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tv   [untitled]    April 12, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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be in cooperation when we talk about 9 - for all of san francisco children's to is a have a bigger agenda. so i guess i'm not so afraid of giving up governance what we've seen and heard doesn't say we give up combrns its nor aligned and better effective and efficient of fund. clearly we can't do that alone i'm going to be honest. i think i'm my fourth-generation san franciscan i'm afraid of the future for san francisco for our children. i do this somewhat out of fear for our families that find it harder and harder to live in san francisco and survive here but i
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also do it for the future of the children and the families and in particular our students that will graduate from our city hall's and hope they'll be able to live here and raise children. i believe in order to do that we must work with the city to make it happen. and i think that we can hold everyone accountable. they're not the ones to evaluate us around the student achievement we evaluate ourself but the commitment so the 55 public children and those who will come to us. i'm okay with this. i have to say it's a leap of faith but i'm okay i feel like the way we've been doing it is
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not effective we're losing more and more of our african-americans families it's a hard gap to close we only have them for 6 hours a day and there's a larger community that needs to support our children this is a way to work together so it's more efficiently and finishing. i'm going to close the comment and moving on to our next temazepam n consent calendar resolutions. and there are none together and a vote on consent calendar this was moved and seconded 90 in section f commissioner haney commissioner president mccarthy's. dr. murase. commissioner wynns arrest commissioner norton and president fewer arrest 7 i's.
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consent calendar resolution severed and any actions. none. yes superintendents proposals. no one board members first reading none let's make that brief. can we have a report from april 7, 2014. >> thank you and i will be brief i just wanted to talk about the tops we had at yesterday's curriculum program meeting we have an action item for the san francisco unified school district student and parental handicap book resolution on dress and apparent standards we kept this resolution in committee because we really feel there are a lot more areas to
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deceive into to have more staff that need to address the issues but to make sure our next meeting is may fifth and the next regular board meeting is may 14. you have a timeline you're interested in meeting i want you to be aware of those dates commissioner haney and is that fine with you >> the only timeline is the issue the handbook we'll have to follow up with the superintendant about that. >> thank you, very much very much. the other tactics were informational there they are the school district improvement system and the follow-up to the
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city skuthd that happened on february 27th. and it was there was a presentation from the office of extended learning and support and the follow-up information i'll go with that tactic u topic first, the cripple member president fewer and vice chair and i agree that truly the information rewarding the credit recovery implementation we've been able to put in place with summer school online education our connects with city college and - okay. those opportunities we heard some of the results thankful yields which have been positive but not as positive as
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positive outcomes we had hoped or where under the impression off we need to be aware of the responsibility that we have for the students b that are off track at what level that off track is. so the president and vice president will discuss if there's a possibly to bring this discussion to have a truly you deep understanding of having ongoing dialog with the staff but also the public is aware of the number we're understanding and working with. later a presentation at the regular board meeting where it's televised and on the radio. the most important thing to know about the improvement quality
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spelling the last name system we'll be a reluctant waiver may first. with the other court district that's 3 and a half weeks from now i know our staff is working with the reluctant application. and lastly we had a followup presentation with the dr c with the san francisco unified school district and that comes from the march third curriculum meeting we asked specifically our power point talked about the type of academies and asked the curriculum department to do an analysis for the acknowledge how students are understanding what their learning from the program and could they on the content in another course or elsewhere.
