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tv   [untitled]    April 10, 2014 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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>> would you go ahead and call the order.
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roll call. commissioner adams. commissioner brandon. commissioner murphy. commissioner ho is traveling and excused. approval of minutes for the march 14 meeting. second. so moved. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. all opposed. public comment on executive session anybody. vote own who to hold the executive session and all in favor, say i.. >> did he have a motion to reknown. all in favor, say i. i move we not disclose anything in closed session >> all in favor, say i.
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opposed? >> okay pledge of allegiance. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all >> i go to church too much. >> please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room meeting room meeting room responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. please be advised the public may
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speak up to 3 minutes unless otherwise stated. . item a public comment on items not listed on the agenda >> any. seeing none, call next. the executive director's report >> good afternoon port staff and members of the public i have a fun executive director's report i've been preempted so i'll get it that but i wanted to first start that the san francisco giant are planning a new special event they're getting it flaw in terms of the approval process i'm sure you're aware of we have a license with the china basis for the operation of what's known as a lot to the port part of that
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lease which was included in 2012 includes the ability to do special events up to 90 days and they are many events the cirque de soleil but the combiebts are looking to do the activating the west corner of lot a with more of a ongoing special event that would be a temporary pop up village kind of like the america's cup village on piers 27 and 29 it will be repurchased cargo containers so long as the decking and miserable furniture and other nationals. the purpose would be to showcase local food and beverage providers and create a unique base so it's being envisioned as
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an opportunity to activate the space for something other than parking and provide important community grashths in between the events like cirque de soleil. so in you'll looked like it will come back to the port commission for the motion passess approval but the conversations are public the commission must be aware they're having the ideas we're excited and hope you'll be hearing a lot more about it as it get more definition. looking at that he picture the announcement of the water taxi i have that point to point service but intended a hop on and off
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service we have two water taxi operators that are from a abiding process since 2012 you had a presentation they're a point to point call service in other words, you call and they pickup you and they drop you off at one of they're landing facilities similar to a taxi. the san francisco water taxi will have the hop on and off like a bus service maybe pier 40 or hop off at the pier excuse me. high streetcar harbor to san francisco water taxi was selected at the same time the highlands marine was selected person able to get the first of their boats certified by the
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coast guard bear with me how many folks they served 47 passengers on saturday and 55 on sunday. this past weekend because of the what was going on they say more visitors wanting to move towards fisherman's wharf and the ballpark but we expect to see people moving up and down and our goal is to move people further south and san francisco water affect has the landing right to fisherman's wharf and pier one and a half behind the lamar restaurant and over the same landing points that the highlands has. we're looking forward to their
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operations going full fwrd they've purchased 4 both the and one is certified as the will little taxi this is the picture. but obviously it was a beautiful day to be out on the water. and the plan is to have 3 boats operating snaenl by august the ticket prices are 5 to $10 with an all day hop on and off for $15. we're looking forward to getting and developing the marketplace. so hopefully as we have more water taxi landing put many as pier 16 we'll be adding to the places were you, hop on and off. dave thomas it the owner of the san francisco water fair market i think you remember when we
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initiated this contract as the emerald lady out of pier 39 she hold 39 passengers and ran 35 thousands passengers with the one so we're hoping to get a lot of ridership we're pleased to welcome him. you can see what the vessel looked like you'll see her out on the bay. let's see next, i wanted to mention again due to a loss of agenda items we're scalding our april meeting so it will be in april 22nd and march 24 the small property owner exchange
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the small business exchange we're featured that the weekly periodical it's the port of san francisco diversity abounds and martin was interviewed and i was interviewed about the different contributes of our racial diversity focusing a lot on the diversity both gender and russialy of the commission itself and the senior management of the port all the way down and talking about our history with diversity and policymaking with regard to opportunity for all types of folks especially those represent by contractors. it's a nice article not
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everything was reiterated successfully the way i said it but we're proud to be profiled. we're very pleased to be profiled in this months march edition of organized labor you can see us here on the front cover it's a wonderful profile of local 34 the carpenters and bridge workers union. 6 sorry 7 of our 16 pile workers were profiled and it's a great piece on them it surprised me i don't know if renée knew about it i have not seen this done where a particular union was profiled in debt. the pictures they're showing are the crews working down at the pier 96 i want to read a key
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tidbit they took the 7 of them and let me see if i can find the camera. it's profiled mike who is a pile worker and kevin who's the dive supervisor and dan who is at&t's the pile worker and bruce is a pile worker and anthony and some of what they had to say was worth share. many the words of mike replacing piling is a lost art and most ports are now built out of concrete by san francisco wants to keep the tradition of heavy wood we drive you appeals from 35 to one hundred feet long. per ronnie also says what comes
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up must come downed i've been taught to keep my head up and bruce said underwater you do
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so they've welcomed a million ticketers but they have one and
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a half acres of free space there's not a count of how many people have been out the to the the pier but america's cup people hung out and why people want to walk through generated fog but i'd like to welcome dpw's to say a few words he's a education and policy expert the head of the auditorium and he's a stanford ph.d. a good guy one of the p.h.d's who can explain things to children. so, please join me in congratulating the moratorium and dennis (clapping) >> thank you, commissioners. and executive director mirror
