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tv   [untitled]    April 10, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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did want to say that since that time, the occ has received several phone calls and we have opened a complaint to investigate that matter. but, next week, you will hear a lot from the occ. i will deliver the reschedule 2013, annual report. as well, as providing you the confidence and statistical report for the month of march. and that concludes tonight's report. >> great, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> any questions for director hicks? >> great, please call line item 2 c. >> commission report and discussion, and the commission's president's report and commissioners reports. >> i have nothing to report, do you have anything that you would like to report. >> just happy to say that once again be able to partner, with the department and other agents and community agencies for the
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gun buy back and they have been great and we hope to get more guns off of the street thises saturday and this is not... and i think that it is grocery outlet, and the parking lot of the grocery outlet store i believe in the visitation valley and we are doing it from nine to two. and so. bring your guns. >> unloaded. >> unloaded. >> yes. >> thank you. >> please call line item 2 d. >> thank you. >> and commissioner turman? >> thank you, hold on. >> and orderly i don't comment on things like this, but i feel the need to because the public is both here and viewing this police commission. this police commission meeting. one thing that instruct me during public comment that i am sorry i have to comment on.
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there is no deriliction of the duty of any commissioner that sits on this commission and once in a great while and even the gentleman who was presenting here tonight, gave you two examples over two years. once in a great while with the commission and with our schedules and with the jobs that we have and we are not always able to make it to a commission meeting that is not a derilicion of duty and so when you don't see a commissioner at a meeting and it is easy enough to assume that they are not doing their job, but the chances are that the members of the commission have served public meetings
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gone to the community events and worked in their private times and realizing and redrafting the rules that governor both this commission and the police department and once in a great while, schedules collide and we fall below the number of folks that have to be at a commission meeting. >> the service of the people of san francisco first and foremost, and we are here, and i will address him any time to say, to say that we are derilic in any means, and it is a
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blatant lie and we sit up here week after week and take >> we are an avenue to provide a voice to the people, but i will not be told that i am failing in my duty as a police commissioner or any other aspect in my life. >> thank you. >> commissioner dejesus, we did have the community meeting last week in the tender loin and it was an interesting dichotomy and it was good to be in the community as we always a and it was interesting to be in the tender loin where the six people have been shot and i understand that the community had met the night before and then, you know, i just want to thank the tender loin, the
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department and the community members for proving gracious and hosting us at a time in their crisis as well as understanding that the mission people are, you know, came in with the crisis of their own and they came in to the meeting and addressed us. i just want to say that it was well, it was well, and it was well received by us and we listened and we understand that what is going on in the tender loin and we support it and we understand the other community members at large, and it was just a good meeting again. >> and so, i want to say thank you to the tender loin and to the department, and to the community members and the mission for attending the meeting and making themselves known, thanks. >> could i just add something. >> sure. >> and this is where commissioner turman just led and we are down a commissioner right now and hopefully it will be filled soon, but that is the numbers right now, for all of you to know for the full strength is 7 and we are at 6.
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>> commissioner loftus? >> this is on a significantly lighter note, but i wanted to thank the department for making such a nice showing at the saint patrick's day parade and i was honored to be invited, and i know that we are all invited, and was able to go in the car with my kids, and all of the kids a lot of kids from the department whose parents are in the department, and ride in the back of a truck which i think that technically is probably not terribly legal. >> closed street. >> closed course. >> thank you for the clarification. >> i appreciate that. >> and it was a nice truck. >> it was a police truck, i did not make a value determination on that. >> it was a great car. >> but, thank you for really a very spirited and a good participation and it was nice to have the kids see what the folks do and be proud of their parents and thanks for letting me be a part of that. >> thank you and so now it is
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time for public comment related to 2 a, b, c, or d. >> or i crossed it out. >> okay. >> commission announcements of scheduling items identified for consideration of future commission meetings? >> is there anything that you would like to schedule? i know that commissioner loftus has an item that we are going to put on next week and we have handled that with the draft. >> i just wanted to ask for a community meeting coming up at the end of this month if we know where we are going to be and i think that you might have told us before. >> i spoke with the captain of southern station this morning and we will have the community meeting in the southern and he is more than confident that we are going to have it at fifth and mission. but he will let me know, by the end of the week. >> and we will put it on the website and confirm with the commission. >> so... >> and so now it is time for the public comment with reference of items 2, athrough d. >> hi my name is paulet brown
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and i am here again, to... i like to use the overhead. concerning my son, who has murdered on august 14, 2006. still today his case is not solved. his birthday is coming up april 6th. today is already the second, so i have a few more days before his birthday is here. i just wanted to keep his memory alive, and plead to the public to give me some closure, you know? if anyone knows who did this to my son, i carry these names around with me of the 6 guys who murdered my son. thomas hanible is a suspect. and trace moffit that i know
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was there, i don't know the other guys, but they were there. but these two guys i know. not personally, but they murdered my child. and i just want justice, i want something done about this. about my son. and as i always showed this is all that i have left of my son. his dead body. this is something that i have to keep showing, i'm tired of the pain. i am tired of the heart ache. i miss my child. and this is what they done to him. and this is me standing over my
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son. i would not wish this on any mother. and i know that people are always ask me why do i come here and i continue to do this? let a mother have a child, and keep that baby in her stomach for nine months, and somebody take him. i miss him so much. april 6th, is coming up. and i still have no justice. but i want the people to see what i go through every day. they took my child from me. please remember these names, these are the guys that did this to my child.