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the committee is whether their imperial the alignment with the states standards and the analysis of the understanding, of course, for comment that there will take a while but understanding all our courses will be kindly into the process so by the time we come with the guidelines we'll be setting an example for the nation to follow. as i understand it although dr t
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c is in line everyone will get in line they're not singled out they only happen to be first. that concludes my report. and all the materials commissioners are in your mailbox and the next committee meeting is may fifth at the so you mean to e 6 o'clock in the board room >> seeing no other comments from commissioners. i want to report that the next meeting is a student assignment ad hoc will be on wednesday april 30th and we'll hear a report about the enrollment assignment process. thank you. yes. i want to report back on two opportunity i had to spread the ucsf gospel i participated
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in a meeting with the fed ration have teachers with susan solomon and matt and our district was being highlighted not only for the work around safe schools but so far the collaboration and the way in which our district and union and also with the community. so we are one of the few district to talk about what we're doing as an example for the unit representatives and district representatives who were there. it was an honor to be there and represent our district. the second thing i was at the national school board convention in new orleans and browns also got to talk about the work i presented our school food redesign perhaps from the
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revolution foods it was wonderful to be in new orleans and we got to talk about the work we're doing here so - >> i would like to mention i attended the g s a workshops they their cool a high if i and i participated in workshops they were really off the chart fabulous. so kudos and hats off to them. that that - anymore reports that's great. part of the closed session action none together. yes and other informational items posting of the agenda the staff report on the gift of
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february and march 2014 and in adjournment i'd like to call on commissioner norton she's adjourning in memory of ms. fish our and she lost here 17 month battle to cancer she was 48 years young and leaves behind two sons and husband. dee in a was the driving force between the eliminator case when the school was slated for closer she was a finland member of the prefund a 501 nonprofit that operates a bilingual sites serving over one hundred children. as part of her work she found
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follow on funding she also saw to the basic infrastructure to support daniel daniel webb 0 stare they have now a list of students you waiting to going get into if that. deepening in a was the tireless chance to help with the students getting into schools she advocated for the nuance of understand and an elegant voice not front yard to really up her sleeves to do it is hard work her clear voice is in addition to being a prefounded member she
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has efforts to engage the library to be named in her honor we offer our deepest sympathy to dean nasal family >> thank you i'm sorry we have to close early we have closed session day. >> thank you for being here today to welcome air lingus to san francisco international airport i'm john martin the airport director i want to send a welcome to lingus to christofi mueller (clapping)
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joined by a number of digital tars including the mayor of san francisco mayor ed lee. mr. mayor (clapping) for san francisco and the city of cork the sister city has a relationship we're happy to welcome the deputy mayor laurie king stone raise your hand. and the cork chamber of commerce ceo conner healy. thank you (clapping) also present from the san francisco sister city committee the chairman during mat. thank you (clapping) and the business committee chair jim.
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(clapping.) and a warm welcome to the consul general of ireland phillip grant (clapping) and we have a large irish community in san francisco a lot of those folks joined us we want to welcome san francisco former gentleman representing dianne feinstein (clapping) we're pleased to have ireland's award winning service ireland and san francisco share special connections including strong hi, tech industry and a general with the bus community and 20u6r78 industry. on either side great connections of service where passengers fly connecting to bubonic listen and san francisco one hundred
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connecting flights to benefit from. we really aim to provide world-class set of standards for the industry it exceeds customer expectations and we're reviving one-hundred $2 million in upgrading our facilities including this bar-and-grill terminal to add amenity and additional services and building a new 4 hundred room 5 star hotel connected by your train system we're committed to have the services for the airline partners to air lingus and all the passengers using the airport we're to going to make this the easiest airport connection
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airport. it's now great pleasure to introduce the mayor of san francisco mayor ed lee (clapping) >> thank you john. congratulations to, you know, last year, we had 16.9 million investors come electro there 0 the airport that's express or implied so i want to congratulate john. more and more i'm coming out for events this is another wonderful occasions welcome the ceo from air lingus they spent 10 hours in the air on this flight the first and he hopefully, we'll endanger this in the future and because the relationship with
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e.r. land i want to see that san francisco and ireland are benefiting from our economy because of the relationship. certainly culturely and with the presence of our business community and sister city that's a strong reflection. over a year ago i had an opportunity to go on my first visit to cork a year and a another thing. we had a great time representing san francisco and being the the chairperson the master person of the parade for the stds in coverage we're talking about where we got the responsibility name of the lee river in coverage this was one of my first invests and i also met a group of kids there when i was brought to the black castle
