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tv   [untitled]    April 11, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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>> the upcoming free environment study. >> good afternoon. peter we're coming to you with a milestone accomplishment we feel the update is an important step we're present where we're at the project and a strong partnering the agreement of park merced are above and beyond the project we're going to go through the planning study to look at tale of 2 cities at 19th avenue and i'll wrap up we'll do this in less than 7 minutes. >> (laughter). >> good afternoon director
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nolan. director nolan members of the board and director reiskin. as introduced i'm frank markowitz the planner with the sfmta. i'm very happy to give you the quick update on this existing project it enhance our yes, ma'am line and also upgrade 19 timing. the reign we're coming here now. this update we're transitioning from the affectionate from the california transportation authority implemented in their authority board has approved the faenlt study we're moving into the previal review this will be lead by the mta with an
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integrated team and briggs we'll stay managing the next phase. the focus is on 19th avenue it includes some parts to the east starting in the northeast end of st. francis you're probably familiar with the major existing problems on 19th avenue there's 66 thousand daily vehicles causing conflicts with the pedestrians and our m line resulting in slow traffic times
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and reliability problems for the m line. and pedestrian issues this is one of the 6 percent radio model with 60 percent of fatality injuries and severe injuries in the city and narrow sidewalks you have those major m line stations on winston and in the medium even though the vast majority of riders want to be on the west side but have to cross and place making issues this is such a key gateway from the south west in san francisco but there's pedestrian friendlyness and attractiveness issues. so peter mentioned already the commitment that along with the park merced approval there's
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this real detainment into park merced at gray and the partners that developed and are committed the design and constricted the portion of value roughly $70 million and sf state as also offered nearly $2 million to contribute to the upgrade and while this bants approved option this is shown here has a lot of advantages f it gets the holloway station to the west side there are other issues when our crossing a major how at the gray. there's an understanding that while this bants redetainment wouldn't be positive a better project would be desirable the
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transportation authority launched this transit feasibility studies two years ago and i'm going to turn it over to ms. bringing son who's managed the study and will explain the study. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon director nolan i'm a senior transportation authority popcorn. i want to walk you through the two year effort just to get the screen back up the first thing we did it's worth noting that the local match provided by the k prop sales tax and the contributions from the major landowner and san francisco sate and park merced. so on the outside of the efforts we tide those to the existing outlines and focused on the
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speed and riebltd of the ocean view about 8 and a half miles per hour and xroufd the access to reduce the conflict to thousands of students and having the closure of the conflict. that with we started to develop alternatives how to get over from the northern part of the corridor eir over or under the street. our focus was to understand the grades it's hilly in san francisco. so we had initially 3 options in the north and 3 in the south we shared them with the public last february and find out that a few were not popular we dropped those and the few you see that the screen were ones we carried
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through an elevation. the one in the middle upgrades is the one that's the history performing i recognize it's you washed out but yellow is the service and blue means renal and we'll take the underground from south of the transit circle fully underground and tie them would the new station go at the parking lot level and bring them through park merced and get back over to the east side of the street by the way of a before this on the park merced side on the street. this one summarizes why that is higher performing than the other option i'm skill over that but some of the highlights are
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including a major improvement in the light rail travel 7, 8, 935 or 40 periods of time savings over the corridor. and also major i'll talk about operating costs later but i'll highlight the opportunity to revillain the street. if you think about the railroads what that space is and work ever able to give back we can widened the sidewalks and also build in several places to cross the street and reduce the dance about thirty percent and last one i'll highlight is enable the capacity for the ocean view the most you see out in the corridor is 2 arrest train we can actually fit 4 car trains and
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that's not a benefit only not project area but benefits market street. the cost that when you think about 7 to 8 minute of travel time many adds up to a potential savings in operating costs that we experience in the baseline when we are creating new conflict points. so there's more work to be done so as we get more information it's you'll to keep in mind the operating costs go up and the capital costs when we are talking about a project of this size it's important to note that the capital costs subconsciously is $520 million in today's dollars there's not that much of a growth in t the city
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a unique opportunity to the evidence will then show the landowner there's an opportunity for stones town to come to the table like park merced and we're hoping to get more information in the next phase of w work. i made a lot of friends in the neighborhood and in general after our first outreach people were subsequentially concerned we sat down and the result was we had pretty subsequential supportive people wanted to see this move forward. there was a feasibility study there was a length to the board packet boo but if you're interested in more ask us.