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>> thank you, miss brown. >> thank you. >> again, if anybody in the public watching has any information with regard to this case or any homicide case or case that is never closed and the 24-hour tip line 415-575-4444. >> the public comment is closed call the next item please. >> public comment? >> yes. come on up. >> all right. >> okay. my name is larry and last week i was at the frankly and it was great and i was telling you about how great and what that
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brought lieutenant schedule and captain and i had clear up the area from marcus to that. and but that i can when i got here 24 hours ago but today, what i or as i was on the streets and was cleaning inside and i want to know that i feel wonderful that as a city, itself, and more attitude that san francisco that we have more people there now and we deliver the sros and we go through a lot of indoors and building and business. and we really want to make sure that all of san francisco police department down and make it where we can be as safe on this side of the market as when i go to the castro, and like, is this like this here, and it is like my indoor apartment looks like the rainbow that the way that they are building up and it is important that you all know that we go through a lot and this is the hotel and this is just a letter recently july 15th, and i asked the
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property manager about the experience of working with you and confirm that you are not a tenant who caused a lot of problems and there is a history of people bullying you and i appreciate your honest integrity that you showed in telling me the truth about this and i wanted to let you know that i have received another incident report regarding you occupying the hallway and if you wish to that is okay and okay, please do so and that is make it an inconvenient for the others to pass by. and the social worker. and the idea that this is a new caseworker and he come in and i always, the history. and the thing in san francisco (inaudible) hit me in the eye and he went into the jail, and jl and i know that lately there
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is good things coming to the tl that we would like to know that if we can work with the president obama on the brady and the matthew shepherd and make it official. >> we may not get there in one year, or even in one term. but america i have never been horror so than i am tonight that we will get there. i promise you we as a people will get there. >> so i hope that we take matthew shepherd and james very serious in doing that the speakers are really clean and so beautiful. >> your time is up. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> give him a chance to clean his stuff up.
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>> >> hi my name is corine and i am a friend of meto and i just wanted to come up here and ask i was just at a funeral yesterday, and it was confirmed to us that it was four police officers who shot him. and we would like to continue to fight for his justice, and to keep those officers or have those officers terminated and yesterday when we were looking at his body, we were told that he was shot three times in the face, and his body and his face had to be reconstructed. and another thing that i would like to know, was that why was the funeral or the whole service not paid for because he
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was not considered a victim? according to the i don't know, nobody paid for the funeral arrangements and nobody helped the family. and i think that something that should have been considered, that after the mistake or sorry. >> take your time, don't worry. >> this is him. >> i just want for help the family get closure for this and i think that the best way to be to have those officers off duty, and terminated. and we will continue to fight for his justice. that is all that i have to say. thank you. >> any further public comment? >> hearing none, public comment is now closed call the next
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line item. >> line item 3, public comment on all matters pertaining to item 5:00 below closed session, including public comment on vote to whether to hold item 5 in closed session. >> the public comment regarding the closed session matters? >> hearing none, the public comment is closed call the next line. >> line item four, vote on whether to hold item five in closed session. >> action. >> and a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> thank you very much. thank you ladies and gentlemen, we are now moved to closed session. >> next line item, please. >> line item six. vote to elect whether to disclose any or all discussion on item five held in closed session, administrative cold 78.12 a action. >> do i have a motion. >> motion. >> second. >> all in favor.
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>> aye. >> i move that we adjourn in honor of officer james richard 4064 star number and stewart star number 538, do i have a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> and adjourned. >> motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> thank you. >>
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>> we're here to raise awareness and money and fork for a good accuse. we have this incredible gift probably the widest range of restaurant and count ii destines in any district in the city right here in the mission intricate why don't we capture that to support the mission youths going to college that's for the food for thought. we didn't have a signature font for our orientation that's a 40-year-old organization. mission graduates have helped me to develop special as an
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individual they've helped me figure out and provide the tools for me that i need i feel successful in life >> their core above emission and goal is in line with our values. the ferraris yes, we made 48 thousand >> they were on top of that it's a no-brainer for us. >> we're in and fifth year and be able to expand out and tonight is your ungrammatical truck food for thought. food truck for thought is an opportunity to eat from a variety of different vendor that are supporting the mission graduates by coming and representing at the parks >> we're giving a prude of our
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to give people the opportunity to get an education. people come back and can you tell me and enjoy our food. all the vendor are xooment a portion of their precedes the money is going back in >> what's the best thing to do in terms of moving the needle for the folks we thought higher education is the tool to move young people. >> i'm also a college student i go to berkley and 90 percent of our folks are staying in college that's 40 percent hire than the afternoon. >> i'm politically to clemdz and ucla.
