the consultant and after school has to go learn and another two hours twice a week and after school he wants to go track and it takes until 6:00 p.m. so if we do at the school when you go home he will be a target of violence robbery to midnight when he traveled back from school i'm considered he's in a learned investment we want him to feel a enjoy full environment 80 so, please consider to place my son and martin high school it will have
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to traffic to the high school from work from where we live because we take muni. so, please reconsider and - thank you for your time >> thank you, mr. steel will you mind taking her information. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm michael i work in billings and grounded department i'm a shop stutter for 1021 i'm here to speak on behalf of a group of workings in our student nutrition department and i know eave talked with a couple of board members in our last


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