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center where they teach off-street parking projects on science my technology. i made a mental note i had a great time watching the kids and being kathy how they draw in a 3-d way and seeing the excitement. i made a mental note if we're lucky enough i ended my trip meeting with the chamber of commerce and conner reflected open that we were he will hopefully a decision to regig this direct flight and i really want to be gracious and grateful to the a airline for making this appropriate decision i want to welcome not only the crew and ceo but on this integral flight thanks to the generosities of
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those we sponsored 5 of the kids for could do joe's to be in the trip they're here today, i give them some cookies with my face on them (laughter) i figured john self-we gave cookies out to the arriving passengers from the international flights we'll jump over the sky tracks someday; right? we were just laughing and celebrating we were named the third most important airport in the world they consider our airport to be friendly if we did nor cookies co- do joe's. they're to spend 5 days here we
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have a lot of technologies copy companies in the be sure but we look at bubonic listen and they're considered the nation capital of the world and from bubonic listen not only from europe but from east africa and here in san francisco we consider ourselves the nation capital we have a lot of technology companies her and the kids will be visit game developments and companies their bebe at the academy of science and the "x" platform. i hope you enjoy users here but again congratulate air lingus again for this inaudible flight and know we'll be supporting our
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convoys e criticize efforts on this action let me thank you for the opportunity to present mr. mueller with your plaque and please, mr. mueller please come on up as we palatium this day to be air lingus in san francisco (clapping) >> thank you, mr. mayor. a representative from the state assembly bill couldn't be here but a member of the staff is
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here to air lingus. i want to ask assembly member to step forward and ask christofi mueller to step forward again as well >> thank you, everyone and good afternoon. i'm norway restrict i'm here on behalf of the assembly member 39 i phil i'm here to present this plaque to air lingus. we want to thank air lingus and mr. moourt for visiting us today and on behalf of the assemblyman phil congratulations on this occasion
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(clapping.) san francisco o has a strong partnership r with attracting international service. i want to ask you to join in in welcoming sandra (clapping.) thank you, john it's my pleasure to add my thanks to air lingus we're thrilled about the tourism time between our two countries. the tour is the number one tour industry is the growth is strong it's extremely important to making sure that flight is both ways coming in san francisco and going to ireland. dublin is a gateway and we look
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forward to working with the central europe. over 50 of irish coming into san francisco come from dublin i was with may team and to promote this flight we look forward to working with i for a strong relationship pr congratulations and welcome again (clapping.) thank you, john i'd like to welcome the ceo christofi mueller >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, may i ask the crew please to join me on stage we have the gun is all over the place but please join me
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(clapping) so mayor ed lee and keep in mind guests thank you for the warm welcome i'm overwhelming i have not seen people to pick up their came forward to take beautiful pictures this was what difficult time for ireland but this is a contribute to what's been called in the previous speaks the technology sector in the bay area and dunn listen where month american companies have chosen to base their european headquarter and we hope to contribute to this relationship. but for you who don't know us lingus we're very, very old but
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still very modern at this time 78 years old and very modern we serve almost 90 percent of our tickets on the internet and have the most equipment we fly and recognized as being in ward regard to direction policies. it's not just technology it is going both way the island enjoyed the visitor numbers in the united states and that is attributable your landscape and very attractive hotel prices we want to continue we increased our capacity 15 percent this year hopefully 20 percent is
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usually unusual but you tourism inbound is important and the vice chairman of the island and jim is here with us to make that point again but also out bound tourism in upper california is the most attractive tourism designation in the united states and we see that today. i check the 5 o'clock we carry only 95 from the island and the rest is in paris and all over europe that's basically the next step not only to connect idling island to california and europe but the whole world. we have an irish community in san francisco we believe approximately 4 hundred and 50 thousand people and building it
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or not lingus makes half of its revenue we call them relatives and family. we have 70 million people worldwide but it's a huge market and that's basically our mission we want to complete the mission every year and this flight to san francisco contributes. we have one hundred and 50 years old we thought of something of our flying equipment it is in 3 o'clock we e 3:30 we took over the north atlantic and the designation is ireland the sf our more importantly all the


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