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>> just knowing we're giving back to the community. >> especially the spanish speaking population it hits home. >> people get hungry why not eat and give hey guys nona with businesses worthy he event we have a jam session and get a principal this is the weekly buzz. this wednesday is free occur can say class day looking at getting to have fun and pick up now skills under 7 to 9:00 p.m. and
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head to treasure island the attendance is free phenomenon the past, present treasure island association be there as 10:30. and on sunday checkout you tell rock fair the rock is a giant music lovers dream where people come from all over and the event is one of the biscuit one of its kind so check it out. at the that's the weekly buzz for for information soph >> the commission will please come to order. yes. >> and commissioners please make sure that you speak into
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the microphone commissioner taylor-mcghee. >> present. >> xh*ix chow. >> present. >> and commissioner karshmer. >> present. >> and chung. >> present. >> first is the minutes. >> so moved. >> second. >> are there any comments on the minute. >> i have not received any public comment. >> we are prepared for the vote, all of those in favor of the minutes of march 18th, say aye. >> all of those opposed the minutes are passed. >> item three of the director's report. >> good afternoon, commissioners, i wanted to inform you that the urgent care clinic has responded its capacity and this is under the progress foundation and pleased to announce that it has expanded from 12 individuals to 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and as of march 24th.
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and urgent care provides clinical interventions with individuals who are experiencing escalating psychological crisis and require rapid engagement and assessment and intervention in order to prevent further deteration that may result in involuntariary detention and hospitalizations we have been working on this for quite a while and i do want to inform you that the funding for this came from the c, pmc association with the city and we are pleased that we are able to open 24 hours, previous to this, they could only keep the people until three in the afternoon and now they are able to keep the people to the 24 hours and this helps with the capacity and supports our emergency area. >> a part of our ongoing process to improve our hr process and are the human resources director, ron, has started working on how to improve the hiring of our rns in our system. and so, he brought together, over 30 staff to discuss how to
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identify more meaningful minimum qualifications and criteria and so this is one way to be able to identify quickly how we could improve our hiring of rns. and so i want to thank him for his continual improvement process. and as many of you know icdten which was to acquired this year, and icd ten is classification system and currently being used, to provide inpatient classifications, diagnosis, as well as the issue of being able to bill, and has been delayed for a year, so that will help us greatly in the department and we were working hard on the icd ten and the implementation and so with this delay they will give us an opportunity to be able to continue to work towards icd ten implementation. and as an agoing process of the reorganization and i wanted to
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announce that judith who was the director of primary care is now in the position of director of nursing for the entire san francisco health network primary care and so this again is reflection of the merging of both the campus clinics, and the community primary care clinics and so we are happy to have her on and she will be working closely with them and the other members of the san francisco primary care team to integrate the homes to reach the goals of providing excellent care for the patients and insuring prompt access to care and positive and a healing experience for all patients and a work environment that is safe and sustains an engaged staff and provide a workforce, also to let you know that a dear friend and dph employee jane lev passed away march 24th at
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her home after battling cancer, i worked with her personally when i first came into the department and she was an amazing health educator and health organizers and friend to many, and so we will miss her greatly. >> that is the end of my report, unless the commissioners have questions? >> commissioners any questions on the report. >> no. >> the only question that i would have is on the icd10 delay, we did have a contract that i forget which company it was, it was going to also be providing, some of that training, does the contract get extended or we are going to move forward and train them for in october of 2 on 10 deadline when it was been extended. >> we have to relook at that dr. chow when bill or it director gets back and we will be really looking at that contract. and whether we need to continue that service or not. >> okay.
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>> we will come back to you and let you know that. >> all right. >> thank you, is there any public comment on the director's report. >> no, there is not, i have not received any public comment on this item. >> okay. >> commissioners any other comments? >> if not, we will go on to the next item. >> the next item is general public comment. >> and we have received one. >> we have one, general public comment, from kelley watts. >> mr. watts will be showing a video, he came to my office ahead of time and it is three minutes and it fits in the public comment and he will not be speaking just putting the video on. >> okay.
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>> it worked earlier today, it might be the connection.


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