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and the port staff. indeed it's a privilege for me to come and share a few facts and figures about our almost first year and some really existing facts to share. as monique mentioned we have our one millionth visited show up on march 15 we're heading towards 1.1 and 2 million visitors in the first year are this is the busiest time of the year. our overall attention is 2 1/2 times more and those numbers would be unconceivable without those facilities. we're seeing twice as many school field trippers and, in fact, we've seen 25 percent more and the reason why we're seeing
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more school field trips is because of the number of buzz on and off the embarcadero. everybody was surprised seeing half of the field trips are by public transportation so if you get a chance to way. up and down the embarcadero you'll see tons of kids dressed up in hats or whatever it's remarkable especially in the springtime and what happens we've also we would 15 thousand school kids as title one students through pg&e one of our sponsor. be able to come to the polar to your memory 3 that percent of our audience were people coming
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to the explore to your memory first, the first time and 51 percent a.m. came by means other than the car. so again, this transportation has been a game changer
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as well as the triple amount of revenue we've earned from your global studios work $6 million a year from our contract work with other institutions around the world we grow from $30 million a year to $48 million a year here at the home and janitor $50 million of revenue in our first year so indeed we're cash positive which is very existing and important to us. if i may i'll mention that indeed we were so dmrltd about a month ago to get a plat tomb certification something we thought was impossible with our rehab it speaks about our level
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of lead platinum we're extremely proud. i'd love to mention it is my honor to do that i have to is from the moment we signed the lease through the 2 years getting ready to go and naunt our day and be able to open on prevail 17 within the first year we exceeded our highest exception what an incredible sponsoring we have at the port you guys are amazing and have gone beyond the duty we've dokz docked many ships and we invited did full core it's a privately
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owned research vessels owned and operated by eric smith and this was important to the dock, however, we didn't royal every boat had been a government boat so there's a whole regulation that's different that's a foreign flagship we decided to do this thirty days before it arrived and we discovered that the coast guard we needed to work through execute a process that takes 90 days everybody worked triple time and we put it together in thirty. this exterminate fizz an amazing supportive relationship we've experienced or experienced with the port staff.
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i want to publicly acknowledging how much of this partnership is genuine and true and working from our prospective beyond our wildest imagination thank you for the report >> you're welcome. >> are you done. >> so dennis thank you very much i know the feeling is incredibly double sited we enjoy is and love the folks your bringing our way as well as the old friends and thank you for welcoming the ship. it's part of the cash and they have of not common to see the groups of kids in other ports or places they're not fences so it's been a great partnership you've brought to our waterfront so we're equally pleased and honored i can see the kids
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coming a mile away when they go up the waterfront and it's fun they're still after wearing themselves out they're still abuzz with energy so we're so pleased to have you and help us getting ahold of the desk and at the bench people the value the waterfront. with that, commissioner president katz >> i too want to thank you and everyone at the explore to your memory it's extraordinary what you do but highlighting transportation and encouraging that kind of uncle for the school kids and others to come to the space like the exposure
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to your memory is exceptional. kids that went to the old site and the camp counselor that used this i know what a wonderful opportunity it is for children to come through and what on impact it makes on their lives and the new site is beyond extraordinary, however, when i take my dog across the bridge with the fog he go bulked and it's great you achieved the award and buildings can achieve that high standard it's equally extraordinary and i want to thank you and bone above the port of san francisco recognize your anniversary but welcoming the one million people to the site it's helped to activate the waterfront for all of us and
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drawn a new core of visitors here thank you for that
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(clapping) >> you can use them. >> thank you for coming and congratulations to all the staff on your board that concludes my report. >> do we have any public comment on the executive director's report seeing none, next item. >> item 9 b commissioners report. >> okay. well, i'm very pleased to report back on the two items one is about a week and a half ago the port ever oakland hosted the third meeting of the california association of port authorities the lgbt transgender aminity
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group the 11 ports have become a recognized affinity group and get together to discuss ways that the lgbt community can be further embraced and encouraging staff members, contractors and others to feel comfortable in being who they are and as we heard earlier the port of san francisco has been recognized for its diversity in supporting the lgbt community i ask they support of diversity of our port it's a wonderful opportunity for us who are men's of affinity group 0 develop the strong relationships we're started to talk about different ways to participate in activities particularly with the port of oakland and sharing those kinds
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of experience and understanding each other's ports within the affinity group but welcoming people that are not necessarily within the designated area we're particularly pleased to have our executive to join us on behalf of port of san francisco and highlighted in the meeting how important it is to have the leadership recognize the affinity group and demonstrating all are welcome and their diversity is embraced. as was said reilly it's so important to insure that all employees feel comfortable in their employment and bring their full selves to work and not feel the threats they're not supported in their entirety and
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it enhances their ability to be working at their jobs. i know for the port of san francisco and oakland who hosted and all the others it's important. particularly pleased we have an criminal day with the port of oakland encombhuz the control tower a meeting that was facilitated by all participant it was tremendously successful generating opportunity and comradey amongst the port and a tour of the port crapes so many of us had our first walk above the catwalk from the port of san francisco we have several planter


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