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this will take us until july of next year we're touching the right-of-way caltrain's called the project study report it's anothers opportunity for us to get down what we want to study in the vial study and that's where we spend a lot of time and it's a good next step. the vial review takes 3 to 3 and a half years the july 2008 the city b will tell us if they want to partner and finally construction could take 4 to 6 years our estimate is a 3 and a half years but we think it's possible if the city wanted to prior itself that. this is where i hand it back to
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peter >> i bring it on home (laughter) so all those existing talk and one 0 very important edition. if we are creative and we know there is an opportunity to look at different infrastructure this is the map the green line it the m we're able the center subway with the approve of the extension into chinatown those drills are underground and extend them down (laughter) we could will build this is based on community outreach that yellow dot is where my daughter lives so here i can say this is embedded in community outreach,
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of course, this the april fool's day so this project is a major next step we've actually got great funding the region gave us $500,000 because the project sponsor gave us money the purpose of the next phase led by the mta is to scope out the eir and figure out the readyness for the next environmental phase and build on this partnership to get us through the phase all in the timeline. so we're on track and ahead of schedule and with a fantastic partnership >> members of the board my questions or comments. this is an informational stem weaving we'll go to the director report and the up shot is the
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long subway approach is the one we're favoring and approaching right now >> let me clarify the long bridges is the highest performing and plan to continue to pursue the shorter diversion and the next one will be on the table but we're dropping the tunnel portion that was a low performer and more expensive. >> that's a good proposal. >> thank you very much and director reiskin your report. >> just two quick items since we're talking about the m line one of our good state of repair projects has is advance and impacting the m line. we're doing construction on san jose at geneva where the line
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pulls out to replace the aging tracks the major rail upgrades so as a result resulting yesterday from plymouth to 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. this is taking about 6 weeks so a little bit of inconvenience for folks getting from the m line tunnel to the route we have bus bridges to get that running it's a critical part of the system every m line pulls out there. so it's a good state of good replace that you authorized. there's a little bit of disruption but for a good and important project the other thing i'm mention it s is that the federal transit administration which is a
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description of the u.s. department of transportation recently conducted a review of the sfmta. we sent you a copy a couple months ago as the name applies every 3 years they come in to access our compliance with the requirements from the federal government and they look at samples of how we're following the grant requirement to extrapolate and found out how we're doing are it's a computable finance review they only highlight the review for correction and don't spend a lot of time telling us what we're doing right but wrong. the conventional got compliments from 9 reviewers and our drug
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and alcohol testing program. they did identify a number of minor and corrective deficiency and have been clotted out by the f t organization. the deficiency are in the area of satisfactory control and maintenance procurement and g.e. and e o areas no repeat deficiency and no advisory comments it was overall good and minor and corrected overall was a prove review it can be immense when we come in every 3 years but the contractors working inform the fta jointly found the process to be a good one and the hard work we're doing behind the
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scenes are really paying off so just on top of the give you that upgrade we have the whole report and that concludes my presentation >> members of the board public utilities members of the public on the director's report any questions or comments. >> i'm henry better weiner that's a shame the presenters left i have an elephant in the room question has been been upgraded to medical refuse your proposing the elimination - >> the items that are presented by director this is not general public comment. >> okay. i'm running out of time could you give me a little bit more. what's happening this is to be
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subject to medical review. whether 0 on attack think seniors and disabled who have to walk along the district what is the effect on high school folks. those are questions that have not been asked. you know, that's important i have an article as i pointed out out from the dr. a ucsf speciality he's noted that climbing and walking for difficulties progress with age. this has to be addressed by this board. if this board advocates for seniors and disabled it must address this aspect neither the report has done this and it's a gross deficiency and may be called on the meridians for sdabltsz act so those are
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concerned i have i'm sorry they left i would have liked them to answer this question >> anyone else on the director report. seeing none, public comment >> (calling names). >> is mr. alumni can he here. >> yes. may address the commission on matters that are within the commission's jurisdiction and are not on today's agenda. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, members of the mta i thank you for your time. i just i hope that you realize that if the cab industry goes under you're going to lose $325 million at least in the next 10 years and more down the line. the people that need it most the paratransit people that need it
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they're going to lose their ability to take cars trains and cabs it's already started. i want to protect the people in the city that are walking in this. you've got 4 thousand vehicles running around did city and they're fighting for fireside like the wild west. there's going to be a lot more accidents unless something is done. i don't believe it's something that is fair for a driver to pay $250,000 for a medallion that's a working man and you're letting those people run in for nothing they're not giving a dime or nickel to the city interest if it's crazy that the mayor can get seven hundred thousand for
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the city and the city can ludicrous money i want to quickly is that those people don't have insurance, the puc knew they didn't have insurance they had the books closed and the mayors of la and san francisco and the puc all know that they don't have insurance to cover and i know you all know they don't have insurance company. to let those people run is criminal >> (calling names) is the gentleman here. >> herbert wiener is here. >> herbert wiener. on friday at the mta meeting open the transit effectiveness
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project an urge thing happened a young rider stated it was unacceptable to quote water adopt unquote the proposed bulk outs who will be gone in a few years. this is representing the things seniors s are subject to. the reserving of the sentiments advocating for the rights of seniors and disagreement to have reasonable caesar's case to public parking and transportation at a reasonable distance for boarding. the transit riders unions should say in writing that the seniors and sdanltd under the priority in any system of the public transportation in san francisco
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the seniors and sdanltd are the weather vain of the quality of public transmission. the statement noted above has the september 7, 8, 9 of the city and the trait riders union have a responsibility to deny them in word indeed. i want to add the comment i appreciate the support that the vokdz gave to this meeting it was great i thank you > >> thank you. next speaker, please (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> hi, thank you for hearing me members of the board. i'm a 70 years 40 year resident of the castro. the quality of life is sinking like a stone those castro folks
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need 6 to 4 parking structures as a wonderful place on market that is incentive to the folks open market because we're having rush hour open community streets that never had rush hour before and the condos have not opened net yet. going to be 5 hundred new spaces for cars they have to go somewhere i hope you'll consider building a big parking structure. the other thing i want to comment on the tow final side i had the human i can't guess standing in front of the the tow triangular and the sign as $600 for being one inch into the red curb signed.
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i think that's inhuman i'm sorry. i would recommend that you give the judges the flexibility to wave the final side nipping to the persons income. i don't know that would work. and the third thing is there any limit to the number of tech buses in san francisco. is there any limit is it a block and a half. the tech buses and charged at least 5 there's a stop or more. let's see. okay. the busy really think affect the quality of life in the neighborhood and they definitely contributing to the higher end >> that's it, sir. >> one last thing you could eliminate the traffic
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>> thank you. next speaker, please commissioners, any questions or comments? >> and those are the last 3 spshgdz. >> i want to say the congestion in the castro is all the t nc and the parking at the bus stops and their double parking everywhere i want to mention that the tech buses s are using the cabstand and they're making it difficult for us to do our job. two issues one i hope you saw the article about breeze you should go to court they're acting like a quasi power scheme go to court let the state go and explain themselves why they're not doing anything and city attorney go ahead. the next is near and dear to my
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heart 41 low sucked i'm sorry to say a fly whole still sucked. yes getting more and more people using it came back passengers that's a wonderful thing >> the drivers are part of this they're taking out 10 percent of the fairs not the tip but not that but we deserve the service you call them open the phone they're there until 7:30 and we're lucky to mississippi get any service it's great to have more people wanting to use fly whole it's a spiraled dispatch but if you don't get the cab drivers to do it and one guy said he got a call from union square to scott he has to reject
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it get oath app so drivers will use >> thank you. next speaker, please. >>. (calling names). those are the last two speakers. >> thank you director nolan. i want to tie into what barry said for free bros the public utilities commission put out a system like license plate ton and people use their private cars now 3 young people are renting cars to go out and use the apps. i'm surprised that list would get involved in the fraud because pblg didn't allow non-private cars to be used which they've agreed to do. the 3 individuals patrick wrote an article and they didn't know
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they were supposed to be private vehicles and they said that's not that different so i'm surprised it's not rejected i came to tall one son-in-law 4 years ago you began selling the taxi medallions and set the retransfer fee at 20 percent all the other cities are 5 percent exactly in new york city and chicago to are clear the prop k medallions we're start to turn them back go pots city but there's a reap it should be 5 periods of time you don't want on reduce situation where people buy medallions $50,000 behind and


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